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Texas Congressman Steve Stockman (courtesy

There have been a TON of articles in recent months about school administrators over-reacting to students doing anything remotely related to firearms. Make a “gun” with your fingers? Suspended. Bite your Pop Tart into the shape of a gun? Suspended. Think about guns? Suspended. I can relate, having been hauled into the school counselor’s office for expressing doubt about the functioning of a shotgun in a book we were reading for class and indicating that I knew better through personal experience (I was right, by the way). Rep. Steve Stockman from Texas is looking to put an end to the insanity by introducing a bill that would block federal funding for schools that enforce rules against imaginary guns . . .

From The Hill:

The Student Protection Act, H.R. 2625, is a reaction to what Stockman says is the zero tolerance policy at some schools that has led to several suspensions of very young children who engage in these activities, including cases where students pretended their thumb and index finger is a gun.

The bill finds that these school policies are being used to outlaw “harmless expressions of childhood play,” and are only teaching students to “be afraid of inanimate objects that are shaped like guns.”

Sounds rather “common sense” to me. So it’s probably doomed.

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  1. This doesn’t have to happen only at the national level. Everyone
    can submit a similar proposal to their local school board.

    • Wow. So I could initiate a law that states it’s illegal to pick boogers outside of Study Hall? Or pass a note with writing so small the teacher (or anyone else) can’t read it?

    • I can ASSURE you I paid her a LOT less than that last hour. And it took WAY more than an hour, too!

      And cheap as she is, she was NOT worth it!

  2. You could put your eye out with that finger!

    Honestly, the bill shouldn’t pass. A bill ending federal spending on schools should be proposed in it’s place. What business does Washington DC have dictating to local schools anyways? More control at the local level would resolve most of these issues.

    • …”its place”. Because within your own languages structure, “it’s” either means, “in it is place” or “the troops are in a place of their own place.”

      One is a contraction, the other a possessive noun. And you just learned just about everything there is to know about it.

      • At last, all that time you spent stuffed in lockers throughout K-12 is finally paying off. Revenge is sweet, isn’t it?

        • Please advise me as to when the revenge starts. Because it feels like I’m only trying to teach kids not to write their P backwards, yet they seem unteachable.

        • Just because you can’t understand the irony of grammatical mistakes when criticizing federal school spending doesn’t mean someone who can was stuffed into lockers.

      • @William
        It’s interesting to me that every wannabe spelling and grammar tutor on the internet makes a spelling or grammar error in their “corrective” post. Somebody should get a federal grant to study this phenomenon.

        Take, for instance, your use of “languages” above. The way it is spelled in your post, it is a plural. The way it seems you intended to use it is as a possessive. If you can read the post and understand the meaning, extra apostrophes and all, perhaps somebody made a mistake or a typo JUST LIKE YOU DID.

        Next time maybe pop one of your blood pressure meds and let it slide?

  3. And even if it makes it through the House, Diane Feinstein and company will be sure to kill it in the Senate.

  4. Such a sad commentary on our society that we even have to consider such legislation.

  5. Unfortunately, this smacks of the same emotionally-driven overreaction as is typical of the gun control crowd. It will just be another drain on legislative time and effort that needs to be spent on more important matters.

    • Yes. I’d have to see how the bill is worded, but it may hamstring administrators and teachers from dealing with actual threats. We need more sense, not more laws.

    • No. No. No.

      The more distracted they are, the less time they have to pass really injurious bills. Like more gun control, or ObamaCare, or open borders immigration “reform”.

      Let’s have them waste lots and lots of time on “frivolous” legislation. The country would be better for it.

      • They always seem to find plenty of time for both. Wouldn’t our tax money be better spent on keeping then AWAY from the state houses?

  6. The ridiculous practices of some of our public schools absolutely have to be dealt with, but this is not the way. Congress should not be getting involved in schools’ disciplinary policies. In fact there’s precious little Congress should be involved with concerning local schools, except providing Capitol tours for school children.

  7. I like it as a statement. Agree with others that it’s not going anywhere, unfortunately. Heck, even if it was law, what are the chances that this administration would enforce it?

  8. Why are the Feds funding local schools? Those dirty stinking apes in Washington should keep their stinking paws off all schools.

    • Because they figure everything is part of their… WAIT! I’m thinking you know EXACTLY why they fund public education. It’s actually “public”, but the “education” bit is a really old joke

    • Ralph; and as the ‘Great Ape’ Chuck Heston, as Taylor would say: “God damn you (libtard Feds) all to Hell”.
      “You cut out his brain you bloody Baboon”.

  9. I’m not sure why there is so much resistance to this law – it would protect kids from assine suspensions like the ones listed above. It damn well should be illegal for a kid to get a suspension for chewing a pop tart into the “shape” of a gun. Check Stockman’s bio: he’s about as pro-gun as they they come. We certainly have more than enough anti-gun laws, and his would be a welcome contrast. I’ve contributed to his pro-gun campaign, and enters into the contest where he raffled off an AR-15.

    If I was in congress, I would criminalize the denial of concealed carry permits to law abiding citizens (AKA “may issue”), repeal AWB’s, and criminalize arbitrary 7 and 10 round mag cap limits.

    This law would not inhibit the prosecution of threats. If I’m about to arrest someone, and they say “I’m going to f$&@ing kill you,” then I can still add CA Penal Code 422 to the list of offenses, whether an “imaginary gun” was used or not.

    • A81, Congress may pass laws to negate local laws that deny people their Constitutional RKBA. It may also pass laws that regulate interstate commerce and other things that are within its enumerated powers. This proposal (which I think is symbolic only) doesn’t protect gun rights — a pop tart ain’t a gun and little kids can’t carry — and what happens in a local school doesn’t affect commerce.

      I think we’ve had enough of Washington messing with local affairs. If the people in the insane school districts don’t like their school managers, they should kick them out and not go crying to the Feds. Having Federal fingers in every pie is how we got into this mess. It won’t get us out of it.

  10. Why does everyone think the government will fix the problems with one more law , the problems are the government schools and all the Socialism they teach A to Z , get your kids out or keep being the problem……

  11. Nick,

    I would like to see a post about your shotgun workings school incident. Sounds like fun.

    It doesn’t have to be much, just a who.where.why.what.when. kinda thing.

  12. Better yet get your kids out of communist/socialism government schools, noting will be fixed with bandaid feel good laws, better close the hell holes called public education . What a JOKE our schools are…save America , save the kids , and get real .. the schools (public ) have failed 1000%….

  13. There shouldn’t be “federal funding” for anything! They should leave the money in the hands of the people who produced it, and let the Federal Government eat cake.

    • God, I wish your vision was the way the nation ran. In Obummers time, the school lunch (breakfast and dinner too) went bananas, along with food stamps (doubled).
      Military, certain national disasters, national parks……that’s it.

  14. The only real answer is to get your kids out of the communist public schools , feel good band aids do nothing, so save the kids , get them out…

  15. Do you people see why the libtards (democrats) must be destroyed?
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  16. Long story short way back when i was in the 3rd grade i was used as model student in the Md. state teachers meetings , as a kid it hit me like a bomb these people/ teachers are all Nazi (later called Change agents) People you have been taken and fed lies all your life … George Washington must be turning in his grave.. Let’s stop the games and save America and our kids , For starts get RID of the Dept. of education, the U.N. the EPA, the IRS , the FED. RESERVE, and all public education … know what we will be a FREE people again… AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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