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Australian comedian Jim Jeffries‘ Netflix special featured an extended rant about America’s firearms freedom. The YouTube versions (one and two) garnered the anti-gunner millions of views. In attempt to mine the same seam of comedy gold, Jeffries headed to a gun range. And wouldn’t you know . . .

He loved it! B-b-b-but how does a gun control advocate reconcile his hands-on happiness with his anti-firearms fanaticism?

Formula one cars are fun but I don’t need to race one to the BLEEPing grocery store. Bears are fun to look at at the zoo but I don’t want my neighbors stockpiling them . . . even if he does believe in his right to bears.

Look at that. You can just buy that online with one click and have it in your house. Do you really need a 50 caliber sniper rifle that can shoot two kilometers to protect your family . . . admit you have that gun because you think it’s cool.

It’s been two years since Jeffries’ initial foray into fun-filled gun control advocacy. Someone must have filled the comedian in on A) what it takes to purchase a gun in America and B) why the U.S. Constitution has a Second Amendment (hint: something to do with government tyranny).

American gun culture is not without its humorous aspects; check out Colion Noir’s early videos. But lampooning gun rights based on anger, ignorance and arrogance does an enormous disservice to the safety and security of a free people — providing ammo to the antis crusading for civilian disarmament.

Shooting the Second Amendment with a shotgun? Not to put too fine a point on it, Jim Jeffries is a dick.

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  1. Why does anyone accept any advise from a comedian on anything?

    They will do ANYTHING for a laugh. They don’t care whether it is beneficial to society, or something terribly nasty and mean. If some people will laugh at it, they will do it.

    Never trust a comedian.

    • There’s actually a lot of psychological data out there on the types of people that become comedians/class clowns. They all have very deep seated emotional and mental issues. If you look up just about any comedian ever, you’ll find they are often suicidal, into self harm, drug addicts, alcoholics, sexual deviants, kleptomaniacs, rapists, and suffer from a flurry of different mental conditions.

        • These comments are priceless. The posters who are attempting to say something coherent about which they know nothing is worth every penny. Like little kids trying to fit in on the playground but they don’t have a clue how to play the game. And somehow it’s the games fault.

          Just because you smile doesn’t mean you have to agree.

        • Except if the dude was making snide comments about blacks, you wouldn’t be smiling. You’d be “shocked and appalled”, and demanding an apology. It DOESN’T work both ways.

      • hmmmm Will Rogers a sexual deviant, rapist, theif…. Well fuck his turnpike. I’m burning Huckleberry Finn tomorrow, and I will never watch Red Skelton again. Scourges of society, roast in hell

      • You’ll find that in most artists. Generally the people who are moved to make or create things we deem unique or beautiful or whatever are motived by some deep seated issues. Some of the most creative things we have received are from some of the most flawed or broken minds or personas. As they say, it is what it is

      • Putting comedians and class clowns in the same catagory is wreckless. One is a professional showbiz entertainer. A profession that rewards extreme, do as you please, attitudes. The other is a sharp witted intelligent provocateur that is bored with the mundane humdrum of mediocrity.

        Your psychological assessment is as wrong as my assumption is right. You were and are probably picked on and envious of the “class clown” and are projecting that resentment towards Hollywood and it’s extreme shortcomings.

        • Ok… dude… whatever you say. I don’t think you know what a class clown is. It isn’t just a smart ass. It’s some who does something incredibly embarssing to themselves to fit in with others. That’s some serious internal fuckery right there. You can feel proud of being a witty smart ass all you want. It’ll just get you beat up from time to time. But if your swallowing Shit and semen to please your peers, you have serious issues.

    • Besides that, who gives a RATS ASS what the Aussies think, I surely dont !!! I’m sick of all these Cretin left wing gun hater’s !!!!!

    • He’s a dick and I don’t agree with his stance but I still laughed my ass off at his gun control routine. I can laugh at myself. I laugh at other people that get lampooned during comedy shows. We shouldn’t be so high and mighty that we can’t laugh at ourselves.

  2. I know many people, generally younger people who listen to nothing but comedy or comedy-news. Some of them even disagree with their leftist propaganda, but still watch. Generally, the material is not funny at all, and the comedian uses their outside voice continually. I find it extremely annoying and patronizing. At least it was a few years ago, the last time I was subjected to accidentally seeing a portion of a comedy show.

    I do like some comedy, always like Seinfeld and Southpark and King of the Hill. But Jon oliver and the like just aren’t funny to me, “progressive” propaganda aside.

  3. The cruel humor genre and the political humor genre. I never found anything Don Rickles did to be the least bit funny. How many other comedy performers can you name that are NOT funny?

    • I use to like him as well. I can take the piss as well as the next guy but when it becomes an unrelenting assault based on anything but fact, it wears thin very quickly.

    • Even his anti gun rants are funny but he is a dick. The only way he can make a living is to come to my country and bash the 2A? Trump should revoke his green card. But National Lampoon said it best, “America’s greatest secret weapon is it’s sense of humor.”

