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The old adage is, never sell a gun. No matter how basic or utilitarian it may be, you’ll inevitably regret it down the road.

That’s easy to say, but sometimes you need to raise some cash. Maybe you’re selling one gun to finance the purchase of another.

Whatever your situation, there are some guns you should simply never let get away from you. Period. Here’s our list of the ten guns you should never sell under any circumstances.

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    • Yeah gotta force all of us rubes to watch this crap so they can farm some of that sweet advertising revenue somehow. But you don’t get it from me, I block everything from ‘Wide Open Spaces’ with Privacy Badger by default. So when I see the blank spot on the page I know not to bother.

      • Omg – you might watch an ad – the horror.

        I watched the video. It was really easy to do so – just had to click the mouse once.

        Didn’t know you guys hated supporting TTAG so much.

        • Anonymous,

          I would cheerfully support seeing two or three static advertisements (meaning a simple, small .jpg photo with an associated hyperlink) in the background or perhaps a 15 second video commercial during a 5:30 video.

          What I refuse to support is any website’s attempt to load 79 advertisements (actual number of blocked ads) after I opened this article in a new tab, watched a 5:30 video, and typed for five minutes. And what I utterly despise are how all those advertisements suck up ginormous amounts of computer resources (especially CPU cycles) and make a webpage take 30+ seconds to load rather than 0.5 seconds.

        • This is what is referred to as a click bait site. They use the video to bait you into watching all the advertisements and to use trackers to share you IP address with all of them. Thanks for taking their bait.

        • I can read 10 times as fast as a New York 3 card monte dealer can talk. Videos are literally a waste of time and bandwidth.

        • Videos on some topics have a much lower info-to-noise ratio and this is one of those.
          They can embed advertising in a list and let me support them without my huge waste of time watching some poorly produced ad-video. If they can’t make money with print on line and have to resort to click-bait videos, then they cn go under for all I care.

        • My personal, network, and computer security is more important than intrusive ads. Advertisers and websites brought the adblocking problem upon themselves when they continued to make ever more intrusive ads and scripts, and shady underhanded tactics to make you click on their advertisements, many infected with malware, privacy invading tracking cookies, etc.

          I block everything and only whitelist site-critical scripts. Websites that use adblock blockers that can’t be glitched out (most can be), simply segregate them fromselves a would be user.

      • So you come here for free and let someone else pay your way?
        Your President would be proud of you

      • I hear you my friend. Shameless Plug: I use “WIPR” for MAC OSX on our iMAC. Most excellent and works well.

    • #1: Colt single action army model 1873 – valued between $1,500 – $30,000

      #2: Walther P38 (Pronounced val-tha’, not “walther”) – valued between $800 – $3000

      #3: M1 Garant – valued between $1000 – $6000, something to do with Obama.

      #4: FM Browning Hi-Power – valued between $800 – $3000

      #5: Colt Detective Special, .38 Caliber – valued between $650 – $1,800

      #6: S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum – valued between $800 – $3,000

      #7 Pre WW2 to WW2 Colt/Remington 1911 – valued between $600 – $3,000

      #8 Russian SKS – valued between $600 – $1,200, value rising every year.

      #9 Russian Dragunov – valued between $1,500 – $10,000

      #10 Sig Sauer P210 – valued between $2,700 – $15,000

      • Thanks Chris. I wish I could send my eyeball advertising revenue your way. No joy on the video. I’m in a snow covered mountain cabin with slow cell internet.

        My do-not-sell list contains any Savage over/under with a rifle caliber on top and a shotgun below.

        • Agree with Shotgun Sam. Got my Savage 24 40 years ago. Load my 357 to rifle specs. Keep a backpack in the truck with assorted 357 and 38 and assorted 20ga. Throw in a telescoping pole and assorted tackle/lures. All fits in their nicely with Savage disassembled. Has come in handy when the occasion arises for an unexpected opportunity. Best investment I ever made for the money.

        • We never had guns when I was a kid, house fire burnt dad’s and he never replaced them. When I started buying guns, Dad said that Savage 24 c was his favorite. And that’s from a guy that saw guns like he saw a tools…….. Them old timers, save, save, save. 410 uses less powder, 22 shorts, 16 gauge all to save money. They was more interested in post holes then they were pistols

        • I love those! I used to have a Savage 24, that was .30-.30 over 20 gauge, and I had to sell it when I was younger and in a pinch…..can’t even find them now!

        • Great gun , that Savage. I used to have a Savage 24-30.30 over a 20 gauge. Great gun!

      • Very hard to argue with that list, but an engraved 1851 Colt would be nice, especially with original ivory grips. I know someone who has a Richards-Mason conversion with ivory grips that he picked up for $20,000.

      • I agree with you about the single action Army, P38, Garand (not Garant), Hi Power and, maybe, the Detective Special. I’d rather have a model 27 (.357) than a 29 and a Gold Cup instead of an old 1911. (I already have a series 70 Gold Cup so that’s handled.) Forget the Dragunov. You can get a better American made rifle for the same money. I’m not into Sigs. I would like a Luger and a Mauser C96.

        I’ve sold just one gun, a crappy .22 LR blowback that looked like a Luger. (No, it wasn’t an Erma.) It was a trade in on a High Standard Sharpshooter which I will keep forever. I have an S&W model 19 which is too big for me to shoot double action but light enough that .357 is uncomfortable. Since I shoot it single action, I might as well have the weight of a model 27 or 686 to dampen recoil.

