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The Colorado House of Representatives, controlled by Democrats, passed a bill on Sunday that aims to ban the sale and transfer of semiautomatic firearms, marking a significant legislative move that could align Colorado with other states that have similar prohibitions, according to ABC News. The bill, which was approved by a 35-27 vote, now heads to the Democratic-majority state Senate.

This legislative push comes a year after a nearly identical proposal was rejected by Democrats, citing concerns about the scope of the ban and commitments to their constituents to avoid excessive government intervention. The bill’s journey through the Senate is anticipated to be challenging despite the Democratic majority, as Colorado has historically been a battleground state with a mixed political heritage.

Governor Jared Polis, also a Democrat, has expressed reservations about the bill, reflecting the nuanced positions within the party on gun control measures. Last year, Governor Polis signed four less comprehensive gun control laws, including raising the minimum age for purchasing firearms to 21, establishing a three-day waiting period for gun purchases, enhancing the state’s red flag law, and reducing legal protections for the firearms industry, making it more susceptible to lawsuits from gun violence victims.

These legislative actions followed several tragic events in Colorado, a state with a painful history of mass shootings. This includes the massacre at Columbine High School in 1999, a movie theater shooting in Aurora in 2012, and more recently, a shooting at a Boulder supermarket in 2021 and at an LGBTQ+ nightclub in Colorado Springs.

Democratic Representative Javier Mabrey highlighted Colorado’s notorious history with mass shootings in his plea for support for the bill, emphasizing the deadly potential of semiautomatic weapons which can inflict significant harm in a short period.

In contrast, Republicans in the House argued that the bill infringes on the Second Amendment rights and insisted that mental health issues and the broader societal disregard for life are the root causes of violence, not the firearms themselves. They pointed out that individuals intent on harm could resort to other means, such as knives. Just such a violent attack with a knife was carried out in Australia this past weekend, a nation that prides itself on how it limited its citizens from easily owning and possessing firearms.

The outcome in the state Senate will be closely watched as an indicator of shifting legislative priorities in traditionally purple states.

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  1. Browning’s new A5 pump action.
    The ColoradoA5
    For those who like the convenience of a semiautomatic without the automatic.

  2. Republicans will sell out our 2A rights the moment they think they can get away with it. They just sold out our civil liberties with the FISA renewal.

    Scumbag Republicans stabbing us in the back.

      • Yep, you can be high as a kite while your rights are being eliminated right in front of you. You will probably be so zoned out, you will not even notice when they cart your butt to a FEMA camp, too. Colorado is in FEMA Region 8, by the way.

  3. Not to worry rhetoric spewing from the forum’s bigots can save Colorado…not.

    Below…An incompetent gun owner who should have remained in his home and let the police handle the matter…

    • As of your posting nobody had sad anything that could remotely be construed as bigoted. Are you a real person or just some trollbot?

      The moderators really ought to ban you.

      • deb is a race baiting troll.
        Hey deb you told me to ask and I did so answer the question or stfu.

        • tiredbsbozo…Bigotry is a product of the democRat Party. Blaming others for what you are guilty of is a product of marxism…shoes fit you so wear ’em a-hole.

        • deb your the one that started with the bigotry crap not me, and I’m not guilty of that at all so stick that up your stinky ass.
          Now answer the question you told me to ask. you race baiting troll or stfu

        • tiredbstwerp…Bigotry has been permeating this forum for years. Perhaps if you were not so busy licking stinky bigoted behinds you’d know that and would not look so damned gutless.

      • cloudcrap…wipe the crybaby snot off your face twerp. Bigots habitually stink up this forum and you sit there silent and say nothing to them you pathetic gutless wonder…gfy.

        • “Bigots habitually stink up this forum…”

          DW, I generally defend your historical comments regarding the root of gun control; people new to this site may not know about the history of gun control.

          However……this nonsense about bigotry flourishing here is weak sauce, at best. I don’t like people, I really don’t like some people a whole lot. Therefore, I am a bigot and treat folks as if they are all Texas Aggies. Also, I have a natural, human and civil right to loathe whomever I want, for whatever reason I want. When facing a frontal assault on your defensive position, it is unreasonable, not to mention fatal, to quibble over other people in the foxhole who are trying to keep themselves and you alive.

          When you are about to be overrun, you don’t care who is along side, holding off the attackers….or shouldn’t.

