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A 72-hour-waiting period for lawful gun purchasers who have already passed the federal background check will take effect in Maine 90 days after the adjournment of the current legislative session.

Despite an abundance of public input against the measure, Gov. Janet Mills neither signed nor vetoed the measure, allowing it to go into effect without her signature.

“Maine residents elected the Governor to make hard decisions, and she took the cowardly way out and allowed a terrible, unconstitutional bill to go into law,” a legislative update by Gun Owners of Maine stated. This bill was defeated in 2023 and was brought back to life unethically during the emergency session by altering a few words, was passed using questionable vote-pairing in the Senate, and then will go into law without the governor’s signature. This doesn’t sound like a piece of legislation that the Maine people want.”

The organization said that leaders are planning to continue battling on this matter.

“We will be taking steps in the next couple of days to look into the best avenues for pursuing legal action,” the update said. “Waiting periods are arbitrary impositions on law-abiding citizens that do nothing to curb the activities of criminals. They are an infringement on our inherent rights and are in direct defiance of both our Maine and United States Constitutions.”

For her part, Gov. Mills said in a released statement: “I have spent the past ten days—the maximum allowed under the Maine Constitution—considering LD 2238, reviewing testimony both for and against, and speaking to proponents and opponents alike. I have thought long and hard about the potential impacts of this bill, and I am deeply conflicted.

“In carefully considering all the arguments, I have decided to allow this bill to become law. I do so, however, with some caveats and concerns and with the hope that it can be implemented to accomplish its intended goal of preventing suicide by firearm without overburdening our outdoor sports economy and the rights of responsible gun owners and dealers to engage in lawful and constitutionally protected activities.”

Since two-thirds of gun owners own more than one gun a so-called “cooling-off” period for these gun owners could not possibly have an effect. Additionally, anecdotal evidence about a person who purchases a firearm and then immediately uses it to harm themselves or somebody else is just that: anecdotal. There is no scientific evidence that waiting periods have an effect on suicide, homicide or mass shootings.

Additionally, most guns found at crime scenes were not purchased in the past three days before the crime was committed. According to a 2023 report by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) the majority of guns recovered at crime scenes were sold more than three years before the crime.

In an update to members, NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action encouraged Maine members to remember who voted for the measure when they go to vote this fall.

“Instead of standing with law-abiding gun owners, domestic abuse survivors, hunters, and small businesses, Governor Mills has given way to policy demands of radical Portland progressives dead-set on deteriorating your Second Amendment rights,” the update stated. “As we rapidly approach the 2024 election, NRA members and gun rights supporters should take note of the anti-gun politicians who played a role in undermining their civil rights.”

On a more positive note, Gov. Mills vetoed a measure that would have redefined “machine gun” to include bump stocks and common trigger alterations used by thousands of Maine gun owners.

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    • [California has entered the chat]

      “Maine is enacting a measly 3-day waiting period? (snort!) Amateurs…”

      • 2 weeks to 3 months from purchase to pistol pickup for my NY experience. Gotta love being on the judge’s schedule.

      • Speaking of waiting periods, seen this Mr. Haz?

        Los Angeles county has stopped issuing permits :

        “Largest County In California STOPS Issuing CCW Permits”

        • Not so sure about that. I received an email a couple of days ago from LASD stating that my CCW renewal application had been successfully accepted and I will be contacted for the necessary interview. They charged me for the application, so now they’re bound by contract to proceed.

      • [Wa State enters the chat, sulking]

        Only 10 days in Cali? Must be nice… Our dims saw how you do it, and said “hold my bong, and watch this”: We’re stuck with 10 business days now (which by RCW excludes Saturdays, Sundays, and state and federal holidays, so it’s really 2 weeks at a minimum)

    • It’s obnoxious and miserable what they’ve done.
      You can’t go anywhere in ME, VT or CT without having to walk through clouds of weed stink.
      Grocery shopping: clouds of wee stink
      Movies: clouds of weed stink
      Local park: clouds of weed stink
      Walking down the street: clouds of weed stink
      Everything everywhere reeks of weed.

      I used to be all for legalization. Now I want to see stoners catapulted into the ocean.
      What’s so hard about smoking up at home and staying there?
      We don’t very well tolerate drunks walking around stinking of booze but we’re perfectly fine with the stoners doing it.

