Police stand outside a King Soopers grocery store where a shooting took place, Monday, March 22, 2021, in Boulder, Colo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
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Early reports from witnesses of yesterday’s deadly shooting at a Boulder, Colorado supermarket reported seeing the suspect with an “AR-style” rifle. That has not yet been confirmed by police.

Just 10 days ago, a judge threw out the city of Boulder’s “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazine bans as they violated Colorado’s preemption law. So yesterday’s shooting has given gun control advocates another bloody shirt to wave in their never-ending fight to limit or eliminate the right to keep and bear arms.

Many are now drawing a straight line between the judge’s ruling and yesterday’s horrific events…as if the still un-named shooter, whatever his motivation, would have somehow obeyed Boulder’s “assault weapons” ban if it had still been on the books.

The day after [Boulder County District Judge Andrew] Hartman’s ruling, city officials instructed Boulder police to stop enforcing the ban. [Tom] Carr, the city attorney, declined to comment on whether he planned to appeal the decision.

But in the wake of the Boulder shooting, gun violence prevention advocates said the importance of preserving such a ban had only become more evident.

Colorado State Rep. Tom Sullivan (D), who ran for office after his son Alex was killed in the Aurora movie theater shooting, said he helped lobby the statehouse in Denver for background checks and magazine limits. Neither Congress nor the state legislature, he noted, had the political capital to go as far as Boulder City Council.

“The assault weapons put the ‘mass’ in the ‘shootings,’” he told The Post. “That’s what gets the numbers up. That’s what gets the assault weapons that were able to fire as many rounds as were fired … in the theater, in the schools, in Parkland.”

Boulder’s assault weapons ban, meant to stop mass shootings, was blocked 10 days before grocery store attack.

— Teo Armus in Boulder’s assault weapons ban, meant to stop mass shootings, was blocked 10 days before grocery store attack

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  1. Copy cats exist in every criminal situation, see Atlanta. I noted that the report immediately described the rifle as “AR15 style”. One wonders if some of these shooters are either mentally ill or hired as false flag actors assured of being released in the future if they help advance the gun confiscation agenda of the communists. Time will tell.

    • Thats what I’ve been saying too. If we make murder illegal all the criminals will stop killing. Then we don’t have to ban guns.

  2. People kill people. Over the years the method of killing has been deveoped so killing can be done in numerous ways. In the old west the lever action and six shooter. Modern day use of the automobile works. Fire, knives and the list goes on. If a person is set on killing, they don’t need an assault rifle.
    If our right to bear arms is taken away because of mass shootings, realize guns are not to blame. We have sufficient laws in place. Unfortunately, the bad guy will get his way no matter how many laws are put in place for the good guy.
    Bad guys will do bad stuff. Self defense should be the key.

    • The people who cry that “Nobody needs an AR-15!” never seem to realize that it applies to would-be mass shooters as well.

  3. Why do mass shootings always happen in Boulder CO. One of the most Liberal bastions of CO? Planning. Pure planning.

    It’s called a false flag. One video out there and two dudes are standing around looking at their phones like it’s a normal day. You need lots of local LE cooperation, and local gun grabber leaders to do false flags… hence why they are all in super lib cities…. all conveniently while there are gun bans pending…. not a coincidence people.

    • Not *ALL* of them are false flags. There are crazy people out there, yet most of them aren’t stupid enough to try shit in a gun store, police station or rural Texas.
      If it’s a crazy libtard gun free zone, they kinda painted a big red target on their back.
      Was this a false flag? I really don’t know. But two high profile shootings in a week, while Biden wants to pass gun control in his first 100 days, seems convenient. Very convenient.

    • John,

      While yesterday’s atrocity could have been a false-flag operation, it would have been a covert false-flag operation — there is no way that someone could organize a false-flag operation with full knowledge and cooperation of the city and local police department.

      A far more likely scenario for a false-flag operation: outside actors (NOT members of local law enforcement nor boulder city politicians/bureaucrats) planned and orchestrated this event. And we are probably talking about three or four people, not dozens of people.

      • So, these operations will brainwash some guy, set him up with a mission and then trigger it just before the bills come up for vote? It seems to me I have read a lot of Sci Fi with that plot.

        • rt66paul,

          Radical terrorists in the Middle East successfully convince otherwise normal-ish people to don a bomb vest and blow themselves up at some important target. I have heard claims that those Middle Eastern masterminds employ various incentives, including promises of immense rewards in the afterlife as well as huge payouts to the relatives of the moron who blows him/herself up.

          Or maybe those Middle Eastern masterminds are really good at identifying people who are already predisposed to suicide attacks and all they have to do is provide enough incentive to push the would-be suicide attackers over the edge.

          People are people. Whatever works in the Middle East would work equally well in the United States. What prevents someone in the U.S. from using similar techniques to identify/wind-up the perpetrator of this event and set him loose?

        • rt66paul,

          According to the information that commenter Miner49er provided below, the alleged perpetrator seems almost guaranteed to suffer from schizophrenia. It would be fairly easy to wind-up such a person and set him/her loose to carry out what happened yesterday.