  4. To the Aussies: George Washington didn’t debated with the British the unfairness of the Crown’s taxes. He shot them. With a (military grade, for the time) rifle. And for that we are forever grateful to those men, their rifles, and the rights protected (not created) by the Constitution they drafted.

  5. If you aren’t a US Citizen you don’t have a clue and I don’t understand why any foreign national even gets a voice in the matter.

    I do suspect that if it comes to it again, be it the British or any other attempt at tyranny Gen George will be some proud of what goes down the second time.

  6. This may be a comedy show. But I know a lot of people who really believe what he just said… that you can buy any gun online and have it shipped directly to your home with a simple click and without any checks.

    • He (they) must have us confused with super liberal Canada where you can actually do that after you have been vetted.

  7. Gee, I didn’t know you could get a .50 Cal rifle delivered to your house with one click! Last time I bought a rifle online, I had to pick it up at a FFL, and complete a form 4473. Did I have to go through all those hoops because I bought a smaller caliber weapon? If I’d known that, I would’ve bought a Barrett. /Sarc

  8. I’ll freely admit I have “that gun” (pick one) because I think it’s cool. If I thought it was lame, I wouldn’t have spent my hard-earned money on it.

    Do I need it? Maybe, maybe not. A gun is one of those items that you’ll rarely truly need, but when you do find out that you need it, nothing else will do.

    I have a fair number of things that I don’t technically need to sustain life — how much do I really need that lock on my front door or that fire extinguisher or that pickup truck that usually isn’t hauling anything except my own fat ass or that computer that I mostly use to waste time? — but I have them because I want them and they make my life a little better.

    And I’ll fight anyone who tries to make my life worse by taking them from me or by preventing me from accumulating more or replacing them. (And because guns, I’m more likely to succeed.) Every one of those things is MINE, and every one of them is worth more to me than any sorry sonofabitch that tries to take them.

  9. Flare guns are an important safety device, but we don’t need to stop you from sucking on the end of one.

  10. One doesn’t need to be funnny to be a comedian. Demented yeah. Like watching major portions of SNL…

  11. Damn right I think its cool.

    “Chopper” (Read), now that was an Aussie comedian. Jeffries is a whinging, wanker, f*ckstick, tosser, who would benefit greatly from boot in the arse and a proper snotty.

  12. Well I like comedy, I like to laugh. That guy wasn’t that funny and the canned laughter was thrown in at odd places. So what he wants to pun about guns, he didn’t step on my toes.Gee it’s like someone says anything about guns, cept how you can kill a person the minute they look cross eyed at you, I’m supposed to call them names, jump all over them because I’m not mature enuff to except other people’s views I don’t have to agree with them but wishing them death by kawabunga is pretty extreme. Evidently this site is open to the world, I’d like to be a good ambassador for my country.

    • Cannibals captured missionaries, choice kawabunga or death, first two chose kawabunga, they get ass fucked. Third chooses death, chief of cannibals ” OK death it is, death by kawabunga”

  13. “Not to put too fine a point on it, Jim Jeffries is a dick.”

    So – what this would indicate is that the “no flame” rule is not in effect on this particular guy? Great!

    I think Jim Jeffries is an ignorant cocksucker and always has been.

  14. In don’t need a .50 caliber, but here in America, I am the one that gets to decide if I want one. These morons want to repeal the 2nd amendment are Un-hinged. It is the only part that allows the rest of the amendments to exist.

    P.S. You can actually have a .50 caliber muzzleloader delivered to your house without a form 4473.

    4473 does not apply to muzzleloaders nor do I need a backround check. Where I live they are not considered a firearm. Because it is a muzzleloader you can have a suppressor on it too without ATF approval.

    Please don’t believe me and check it out yourself…..

    • Good for you! Where I live muzzleloaders ARE considered firearms and suppressors are completely illegal. Illinois sucks.
      Funny how NRA or ISRA (I’m member of both) never mention this.

  15. I’m not going to support this idiot by watching his videos to see exactly what he had to say; I’m not going to acknowledge him by adding another view.

    But the guy’s right; I don’t NEED a formula one car to drive to the grocery store. I’ll bet he’s not driving a Prius either. So to Mr Jeffries I say “don’t tell me what to put in my rifle cabinet and I won’t tell you what to put in your garage”.

    Personally I think his objections are more due to envy than anything else.

  16. How did this blubbering idiot get his own TV show? He’s about as funny as pancreatic cancer.

    Now Bill Burr? That dude is hilarious.

  17. If you were not born and raised in a certain country, it is commonly considered impolite to visit, and then criticize their most basic laws and traditions.

    AKA- no one here cares what you think, foreign-boy!

  18. Hollywood has manufactured a phony idea Aussies are rugged outback tough-guy types.

    They’re actually a bunch of big wimps lacking the courage to stand up to tyrannical politicians

    Tyranny they voted for, btw..

  19. His comedy career was going down the toilet so he reinvented himself as a liberal douche. It didn’t improve the comedic results.

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