  1. Cucking Funt.

    “I have spent the past ten days—the maximum allowed under the Maine Constitution with my thumb up my ass and have decided to let this bullshit bill become law.

    Bupid Stitch

  2. “There is no scientific evidence that waiting periods have an effect on suicide, homicide or mass shootings.”

    No evidence at all, of any kind, full stop.

    • There’s evidence-o-plenty. It’s the manufactured kind. Watch, I’ll demo it.

      “Waiting periods to purchase a gun reduce suicides and mass shootings”.

      ^^There’s a quote on the topic.^^

      I have now produced evidence in the form of a quote.

      The fact that I just told my wife to say that and am now quoting her (while ignoring her look) is immaterial. She’s a full blown scientist.

      I just quoted a scientist, brah. That’s scientific evidence, manufactured, packaged and delivered because I’m gonna pull a Lefty move that’s exactly what Nero’s name means and change the meaning of the words so that I win.

      And if you think that’s just me being stupid, realize this is what the news and .gov do all day long.

        • As I’ve probably said here before, one of my favorite “busted” situations was when a local news station got caught using a homeless guy in an ally behind a Congressman’s office as a “source close to the Congressman’s office”.

          Due was a source and he lived like 10 feet away, so…

    • A woman’s place is in the home (preferably in the kitchen) , and she should be there immediately after work.

      {Waiting for a deranged reaction in 4, 3, 2, 1…}

      • How about a hearty I agree! My better half has no problems with your assessment. She loves me with all my faults and I love her…She dosen’t have any faults…that I know of…. :0)

  3. Gun Control History illiterates and placid zipped lipped gun talking blowbags move the Gun Control football…Was there one legislator in Maine who was motivated by Gun talkers to turn the tables on Gun Control? No and Hell No…

    • Try, just try for 30 seconds to actually read and comprehend:

      Many/most members of the Ruling Class love, I repeat, LOVE bigotry, racism, and elitism and THAT is the very reason why the Ruling Class pushes civilian disarmament–to advance their racist and elitist oppression of ALL RACES in the Working Class.

      Did you catch that? The Ruling Class members who push civilian disarmament are the biggest racists and elitists of all, they celebrate their racism and elitism, and they actively and openly push racism and elitism.

      Bottom line: those racist and elitist members of the Ruling Class WANT to use, abuse, consume, and torment EVERYONE in the Working Class–and telling them that, “Gun Control is razisst!!!” confirms what they are trying to do and actually encourages them to keep pushing it.

      Saying it another way, telling politicians that, “Gun Control was/is razisstt!!!,” is just as ineffective as telling a rapist that raping women was/is degrading to women.

      • nocommonsense…Cite one occasion, one speech, find a book, pamphlet, flyer, anything where one Gun Control zealot told readers or listeners Gun Control is Rooted in Racism and Genocide. Post it you pathetic azzhat or gfy. BTW…You don’t talk rape to me…you have about one millisecond to understand that.

        • No so blind as those who choose not to see. Of course in your case it’s all racist notsees so wallow in your muck peasant.

      • “Try, just try for 30 seconds to actually read and comprehend:”

        Never gonna happen, dude. The density there is roughly the same as a neutron star :

        “Neutron star material is remarkably dense: a normal-sized matchbox containing neutron-star material would have a weight of approximately 3 billion tonnes, the same weight as a 0.5-cubic-kilometer chunk of the Earth (a cube with edges of about 800 meters) from Earth’s surface.”

        That shows just how ’empty’ in volume atoms actually are…

    • Debbie W.,

      Nazi Germany set out to murder as many Jews and “undesirable” Germans as possible. No amount of screaming at Nazi Germany’s Ruling Class that their Final Solution was racist would have changed their minds because they openly celebrated and promoted their racism.

      That is the sad reality of the human condition: large groups of people decide that they are superior to other groups of people and then go about using, abusing, consuming, and tormenting the “inferior” group. There is no guilt-trip that anyone can lay on the “superior” group which will convince them to stop their abuse of the “inferior” group. The “superior” group has already dehumanized the “inferior” group and could care less about any alleged wrongdoing toward the “inferior” group.

      Our politicians who support civilian disarmament have already–in their minds–dehumanized their target population. Nothing that you or I can say will inspire those politicians to suddenly restore the humanity (in their minds) of their target population–just like there was nothing that anyone could have said to inspire Hitler to suddenly value Jews.