          Or, the spree-killer acted completely on his own. You have to admit, though, that the timing, location, and usefulness of his attack (to the forces of civilian disarmament) are incredibly hard to dismiss as coincidental.

      • You just have to count on the city and police department to act within certain parameters.

  4. A white nationalist with an assault rifle, that’s ALL we are going to be hearing from the propaganda machine.

  5. Like the overwhelming majority of mass shootings, this one also happened in a gun-free zone. And why was it a gun-free zone? Thanks to Kroger’s new policy adopted in 2019.
    According to USA Today, “In the wake of mass shootings elsewhere, Kroger asked shoppers in 2019 to leave firearms at home. The change in policy came a day after grocery rival Walmart made a similar shift.”

    Gee, I guess yesterday’s shooter didn’t get the memo; if only he’d known it was a gun-free zone, he would have left his gun at home! /sarc

    The only thing these “gun-free zones” accomplish is disarming all law-abiding citizens. They should more properly be called “disarmed-victim zones.”

    Yeah, I know, I’m preaching to the choir, but it’s worth repeating until the message gets through to people other than the choir.

    • Potential political cartoon.
      What We See: [a red circle and line through a handgun]
      What Mass Shooters See: [fish in a barrel]

    • The Walmarts here in Oklahoma are not “gun-free zones.” Just a few weeks ago, I chatted with a gentleman who was sporting a Taurus G2c in an OWB holster, comparing our experiences with the pistol.

  6. Biden/Harris/Obama will declare gun violence a “national health emergency” and ban “assault weapons” by fiat.

    You read it here first.

  7. That is why the false flag happened…A judge had just declared Boulder CO ban unconstitutional.. this is punishment by the DNCC-666…

    • He did not declare the law to be unconstitutional. He held that it violated Colorado’s pre-emption statute.

  8. Weird this guy didn’t shoot himself, weird the cops didn’t fill him full of lead.
    Come out with your hands up your surrounded .
    How’d they get the guy?
    He ran out of bullets?

    Remember Paddock, remember bumpstocks.
    Biden said hed take the AR’s n AK’s, now all of a sudden mass shootings .
    Oh the government wouldn’t kill it’s own people.
    Ask the daughter of the old man killed in San Francisco( I think it was) when the government tested a virus.
    Happened about 20 years ago or so, yeah it was on the news.

  9. Hold on a second — let me get this straight:

    1) Boulder, Colorado recently banned AR-15 rifles in city limits.
    2) A judge struck down that AR-15 ban about two weeks ago.
    3) Spree killer with an AR-15 (allegedly) murders 10 people yesterday in Boulder.

    That sounds like a strategic, planned, and intentional action to me for the explicit purpose of providing a rationale to ban AR-15 rifles and similar firearm platforms. Of course the people who carried out such an intentional action cannot have any significant regard for human life.

    The really awful question: which power-brokers have that little regard for human life and are so dedicated to their cause (to justify a firearm ban) that they would intentionally send someone out to murder 10 people?

    • The ones that can, the ones that want, the ones that have power, the ones that want more power.

    • Let’s see. The DNC and their undisguised contempt for bitter clinger in flyover country. The president, his cabinet, and all Democrat members in Congress and The House. The Democrat chair of the house. The Democrat mayors who let their community organizers run rampant. Anyone spotting a pattern here?

  10. The rumor mill on twitter says the shooter is a 21 year old “person of color.” If this is the case, the MSM will stop its coverage on this event *toute de suite*. It doesn’t fit the narrative of WhiTe sUpRemAcY.

    • “The suspect was taken into custody at 3:28 pm. He was transported to the hospital for treatment, now in stable condition. The suspect has been identified as Ahmad Alissa, 21 of Arvada. He has been charged with 10 counts of murder in the 1st degree,” – Boulder PD”

    • Jimmy Beam,

      I am not entirely convinced that 21 year-old (alleged suspect name voluntarily redacted) is the person in handcuffs with blood running down his leg in the that New York Post photo because the person in that photo has a beer-belly and a bald spot on his head. Those two traits would be much more consistent with someone at least 40 years-old, not 21 years-old.

      I guess time will tell — or not.

  11. But, but, the police were ‘On scene within minutes” according to the DA. HAHAHAHAHA. No mention of “when seconds count”.

  12. Spree killers like this guy are interested in “sending a message”. They want people to see what they can do, remember who they are. They also want to revel in the social power they have over strangers, victim’s families, people they’ve never met. They are very interested in creating a public drama—think of it as a movie in their head—where they are the all powerful star.

    Sociologist Erving Goffman talked about how people form “performance teams” where involved actors cooperate to maintain a “dramaturgical front”. If you look at how spree killings are viewed and reported on, you can see what Goffman was talking about. We can see a standardized pattern—dramaturgical roles for the killer, the media, his victims, politicians, and especially gun controllers. If this seems all too familiar that’s because it is familiar because we all keep seeing the same things over and over again. So, are their media, cops, politicians, and gun-controllers sitting around waiting for the next spree killing? Yep.

    • No, just a mentally ill human who didn’t get the help he needed.

      “Ali Aliwi Alissa, the suspect’s 34-year-old brother, confirmed to The Daily Beast that authorities searched his house all night after the shooting.

