Colorado Democrats Push 3 Gun Control Bills That Would Put Citizens’ Lives in Danger

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By Dan Wos

Colorado legislators are working hard to destroy the Second Amendment rights of the state’s residents. Following the Boulder grocery store shooting, they’re currently considering three bills, SB 21-256, HB 21-1298 and HB 21-1299.

In summary, SB 21-256 would end state preemption, overriding existing law which currently prohibits local government from violating the Second Amendment. If signed into law, the bill would allow state and local governments to violate the Constitution by designating more “gun-free” zones with specific focus on colleges and universities.

Gun-free zones have proved to be devastating to people who have been disarmed and left helpless while complying with the law. Killings in schools have nearly doubled since Joe Biden introduced the Gun-Free School Zones Act in 1990. Colorado legislators are trying to put in place a law that would allow them to expand these deadly zones where citizens are disarmed and killers are given free reign with zero opposition.

The prime sponsors of this Constitution-violating bill, are: Senator Stephen Fenberg, Senator Dominick Moreno, Representative Edith Hooten, Representative Karen McCormick and Representative Lindsey Daugherty. All Democrats.

HB 21-1298 would extend the waiting period on the further investigation of denied background checks from 30 days to 60 days. That would mean more people would be put in danger by be keeping them defenseless for extended periods of time due to an already flawed background check system.

The federal background check system is already at a 99+ percent rate of false positive denials, which means, the vast majority of denials are unjust to begin with. According to the GAO, in 2018, only 12 cases out of 112,090 background check denials were justified and prosecuted, leaving over 112,000 good people unarmed and defenseless when they should not have been.

Carol Bowne was a woman from New Jersey whose 30-day wait for handgun approval was extended even after she filed police reports and got a restraining order against her abuser. On the 43rd day of her background check waiting period, she was stabbed to death by the very man she feared. She was still waiting for approval to arm herself.

Colorado legislators appear to be unaffected by the loss of life that these types of delays cause. The prime sponsors of this Constitution-violating bill, are:  Representative Judith Amabile, Representative Steven Woodrow, Representative Karen McCormick, Senator Julie Gonzales and Senator Brittany Petersen. All Democrats.

HB 21-1299 would allow the state to create a “gun violence prevention office” within the department of public health, focused primarily on creating public awareness campaigns, (a.k.a. anti-gun propaganda) and using $3,000,000 of taxpayer money in the first year, to do it.

The department would educate the general public in the process for requesting Extreme Risk Protection Orders (aka red flag laws) while encouraging them to look for improperly stored firearms and people whom they might believe to have mental health issues. We learned the dangers of ERPOs when Gary Willis of Maryland was killed during a gun confiscation at his home after being the target of an unjust ERPO. It would seem Colorado Legislators want citizens to trigger more of these deadly, due process-free raids on their neighbors, friends and family members.

The bill would also give the new department the ability to collaborate with other agencies including health care providers in its attempts to collect data including “mental health” and “substance use” records for its “research.” The department would be allowed to incentivize private organizations with grants for conducting activities that support the department’s initiatives.

This new taxpayer-funded bureaucracy appears to be nothing more than the marketing arm of the state to further indoctrinate Colorado citizens into believing the lies of the anti-gun left while giving the state the ability to further restrict the right to keep and bear arms within its borders.

The prime sponsors of this Constitution-violating bill, are Representative Tom Sullivan, Representative Judith Amabile, Representative Jennifer Bacon, Representative Karen McCormick, Senator Rhonda fields and Senator Chris Hansen. All Democrats.

Whether or not these bills pass, they reveal the true intentions of this dangerous, irresponsible and politically-motivated group of bureaucrats currently in power in the state of Colorado.


Dan Wos is the author of Good Gun Bad Guy.

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  1. And what perfect timing for this to happen in Colorado today :

    “7 including suspect killed in shooting at Colorado Springs birthday party”

    The KKTV website reports…

  2. Is this a bad time to point out that yet another MAGA Man killed 6 people in Colorado Springs before his worthless life was ended?

    • He didn’t end your worthless life, so he was obviously no Trump supporter…

      *snicker* 😉

      • Engaging with a persistent troll like Geoff is like playing with a pig in the mud. The pig has fun, but you just get dirty.

        • “Engaging with a persistent troll like Geoff…”

          You don’t seem to understand something, boy – But I’ll be *very* happy to spell it out for you –

          I contribute to the general discussion in TTAG about guns, gun policy, and gun culture. Along with pimp-slapping your troll ass.

          You, *don’t*. All you do is hurl your pathetic little insults at me and a few others. You just can’t handle the fact that I refuse to tolerate the one and *only* thing you want to pollute this fine web page with, your anti-vaxx crapola.

          It isn’t wanted here. Get that in your Autistic or Asperger’s spectrum defective brain of yours.

          I am stronger than you could ever hope to be. You *will* lose… 😉

        • What exactly will I lose, Geoff? And keep in mind I am smart enough not to get vaccinated. Unlike you. Dummy!!!

