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According to gun rights advocates, these new [constitutional carry] laws are necessary because the current permit process is simply too onerous. But that is precisely the point. It boggles the mind that anyone would want people running around with guns they have no training or experience in using. But of course, in America, the way we treat guns and gun ownership is anything but normal.

In signing the new legislation, [Indiana Governor Eric] Holcomb said he trusts citizens of the Hoosier state to “lawfully and responsibly carry a handgun” in the state. Holcomb’s trust in his fellow citizens is badly misplaced, because if he were correct, the U.S. would not have, by far, the most gun-related homicides of any developed country in the world.

But try to imagine any public official taking the same attitude toward the issuing of driver’s licenses. Would anyone consider it a good idea to let any adult legally get behind the wheel of a two-ton automobile with no training, no permitting, and no proof that they actually know how to properly drive?

And just how onerous are the old gun permitting rules, anyway?

A concealed carry permit in Ohio used to require paying a fee of at least $67, a background check, and eight hours of training—mainly focused on safety. For comparison’s sake, obtaining a license to cut hair in Ohio requires the completion of at 1,500 hours enrolled in a cosmetology school program. Unless the person cutting your hair is the modern reincarnation of Sweeney Todd, chances are pretty good that you need not worry about dying in the barber’s chair.

The argument commonly made by gun rights advocates—that only a gun provides sufficient protection from violent bad guys—is undone by the well-known fact that possessing a gun significantly increases the likelihood that the gun owner, or someone close to them, will die from gun violence.

A more pertinent and less-discussed argument is that all of us would be safer if there were fewer untrained shooters toting concealed weapons.

— Michael A. Cohen in Making It Easy to Carry a Concealed Gun Is Absolute Madness


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  1. No, you gotta be insane to think normal people would want to go out anywhere in the country now, unarmed! Thanks to the woke lawmakers who are paid to protect the normal people but for whatever reason, find it more attractive to protect the thugs!

      • “They think average people are helpless without their guidance.”

        And right *there* it is, the cruel bigotry of their low expectations.

        Raise a child to believe they are no good, the majority of the time the kid will fulfill that prophecy…

    • The ignorant always spout their drivel. But then they become an unarmed victim of an armed criminal and change their minds…if they survive the encounter. There is no other way that they will get educated, as they are entrenched in their ignorance.

  2. training isn’t a bad idea for anyone who’s never had any…but permitless carry seems to be working well in about half of the states….

    • Poor poor michael cohen wants your right of self defense to begin when, “He Says So.” Perhaps he should require 8 hours of training before someone can order those razor sharp infomercial knives seen on TV for $39.95 and you get a second set free! Or what about a ladder, drill, hammer, band saw, nail gun, lawnmowers, scissors, etc? Should there be required training prior to purchase for everything an adult American touches?

      Filling out a 4473 and passing a NCIC is really more than necessary to carry a firearm under a coat or in a purse. After purchase the firearm is carried from the Gun Store to all over town and winds up in driveway being carried inside the home, etc. So where’s the sudden need for a special permission slip to wear a coat over the aforementioned firearm or have the firearm in a purse?

      There are morons who misuse firearms just like there are drama queens like michael cohen who misuse pen and paper to dictate how they want things to be for those who could be corned by a criminal. Fact is criminals already conceal carry firearms and other weapons that are destined for their victim’s arteries. Blabbermouths like michael cohen had their chances to toughen up the criminal justice system especially the criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. and failed. The public has said they were tired of being food for criminals and armed up, decent citizens are fed up with jumping through hoops like silly circus animals to exercise a Constitutional Right.

      Only a pompous, arrogant, insane pos like michael cohen would want barriers that do nothing but deny a victim means of self defense. Criminals applaud you michael cohen, take a bow.

      • Michael wants to be the Director of the Department of Permissions, a cabinet level office in Biden’s administration.

      • This a$$hole is a lying punk.
        There are at least three Caribbean nations with twice the gun homicides as the USA.
        Check out Honduras and Gustemala also, we are not even close.

        • No, he’s just racist. Dig into any time they compare US “gun violence” rates (leaving aside the shell games they play with that category), and you’ll find they always compare the US to very small, homogenous, white countries, like Denmark or Norway. According to gun controllers, countries with an inconvenient quantity of brown people aren’t worth talking about.

