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A few days ago, a man was arrested in Tennessee early one morning after threatening to kill his wife and children. As soon as he was behind bars, his wife took out an order of protection against him to keep him from coming back. But, as happens all too often, the husband (now out on bail around 1:30 PM that very same day) ignored that piece of paper and marched straight to his (soon to be ex) wife’s front door and kicked it down. Fortunately for that woman and her kids, she was waiting with a gun when he came a-knockin’ . . .

From WBIR:

Then at approximately 1:38 p.m., 911 received a call from the Marshall residence where Melissa Marshall, stated that her husband, Robert Marshall was at the residence attending [sic] to get inside.

While authorities made their way to the residence, Ms. Marshall indicated that her husband forced his way inside and then she told dispatchers that she had shot him.

Athens Police Officers and McMinn Sheriffs Deputies arrived at the home and found the front door kicked in with Robert Marshall lying in a back bedroom with a fatal gunshot wound to his chest.

I actually found this story while trawling a gun control advocacy forum. It was listed under “domestic violence turns tragic thanks to a gun.” Me, I tend to see it the other way around. “Gun saves lives of wife and children, Miranda Lambert pleased.”

I’m goin’ home, gonna load my shotgun
Wait by the door and light a cigarette
If he wants a fight well now he’s got one
And he ain’t seen me crazy yet
He slapped my face and he shook me like a rag doll
Don’t that sound like a real man
I’m going to show him what a little girls are made of
Gunpowder and lead

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    • This is obviously a tragic story that could have been averted had the woman not had a gun. She simply should have talked to him gently and had a thoughtful discussion about his acti-


    • “Domestic violence turns tragic, thanks to a gun”.
      Stupid, evil libtards (democrats). And the liberals claim THEY are for equal rights. Mr. Colt is the true father of the women’s rights movement.

      • Y’know, not all democrats are grabbers. Some of us even like livin’ in free states and voted for their Republican governor.

        Maybe the reporter is very conservative, and believes that a woman shouldn’t get uppity and shoud take what’s coming to her and like it – but probably not, I’ll admit.

        Whatever the political leanings of the commentator, though, the ‘tard should be tarred, feathered and barred from future journalistic jurisprudence.


  1. I mean, I knew the gun grabbers were all a bit slow in the head, but I cannot understand how a woman who not even 24 hours previously was abused by this man and then shoots him when he breaks down the door can be construed as “tragic”. Sounds like a righteous shoot to me.

    • It IS tragic. Simply because the woman and her poor children will likely need some therapy as a result of the f*!%ing loser who was deservedly killed. It is not tragic that he was killed…..

  2. It’s “tragic” because in their minds it’s morally superior to be a vicim than to take a life.

    • Exactly. I have actually heard those words uttered.

      …And yet, when it’s their door being battered down at 2 AM, how many of them will put on their Quaker hat and go quietly?

    • Hey, if you aren’t a victim, you can’t as easily beg for help from your sugar daddies in DC.

    • But it’s best to let the police deal with it and not be a victim.

      That happens, what, 0.00315% of the time?

    • Worth repeating: “Gungrabbers feel that a woman found raped & strangled to death with her own pantyhose is morally superior to a woman who is explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.”

  3. I always wonder what make and model was used when its not mentioned. Can you guys track that down?

  4. I did a search but couldn’t find the video Miranda Lambert opens her concert with. It’s images of female movie and tv characters using guns. Very transgressive in this post-Newtown era. All of us in the audience loved it.

    • My Country taste doesn’t extend much past Cash- because whether people admit or not, rock and metal owes as much to him as they do anybody else- but that track (and video) ain’t bad at all. I might not be a big Country music fan, but I’m always a fan of Country girls.

  5. Fark had a couple of comments like the one talked about. Not sure if they were trolling.

  6. You can’t cure stupid…….but you can leave it on the floor of a back bedroom suffering from a fatal gunshot wound.

    • I’ve said that myself, on many occasions: “You can’t fix stupid, but you can shoot it.”

      Mayhap thou quotest me?

      Too bad the “tragic” commentator wasn’t standing in front of Mr. Marshal…

      • Could be Russ. I honestly don’t remember where I picked it up or if it was all mine. You do come out with some choice ones and as far as I know you’re the only commentor on TTAG that does the pirate thing.

        • Arrggghhhh! Fetch me the Cat fer this one…

          Seriously, though, it’s ikely multi-sourced – including yourself – as it’s a little more obvious than, say, the general theory of relativity.

  7. Hey, hey hey now, don’t blame the forum. The headline writer is probably a victim of their software’s predictive text feature, as we’ve all been at some point. I’m sure they *meant* to write “domestic violence turns tranquil thanks to a gun.”