        • It was probably a US-made Stoeger. Some call those, and the German Erma version ‘the Jam-O-Matic’! All blowback 22s with a toggle, many with cheap alloy frames. The irony is that many years ago, Stoeger bought the rights to use the Luger name in the US. so they could legally call them Lugers. Saw one at a show recently for $500!

          Happy Motoring, Mark

      • Thanks for the list Chris. For some odd reason, nothing from wide open spaces appears on my iPad.

        Had to sell off a sizable collection a couple of decades ago due to a pending divorce.
        It included a full auto Steyr AUG with the 9mm conversion kit.
        I made the mistake a couple months ago of going online and seeing what it would be worth today. 😢

        • I feel your pain. A divorce several years ago caused me to sell a large chunk of my collection (over 50K worth) in order to “re-purchase” my house (that I physically built on land that has been in my family over 150 years). I was lucky enough to hold on to some of my favorites and multi-generational hand downs, but I still miss my other babies. I also made the error of looking up a current value of what I had to sell back then. Let’s just say it was double what I got when my back was against the wall. Don’t sell a gun is a good ideal, but don’t become homeless trumps it unfortunately.

        • selling a class 3 weapon really hurts…no matter how badly you need the cash…you know you’ll never replace it…

      • Thank you for the list. fwiw, Germans pronounce “th” like a “t”, so the original pronunciation should be more like “val-ter”. For me, I just pronounce it like “Walter”. But that’s just me.

        • Well in94 I had a massive stroke had to sell most of my guns for eating money the gov said I had too much savings as my father died a month previously and left me some cash
          Had a collection of Thompson centers contenders three actions and 9 differantcaliber
          Barrels And I sold two ruger round top 77 bicentennial editions 1976 one270 one300 win mag and two colt official police 38s that I carried for 9 years switching off every few years and a Colt 38 detective special backup
          I gave my son my colt 1911after he showed a interest in shooting he will get my ruger mark 22 in a couple years too

      • Chris that’s a great list, but I’d also add that any of the ‘snake’ guns by Colt would also be on my list as well as the HK P7, PSP, or P13 !!! These guns that I’ve mentioned are in the stratosphere as far as prices go for investment !!
        Love your YouTube channel as well !!!



      • I have a 1944 Mauser P38. Matching numbers. Original hard holster with 2 mags. Was supposed to be made for the police and gestapo. I compared it to a lot of Walthers they aren’t as good as mine. I know Walther is the originator but Mauser put out lot of quality arms, including Germanies rifles for WWl and WWll.

        • a P38 would be on my coulda’, woulda’, shoulda’ list….nothing ever fit into my hand so perfectly…should have made that guy an offer..

      • Thank you Chris. I’m very HOH, and would much prefer transcripts to videos. 99% of the time I can’t make out what the commentator is saying, and CC doesn’t always pop up.

    • Yeah, some of us prefer reading. Just do as many sites do, post the video and offer the narration with photos below. For those who are reading challenged, they have their video to maintain their attention (tee-hee).

      • sell all of your guns..(as some have urged me to do)…build up your bank account…then go to a nursing home and watch them take it all….

    • 1. Colt Single Action Army Mod 1973
      2. Walther P-38 Post WWII
      3. M-1 Garand Original WWII
      4. FM Browning Hi-Power Pre-1934 (not Belgium made)
      5. Colt Detective .38 Cal. Special (snub nose revolver)
      6. Smith/Wesson Mod. 29 .44 Cal. Magnum (Dirty Harry)
      7. Colt/Remington 1911 Pre & WWII
      8. Russian SKS
      9. Russian Dragunov/Romanian PSL w/russian scope
      10. SigSauer P-210 Swiss-made ONLY

    • I wholeheartedly agree. I’m sick of having to read through, watch the little video, or whatever to just give the the facts and let me decide what action to take otherwise

    • I agree! Give us a list! I do not want to watch a video, I have better things to do with my time. If I own anything on the list, then you will have done me a favor and you will have created “goodwill” which is very important to virtually all retail businesses!

    • It would seem that a that if allowed comments, your “company” would read them…maybe take note? Several here have expressed the nonsense. And I’ve seen these same frustrations come up pretty much always. It’s simply stupid. I think I’m going to try and find #FrankCicero on social media to get the simplified version of your “news.” Thank you Frank Cicero! You, my friend, are a patriot. This, whatever you want to call it, seems a mixture of a carney barker in front of the “step right up folks and ready your eyes for,” a used car salesman or two, a vacuum cleaner salesman, the actual person making all of those unwanted, private, hidden, unavailable, same area code, same first 3 digits and city, continual 10 pm or later, survey or hang-up calls, the email that has the magical ability of neverending lives by reappearing as a new, next in line, pop-up, with each tap on delete, the person with the magical abilities to look, sound, and dress differently, the one you could swear follows you around all over in life and tactically gets in front of you everytime you are forced to get in a busy and long line at any grocery store. You all know. The wizard that has a smell about them that kinda masks their bad breath which seems to confuse you enough so not to notice their devil spawned child from hell. And of course this most recent model of shape-shifting quick-change artist now apparently confusing you as being their best friend and/or confessional ptiest-psychiatrist. Never afraid to confide all of their life-long, deepest, darkest and strangely even sometimes/always, taboo-ish, sexual and lack of, secrets since, of course, the entire long line, including now the deli in the back of the store too, has been quietly hinted to by using their inside voice. The voice of a cigar smoking, headbanging rock concert going, Marine drill instructor. And we all agreed to keep a secret when asked. And I definitely didn’t want to slip up and ask about the ice cream, wine, or batteries. I think the prescription bag laying in the child safety seat area of the shopping cart, well actually it was two prescription bags, yes bags. The big ones. The ones at checkout that you use when you are clocked in. Ones that come in the 2000 per, bundle that needs a forklift to deliver at your station. About a one foot by one foot by two, two gallon milks, and an eighteen egg crate deep, gotta double bag or it’ll tear open, sized bag. Anyway…about the prescription bag. Again actually two of them. Both completely full and taking up the entire, nasty ass, feet, and clothes, child diving platform. Definitely don’t ask about the meds…anyone! But yes, both bags stuffed so full that the pharmacist had used, it looked like, some shipping tape over about two pounds of staples and I’d bet enough metal now, that the anti-theft, very soft and soothing, pc as to not trigger an emotional response, please wait right there between the two entry doors and where the store restocks and stores its 5 grocery carts and two broke down electric cart buggies, religiously and without fail, ding, ding, ding, musical prompt.
      Long story short: Yeah…your page is stupid, busy, all over the place, and annoying. I wanted to simply click on the story and list of the 10 gus one should never get rid of. I feel like this place is a Ninja Warrior obstacle course and I’m a celebrity week contestant. I can’t even anymore