      • Really? “Filling out a 4473 and passing a NCIC is really more than necessary to carry a firearm under a coat or in a purse”.

        I’ve seen folks drop a loaded pistol into the bottom of their purse with all kinds of shit floating around not even thinking about the fact that a lipstick could kick the safety off (if there was one) and that the angle of the firearm will change and their finger goes on the trigger when they are fishing around for it. Not to take anything away from intelligent and responsible gun owners but the ignorance over what one can and can not shoot I face every week when teaching CHL class. You shouldn’t be allowed to carry a firearm if you don’t know it is not legal for you to shoot and kill someone who is stealing your vehicle or crapping on your lawn. This may seem obvious to most of us here but I get people arguing with me on that topic.

    • “It boggles the mind that anyone would want people running around with guns they have no training or experience in using.”

      Love this statement… as if the thugs and gangstas who have enjoyed permitless carry for eons have all put in quality range time beyond shooting out of moving vehicle windows…

    • Not to mention a lot of the regs are written by people who have relatives that operate the beauty schools (at least in NY) as my barber as well as my wife’s stylist gripe about. Either way America is a bit crazy and if it is too much you can try a saner Europe, Israel, or various other countries that have sane gun laws and sensible permitting processes.

    • Driving a car is a privilege not a God given right.
      Mr Cohen and many others do not appear to know the difference.
      They know the difference, but they use the driver’s license example in hopes of hoodwinking their liberal base of supporters while at the same time saying “we support the 2nd amendment and don’t want to confiscate you guns. They speak not with a forked tongue, but a sliced and diced tongue.

  3. Well…

    1) if my ownership, possession, and carrying of a gun increases the likelihood of someone trying to kill me getting shot then that IS the point.

    2) criminals are not generally trained to use the gun they carry. Criminals have carried guns for as long as there have been guns.

    3) there is NO training involved in the process of getting a permit to carry. What people get is NOT training.

    4) people that learn to drive generally do that by getting behind the wheel WITHOUT a license first. More often than not, the process of getting a license to drive is NOT the first time driving. Young kids often get their training BY DRIVING years before getting a license.

    5) I completely agree that people need training with cars and with guns. But people should not be confusing the RIGHT to guns with the PRIVILEGE of driving.

    • Well stated. The issue in my mind is the bureaucracy of a “license” to carry when there is no training. I think that is crap but I’m not a fan of ignorant people with no training whatsoever carrying firearms. So many don’t know the difference between a FMJ and a Hollow Point and are wandering around carrying a magazine of FMJ without even the first comprehension of the over-penetration capabilities or the liability that brings with it.

  4. I wonder if he realizes, many legal citizens will get some form of training because they feel it is the right thing to do, not because the government demands it of them. Whereas criminals have been practicing “Permitless Carry” all along. At best this allows an honest citizen to protect themself 15 minutes before the police show up. At worse, it helps level the playing field between honest citizens and criminals. Consider it like the unmarked police car alongside the road. Some people will slow down because they aren’t sure if they will get pulled over. Permitless carry means that more people might be carrying (legally), so a seemingly easy target might not be so easy afterall.

    • What percentage of gun owners get just enough training at the gun store to know how to load their new firearm, operate the safety if it has one, and which end to point at the bad guy?

      Then they take that firearm home and put it in a drawer next to the bed and never touch it again for years, but the first asshole that comes in looking for a score or just a good time gets neatly perforated.

      Most training for State permission slips is about when it is legally permissible to shoot and in most cases that is pretty obvious in the moment. The rest is about all the places the government tells you not to carry your pistol.

      People inclined to carry their firearm around with them (other than criminals) are also more inclined to learn something about doing that safely whether or not some bureaucrat tries to force that training on them.

  5. This author wants to compare a Natural rightto self defense to the application process for a permit to cut hair? The entire premise of any “permit” is Government (federal, state, or local) declaring an act that was previously lawful to suddenly be illegal, then charge its citizenry a fee to permit the act to resume.

    Consitutional/permitless carry is simply the recognition of our Natural right, and a return to the state of that right when this Nation was founded.