      • johnnyboy…Talk is cheap…Get off your white trash bigoted behind and head to the inner city and you straighten out the so called usual suspects…While you’re there man up and call them the names you say when it’s safe. Let me know how it goes. BTW…357? lol.

  4. Never forget. They voted for this fa.s.cist government. Your c0mmunist/s0ci@list progressivism, comes with your legal b.u.t.t. sex and drugs.

    So be happy!!!

    • Vote spelled backwards is etov, Etov is possum speak for finding a run over Armadillo on a blacktop.
      You etov the blacktop ever vigilante for the sound of a rattling F150.
      Votes matter?

      • Well, some how the bible belt got permitless carry passed and signed into law.
        Voting for the correct candidate does help.

        Perhaps voting doesn’t matter in a state controlled by sexually liberated atheists.

        • How does voting matter when nearly a quarter of your legislature has never stood for an election?

        • Strych how do they get their positions? I am assuming some form of noncompetitive appointment but who puts them in place?

        • They were appointed by a party committee. It’s called a “vacancy committee” in Colorado. (See below for details.)

          Essentially, when someone leaves, dies, resigns or whatever removes them from office, the party gets to select a committee which then selects the person appointed to take the vacant seat to serve out the rest of the term and then gets the bennies of being “incumbent” for the next election.

          Even democrats (Rep. Bob Marshall, D – Highlands Ranch) have described it as, at best a “new anointed golden child to hold the seat for the next 8 or 12 years to start a political career.”

          As to how shady this can get, moving a person from one chamber to another to create a second vacancy you also get to fill: From Colorado Newsline;

          Vacancy committees are triggered for various reasons. Last year, Former Senate Majority Leader Dominick Moreno left the chamber to work in Denver Mayor Mike Johnston’s administration. A vacancy committee picked Democrat Sen. Dafna Michaelson Jenet, then a representative, to fill his seat, triggering another vacancy committee to select Rep. Manny Rutinel to complete Michaelson Jenet’s term in the House.

          Rep. Tim Hernández, a Denver Democrat, won his appointment after former Rep. Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez was elected to Denver City Council midway through her term at the Capitol.

          Two representatives, citing a negative work environment, resigned after last fall’s special session, leading to the appointments of Democratic Reps. Chad Clifford and Julia Marvin.

          See Page 3 of the .pdf if you want the details:

        • Modded, probably for excessive punctuation marks. Wait for it if you want. Comes with links for the details if you care to read them.

  5. The g.a.y governor is a Libertarian. Just like NM governor Gary Johnson. Another Libertarian.

  6. The drug legaliz@ti0n crowd has never supported the Second Amendment. They are s0cialist pr0gressive in their politic@l 0rient@ti0n.

    They always supported the government taxing drugs. Just like tobacco so in their words, “the government can make a lot of money.”

    “Now that drugs are legal, all the crime has gone away.”

  7. The drug leg.@liz.@ti0n crowd has never supported the Second Amendment. They are [email protected] pr0gres.sive in their p0litic@l 0rient.@ti0n.

    They always supported the government taxing drugs. Just like tobacco so in their words, “the government can make a lot of money.”

    “Now that drugs are legal, all the crime has gone away.”

  8. Colorado has a curious mix of MAGA and slimy liberal California types. Oops, so do the other three democrat coalition states with Oregon, Washington, and California.

    The democrsts pass stuff in one state then hand it to the next. The coalition during COVID was formed so all the states would stick together to stick it to their citizens.

    Soros based pro bono attorney groups write the laws and hand them to their stooges.

  9. No sympathy Coloradans deserve the tyranny…They allow. 5 days till the anniversary of the 77 who didn’t allow it.

  10. ♫♬♪ First born unicorn ♩♬♪


    Well, I guess as this hits the senate we’ll find out what 24/100 of your Legislators being appointed actually gets.

    Prediction: Even if it passes it will be mostly ignored just like the mag ban has been for better than a decade. Long can be purchased across state lines and pistols can have a threaded barrel added to them.

    Cops in Denver and Boulder will enforce it at the store level (on all two or three gun stores) and everyone else will ignore it while laughing at Denver. And, just like the mag ban, uniformed cops in gun stores will openly tell people how to break the law and, rather forcefully, recommend that they do.

