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Colt Competition CRX-16 rifle (courtesy

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How accurate do you want your AR-15 to be? Sub-MOA? Then you need to shoot a Colt Competition rifle. “Every rifle we sell is sub-MOA, guaranteed,” Colt Competition VP Dave Wilcox asserts. “A human being shoots every one of our hand-built rifles down a tunnel at 100 yards from a rest.”

Click here, buy your tickets to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival (Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill, October 14 – 16) and put Colt Competition AR accuracy to the test.

Colt Competition CRE-18 (courtesy

The Texas-based rifle maker’s bringing five guns to the Festival: the Gen2 CRX-16 and the CRZ-16 rifles, their “Come and Take It”edition (based on the CRX-16), the CRE-16 (Expert, above) and the CRP-18 (Professional, below). “The last two guns come with a laminated shot-in target,” Wilcox says. “We want our customers to know we’re serious about quality and dedicated to accuracy.”

Colt Competition CRP-18 (courtesy

The entry-level Colt Competition CRX-16 (top image) retails at a buck under a grand. Better yet, Colt Competition’s offering a Texas Firearms Festival try-before-you-buy discount on its full line of rifles. Rifles that are selling like hot cakes.

The Texas built Colts have many of the same components as the Colts built in Hartford, Connecticut.

Come and shoot it!

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  1. Won’t buy Colt. Too expensive, just paying for the name at this point. Many companies make their guns better than they do, and I refuse to buy from a company that turned it’s back on the civilian market.

    • This is the company that didn’t turn it’s back on the civilian market. When Colt focused on the government market, a small company recognized the civilian competition market. They licensed the name from Colt, and produced world class ARs focused on the civilian market, made in Texas. That company, the one that was smart enough to focus on making great products for civilians, is Colt Competition. And that’s who is going to be at the festival.

        • If you do not understand anything about firearms manufacturing or how companies work at all. Please refrain from commenting. This is not Colt, this is colt competition. They simply licensed the name from Colt Proper, and to think that anyone could produce a firearm as fine as the python for the price of a gp100 is laughable at best.

        • If a GP100 or a 686 were in any way competitive with a Python, I would own them. Instead, I have a Python. My Detective Special is superior, IMHO, to those guns, though far below the Python. How about “for twice the price of a GP100”, at least be a *little* realistic.

      • Colt didn’t innovate when others did and got left behind by the market. This is how great brands eventually die.

  2. Colt competition? these are beautiful guns the quality is awesome every gun is hand built, tested more than once .100% American made parts nothing is out sourced and the prices are more than fair for the quality of the builds your not buying a colt your buying a piece of the American dream!

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