  6. Folks, I think we have finally learned the true identity of our own lil’ d … even the face looks the same !

        • Ha! Don’t bother trying to change the channel there, beverly. It’s me persecuting you, remember? That’s what happens when you lie about something and get caught, beverly. Care to tell us all once again how you never once said you were a cop for 6yrs and then how it magically became 10yrs over a couple of days, beverly? Oh, that’s right, it’s because I’m the big fat liar, right, beverly? Pick up that shovel again, beverly, I know you can do it. Practice makes perfect, beverly. Now chop, chop, beverly, and dig dig dig.

  7. “It boggles the mind that anyone would want people running around with guns they have no training or experience in using.”

    How about this then?

    It boggles the mind that anyone would want people running around and voting when they have no training or understanding? See it works in reverse. 2 constitutionally protected rights being properly protected. That’s what I see not erosion of civil liberties that comes out of the modern left.

  8. And Cohn no doubt wrote this from the confines of either the building he works in which has 24/7 armed security and requires ID to enter, or from his 24/7 arms guarded gated community home…

    “all of us would be safer if there were fewer untrained shooters toting concealed weapons”

    We’d actually be safer with less hacks who pretend they’re “journalists” who conflate and push fear porn..

  9. Well, he can clearly point to the “blood in the streets” in those 20+ permitless carry states to support his point. Right?

  10. Even a 5th grader would understand that when a person buys a gun and carries it with no safety training and no knowledge of the States laws in regards to when you can and cannot shoot that there is going to be a dramatic rise in totally unjustified killings.

    In my concealed carry class even a Doctor did not know that he probably would be sued in even a justifiable shooting in which he was not charged with a crime by law but would be sued by the relatives of the victim in a civil law suit that would result in large amounts of lawyer fees to defend himself.

    The current madness of States doing away with permit carry will eventually be cancelled when the rise in unjustifiable shootings escalates.

    • So the doctor would rather be murdered than face the possibility of a lawsuit? Doctors, the one’s that I know, are used to being sued.

      You’re making shit up again, aren’t you herr dacian the nazi? Another lie. Like you’re the product of a higher education.

    • Let us know when/if you make it to THIRD grade dacian.

      You not making rate today. Get paid ANYTHING for that short little lecture?

    • Reprinted by permission:
      I permitted all of my children to carry a concealed handgun by time they were in the 5th grade and advised them to do so. Even mother would give them extra desert and let them skip homework if they came home with the the same amount of bullets they left home with.
      All was going well until one liberal arts teacher decided the class would be treated to the musical Mary Poppins complete with popcorn and utopian camaraderie.
      As luck would have it Orville’s popcorn was slighty burnt and he felt as if he was being discriminated against, as he was an outcast of sorts, one of ” Those Kids” , the ones who had parents that wouldn’t let them carry a gun. Comptemplaing his fate in life, while looking for kernels unburnt in his bag , his anger began to build, and build, a building rage ,until in an uncontrolled outburst of violence ,hate,and with words of disdain he threw the bag of popcorn on the wrong kid.
      Which ended with the death of Orville and Jonny being sent to the principles office and disrupting the ending of Mary Poppins much to the dismay of the class. Indeed the suspense of not knowing the ending of the movie closely resembled a riot , thankfully both teachers as well as most students were armed ( a well known fact) and the situation de- escalated by itself.
      Hours after this happened my wife and I were notified by the school board and told we were to arrive at the school with as much haste as prudent. Upon our arrival we were escorted by two school security personnel to the principles office, where we found the principal,the head of the school board, the liberal arts teacher and a very confused Johnny. After much deliberation it was decided Johnny would be given into our custody as the School District would rather not get the police involved if at all possible. We were told the determination may take up to three days and Johnny would not be allowed in school until a determination was made.
      Thakgoodnes, two days later we received a fax that no repurcions were levied against Johnny he was an honorary student member and apologized for our inconvenience, upon in depth scrutiny the school board had decided the movie was part of the indoctrination system implemented by a liberal arts teacher and, If It Saves One Life, who knows how many children Orville could have killed.
      You should be proud of your son. And we promise to each and everyone of our students as well as we can.

    • daciana,the Dunderhead. It seems that most states require that you take the safety course before you get your permit. As to permitless carry, so what? You have no clue what you are talking about. you still haven’t been able to tell us the firing sequence of a cartridge.
      Do you even know what a cartridge is?