        • And that’s why I *sincerely* hope the Wuhan Flu strangles you to death in your own lung secretions.

          I’ve had a flu years back that hit me so hard, I wasn’t back to normal for several months.

          I want you to experience that with an immune system not primed to take it out.

          Google the term ‘Cytokine Storm’. That’s how that bug strangles you to death.

          And with any luck, it will… 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • It won’t. Because I’m in great shape and I eat well. I’ve got nothing to fear. But thanks for the ill wishes, Geoff. And while you’re a punk ass troll, I wish you nothing but good health. Also, lose a few dozen pounds and you might be able to get from the sofa to the fridge without getting winded.

        • (yawn)

          Looks like All Hail is still pounding the keyboard with the backs of his hands.

        • Someone confiscate this chimps keyboard. Its already learned how to fling shit digitally under a pseudonym

    • Nothing like countering a slaughter in a gun free zone by ADDING MORE fucking Gun Free Zones… Seeing as how the one in question worked so well…

    • another MAGA Man killed 6 people

      ANOTHER? Where do you get your information? In BLUE Colorado Springs it is highly doubtful the shooter was a “MAGA MAN”… And who was the last “MAGA MAN” to pull a mass shooting in Colorado?

      • MaddMaxx,

        I am confused. In a post on this morning’s article about Colorado’s Answer to Gun Violence, Mortimer Beetroot Plimpton stated he lives in the Colorado Springs are and that it is deep red. You are saying that area is blue.

        • DEEP RED is not quite honest, in 2020 Trump won El Paso county by 40000 votes (of 380000 votes cast) this was due to the Independent vote… El Paso County is at best light purple to dark pink but hardly DEEP red… And is far from definitive proof that the shooter was a “MAGA” man

    • You know this killer was a “MAGA-Man”, how? I live here and nothing of the sort was reported locally..

    • Sam, there is *always* a Karen to torment a man somewhere… 🙂

  3. “Colorado legislators appear to be unaffected by the loss of life that these types of delays cause.”

    If you expect the legislators to be unaffected by the loss of life when it comes to mass shootings so that they don’t pass gun control then why should they be affected by this loss of life to loosen up the gun control laws?

    You can’t have it both ways.

  4. @Geoff

    “I am stronger than you could ever hope to be. You *will* lose…”

    Trolls never lose. They are like little children at bed time: all the time they are arguing with you about going to bed, they are not in bed; they win. A troll “wins” every time a response is raised.

    And a lot of “trolls” are not classic trolls, just irritating nuisances.

    • I *do* miss the likes of Vlad and several others from years past who would engage in lengthy diatribes. True troll fashion to get the conversational juices flowing. Miner49er is halfway to that level of trollness, to his/her credit.

      But you’re right. The low-level “troll” that’s been lurking here for the past year and biting ankles is really nothing more than a nuisance. But every court needs its jester, I suppose.

      • *Yawn*. Haz, why don’t you go hassle another Wal-Mart employee and leave the conversation to people who aren’t cowardly clowns?

        • leave the conversation to people who aren’t cowardly clowns

          I hope you are NOT trying to insert yourself into THAT group… I have yet to see you offer ANYTHING congruant or even in opposition to a particular article or even actually pertinent to ANY ongoing conversation… Just another fukin basement dweller crying out for attention of any kind, while adding absolutely nothing to the conversation…

  5. …and right on time Colorado has another mass shooting event from a mnetally is person. Makes you wonder.

    • It’s getting harder and harder to dismiss this creeping feeling that we are seeing, in a word, enablement.

  6. So yet again I guess the real question is can they accomplish this gun control in kolorado? Do they have the votes? Is it even close?

    We got lots of idiots introducing bills even here that have zero chance of passing. It’s just a talking point come election time. “I introduced legislation for blah blah”.

  7. So, I have had and currently have a active ccw for the last 15 years, between two different states. I also was a Type 07 FFL from 2012 to 2015. In the years since I haven’t had so much as a parking ticket, let alone having been arrested for anything. Yet, trying to make a purchase last week I was denied. When I contacted the FBI background check dept. I was told that there IS a appeal process, but do to how busy they are and COVID that they are not currently processing any appeals. I contacted US law shield (even though not a member) and talked to an attorney who basically said it happens all the time. If I want to have him track down and fix the error it would be $1500. So…I myself managed to track down the error…a wrongly adjudicated case from over 22 years ago in a VERY blue state, and guess what? NO ONE there is willing to help fix the record. The court says its the states fault and the state says its the courts fault and no one is willing to fix it, just pass the buck back n forth. So, now I get to save up another grand on top of the money I was gonna spend on another 10/22 to take back my “RIGHT”. I even have the copy of the disposition and showed it to the clerk of courts…made ZERO difference. Land of the free….what a JOKE.

    • The ride is the intention. You will likely need an attorney to file a complaint with the court, seeking an order to compel the state to correct the record. And a second order enforcing the first under pain of personal risk for failure.

    • “…a wrongly adjudicated case from over 22 years ago in a VERY blue state..”