  8. What’s most tragic is the long-term emotional scarring that the wife and children will have to deal with from being forced to shoot that man in self defense.

    I’ll even call that man’s death tragic. Others may disagree, but I prefer to believe in forgiveness / redemption, and I find it tragic that his path led him to violence. His death, however, was a tragedy of his own making.

    Blaming the gun is not only naive and ignorant, but tantamount to blaming the wife for defending her own life and that of her children. That’s an incredibly callous position to take, and the naive hope that this event might have ended with everyone still breathing is no excuse for assuming that events might or should have unfolded so.

    • The real tragedy here, and the thing I have trouble understanding, is how he made it all the way to the back bedroom before she took the shot. Exactly how far do you need to keep backing up in your own home, confronted by a known danger, before you are so desperate that you will risk the “slings and arrows” of predatory prosecution and take the necessary steps to save yourself and your children?

      • She loved him once. I wouldn’t think she could shoot him without initial hesitation. We are all human.

      • Maybe when he started breaking in she ran to a back room, grabbed the kids, and tried to get them to her safe room.

        • The way I see it, a safe room is always any room you happen to be standing in…..with your gun.

          This ass-hat was beggin’ fer a bullet, and she complied.

          Is not the act of issuing a totally ineffective judicial restraining order itself, bouncing on the line of mocking those who seek it’s protection. “Here honey, this legal piece of paper will protect you and keep you safe.”

    • Yeah, she’d still be breathing – through a tube with power assist.

      One less sh¡t masquerading as a person.

  9. Good thing some locations have a waiting period when purchasing a gun. If this woman had to purchase a gun in a location with a waiting period she could potentially be dead now instead of him. At least there would have been no “gun violence” if he had just beaten her to death.

  10. “domestic violence turns tragic thanks to a gun.”

    le sigh… I call that a happy ending. the tragedy started long before this a$$hole showed up and kicked the door in…

    Therein lies the crux of gun grabber’s fallacy…. they are dooming tens of thousands of weaker human beings to be dominated, injured, and even killed by the stronger.

    • Yes they are … that is exactly what they want because they believe themselves to be the stronger people (by proxy through the police of course).

  11. My wife is a dog trainer. She has said many times that some aggressive dogs are beyond help and the only thing to do is to put them down.

  12. Let’s break down the police statement on this incident.

    Athens Sheriff Joe Guy told WBIR.”Court orders won’t keep every aggressor away”

    Really? You just figured that out. Since only thousands of these useless pieces of paper are ignored every year in your state. DUH, what a dumb$ss comment.

    “but are a useful deterrent to acts of violence” Since when? In your dreams??

    “and further enable officers to have knowledge of the situation.” Yeah, so they know the address to respond to without using GPS. Also allows them to pack the body bags for dead wife and children. Worthless law enforcement.

    Here’s the link to new article:

    • Actually, they do have a value. If you violate one, the judge can be a whoe lot meaner to you – and that’s a good thing.

      It’s not that they are a ure-all, but they do help.

  13. According to our VP she should have just unloaded a double barrelled into the air so she had nothing left to defend herself with…smart guy..

    Just goes to show you…guns work for self defense…restraining orders are only paper….

    BTY Join NRA if you’re not a member…you don’t have to agree with everything they do but we need to fight together! Here’s a link for a discount that I found…

  14. Casey Donahew’s “12 Gauge” is fitting

    There’s a twelve gauge shotgun lyin on the floor
    She’s not sure that he’s breathin anymore
    Now she’s sittin on the corner of her bed in her room
    Siren’s blarin they’ll be there soon.

    Now she’s cryin with her head in her hands
    Talkin so fast that they don’t understand
    Said he hit her that morning, he hit her that night
    All she remembers was a flashin light

  15. Geez, I cannot believe I’m hearing this! Don’t you know that before the invention of guns, people lived in peace and harmony. It’s because the woman had a gun at the house that inflamed the man who then tryed to injure or kill his wife and kids.

    Sorry, that really made me feel crazy there for a minute trying to think, oh, I meant FEEl like a gun grabber.

  16. As I told Little Miss while we were hunting for ammo at Bud’s Gun Shop, I intend to give her a double-barreled coach gun for her first apartment. It’s the original, and still champion, point and click interface. I will prepare my kids to the best of my ability to be a survivor, not a victim.

    Victimhood has become the ultimate desired state. They can’t stand the positive, embolding state of martyrdom that Christianity reveres, so they have to replace it with a passive, insipid, sniveling morass of “victimhood”. It turns my stomach.