      • And you, beverly, still haven’t told us if it was 6yrs as a cop or 10yrs as you next stated mere days later. Which of those two is the truth, if any, beverly, and then explain the other. We are still waiting.

    • Yeah, dacian the stupid, cite all those “statistics” showing huge increases in shootings in “constitutional carry” states. The increases in crime have so far been in the urban s***holes frequented and run by Leftist/fascists like you. Is being impenetrably stupid all the time physically painful, dacian? Or do you actually enjoy your idiocy? Only idiots like you, who get their “gun knowledge” from Hollyweird, fail to recognize the seriousness of carrying a gun. And people like you are too stupid to educate, so why bother trying? “Training” is useless, unless there is a brain there to train. Which clearly excludes you. Thank God you’re too much of a useless Leftist/fascist p***y to actually carry a gun.

  11. Call me crazy but someone named “Cohen” likely has relatives slaughtered by a certain mustachioed dictator. Methinks his dead relatives would have applauded carrying a gat with a license or NOT…oy vey!

    • BTW as far as I knew Indiana has NEVER required training to carry a gat. Where’s the bloodbaths predicted???

      • So long as I’ve known (as a Hoosier myself), an Indiana LTC permit required a background check, fingerprints and a few bucks (my lifetime permit was around 100 bucks IIRC). No training has ever been required. That means effectively there’s zero difference between the concealed carriers under the old permit system and the new CC system, other than the right people (lawful citizens) have the money I’m their pockets.

  12. “these new [constitutional carry] laws are necessary because the current permit process is simply too onerous”

    Wrong. Constitutional carry laws are necessary because, permit processes are unconstitutional. Not to mention racist and Jim Crow.

    Being that I am a white male, I have only ever once in my life run afoul of a gun law, when I crossed state lines with a weapon. And, the judge slapped my wrist, returned my weapons, and sent me on my way.

    The story is entirely different when a black or brown man is caught with a weapon.

    It’s a matter of, “They came for the Jews, and I said nothing. They came for the darkies, and I said nothing. They came for my guns, and there is no one left to say anything.”

  13. Rights vs non-rights aside, this guy is onto something; unfortunately he’s looking at it the wrong way.
    Other than onerous Govt intervention there is no reason that a person should require a license to cut hair or to drive a car; those matters can/should be resolved through free markets.
    Crappy hair cutters wont be around to long.
    Bad drivers will quickly learn to be good drivers.
    So on and so forth.
    Gate-keeper licensing exists solely to charge tolls.

    • how many boys have to look like moses harry horwitz before ottmar can properly wield his scissors?
      how many pets have to be maimed before helen keller can maneuver her vehicle with aplomb?
      how many times must i shoot myself in the leg before i toss my glook?
      if it saves one them.

  14. Irritating when an opinion writer (Cohen) opines on a website like The Daily Beast, but does not accept feeback on his positions. Sure would like to “feedback.”

  15. Actually you don’t need any training to legally cut hair. Last I checked you can walk around with scissors, a comb and clippers. You may need 1500 hrs become a barber. If you’re going to make money carrying a gun you probably need training.

    • Judging by some of the haircuts I have seen, maybe a barber should be carrying a gun for protection.

      I went to pick my grandson up at the barbershop. Since I do not look like him the barbers looked at me with a welcoming smile. I looked back and said “When Hell freezes over”. The barber asked my grandson if I were grandpa, he replied in the affirmative. The she said, “See, there is a chance!”

      I have an extreme aversion to horse clippers.

  16. If you take black violence out of the mix the US has the lowest rate of violent crime of any western nation.

    • If you take black violence out of the mix, the Oscars have never had a televised assault in their long history.

        • not an oscar. that was a boxcar.
          siri has been calling me shirley all day. it was annoying until i realized my phone was on airplane mode.

        • Those noises weren’t your phone calling you Shirley because of airplane mode. It sounded like a helicopter because you were watching police academy, complete with sound effects.

      • “If you take black violence out of the mix, the Oscars have never had a televised assault in their long history.”

        Ant the whole world got to see for themselves the root of inner-city violence. That the response to a perceived insult is immediate violence.

        Thanks, Will Smith, for proving the bigots right, you asshole… 🙁

        • So those that recognize statistics are “bigots”?

