Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams (Wikimedia Commons)
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Yes, but what are the odds that the former NYPD captain would favor allowing law-abiding New Yorkers to do the same?

The Democratic front-runner in the New York City mayoral race said last year he would not use personal security if he wins the election, opting instead to carry his own gun.

“Yes I will, No. 1,” Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said in January 2020 when asked if he would keep his firearm if elected mayor.

“And No. 2, I won’t have a security detail. If the city is safe, the mayor shouldn’t have a security detail with him. He should be walking the street by himself,” he added.

— Lawrence Richard in Leading NYC mayoral candidate said last year he’d drop security and carry his own gun if he wins

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  1. I’m confident that NYers will elect the stupidest person on the ballot.
    Why break the habit?

      • Dumb enough to have some hope that he has a chance smart enough to know that any differences will be marginal for years outside of extreme judicial correction. Honestly it’s great entertainment to see how much dancing is required to not look racist in the attack adds against him.

    • “I’m confident that NYers will elect the stupidest person on the ballot.”

      Not that long back, they elected Rudy Giuliani, and crime went down…

    • NYC so ACAB/Abolish/whatever else the Occupy/Antifa crowd is going on about is more at play.

  2. Exactly, this is just a campaign ploy. The life expectancy of a Big City mayor without a phalanx of serious armed bodyguards is less than a chopper door gunner in Viet Nam. Everybody knows that? This is just blowing shit out of his ass to test how much of the public is gullible enough to buy what else he’ll put out. Then they can manipulate the mass hysteria to suit the macabre political circus that follows.

    Wouldn’t it be ‘sarc’ justice for that dysfunctional conglomerate of dystopian disaster city if everybody who could, moved out of NYC before the election? Who would be the Mayor then, if they gave an election and no one showed up?

  3. “Yes I will” and so should you? Did you forget that part or fuck us because lol unwashed masses.

    • NYPD I got mine LEOSA at play so not an unintentional admission. With that said probably the least worst option so far for realistic picks down there.

      • My first thought. “I will carry a gun because, being a retired NYPD officer, I have a right to a carry permit under LEOSA. That doesn’t mean I will let you have one. Why, look what happens right in the middle of Times Square when people carry guns!”

        • I suspect LEOSA was at least in part written with NYC in mind especially in seeing some of the paperwork for a concealed permit involving former and current law enforcement and still needing to register pistols at the state level let alone the city.

  4. The ‘sarc’ justice is that many of the higher wage earners have left, so they won’t have the tax base they once had.

    • Sure you’all carry a gat…he’s still a Dim. It matters not that he’s black. Just that he lies.

  5. Good. This is actually a blessing in disguise. Because if he wins. People are going to start to ask, “why can’t I carry a gun”???
    As they’re mugged, their families killed, raped, and their property stolen.

    Learning curve in the Big Apple is a wide one. But it has to start somewhere.

    • Repeat of the 70-80’s with a probable return to broken windows/stop and frisk police state instead of the cheaper actually let citizens defend themselves approach is what I fear will happen. Hoping for your take though.

      • Emptying the jails. And Ordering the police to stand down has changed everything.
        Perhaps this will speedup that learning curve???

        • One would hope and there is some outside of the city with pistol permits going at all time highs (3 years worth being processed in one month for some counties) but for the city………… hope in one hand crap in the other which will fill up first? I will guess we end up more like Illinois where most of the state is extremely pro 2a outside of cook county but Chicago keeps freedom down. So improvement possible but not enough.

  6. What about everyone else? “Nope. Sorry. You’re not aloud to defend yourself.”


  7. ANTIFA BLM almost murdered Portland Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler by torching the condo tower that he lived in. Of course his neighbors would have been killed with him At least the cowardly, rioter pandering piece of feces had the decency to move out so as to not endanger the other residents in the building. However; the liberal turd continued to declare open season on the rest of the city

    There is nothing wrong with New York City that a few gross of neutron bombs wouldn’t cure. On the day after 9-11-01, POTUS Bush should have sent Osama Bin Laden a thank you note, chocolates and a dozen roses rather than sending America’s sons and daughters off to war

    • Possum is working on one in his garage. They say the glow can be seen from low earth orbit, whenever he’s working overnight. Maybe he’ll have it ready in time for the mayoral election festivities…

  8. Nice. I would too. As mayor it would be easy to get a CCP. Now, if he will make the rest of the city the same for honest-law-abiding citizens, that’s a good thing.

    • Former police officer so LEOSA even if NYC wants to get political with the permit.

  9. What he said last year is a lifetime ago in political issues. Someone needs to ask him the tough question again.

  10. A lot of sneaky people who talk guns are stabbing gullible gun owners in the back. Like the pos democRat lint licker enuf who comes around talking guns, sounding logical only to eventually pee on your 2A Rights worse than Jim Crow Gun Control joe. In fact enuf contributed money to Jim Crow Gun Control joe while slandering and libeling POTUS DJT worse than CNN. Then you have white trash gun owners who run around making wagers on whether the prep is Black every time there is a front page crime or lately stooping to bash Black over ammo shortages…wtf.

    To assume gun owners or someone saying they’ll carry are all on the same page is indeed a very bad assumption and a plus plus plus for Gun Control zealots.

    • Then you have Debbie who seems to be suffering from a case of “white privilege/guilt.”

    • Debbie, you should be more careful, people might think you were being disrespectful to the Faux Presidente!

  11. NYC competing with metro areas in CA to win the morons of the year, as usual. So if he’s not elected he doesn’t feel the need to carry a gun?

    • Most of the smart people and about everyone who could do intermediate math (taxes) moved out of NYC

  12. He would seem unlikely to get sufficient votes in that place, with that attitude.

    My question for him would be the same as others, would he allow the citizens of NYC the same “privilege” of carrying a gun for self defense. Without having to prove a specific need or pay a bribe?

    I suspect his answer would not be welcome here.

  13. You can believe a demoCrap…..& if you believe that you probably are one!

  14. “Yes, but what are the odds that the former NYPD captain would favor allowing law-abiding New Yorkers to do the same?”

    My Dad would have said: Slim and none–and slim just left town.

  15. In political speech that means when New York is safe he won’t have a security detail.

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