      You were wrongly accused?
      Arrested, charges dropped?
      Restraining order?, stalking?
      Mistaken identity?
      Juvenile proceeding?

      Sorry, none of my business, my curiosity gets the best of me at times.

    • All the more reason to ignore the law and purchase firearms under the table, as God intended.

  8. We have all that junk and more. We ignore the law, while Chicago burns. It is the written policy of the Chicago States attorney not to pursue Federal straw man purchases, because they don’t like to upset their constituents. It’s the weak gun laws in Indiana don’t you see?

  9. A correction though, claiming that only 12 out of ~112,000 denials were sustained and prosecuted is misleading as hell. It is because only 12 were prosecuted. Several reports over the years shows that the rate of denials fall between about 1-1.5% depending on the year. Prosecutions for LYING on the 4473 is rare. However, most the denials are NOT false. On average about 1 in 4 denials are actually appealed. Only about 5% of appealed denials are overturned.

    The vast majority of denials are for prior criminal record.

    A better statistic would have been how many DELAYS were issued and how many were finally sustained and at what length of time after the delay. Was it the next day? 3 days later? Was it 2 months later agents finally had to go collect a gun from someone who was denied after the gun was released by the FFL after the mandated waiting period on a denial?

    From what I could find from ATF the rate of delay is about 10% (as of the most recent report, from 2017, that I could find). Vast majority are cleared within 3 days.

    NICS issued ~6000 retrievals to the ATF for guns that were turned over from FFL’s the people who were later denied in 2017. There appears to be no data on what the average length of time after the 3 day hold before a determination is made that the person should have been denied.

    In 2017 alone there was ~103,000 denials due to various prohibiting events or records (criminal record, mental health record, fugitive from justice, etc.).

    Of all of the various infringing laws out there, a simple background check is one of the “least bad”. It certainly does seem to keep guns out of the hands of a lot of formal criminals, guys on the run from justice (a few hundred a year there alone), etc. There should never be an indefinite hold, but if 3 days isn’t enough, then it needs be analyzed where is the rate of likely false positives on a hold dropped to a really low level? Are we already there are 3 days? Is it 5 days? 7? FBI NICS researches for up to the full 90 days that a transaction can be held in the system if a proceed is not issued. That is excessively long. And with only about 6000 retrievals requested out of over a million initial holds, that seems like 3 days is not doing so badly at all. 60 days that CO is proposing seems ridiculous when they are already at 30 days.

  10. I’ve lived in Colorado fo 54 of my 60 years. Moved here as a child. Left the State for 2 years because of Federal Civil Employment in the 80’s.
    I’ve watched my State turn blue, and realize there’s not a damn thing we can do about our mutation to Commierado. The commune of Denver and it’s satellite communes own the State. Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western Commirado has no voice in the Legislature, and it’s doubtful we will ever have a voice again.
    Personally, I’ve been for secession of these areas from Denver for 40 years. The 2nd Amendment has been under attack in Commierado most of my life. I’ve been a Pro Gun supporter since early childhood, and I’ve participated in every attempt to fight the Anti-Gun swing Commierado has taken. Every year the 2nd Amendment is infringed by the Legislature, and all attempts to fight this swing have failed. Personally, I think State wide confiscation is coming soon, and we’ll be forced to comply or dead as we try to fight the confiscation. We have to organize into a Militia now, and that’s not really happening, as I’ve joined and watched 3 different militia attempts splinter. They’ve splintered entirely due to the dick measuring competitions between group leaders. That needs to stop, but I’ve doubts that it will ever stop.
    I believe we’re past the point of fixing our system of governmeng through the Constitutionally provided means. The Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of our government are corrupted beyond repair. Our Ship of State is capsizing, and we’re beyond the point of preventing or correcting it.
    Election 2020 proved just how broken the system truly is.
    “No Amendment Is Absolute” wasn’t the demented ramblings of the Senile Fool occupying the Oval Office, it was a Declaration of War on the American People, and we need to recognize that and mobilize to fight the war. If that means open rebellion, then so be it. The 2nd Amendment isn’t only about fighting a Despotic Federal Government, it’s about fighting Tyranny at every level of government, whether it be Local, State or Federal level.
    I’ve no illusions about surviving the coming battles, but I’ll make it as costly for them as I can. I’ll die before submitting to Despotism.

    “Sic Semper Tyrannus”

  11. Oregon legislature just passed anti-gun laws which expand no-gun zones and make what would be law abiding citizens into felons if they have their concealed firearm near a public building. The law also requires stored and transporting guns to be double locked and totally useless (in a safe PLUS a trigger/cable lock) to be stored separately from ammo. How do you protect yourself from home invasions? You can’t legally…. If they don’t take your guns, they will just find ways to render them useless with idiotic laws that help criminals and hurt law abiding citizens.

  12. States like Commierado, Illinoistan, OreGone and Commiefornia remind me of the neighbor who is a gun grabber putting up a sign that says I hate guns, so I’m an easy mark. As long as politicians are allowed to render your Rights moot. They will…Just remember Tyrants like Terrorist can’t be negotiated with.

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