          I applaud Cucky Will for his televised “chimpout”, his actions serve as a “public notice” reminding the populace how dangerous those (even the well-dressed ones) of his emotionally unstable, physically confrontational (violent) community can become should someone utter a joke, accidentally step on their shoes, or by chance look in their direction. The incident should’ve been immediately followed up by a commercials for “defensive firearms training” and ads for GOA/NRA, S&W, Ruger, etc.

  17. Yet another unsubstantiated claim “the well-known fact that possessing a gun significantly increases the likelihood that the gun owner, or someone close to them, will die from gun violence”. How many gun owners are there in the U.S.? The statistics don’t bear you out, Cohen, so stop making up facts to try an shore up your unconstitutional opinion.

  18. Typical daily bitch, even a link he provides shows what he wrote is a lie.
    That’s to be expected from far leftist liberal democrats, only their twisted narrative matters.

  19. Nobody should have to pay for a permit to carry a weapon (except for the plastic or lamination cost)…Taxpayers are paying the salaries of the people doing the background checks…Officers and staff do these background checks during their regular business duty hours or sometimes overtime…The departments have a budget for that which comes from tax money collected by the county…Most departments even get to keep their surpluses and use it as they please…Most of the time the computers, used for the background checks, are from grants given to LEO agencies from the feds…The sheriffs only want the MONEY…In Alabama, sheriffs get to do as the please with the permit slush fund, without ethics concerns… Some sheriffs even build (or buy) beach houses (that they rent out in Orange beach, Al) with permit money and Inmate meal grant money…If they really care about this issue they would offer free or very low cost permits…BUT NOPE THEY WANT THE MONEY..

  20. Hopefully, we can agree on one aspect of this debate: firearms training beyond the negligible amount required by CCW permit statutes, is absolutely a good thing. I got my first CCW in AZ in 1994 and have renewed it every 4-5 years since. Every one of my CCW instructors repeatedly encouraged (badgered) us to get more training, which I did. I did that because I WANTED to, NOT because a government agency ordered me to do it. Which is how I think it should be in a free society. A CCW is often compared, erroneously, to a driver’s license. The former is a right, the latter a privilege. To my knowledge, nobody is demanding prior training in order to exercise any other rights (free speech, peaceable assembly, religious worship, etc.). I don’t need, or want, my state’s CCW administrators giving me permission to protect myself. I do want everyone who carries to be safe while I’m within pistol range, but I don’t think government mandates are the best way to achieve this.

    • If LEOs want to give back to the community, they would offer some type of training for adults and kids every few months or so at the range. I am on SS and I would put $10 up, as I believe many others would to cover ammo for the kids.

  21. This is essentially the same argument that we always hear from the leftist anti-gun Democrats. Here in Georgia there is no training requirement to get your license to carry, yet blood didn’t run in the streets and we didn’t turn into the “Wild West” when the law was adopted. Constitutional Carry will be no different when we get it in the next few days.

  22. Throwing around the stat that owning a gun increases the likelihood that someone else will shoot me without a citation is merely another example of these people making stuff up at a whim.

    The real opponents to permitless carry are generally the police and their lost revenue.

    • “Why do we pay for a Constitional Right?”

      Because some don’t want you to to get all uppity and think that you actually have rights…

  23. “no training or experience in using.” – yet this Cohen creep STILL runs his Berkley, World Bank, NYC pansy piehole about things he knows nothing.

  24. I remember when they said there would be blood in the streets with ccw. The only problems you have is with the

  25. To use a previous post on a different Blog -> Mr. Cohen, ” How many rapes need to happen before you cut your Dick OFF ! “

  26. First off there are plenty of untrained criminals doing the same thing. Second, how does the author know that because you don’t need a permit you won’t be or get trained. I have a cousin who is a vet who got paralyzed from having his military mine sweeping vehicle rammed into by a car carrying 600 lbs of explosive. He is now seeking to carry a gun for protection because he is in a wheelchair. So here is a case of a vet trained to shoot and why should he have to get a permit? Most new gun buyers ask about training when they buy their first weapon. So instead of thinking that the majority of gun owners are dumb wild west types how about thinking of us as responsible gun owners. There will always be a certain percentage of people with or without firearm training like Alec Baldwin who will handle a firearm irresponsibly and then try to blame others for their ignorance of firearm safety and the rules of engagement in their state. They do that with motor vehicles every day, speeding, tailgating, turning without signaling, running stop signs, etc. etc.