      He described his brother as “very anti-social” and paranoid, and said that, in high school, he would describe “being chased, someone is behind him, someone is looking for him.”

      “When he was having lunch with my sister in a restaurant, he said, ‘People are in the parking lot, they are looking for me.’ She went out, and there was no one. We didn’t know what was going on in his head,” Alissa said, admitting that he believes his brother is mentally ill.“

      • Miner49er,

        The quotes that you provided seem incredibly consistent with a person who suffers from schizophrenia.

        • It is certainly possible, or a sociopathic personality disorder.

          The onset of severe schizophrenia often occurs in early adulthood.

  13. I was wondering if anyone else picked up on the killer’s name. Is he a jihadi, assured of 72 Virgins in Paradise if he kills infidels? I have to wonder.

    • Radicalization over the Internet is certainly a possibility, but it seems much more likely mental illness.

      His entire family is in Colorado, the reports are they resided there for 20 years.

      No details as of yet on his acquisition of the firearm.

      • No credible details yet on what firearm or firearms were used. Some of us remember how the video of the Christ Church mosque massacre was unrelenting scrubbed from the internet to obscure the fact that the primary weapons were shotguns

        • I watched the shooter’s films from start to finish before they were deleted from the internet. He used two AR style rifles and one shotgun. The ARs were his primary firearms.

      • And the Soviet Union had sleeper spies in the US for decades before they were activated in the late 70s and 80s. The jihad against the US dates back at least to the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. Being radical and living here under the radar is not far-fetched.

        Not saying that’s the case, but to dismiss it is to ignore history and the mind-altered state of the radical religious fanatic.

  14. Since he was from Arvada Boulder’s ban wouldn’t have stopped him from purchase. He didn’t seem too concerned with all the other laws he broke, so I don’t think one more would’ve been the magic touch!

    • EXACTLY! If he did not live in Boulder, its ban could not and would not have prevented his purchase of an AR rifle (or pistol as the case may be) in Arvada or any nearby community. I am surprised I had to read this far along before someone stated the obvious!

  15. Oh yea, this person is going to say to himself, “Oh crap, I can’t take this firearm and shoot up the store and kill a lot of people because this weapon is not to used that way”. Or you think “ killing a person is against the law”. Evil people will do whatever they want until they are stopped.

    Now what would the likely outcome if the peasants were allowed to carry a weapon for their protection? Yea, you would say incorrectly “more dead people”. History has shown that citizens who carry generally prevent more killings compared to those who don’t. But what do facts matter?

  16. You can say whatever you want here, but the “logic” is too linear. Mass shooting with an AR-15. In the liberal utopian thinking it is possible to remove the threat by removing AR style rifles. The ban is coming. Period.

    It won’t get rid of mass shootings, but you’ll never be able to buy another rifle or the ammunition for your current arms.

    That’s the way it is with Bilbo Biden and his merry band of intellectual hobbits in control. Executive order coming within a week. It was written before he took office.

    If not executive order, then it’ll be the excuse to eliminate the filibuster in the US Senate to ram a bill through. That’s also only an event looking for a reason to happen.

      • Not muppets for heaven’s sake. They’re racist, especially Kermit. Haven’t you heard?

        Ban assault rifles.

        Defund the police.

        Eliminate bail b/c it’s unfair to poor criminals.

        Open the borders.

        This is the Biden formula for keeping us safe. Genius.

  17. No mother🖕🐀💩👜 muslim sympathizers are going to cause me to lose my 2nd amendment rights!

  18. Ban guns, and like magic, we will all be safe, right? How did that work out for illegal drugs? We should adopt the Israeli method and have as many qualified people as possible carrying guns to stop attacks like this ASAP. This will be just another excuse used by the Communists in power to try and ban all guns from American citizens. The armed American citizen is a bigger threat to their power grab than any mass shooter.

  19. Could Biden have been any quicker in calling to renew thee we ‘assault weapons’ ban? Almost as though they are glad this type of event fits their plan. He actually said on TV that the last ban saved lives and helped prevent mass shootings.

  20. GUN CONTROL never works . . . CRIMINALS DON’T obey ANY laws, especially GUN control laws. A GOOD guy with a GUN would have stopped him – COLD! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  21. A concealed carrier or two could have stopped it as well POTENTIALLY, but wait, it’s damn near impossible to get a CC permit in Boulder County.
    Those that think the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban worked, I say “COLUMBINE” to.
    Bad and Evil people, whether they’re mentally I’ll or not, are still going to do Bad and Evil things.
    I’m sick to death of this Liberal Leftist attitude of needing “Safe” places. You create your Safe Place and you keep it safe by defending it. That’s the way it’s been for EONS. Laws don’t do anything to stop crime, they exist so we can punish the perpetrator. They don’t “stop” anything.

  22. Civilians do not have assault weapons!!! Only the military, but if you want To own a fully automatic weapon, it is after a very, very extensive Background check and a federal Tax Stamp of $200.00
    In the U.S. over 630,000 individuals own fully automatic guns ( machine guns) not one single one has ever been used in a mass shooting!

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