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And you can, too. Well, depending on which one you want. And where you live. In some cases.

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  1. Amen. I don’t want an AR, but I see no legit reason why my fellow Californians can’t own one. And I’m not talking about that bullet button, limited mag BS that gets sold as an AR here.

    • And I’m not talking about that bullet button, limited mag BS that gets sold as an AR here.
      Unless/until SB47 passes – then you won’t even be able to buy bullet buttoned, limited mag BS.

    • And then there’s SB374, which would ban the Marlin Model 60 – a semi-auto .22 with a fixed, tubular magazine.

    • Even if CA criminalizes gun ownership further, people will still have ARs and “assault” Ruger 10/22s and such.

  2. It’s really refreshing to get away from all the politics and deadly serious discussions for a moment & just celebrate freedom and the pursuit of happiness. : )

    • Serious Colion for prez, and ‘ Amidst the noise’ for vice-prez…
      pls let me know if I’m wrong but I think that would be a winning combo

  3. I am practicing what’s preached today. Just put money down on another Tommy, this one the M1 SBR. Not just because I can, under the big open skies of Utah, but because I SHOULD.

    You should too. If you can.

  4. Yes, you absolutely need a reason. No, you never need to disclose that reason. My reason was “I love you Mrs AK-47, I want to buy you”.

  5. Handled a Tavor at my LGS yesterday. Do I need it? Hell no! At the very least, I have an AR. However, Mr. Hryan got himself a new job this week and he might want to buy himself a Tavor two months from now to celebrate.

  6. “Why should anyone want or need to buy an AR-15 assault rifle?”
    Isn’t it a hoot, to get a question like that from the entitlement Left?
    The only difference between my wants and their wants is, I never
    presume that it’s the job of others to pay for my wants.

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