    The fact that they don’t actually go after suppressors is rather telling.

    Ah well, three prongs in a front of a long game.

  11. Alec Baldwin’s Armorer Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison! Is He Next?!? (note: it would be a gross miscarriage of justice to not hold Baldwin accountable. He clearly created an unsafe firearms environment, he had the ultimate responsibility to ensure the firearm did not contain live ammo, he pulled the trigger and he is responsible for where that bullet goes and any harm it causes just as much as any of us would be held responsible. This publicly anti-gun Baldwin hypocrite as much a hypocrite as the rest of the anti-gun as their ‘movement’ prompts creation of laws and by those actions results in thousands of deaths and injury of innocent people, he needs to be held responsible under the same ‘no-exceptions’ rule of law under which we would be held accountable that our actions can have consequences.)

  12. “Large Capacity” Magazine Bans OVER? Major Study Crushes “Common Use” NSSF NAGR study + analysis.

    • “Major Study Crushes ‘Common Use’ ”

      Have read where gun grabbers are defining “common use” to mean actual use in the role for which the firearm is used. This means “commonly used” in self-defense. Thus, given 330 million people in the US, if there are only 1 million DGUs, the number of individual firearms employed do not amount to “common use”. In short, possession is not “common use”.

  13. Mass Stabbing In Australia Left Citizens Defenseless Until Government Came To Save Them.

    • I know this subject was recently a TTAG article. But I post this video now to point out something – this mentally ill killer with a knife parallels that of a mass-shooter, in the fact that the same amount of victims were attacked as the average of that of a mass shooter attacks on victims, before police can arrive. Or, as I have pointed out before, this killer had the same amount of (minimum) time to inflict injury in the same numbers (on average) as a mass shooter has before police can arrive. Or in another way – the police did nothing to stop those injured from being injured thus did not actually save them, and this happened in a country that is essentially one big gun-free zone. mentally ill killers are going to still eventually kill and harm with anything they can get their hands on, and basically ensure as many as they can harm are harmed and the police can do nothing to stop those actually harmed from being harmed.

    • car jackers are getting bolder, they just walk up and do it now like its a normal thing and don’t care if there are others around or not. For example, this one that recently happened.. Carjackers attack in broad daylight in traffic at a stop light and murder driver later.

      • notice in this one the weapon used…. no brace at all…. now remember what the ATF claimed, that banning braces would somehow keep AR pistols from being used in crime.

      • Meh, this has been going on in Colorado Springs for years.

        A few times a year they fuck up and try to carjack someone with a manual transmission that the ‘jacker can’t drive.

        A few years back several of the carjackers got killed over that mistake.

  14. Democratic Representative Javier Mabrey … in his plea for support for the bill, emphasizing the deadly potential of semiautomatic weapons which can inflict significant harm in a short period.

    And if arsonists used women’s hygiene products to start thousands of fires every year–killing dozens of people in each fire–would he be screaming to outlaw deadly hygiene products? Of course not which tells us all we need to know about Representative Mabrey.

    • Feminine Hygiene Products used as Arson Tools ?
      …now that’s thinking outside of the box

      • …. debby is going to add sexist pig to her list of derogatory-words if she figures THAT one out !

    • –would he be screaming to outlaw deadly hygiene products?

      Considering that a “woman” is now just a “person with a bonus hole”… it’s not outside the realm of possibility. At all.

      • Nope, not the criminals fault, not the democrat ‘justice reform’ fault….its the victims fault. How dare this cashier point out the obvious ’cause standing right there in front of her, well by golly …

        ” ‘We don’t stop them because of the governor,’ the worker said.

        The worker then recognized Newsom and asked for a photo.

        “I said, ‘No, I’m not taking a photo — we’re going to have a conversation with your manager,’” Newsom said.

        ‘How you blaming the governor?’ he had asked.

        ‘I was like, ‘Why am I spending $380 when everyone can walk the hell right out?’ Newsom said of the event.”

        But nope, hes gonna take to the manager about the cashier answering his question with the truth.

        • Thank you for the summaries haven’t had time or connection speed to watch videos in a while.

        • Riverside Co. Sheriff Chad Bianco slams Gov. Newsom over crime, calls Prop 47 ‘a disaster’.

  15. This is what happens when they move in and take over. Rights don’t mean a thing to a mob intent on getting their way.

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