  1. Guns not to sell:

    Accurate, reliable guns.

    Guns to dump ASAP:

    Guns that don’t feed, fire or hit reliably.

  2. I’ve gotten rid of a number of guns over the years: a 1942 Inland M1 Carbine, it threw brass at my head and was less useful than merely entertaining. An early model S&W Sigma in .40, nah – don’t miss it. A M1927 Colt Sistema from Argentina, needed more work to restore it than I was willing to put into it. But the one I miss most may surprise y’all- a 4″Taurus Model 80 (tapered barrel version), I still dream of replacing it one day; the only thing that might dispell that dream might be getting my hands on a S&W Model 10-5.

    • My Grandfather left me a 10-5. I traded a Kel-Tec PF-9 for 200 rounds of .38 spl for it. Score!

    • how about a Mossberg bolt-action shotgun?…[my first gun]…when the bolt handle starts to feel loose..[scary]….swapped that for a nice Fox double….

  3. Videos do annoy me, but it’s mainly because I can read and process information in a hell of a lot less time than 99% of video hosts take getting to their point. I always dread having to look up a how-to guide online and only finding YouTube clips, because the guy doing the video invariably spends 15 minutes talking about stupid, irrelevant bullshit before reaching the 30 seconds I actually needed to see.

    As far as selling guns, every now and then I end up with one that I don’t mind parting with, and if there’s a scenario where I just had to have that Wanad P-83 or Taurus 85 when I already own well over a dozen very reliable pistols, then someone else will just have to picture it for me, because I’m coming up with bubkes on my end.

  4. I’ve never sold a gun, and my Mosquito was the only one I tried to get rid of. But I’ve given away a few to my kids. Then again, I bought my first firearm only 15 years ago.

  5. The gun content equivalent of cotton candy. Just babble miscellaneous opinions at the camera. Wow, no.

    • you get old…you stop going to the range [walk 100 yds…no way!]…you stop fooling with them [hands shake.. eyes don’t work either]…time to think about selling them when they never come out of storage…it happens to all of us sooner or later…and those prices can be appealing….especially for class three…

    • The THREE COLT PYTHONS , I purchased from TOM BALDRIDGE SPORTING GOODS in NASHVILLE TENN about 1969 as they were closing the gun portion of their store, WERE DEFINITELY NOT COTTON CANDY>.
      I never sol;d them. I kept ONE UNFIRED and UNOPENED and gave each of my two sons one each.

    • I sold my Python. Guy paid me more than twice what it was worth, and I still regret it. I got a custom GP-100 from the 80s that shoots like a dream for a fraction of the net, but I still miss that Python.

      • despite clint eastwood [and even he uses a hi-speed special…remember?]…it’s not a very good protection gun…unless you’re expecting a bear to waltz in…..

        • super accurate, though…once made a dead center shot at 100yds…I was flinching on the next five though!

      • Same thing for me Frank. It was fun to shoot for a little while, but the novelty wore off, and it wasn’t a gun that worked well for Concealed Carry. Sold it years ago at a nice profit. Now with Ammogedon here, I’m even more glad I did. Recently saw an ad for 50 rounds of 240 JSP third shelf Ammo (import crap) at $94.00 for a box. I was flabbergasted.

        • usually carried that gun in a shoulder holster when hunting…nothing like having your rifle misfire with a deer standing right in front of you…[true story]

  6. Bought and sold many garands. They just never did anything for me. Sold an SKS one time for $75. Can not imagine anyone paying $600 for one. Horrible ergonomics.

    • every time I pick one up I have memories of someone shouting at me….not much fun to shoot either…remember when the local sporting goods store was selling surplus ones for $299…how long ago was that?….

      • I remember when Garands and M1 carbines were sold for $15 muzzle down in 55 gal drums through the Boy Scouts/NRA. 22 ammo at shooting events with them for a penny a round. Being an Army Brat, I was limited to what I could own during OverSeas assignments so those opportunites went by the wayside! I was too young to do anything on my own then!

      • I remember when you could take your pick out of a half barrel, dripping with ChiCom Cosmoline for $75. Now, that’s been a while ago.

  7. OK. Here we go!

    I have owned five of the 10 “Guns you never want to sell”, and I don’t regret selling a single one of them! This guy is rating guns by their market value. Not their usefulness!