      That is why your incessant drum beat to tell our politicians that, “gun control was/is razissttt!!!,” will fail to inspire politicians to stop pushing civilian disarmament.

      • zerocommonsense…Save it…You lost the battle before it began…When I said Gun talking zipped lipped blowbags I meant Gun talking zipped lipped History rewriting democRat Party lintlicking twit for you. What I say about History and Gun Control on this forum and the Video Content I post has been fact checked to the highest level by Gun Control zealots that ignor twits like you….your attempt to analyze, debunk and spin my posts is as smart as you peeing in the wind…Perhaps you should apply for a position in the biden regime, you could run the History of Gun Control Cover-up and Rewrite Division.

        • nocommonsense…RE: “just like there was nothing that anyone could have said to inspire Hitler to suddenly value Jews.”

          Duh really? What Hitler and others like him did should inspire you not to ever sweep their dirt under the carpet with your outer space, off target absurdity.

          • Your lack of abstract thought is showing again, if you didn’t have breakfast this morning how would you feel?

        • Debbie W.,

          Historical and present day racism and its products (including genocide and civilian disarmament) are very real and factual: and they are specific manifestations of EVIL IN THE HEARTS OF MEN. Telling someone with an evil heart that their evil goals are rooted in past or present evil desires WILL NOT cause them to suddenly develop a conscience and abandon their evil desires.

          But you go ahead and instruct Hitler’s contemporaries that they are in the wrong for advancing policy rooted in historical and/or present day racism and genocide. Don’t hold your breath expecting them to abandon their evil desires after your History lesson.

  4. Colorado has a three day waiting period instituted a few years back.

    In an argument with an antigunner I pointed out that we’re now identical to “The Gunshine State” in that regard. Her head about exploded.

    The truly funny part is that pointing this out pisses off pro-gun people even more, especially if they’re in Florida.

    Facts are, it seems, equal opportunity offenders for those who reason via emotion.

    • “The truly funny part is that pointing this out pisses off pro-gun people even more, especially if they’re in Florida.”

      Pro-gun with the permit in Florida means a *zero* day wait, plunk your money on the counter, walk out with your new gun right then and there…

      • Difference for new gun owners without a permit? Florida is great but like every state there are plenty of Bruen worthy lawsuits for the things the legislature doesn’t want to address.

        • Yup.

          Sounds pretty much like Florida grants privileges if you pay for them for a permission slip, IOW, the state isn’t interested in equality before the law when it comes to the 2A.

      • The reason I don’t much care is this:

        You can almost hear the gnashing of teeth at Colorado Public Radio as they report that the judge in the case has basically set himself up to be overruled:

        “[Judge] Kane also considered the history of gun law in the U.S., noting that the first waiting period law wasn’t established until 1923. The Bruen decision says laws must have a precedent dating to the Founding Era, more than a century earlier.

        But the judge reasoned that there was a reason for the lack of waiting period laws in the newly formed country: Guns were much less common and “impulsive gun homicides” were much less prevalent, so it was “logical” that no such laws existed at the time.

        The judge also found that, even if the Founding Era didn’t have waiting periods, it did have “analogues,” or similar policies that legally justify the existence of waiting periods today. The Polis administration had pointed to numerous U.S. and colonial laws back to the 1600s that forbid people from using guns while drunk. Those laws had a similar goal to the waiting period laws, the judge concluded.

        So, it fails the Bruen test but that’s logical so, actually, it passes.

        I hope the State gives up on this before SCOTUS because Thomas would have a field day ripping this Federal Judge apart over this reasoning. And you can just tell from the way CPR writes this that they’re mad as Hell about it.

    • for those that missed it, and/or for context – I previously posted part 1 which was entitled ‘ ‘Unveiling The FBI Docs: Part 1’ (AKA ‘FBI Files Part 1’).

  5. US Court of Appeals for Fifth Circuit (TX, LA) has issued a ruling upholding the 2022 federal law requiring additional background checks for 18-20 year olds.

  6. Senator Hagerty Announces Attempt to Block Commerce BIS Ban on Firearms Exports >

    Treat MN Anti-Gun Senator (and Alleged Burglar) Like She Treats Gun Owners – Like Criminals >

    Another false history Bellesiles’esq anti-gun liar > Bellesiles 2.0: Meet Princeton Sociologist Megan Kang >


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