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Demand a plan? Guns for me, but not for thee? It’s all par for the Hollywood course. Of course.

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  1. “I wonder how many of them would stop acting in violent movies if it would save just one life.”


  2. Great points. Excellent commentary. It was really amazing how almost every actor he showed ……men and women…..have been stars in violent movies. Bravo!

  3. Nailed it as usual. I think these stars should put their money where their mouth is. You don’t believe in “gun violence?” Fine, don’t participate in any more movies where there are guns, or violence of any kind. Ultimately, when your are slinging coffee at Starbucks or cooking fries somewhere you can tell everyone you see you are, “Standing up for your principles!” If they even know what principles are. Now we all know they won’t do that, so, they truly are the hypocrites Mr. Noir says they are.


  4. A+ plus!

    The fact that he has been picked up and endorsed by the NRA is excellent. The failure of many in our nation to recognize hypocrisy continues to be a source of frustration. Honesty and integrity are good things, I just wish they weren’t so rare.

  5. Colion Noir is wonderful; he needs more exposure nationally, which of course big media will never grant.

    His videos are always on point well articulated expose’s of the illogical hypocracy of the gun confiscation crowd and their followers.

    We can’t get enough of his support.

  6. I really wish there was no NRA branding on these otherwise awesome videos until the very end – I then could share this video easily with my liberal friends and they wouldn’t automatically ignore it just because of those three little letters.

  7. I think the reason that celebrities are hypocrites on guns is that they really aren’t antigun. The political and social culture of Hollywood demands that they get on the anti-Second Amendment bandwagon. The failure to do so will end in social ostracism if they come out of closet so to speak and be seen with a gun instead of a bodyguard. They love to do the action flicks because it allows them the guilty pleasure of playing with guns without the cultural shame. I bet dollars to donuts that many of the “Demand a Planners.” actually own guns. With a few exceptions, celebrities are herd animals. They take great pains to not appear to be out of step with conventionality.

  8. The two most hypocritical firearms movies in history:

    1. Assassins. Sly Stallone and Antonio Bandaras engage in a huge driving shootout through LA. They pass a bus that has a big anti-NRA sign on the side. (And no, for those of you not in the industry, that’s not an accident. Every vehicle on that street was chosen, art directed, placed there by production, and was driven by a film-industry professional.)

    2. Shoot ’em Up. Clive Barker plays a reluctant hero rescuing a baby from desperados, firing a few hundred thousand rounds and blowing away a few hundred baddies in the process, in the process. Yet the movie then has the balls to preach an anti-2A message.

    Good firearms movie:

    Tremors. The two survivalists characters not only are embraced by the film, but their private arsenal saves their asses from a killer worm. At one point, when trying to get a reluctant teen to run for safety, Survivalist Guy hands him a .44 magnum for reassurance. But when the kid tries to fire it, it’s empty. “Think I’d trust you with a loaded gun?” Survivalist guy says later as he takes it back. Then he checks it’s unloaded before putting it away. Awesome.

    • Burt Gummer was his name. And Tremors, a great low budget movie, was still pretty much like all movies. Even when the equipment and knowledge Burt and wife Heather had was being used to save lives and defeat the monsters the rest of the cast were making snippy remarks about their lifestyles and all the guns they had.

    • Davis, you make some good points and I’m not taking that away from you. But Shoot ‘Em Up starred Clive Owen. Clive Barker’s the guy that created Hellraiser.

      • Val and Earl were young men. Young men nearly always crave the bright lights and distractions of the big city. Bixby had a traffic light and a bowling ally.

        Now an old fart like me would do just fine in Perfection.

  9. I was just watching the guys choice awards on spike (nothing interesting was on) and of course they took a shot at 2A having triumph the comic dog say congress is one of the douche bags of the year for bowing to the nra on gun control.

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