    I don’t want any safe queens, and I don’t give a flying flip about “Collector Prices”. All of my firearms are working guns, and they fill a niche. And that niche is subject to being filled by a better qualified candidate on a moment’s notice!

    So keep your Colt SAA, your BHP, and your Garand. I have better equipment, thank you very much!


    • Exactly.

      The idea of selling a firearm used to be completely alien to me. Until I realized that there were a few pieces that were collecting dust that I just never shot any more (for whatever reason). So I put them to better use by selling them and rolling the proceeds over into something I do shoot more.

      I’m still reluctant to sell a gun but I’d rather sell it and get something I’m more interested in shooting rather than let them sit there.

      • if you’ve got the right kind of guns they can help fund your retirement quite nicely…getting that class III license back in the eighties was a very smart move…

        • You betcha!…that was a great time!…[thompson smg for less than $600!]….never see those days again…

    • The STRONG attachment and LOVE of an object displaying an inordinate skill in combining BLUE STEEL and BURL WALNUT into an admired treasure , can only be FELT and appreciated by some one who recognizes the beauty of , AND, the artistic proficiency of the maker. — INCLUDE ME,—IN–

    • Totally agree Charlie its usefulness, depenabilaty, accuracy are most important to me. Seen some damn expensive weapons you couldn’t have given to me. Rather disappointed in the video.

    • The Colt SAA and the Garand are the only firearms mentioned that are worth keeping and not selling IMHO

  8. Not to sell list should probably include all those Mosins, SKS, Carcanos, Garands, and SMLEs guys sold for like 80 bucks back in the day. Bet those guys are kickin themselves now. Next up all those Colt snake series guns, pre 64 model 70s, and pretty much anything else that either went outta production, changed, or sky rocketed in value due to artificial scarcity.

  9. So the consensus is we hate video’s. Irrelevant as I exceeded my highspeed phone GB for the month. Barely works when I get 4G…thanks for the list Chris.

  10. I agree with the Dragunov/Tigr, P210, SAA, and Detective Special, but the PSL shouldn’t be worth crap especially considering the “quality” of most of the builds. I would also have added pre-hole Smith & Wessons and Colt double-actions in general instead of naming the M29 and DS, and Chinese AKs and now probably Saigas (unless they ever lift that embargo) would have been a better choice than the Russian SKS. I wish the guys who have dozens of Garands WOULD sell their Garands because those old jerks are the ones making the market prices high. All the rich guys with clout just say “I got mine, so screw you guys,” which is the same reason the machinegun registry will never be reopened.

    • didn’t need to be rich back then…and they delivered them right to your house and left them on your doorstep….never again…now you know why everyone hates hilliary and bubba…they ruined it for all of us….

        • still got a flyer around here somewhere from SWD…for a “bakers dozen” of M-11-9’s…for $169.95 each…can’t do better than that….

  11. I’ve had three guns that I let get away from me. One of them was that Walther P38 that my idiot mom lost at the Canadian border because they denied having it.
    Second was my Galil ARM 308 and lastly my Colt Python Nickle.
    Lot of money in those three guns today.

  12. A note and a question about the SKS.

    I’m assuming that when they say “Russian SKS” they mean with all Russian parts and matching numbers sans a force match is what generates such a price?

    Generally speaking, unless you’re buying one that’s being sold as described above I’m not sure how you would know what exactly you are buying. I’ve never seen a store, including LGSs that would allow a prospective buyer to disassemble a gun.

    Why exactly that is I don’t know (kinda assume they’re afraid the buyer can’t actually reassemble the thing) but I’ve walked away from at least a dozen purchases in my life because they wouldn’t let me actually inspect the item.

    • I think they’re worried about people who dont know what theyre doing damaging it. I cruise the used gun cabinets at Cabelas frequently, and they dont like me field stripping stuff to inspect. I looked at a Beretta 92 once and had it stripped apart and back together in about 15 seconds. The clerk frowned at me the whole time but then shrugged when I was done and said “it looks like you know what you’re doing, most dont”. If I get a clerk who says I can’t field strip ill tell them I wont buy it unless I can expect it and they’ll usually cave. The only recent exception is a S&W m1917 I put on layaway, they wouldnt let me dry fire it because it has a hammer mounted firing pin, and I didnt push the issue.

      • “they wouldnt let me dry fire it because it has a hammer mounted firing pin”

        Personally, I wouldn’t buy a gun from anyone so monumentally ignorant.

  13. I don’t sell guns, I take them to the sidewalk and bash them with hammer , everyone cheers and pats me on the back. I feel so good I did a small part to stop the violence in Antarctica.

    • Better than the rest of you liberals that take the hammer to the head of someone you disagree with.😉

    • or have some one shoot a video of you sawing off the barrel…only to find you’re now in trouble with the ATF….LOL!

  14. I can read 5x as fast as a New Yawkah can talk. Videos are, quite literally, a massive waste of time.

  15. I have a Tula made all matching Russian SKS, made in 1951. My dad bought it in the mid or late 90’s when they were coming into the country ridiculously cheap, I think he paid $99 for it, and it was in new condition at the time. I have personally seen it kill many deer! Now that dad is gone it is definitely a “never sell” gun more for the sentimental value, as a few of his guns are all that myself and three brothers have left from him, as well as his 64.5 Mustang. Unfortunately the rifle was stored poorly for a number of years and the finish is in rough shape now. Since I will never part with it I’m highly tempted to send it off to be refinished somewhere.
    Ive also bought and sold two Garands this year. Both I paid too much for and took a loss on because I didnt know what to look for. Both had loose stock fits. For now I have a Springfield 1903a3 that I bought in like new condition with a mirror bright barrel for only $450!