    • As both a vet and a firearms instructor, I’d say that what you are taught in the military is a far cry different from the legalities surrounding civilian gun use. I work with armed security as well as LEO and spend a significant Amount of of time deprogramming LEO and Military from myelinated behaviors (muscle memory) that happen when your heart rate goes over 150bpm, your body is flushed with cortisol & adrenaline, you have no prefrontal cortex available. There is a huge difference between the two worlds. Granted, the basic firearm safety and weapons manipulation skills would a waste of time but please don’t assume prior military are fully prepared for civilian carry.

  27. The reason that a hairdresser license requires 1500 hours of training is to, drum roll please, protect the hairdressers that are already in business. By keeping out newcomers they have a near monopoly on the trade.
    We see the same thing with gun permits, where a generous gift to the NYC permit officer can grease the skids on your application. When you have a good thing going on you don’t want to give it up.

  28. Ok, I’ll bite. Require a permit for firearms like we do a driver’s license. OK. First, make it good in all 50 states, US territories, and for use in much of the world. Make a form of state ID good for use when voting, buying tobacco, bank ID for check cashing etc. Teach a basic firearms safety course in 8th grade just as we had back in the day for driver’s ed. With the school taking the students to the DMV for your drivers permit test, take the students to the issuing permitting office to get their written exam and learners permit for firearms. Make the written exam easy enough that the average teenager can pass it. Make the range proficiency test also easy enough the average teen can pass. Renew the license every 4 years for the same cost as a class c DL. With no more tests involved.
    After all, these are trained and licensed drivers in charge of 2000 Lb. Street missiles. We trust kids with the barest minimums of training and experience to pilot vehicles of any horsepower and capable of ridiculous speeds, but don’t trust them to vote, own firearms or handle alcohol. Sorry, but the comparison just doesn’t wash. A business permit or even a drivers License is nothing but a tax. Same as the CCW permit. A tax to allow you permission to do what you are likely going to do anyway.

  29. “It boggles the mind that anyone would want people running around with guns they have no training or experience in using.”

    I would hand them out outside high schools and prisons, but I repeat myself. If I had the power I would end welfare and use that money to buy guns to hand out. In my experience I shoot more in a single range trips than most cops or soldiers do in a year, so spare me the training, some animals are more equal bullshit.

    • Pretty much all barber certification is nowadays is knowledge of proper sanitation of the sharp tools.

      It doesn’t need to be as extreme as it it is in many areas…

  30. “Cohen” eh? Let him try and sell that crap to the Israeli bus driver that ventilated the Hamasistian who murdered two unarmed Jews.

  31. “…possessing a gun significantly increases the likelihood that the gun owner, or someone close to them, will die from gun violence.” I suppose that’s true if you are a criminal, a spouse abuser or get into bar fights. It’s not true if you are a law abiding citizen, don’t beat your family, and are at least civil to the people you meet in public. I doubt that Cohen believes a crime victim has a better chance of survival if he fights an armed criminal bare handed. What I suspect he believes is that the victim should passively submit to the criminal even when the latter’s aim is to take his life.

  32. Ignore the racist ‘highest in the developed world’ claim and look at the official UN gun homicide rate by country data. The US is SOLIDLY at the median of all countries. Last time I looked we were a couple places below the median.

    Yammering on about ‘the developed world’ is pure racism: it assumes that people in non-white majority countries just can’t be compared to people in white countries.

    You have probably never seen that data, because if the anti-armed peasants crowd talked about it, it would invalidate their claims that the US in unusually violent.

    Imagine: they would have to admit that the US isn’t particularly violent by world standards.

    The Horror!

  33. If you are worried about the law abiding citizens now being able to legally carry a gun then you are promoting lawlessness and criminals. Criminals hate this one neat trick called YOU carrying a gun. All gun control is class warfare and racism. They do not want the poors owning and carrying gun especially poor and black!

  34. Sadly, two things Cohen fails to recognize is operating a vehicle is a privilege not a Right and if one subtracts gang violence deaths in democrat controlled cities, America is the safest place on the planet to live. Not one single gun law since 1968 has saved anyone but they have prevented good people from protecting themselves from bad people.

