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1925 800_1

Matt in SC won last week’s contest. You can win this week’s by entering the best caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday at midnight. Have at it.


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  1. My grandfather’s girlfriends, photo taken by his ex-wife! That was why he moved to California for several years.

    • I know this because the lady in the middle is my great aunt (yes that caused some trouble) the photo was taken at her house. The brick drive was still in use years later when Dad use to drop me there when he and Mom went off to out of town regattas. The major downside to being left there for my brother and I was my aunt firmly believed in prune juice!

  2. “We shall fight them on the beaches………and apparently we’re fighting them in the girls dormitory, also.”

    If memory serves this photo or one very much like it has already been used on the caption contest. Have we used up the interwebz, already?

  3. Winter’s comin’. Half of us got furs and we ain’t quittin’ till everyone’s warm and cozy.

  4. The girls at Miss Framinghams school decided it was too much trouble to avoid stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things.

    They instead decided to out gun stupid. Stupid became very scarce in their quiet little part of the world.

  5. This is not The Magnificent Seven. This is the Magnificent Seven Ladies. They will out-shoot, out-hunt and out dress you. They bring home the venison…fry it up in a pan…and make you forget they arent a man!

  6. I married my wife 30 minutes after we met. This is a photo of my wife and her bridesmaids, one hour before the wedding.

  7. The new initiates of the Ladies of Trenton Trenchcoat Society just before their required “Snipe” hunt, circa 1946…..

  8. “Tilly was embarrassed at forgetting to bring her most important accessory, so she tried to hide behind the other girls and hope no one noticed”.

  9. “Yes, ladies, I completely understand they’re only .22s. So that’s why today we learn volley fire.”

  10. After the bad guys capture the Lone Ranger, they give him one last wish, which he whispers into his horse Silver’s ear.
    A half hour later, Silver shows up from town & says- “I wasn’t sure if your last wish was for p*ssy or posse, so I brought these guys!”

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