  16. The guns never to sell are the ones that work well and you obtained legally without an FFL check because you live or lived in a non-registration state. Double that for handguns with mags over 10 rounds and triple it for evil black rifles.

    • I agree with a lot of people. List the weapons in question so we dont have to sit through a boring ass video. You will get a lot better ratings on your web site.

  17. Several comments:
    I too prefer lists over videos; while the presenter may be able to speak faster than he can type, I can read faster than he can speak.
    As with all lists, everyone has his own views. There are certainly many other guns one might want to keep rather than sell, and there are several on this list I might only own if I were convinced that someone else might be dumb enough to pay more for it than I did.
    Keeping a gun as an investment may be a good idea, but for how long? Unless you intend to provide for your heirs – who, unless they share your love of firearms may well sell off your collection as soon as they inherit it – you might just consider current prices, placing your treasured pieces with like-minded collectors, and getting out while the getting is good.

  18. I have a gun that was made in Finland that is a 12 ga double barrel with one side a 30″ full choke, other barrel is a 30″ open and on the top is a 7.98 rifle, I presume it’s a Mauser but can’t confirm it. It’s got made in Finland but the name is worn off. I can’t find a date on the gun but an old gun collector friend of mine, he’s 88 and gets around like he’s 58, said he’s seen some similar to it, with a 30-06 rifle on top and he thinks it was manufactured between 1934 and 1940. Any clues as to the name of it?

    • I don’t know the manufacturer, but the type of gun you have is called a “drilling” so researching under that name. Having the rifle barrel on top seems unusual to me – all drillings I have seen have the rifled barrel on the bottom – so it might be easier to identify than you might think. If I get some time I’ll look for it, too.

  19. Being a gun hog and a Nam vet I have my fair share of weapons and I agree with everyone else out there regardless of what it is I’m not going to set there and watch a so called 2-3 minute advertised video which inevitably turns in to a 15-30 minute video where they bring you to what you think is the expectant highlighted moment of divulging their reason(s) for keeping, not keeping or their vaunted list of excellent weapons they would never part with when a list of weapons, just like one of the earlier commenters demonstrated is what everybody wants to see instead of the dissemination and rhetoric he broadcasts. I listened once but never again. A couple weapons I would never part with is the Colt M1911 and an original Belgium made Browning light 12 (ga) I bought in 1972 at Sears for $140. The clerk had it out putting it on sale for $150 and I told him I only had $140 and he sold it to me. I’ve since bought a 32″ full choke for turkey shoots and a 30″ open for birds. I was just wondering how many of you guys use your guns to hunt with that you would never part with. I use all of mine for hunting or spot shoots or competition shooting. I’m pretty good with rifles and shotguns but I couldn’t hit a door if I was standing next to the doorbell with any pistols. I enjoyed reading all your comments and was wondering if most of you bought guns just to keep them or use them as I do to hunt, target shoot or competition. I’ve been in pistol competition several times and come in last every time. Any suggestions I’m always open. I’m 73 so hurry if you have any advice:). Everyone take care, happy new year and God bless.

    • “I’ve been in pistol competition several times and come in last every time.”
      But did you have fun? If so, you’re a winner!

      • Hi Buck! Thanks for your service!!!
        I’m 79 and I shoot in club matches every time one’s held and I’m able. I ALWAYS finish last or close to it but shooting is TOO MUCH FUN to not shoot! Our club has pistol, rifle and shotgun matches and I LOVE shooting them all!

  20. WHEN THE SUBJECT LINE SAYS SOMETHING, like, 10 Guns You Should Never Sell, and you open it and it’s not right there, best to just go on your way, unless you just like ads.

  21. I own a Walther ( Interarms version ) PPK/S that I would never sell, and no it’s not a safe Queen, although it is in mint condition. Going by a firearms monetary value seems to be a bit off to me. I am not a collector, nor do I want to be. A firearm is a tool meant to be used as one. An example of this way of thinking would be owning a 1950s or 60s Craftsman open end wrench or a new one, which is worth more? If the older one works why replace it. Money should not be the issue here. I did own a valuable Browning Hi Power that I couldn’t wait to get rid of, not because of it’s value but rather it’s incompatibility with me as I’m not a 9mm fan. What your saying is hold on to something ( even if you never shoot it ) because it’s worth money. OK for some but not
    for everyone. If a veteran of WW!! brought.back a German firearm because he took not off a dead Nazi, that vet probably would never think of selling it, and that is understandable as he’s not holding on to it for it’s
    monetary value, but rather something he has good or bad memories of. Money is not always the issue. I own an M1 Garrand my dad gave me, but he said before he passed away, this is yours to do with as you wish. When I find the right buyer ( not a collector ) someone who will shoot it, I will sell it as it has no meaning to me other then sentimental value. I don’t shoot it so why not let someone who will use it have it.
    IMO keeping a tool that never will be used as one makes no sense.

    • A 1950s craftsman open end wrench was made of forged steel(like a snap on) The newer ones are cast steel, much bulkier and heavier. I will be glad to trade new for old.