    • BTW . . . Cohen is an opinion writer for MSNBC and we all know opinions are like assholes, everyone has one . . . Enough said ???

  35. I could not agree more. As a trainer of a very unique and pragmatic firearms training center, I get the responsible ones and see how little they know. Not only from a physical safety perspective but from a legal knowledge perspective as well. I seriously want to put a digital simulator in every DMV where when you get your motorcycle endorsement, you step across the line, answer 10 questions about firearm liability and prove you know how to load, shoot, clear & make safe while observing the basic firearm safety rules and BAM, you get your handgun endorsement on your license and that’s the end of it.

  36. I will never be able to understand Jews post- holocaust. Why are most of my lantzmen now cringing bleeding hearts. Don’t they remember? I am ashamed.

  37. There are now close to half of the states that have constitutional carry laws. Now look at the statistics, there is zero evidence to show constitutional carry is dangerous. In many cases crime went down, here in Michigan we need to take an eight hour class, cost $100, plus license fee of $110. I can afford this but many can’t, and they may need the gun the most.

  38. Lawfully speaking, the text of the Second Amendment (2A) contains no positive language that allows government(s), States’ or the General, who are bound by the provisions of that document, to regulate the right to keep(own) and bear (carry, possess on one’s person) arms in ANY manner. To the contrary, the express language of 2A forbids them from doing so. The Framers rightly recognized self-defense as a natural right that pre-existed the birth of this republic, therefore, they forbid, in writing, the States’ and the General governments from infringing upon that fundamental right.

    To put Cohen’s belief in perspective, he attempts to compare concealed carry to operating an automobile without proof of training and obtaining a license (govt. permission) to do so. While I agree that everyone should receive training and know how to safely operate any kind of machine that they use, lawfully speaking, the requirement of obtaining govt. permission (a license) to engage in that activity (operating an automobile) is also an unconstitutional governmental overreach. The natural right of free movement or travel (the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want, in whatever type of conveyance) also pre-existed the birth of this republic. Travel/movement is therefore a right that is protected under the Ninth Amendment. Just because the customary manner in which we do this (move around) has evolved, it’s still a fact that we possessed that right previous to the establishment of the U.S. Government.

  39. Why are people like Mr. Cohen more concerned about what law-biding citizens do than criminals? Criminals don’t care about the law and carry and use guns illegally all the time. So what’s the problem with a law-abiding citizen carrying a gun? Mr. Cohen mus t live in a very safe environment where he and his family are protected by people who do carry guns for a living. Typical brainless Liberal who has never lived in the ‘real world’.

  40. The author of the article is either a gun grabber or an idiot.

    The gun violence problem is caused by people carrying guns ILLEGALLY.

    To say legal carry has anything to do with it requires either malevolence or stupidity.

  41. Greg F. – An example of a permit not requiring training – NY State – Unless this changed recently – The $$$ course for the CC License consisted of how to fill out the paper work correctly so you would not be rejected. And in that state this is also the Right to Own a pistol in the 1st place.
    You don’t shoot or handle a pistol in class because your not licensed yet.

  42. All these shittthole cities would be like Mayberry, but guess what the inmates are running the asylum and taking your rights away as means of safety is not working!!! Use your 2A rights, get a gun or several learn how to use them safely and teach others to do the same.

  43. Fun fact: In 2012 the CDC found that law abiding gun owners stop 500,000 to 3 MILLION violent crimes every year. Most concealed carry licensed people get additional training even though it’s not required. And, interestingly, fewer innocent bystanders get injured by concealed carriers that by police officers. And, of course, there’s the liberty angle. The right to self defense is a Gog given right, not a right given by the government. By the way the study the author mentions about people being more likely to shoot a family member than a bad guy, it was a loaded research project. Only gang members and criminals ere included in the research. Average American gun owners are VERY safety conscious and are very unlikely to shoot anyone they’re not trying to shoot.

  44. “For comparison’s sake, obtaining a license to cut hair in Ohio requires the completion of at 1,500 hours enrolled in a cosmetology school program. went to hair dresser school in Ohio and been a concealed carrier.” Cosmetology School required hours is about right. It takes way more time to learn how to be a cosmetologist than it does to learn how to safely handle a gun. Of course, one probably isn’t going to get anywhere telling a leftwing know it all, like Michael Kohen.


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