Dustin Goode April Gowin
Courtesy Cumberland County Sheriff
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On Sunday, March 27, 2022, at 11:28 a.m., Deputies from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Coliseum Inn at 2507 Gillespie Street, Fayetteville, NC, in reference to multiple shots being fired into a vehicle.
The preliminary investigation revealed that 29-year-old, Dustin Goode of Fayetteville, fired at least fifteen gunshots at a female, possibly 33-year-old April Gowin of Hope Mills, while in the parking lot of the Coliseum Inn. The female entered the vehicle, and Goode fled the area with her. It’s unclear if the female was injured, but she is believed to be in danger. Below are pictures of Goode, Gowin, who is believed to be with him, and the vehicle they were last seen operating. …
After seeing a post on social media, a tip was called into the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office about the vehicle’s location in this case. The Sampson County Sheriff’s Office assisted us in locating the vehicle. Dustin Goode and April Gowin were located by the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office in Sampson County on March 27, 2022, shortly after 5:30 pm.
Goode and Gowin were attempting to conceal the bullet holes in the vehicle with duct tape when they were located. They were both taken into custody for outstanding warrants out of Cumberland, Hoke, and Sampson Counties. April Gowin did not appear to have any injuries or report any when she was arrested.

— Facebook page of Sheriff Ennis W. Wright, Cumberland County NC

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    • And I was reading the article and thinking “Well, maybe there ARE women around stupid enough to let dacian bust his cherry!” But you’re probably right, she probably isn’t stupid enough to tolerate dacian. Or the nameless, brainless, d***less troll. She MIGHT stoop as low as MinorIQ.

      • It is said the Bolshie girls in the campus s0c!alist clubs tend to be very easy. Some might be very easy and have low standards. And possibly every STD in existence.

    • A possibility as well as opiates and/or just plain old fashioned predisposed criminal inclinations. Either way more surprised we haven’t had the usual suspects bleating about the ‘see whites are criminals too’ mantra.

      • “frank speak
        March 29, 2022 At 07:03
        ….or that blacks are never quite as “civilized” as they pretend…. “

        • Not that I don’t enjoy your scintillating commentary but what are you trying to accomplish with that as it seems a bit of a stretch to say its related?

  1. “After seeing a post on social media…”

    This says quite alot. Not only that people just can’t keep anything to themselves but also how social media sites don’t mind having criminals as members. Both of which are reason enough to not use these things.

  2. I’m confused, from the article I got ,he shot up a car then they both rode off together in it and then later tried to cover up the holes with duct tape .

  3. Sounds like a hothead got cold feet and both he and his gal pal April tried to “cover up” evidence of his tantrum. April is either an imbecile or a gluten for punishment or she just cannot get enough of being around a total loser.

  4. Maybe it’s my eyes – at first glance, April isn’t bad looking. It takes a second to start seeing all the blemishes – bruises from something? After focusing on the photo for a few seconds, I realize she looks like something you’d expect to come ghosting out of a back alley.

    More recent photos here https://www.cbs17.com/news/local-news/cumberland-county-news/2-busted-after-15-shots-fired-at-woman-in-fayetteville-duo-tried-to-hide-bullet-holes-in-car-with-duct-tape/ They definitely look like meth heads – photos above are probably years old. His tats may have appeared overnight, but probably not.

    • The case of Mountain Dew in the trunk is a nice touch.
      Mt Dew, the official breakfast drink of “I give ZERO fu*ks about my health” methheads everywhere.

    • Any bets it’s DIY meth made from cold tablets cleaning products, and the lithium from a battery as a catalyst? Saw that in a documentary.

  5. But, but, but we have laws to prevent this.
    Sorry stupid anti-gun people, no laws have every stopped people like this and banning guns because of bad people is not the right answer, that’s like banning cars because of drunk drivers.

  6. Meth, crack or heroine? Or perhaps it’s instant a-hole. Just add alcohol. Whatever it may be, these idiots need to be removed from the gene pool before they reproduce.

    • Gowin is being held on 16 charges in Sampson County including felony possession of cocaine and possession of a firearm by a felon, jail records indicate.

      Goode is facing other charges in Sampson County including possession with intent to sell/deliver MDA, which is known as ecstasy, records show.


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