  22. I am glad for the list but I enjoyed reading the comments. I’ll usually do that before hitting play, as that’s a tell-all for the video.
    I’ll add one to the list, if nothing else but a personal preference. A Smith & Wesson model 66 no dash, SS, including front & rear sights. Pre-lock (1972) & P&R. Why? Cause they don’t make them anymore. The 686 kind of took their place but that made it an L frame when they beefed the crane & forcing cone up & I like the K frame better (This is the personal preference part). That being said, I did trade it once for a pistol (Beretta) & another S&W .38 special & regretted it the day I did it. Happy ending though. I found it again & now have it back (same serial #) & it won’t go anywhere till I die & leave it to my son. Hell…I may take it with me. You never know if something needs shootin’ on the other side! Lol

    • Oh, please don’t remind me! As a poor, married grad student I had to pass on those.
      Not as painful, however, as my father-in-law’s trade of a WWII bring-back Luger for a washing machine so long ago…

  23. I have a S&W model 60 no dash that I WOULD NEVER SELL . Something about a revolver, always ready and easy to carry.

  24. Some of the guns in my opinion you should never get rid of are as follows. Winchester or Marlin 30-30 lever action rifles. I own a winchester 30-30 and a Marlin 45-70, both lever action. Both powerful and fairly fast shooting, but not considered an assult rifle. Henseforth the government will probably not target them for confiscation.. I would say a 22 rifle in any standard form, Ruger 10-22, marlin, savage, whether a bolt action or semi auto won’t be looked at as a viable threat by the government. The same can be said of most any revolver. A good shotgun, pump or semi automatic would be good as well. I own a Baby Eagle 45 acp. !0 in the mag and one in the pipe. Low capacity magazine, but hard hitting for either self defence or in a pinch, hunting if you’re a good shot. No, I’m not a prepper, but in today’s ever changing political climate, you never know.

  25. Anything that comes in the form of a video or these idiotic animated whiteboard pitches with a disembodied hand writing and/or drawing on an imaginary whiteboard is automatically deleted without hearing/reading it. The “hook” is a subject line about something you want to know, then an endless intro with all kinds of repetitious nonsense and fairy tales; and often they never say a word about what the subject line indicates the presentation is allegedly about). You go crazy trying to find the info you want (e.g., the one that says if you are using one of these four brands of shampoo, you are giving yourself dementia….or words to that effect). The “bait-and-switch” thing makes me hate the seller and vow to never buy their damned product or info or whatever. I don’t have the time to sit and watch these endless presentations, particularly if they never contain any info pertaining to what the subject line that sucked me in promises to reveal.

  26. i picked up a “new” SKS 20 something years ago for $150, around the same time i got a S&W 686 with an 8-3/8 barrel for around $500, 2 of my prize possessions.

  27. Not to mention that auto-play videos eat up our data. That is a big deal for us rubes out in the rhubarb, who use a mobile hotspot for computer/internet access, with a monthly 10G data limit.

  28. The first picture of the Colt Detective Special that you showed was a Smith and Wesson.

  29. Military retired and there for my Remington M1911 a1 will be removed from me only from my cold dead hand, and with an empty magazine. Picked it up in 1959 at Honolulu Sporting Goods at Alakia St. Some idiot had it chrome plated but, did a perfect job as the lettering is impeccable. Hand made wood gripes out of “Monkey Pod” wood in place of the beautiful hand made Abalone shell grips. Replaced them because the firing recoil shock could easily shatter them. Surprisingly, it groups at fifty yards at three inches, and yet it is not accurized. Too “flashy’ to carry but is a great house protector.
    My S&W model 60 is a good ankle holster weapon when used with the elastic/velcro “Renegade” brand, non-slide, high strap set-up. Lays flat, no flop around even when running. S&W model 36 square butt carried high under the arm is quite fast to draw. Needlless to say, the rule for the 1911 applies here too. Both S&W’s hold a group of two inches at 25 feet. My .357 Ruger Blackhawk, sn. 715, won the “Quick Draw” competetion at Wheeler/Wahaiwa Rodeo in 1961 and has bagged 4 deer, yep, my favorite. Colt Lightning cal 38 colt, 4″ barrel, “Police model” (no under barrel ejector
    housing) Is a wall hanger. Goes nicely with the 30-30, 1936 Winchester Mod 94. Robertson barrel into a Mauser 98 frame, sporterized 2 way grip stock and a 2/10 scope, cal 30-06 going absolutely nowhere, nor is the Marlin 1976 Centennial 30-30. You won’t find a nicer Winchester 12 ga. Mod 50 semi-auto except maybe in a museum. It stays, as does Singer M-1 carbine.

  30. I have #4 from WWll with German eagle and other German markings. The FN gun is in super condition. was put away after the war and I don’t think it was ever touched until this past year.I also have the paper work form the US army releasing it to the soldier as a war souvenir. It also has a holster but believe it to be a US holster of that time. Not pitted or rusted and the wood grips were in very good shape and have curators wax on them now. Any idea what this gun is worth?

  31. Well, as I’ve said to Our Overlords, I block ads & the rest & that’s not going to change.

    I also pay for my fun, so I kick TTAG more or less a specialty mag subscription fee, more or less each year. (I decline, however to sign up for any “recurring” subscription fee kind of thing, from anybody. Delegating the “right” to charge me later is a surrender too far. When my subscription runs out, I’ll choose to pay again, or not. Somehow, this keeps my sense of the value I get, and what I pay more lined up. Imagine.)

    Surprisingly, paying my way for the curation and content I value, what AmaTwitGoogBook chooses to push, or block has approximately no impact on what I see. Almost like I’m in charge of myself. (The analogy to personal defense is left as an exercise.)