    As a Christian, it’s possible that I (or my children) may face repression and even violence as part of our faith. (Little Miss seems intent to head places that will put her at ground zero too….). If ever faced with that situation, I won’t use a firearm. Excluding that, I will do whatever is necessary, right, and without sin to help myself and my family survive whatever comes next.

    • Just for fun I recently took a nice old fluid steel hammergun & reduced the barrels to 18 1/2″. Reckon that might be good to have next to the nightstand along with my Colt 1917 .45? Real question, your thoughts.

    • “They can’t stand the positive, embolding state of martyrdom that Christianity reveres, so they have to replace it with a passive, insipid, sniveling morass of ‘victimhood’.”

      Insightful remark. I’m fascinated by the great extent to which Leftism is a perversion of Christianity. If Leftists knew how strong the relationship was, their heads would pop off.

    • I’m not a Christian.

      I believe that I was born right the first time, and that if I do bad sh¡t it’s on me – I’m not taking any spiritual chapter 11.

      I don’t follow any commandments as such, but I like the Golden Rule (which incidentally appeared in print as early as 600 BC), “if a man comes to slay you, slay him first” and “your rights end where my nose begins.”

      The Ten Commandments – or the Ten Promises, as I prefer to think of them – can be extrapolated from the forgoing.

      Think about that for a moment: God the loving parent, rather than the liege-lord. “When the Holy Spirit moves and dwells within thee, thou shalt not …” They do work quite well as promises.

      That said, I respect martyrs – but one had best be very certain of the thing one serves.

      Remember: anyone claiming to know the One Great Truth and Way probably doesn’t.

      • Russ: Good for you, but no one was asking either way. Kentucky is a Christian and wrote about what he would do based on his faith. He was not trying to change your beliefs.

      • The Golden Rule. Isn’t that the one that goes.”Them that has the gold, makes the rules.”?

    • Lever Gun-as-a-club is only against the rules because I can still find 30-30 at any Walmart I go to.

  17. ER nurses view. The story happened as it should have, and too often doesn’t. “Husband beats wife” story is incredibly repetitive in my line of work. Once a “man” starts beating a woman, it wont stop, it will get progressively worse. Many times have talked to women over several ER visits, and they say the same thing each time. “Next time I’ll press charges.” Too often they don’t live that long. In the immortal words of John Wayne, “some people just need shootin.” Texas thankfully passed a law that the police can press charges without the victims consent. Keeps the victim safer from retribution. Restraining orders are less useful than gun control laws in Chiran.

    • P53. I’ve voiced this opinion before. The restraining order is worthless until you have to shoot that person. Then the order shows that you tried to handle things without violence. In court you want to be able to show that you had no options left. You had to shoot. The RO can be part of that evidence that shows you tried to avoid the violence.

    • I dunno about that less susceptible to retribution thing. I would say it more guarantees it, because when it is one of the family members that calls police finally in a panic, they are the ones that will be viewed by the idiot as “responsible” for all that follows from the law. “How could you do this to me” etc

  18. I’m sure he was just kicking the door in so he could say he was sorry to her face.

    /sarc off

  19. The right to defend your own life against violent attack is a rule of nature which cannot be infringed by any form of authority. This was blindingly obvious is the past, but has been forgotten in modern times, due to the rise in urbanised living, police forces, reduction in public drunkenness and random crime (we forget how relatively safe the modern era is). The fact is, if you are required to save your own life, you alone have that responsibility. A firearm is an efficient means of doing just that. And anyone who seeks to do you violent harm has already forfeited their right to continue breathing. I have no sympathy for this cretin.

  20. I google searched “gun control advocacy forum” and this article is the first result I got. Haha.

  21. Sad thing is, on the gun control forum, they will read the article and still think guns don’t have a purpose

  22. Stop with the 911 call. Call after the shot and then request police. Otherwise your words will be used against you.

    • In my – admittedly limited – experience, 911 good. It shows you tried the gentler steps before enacting the permanent solution.

  23. I hate it when the article doesn’t tell us the type of gun and ammo used. Was she a crack shot with a .22? Did she home carry a Springfield Range Officer 1911? Did she prefer a classic Smith & Wesson .38?

    And did she prefer Corbon, Hornady (my own choice), or another type of hollow point?

    All the important facts have been left out.


  24. Glad this gal protected her family and herself.Sounds like her,soon to be ex had it coming!Oh and love me some Miranda!Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  25. “domestic violence turns tragic thanks to a gun.”

    So Domestic Violence on it’s own is not tragic? Interesting.

  26. Sorry… I saw the title “gunpowder and lead edition”, and thought it was about a case where somebody defended themselves with a muzzle-loader. (I want a set of pistols)

    Good story though, and the crap about “a tragic turn” the way it was spun, makes it better.

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