  32. Pump Action .22 – Pick your flavor. Mine is a Winchester 61 TD barn gun, made in 1936. Love it. Shot a crow with it just last week, just because I COULD!!!

    WTF? Where’s the Webley .455 ??? Really?

  33. Guns I would never sell: Winchester 1886 45-90, HK P7M8, HK P7M10, Custom Ruger paddle stock ported 338 win mag mod 77 stainless, 1948 Winchester Mod 12 trap and a Sears single shot 20 ga from when I was 7. Yea that’s about it. OK, maybe a FN STG58 and Marlin lever 357. Everything else can go…

  34. The list will be different for everyone.

    Guns are horrible investments however and the ones I have are because I trust them and like to shoot them.

    • not really…i’ve got some that are worth more than my classic cars…and no taxes!

    • It is my impression that when I request a sender to drop my email address, his emails continue and more start. So, an easy fix which does not work.

  35. Well first off I liked the list. I have several on the list including my Smith 29-2 I purchased new in 1979, 8 3/8″ TTT. I was a deputy sheriff in the late 60’s early 70’s purchased and carried a 4″ Python. Then sold it. Kicking myself in the butt now!
    Your Colt detective picture is actually a Smith 36. Can’t believe no one mentioned that. LOL

  36. Internet gun expert: “The Colt Detective Special”
    (shows photo of a S&W J Frame)

    I’ve only owned one gun on the list (the S&W 29) and yeah I sold it and yeah I regret it (was a 4″ nickel 29-2 … so the REAL Dirty Harry gun from the books).

  37. Dcj is correct!! just give us the list. If you’ve gotten more than one firearm we kinda know the situation.

  38. The Smith Model 29 will ALWAYS trail the Model 25-2/5/7 in value. 45 caliber rounds are .45 inch. 44 caliber rounds are .429 inch.
    Inch caliber– Typical bullet diameter
    .40———- 0.400 in
    .44———- 0.429 in
    .45———- 0.451–0.454 in

  39. Agree with almost everything on your list but would add my WW2 M1 carbine that I got from swapping a keltec PF9 with a laser! Also my WW1 P08 Luger that I got from my favorite uncle when he passed. Considering selling my AK47 with bumpstock and 72 round drum as I cannot imagine using it for anything but wasting ammo.

  40. The narrator is totally wrong. The M1 Garand was not banned by Obama but by DOD. And he allowed the return of thousands of M1911 .45 cal pistols. The contested rifles were lend lease guns, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Argentina and every place except maybe Iraq, Iran and Vietnam modernized their armories and returned the M1 Garands and M1 carbines back to us. DOD receives returns and sends them to CMP, who reconditions, cleans, tests and then resells them to US citizens at a decent price. South Korea refused to do that and still won’t agree, they wanted to sell them on the open market and DOD said, “Hell, no they are US property and you can not export and sell to commercial dealers for resale profit”. And by the way, even after DOD accepts lend lease returns, CMP spends millions to get them back in the US. They have to hire ships with them as single cargo, US carriers and insure them. They spent at least 3 million for the Philippine guns returned in 2016 and the last order of Greek M1s had to stay in quarantine shipboard for a year to get rid of woodworms in the crates. We got 99,000 back from the Philippine Islands.

  41. For almost two years now I have kept to my promise of not watching time-wasting videos. It makes going through my emails much faster. Please just give us a list and a story or two.

  42. How about I add more comment?

    Don’t sell your Arisaka, they will be going up with 6.5 craze.
    If you don’t have one already, I’ll have two for sale in March after I get them all cleaned up.

  43. There are only 2 guns you should never sell. Your main long arm and your main side arm. All people should have a minimum of 2 guns ready and fit for militia service.

  44. Saw this vid before. Actually helped me decide to hold on to my 1954r Tula SKS for a while longer, see what it goes up to. Maybe I’ll sell when it hits $1200 or so. I’m honestly not sure if it’s ever been fired (looking at the bolt face/piston/etc), so I’m reluctant to do so myself (yeah yeah, ready to have my balls broke)

  45. If I wanted to watch a fucking video I’d be watching TV. I’m online to digest written content. Get that shit out of here.

    No I didn’t watch, just came here for the ratio.

    Also, I hate selling guns, have only sold a 1st Gen Sub2k. Man that thing was uncomfortable and cheap feeling.

  46. Christ on a cracker! I turned off my adblocker to see what all the bitching was about and holy crap! Over half of my screen real estate is all ads.

  47. I have sold a bunch of my guns. At one time I had 42 rifles and shotguns. I am down to about 15 now and intend to sell more. I regret each and every one. It is not that I need the money. I am 78, unmarried with no children. All of my friends are the same age as am I and they have no interest in guns or more guns. I have no one to whom I can leave my guns so I have been selling them off. I intend to get down to just basics – Browning O/U for pheasants, Churchill 10 S/S for geese (it is not made for steel shot so I hunt private land or load copper plated steel), and a browning pump 2 3/4, 3, 3 1/2 for late season pheasants.

    • absolute top of the list?….Thompson SMG….they can put that one in the coffin with me…but then somebody would probably dig me up for it!…..

  48. 1. Colt Single-Action Army Model 1873
    2. Walther P-38
    3. M1 Garand
    4. FN Browning Hi-Power
    5. Colt Detective Special
    6. S&W Model 29
    7. Pre WWII-WWII 1911, Colt or Remington
    8. Russian SKS
    9. Russian Dragunov or Romanian PSL
    10. Sig Sauer P210

  49. Some excellent choices. I don’t have many of them or many of them but I have a Garand that I bought in 1995 for $367. A few years ago I made a pistol grip stock for it. It shoots a bit easier. I used a really grubby ebay purchase for that. It cost the seller more to ship it for California than I paid for it.

  50. I would prefer a list, simply because of hearing loss. I don’t catch everything someone says or mishear words. Please take the time to add a transcript link/page.
    Thank you

  51. Back in the late 60’s I sold a firearm because I needed money. I have been kicking myself ever since. It was a side by side coach gun 12 gauge, external hammers and twin triggers.

  52. My best pistol is my Colt 1911 M1A built 1913 went thru 3 wars with the same family all numbets match habe the original mag. Fires as good if not better than my 08 XDM Spring field . have had a colt dealer ask to buy it for $5000.00 told himnot a chance

  53. I don’t collect for monetary value, but for function and use. Even if that use is targets at the range and not hunting anymore (Degenerative Joint Disease put an end to slogging through the Rockies). There have been guns I sold that I’ve regretted, and some I couldn’t sell fast enough. The 80’s era AR-7 is one that was junk. Bought it to throw into a backpack when I could still manage that, and it too, was a Jam-o-Matic. Used to have to wedge a clothespin between the magazine and frame to shoot a magazine’s worth of .22LR. That was a hunk of overpriced junk, and it shocks me that they’re still being made (although Henry is the new maker).
    Lost some guns in a house fire in 2011, and because I didn’t have a specific rider on the insurance (didn’t know that I needed one), I received a fraction of the value of loss. Mostly the value was sentimental, rather than monetary to me. I agree with the dislike of video’s, without captions I don’t catch everything being said. I did notice when he first spoke of the Colt Detective Special, the first picture was a S&W J frame, then it switches to the Colt.

  54. Yep. Biggest mistake I’ve made with firearms. Traded a 1941 Walther P38 with matching numbers & AC manufacturer for a new Kimber listing for just under $1,000. I miss that P38. The Kimber is a good looking but doesn’t seem to be any better than my Rock Island or Taurus 1911s.

  55. have a Detective 38 cal nickel plated 38 caliber revolver which I picked up in 1967. I also have the box in which it came in . I paid $68.00 for it at the time. this gun was a back up while I was a Police Officer in Chicago

  56. Because the government has gone totally out of control, in other words, constitution be damned, don’t sell any gun where there’s any paper trail that you originally owned it, not because of monetary loss, but for future litigation. They’re going to hold you responsible for anything that happens with that gun, during and after your ownership. That’s not paranoid, communists are already trying to hold firearms manufacturers responsible for every possible “end users” illegal gun usage. It’s kind of a bastardized form of “fruit of the poison tree” legal concept. We won’t always have leaders who will be loyal to their oath to the constitution and when they who hate the constitution have gained control of its interpretation, all bets are off and you’re on your own…because now you’re going to need that gun or live on your knees.

  57. The solution although a PITA would be to do even up trades of same firearms with other like minded people before our illustrious leftist communist congress decides to defy the constitution and ban private sales. If you own things with no paper trail they cannot be traced to you. An official BATFE trace only goes to the original manufacturer then the shop it was sold to and the original buyer who filled out the 4473 form. Even searching for the original 4473 form from the original shop has to be done by hand . After that it is just word of mouth. So if you didn’t buy it from an FFL dealer you don’t own any firearms. Like me I saw a picture of one once. We are in a point in our country where some of our politicians due to them not believing in American US values are trying to usurp power they don’t have and are denied in writing and law by our constitution.

    • Ben S.
      Don’t feel bad. I typed out approx. half a page about Colt 2nd Generation Single Action Army revolvers, made between 1956 & 1968 (Because I read somewhere that those were the best years for 2nd Gen. SAAs) and Pythons and how I’d swap one on one if I had a half dozen Pythons because Pythons are so ridiculously over priced, especially in gun stores where the damn greedy owners jack up the price !!!!!! And that’s as far as I got because my message just disappeared = poof, gone. And to make matters worse, I forgot the gist of what I wanted to say after the thing got lost. I just turned 80 years old on the 11th of this month and I’ve been forgetting a lot of stuff lately, and it sucks when that happens. lol, lol.
      But what trapperwv1 posted is welcome info, thanks trapper, that’s some good stuff which has been copied and filed. As Sean Hannity used to say (Don’t know why he stopped saying it) “You’re a great American.”

  58. Ok, I was interested in the article, and got to “here’s the ten guns you should never sell,” and then I couldn’t find the rest of the article, no matter how far down I scrolled. Where’s the rest of the article for me to read?

    Btw, I never watch the youtube videos because I don’t care to hear someone yammer on and on, and I can’t watch them at work in my down time because they block youtube. Just write articles for people who know how to read quietly for enjoyment! Stop with all the videos and teasers. This site used to be informative and fun to read during lunch break. I’ve seen way, way less actual content posted recently, and I’m about ready to quit visiting. This is just dumb.

  59. The video is no longer available & the article has no list so it is utterly useless. Thanks a lot!

  60. As with most Articles, I enjoy reading the comments more than the Article. Entertaining and all the History is great. Things sure have come a long way in my 60+ years. I’m glad both my son and daughter are firearms aficionados too, because I know they’ll appreciate the guns they’ll get.

  61. What I don’t like is explaining ” who I am, school at, blab li abla, this happened to me, ba ba ba. Then a friend who ba ba ba”. So now in a a vidio, bla bka, I will show bla bla. After 10 to 15 minutes later you see the pertinent information.

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