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By Desiderius Erasmus, a Guns Save Life member

The “typical” gun owner is often characterized by many bigoted non-gun-owners as a right wing, redneck, beer-guzzling, low IQ Neanderthal who is just itchin’ to pull the trigger. But times have changed, and now a whole lot of those non-gun-owners – who used to be dismissive of guns and gun owners — truly need a firearm, whether you’re a Pabst or an Armand de Brignac Blanc de Blanc kind of person.

That’s because now, it might be a matter of life or death. Recently in Decatur, Illinois a teen was arrested for allegedly breaking into his 60-year-old neighbor’s home and trying to kill him because that neighbor is gay.

If you identify as LGBTQ, you need a gun for protection. LGBTQ people are nearly four times more likely than non-LGBTQ people to be victims of violent crime. You may never actually have to shoot in self-defense, but then again, why take a chance?

Image by Boch

If you’re a woman, you need a gun for protection. 19.3 million women in the U.S. have been stalked in their lifetime. 1 in 4 have been victims of severe physical violence (e.g. beating, burning, strangling) by an intimate partner. 1 in 7 have been stalked by an intimate partner during their lifetime to the point in which they felt fearful or believed that they or someone close to them would be harmed or killed. 1 in 5 have been raped in their lifetime. You may never actually have to shoot in self-defense, but then again, why take a chance?

If you live in a rough neighborhood…you need a gun for protection.  In 2021, 744 men and 101 women were murdered in the Windy City.  684 were black, 28 were white, 122 were Hispanic, and 10 Asians, and the major determinant was where they lived. The City of Chicago is installing 426 “Bleeding Control Kits” in 269 buildings across the city. Officials say the kits could help save lives in an emergency such as falls and penetrating injuries.

Let’s get real, though…the kits are there to treat gunshot wounds, a tacit admission that the powers that be in the city can’t prevent you from being shot. They have retreated to a position where they “hope” that you will not die from a gunshot wound.

If you live in a rich, safe neighborhood…you need a gun for protection. 875 South Bundy Drive, Brentwood, Los Angeles; case closed. [Hint: That’s the one-time residence of O.J. Simpson.]

If you know one or more males in your neighborhood who have violent tempers…you need a gun for protection. Almost half of all male killers are younger than 25. Less than one-third of male killers rely on firearms as their weapon of choice. That means that two-thirds of male murderers use some other means of killing – not firearms. Why take a chance?

shooting range train glock shoot

If you’re a man…you need a gun for protection. Almost 80% of all murder victims in the U.S. are male. You may never actually have to shoot in self-defense, but then again, why take a chance?

If you are an Asian-American…you need a gun for protection. Hate crimes targeting people of Asian descent in the U.S. have skyrocketed, especially in large urban areas, where the legal gun ownership process can be especially onerous. Determining the motivation of a criminal – who is never apprehended – is almost impossible. Did the perpetrator rob and kill a Chinese-American store owner because of race or because of the store’s cash register? You may never actually have to shoot in self-defense, but then again, why take a chance?

If the proponents of gun control ever get their way, it won’t be the rich political elites who are murdered. They talk a good game, but live in gated communities, in exclusive neighborhoods, and either have personal security details, or flout the law and own firearms on the sly.

By denying the means to defend everyone else, the anti-2nd Amendment mob expose themselves as homophobes, anti-woman, racists of all stripes. As well as whatever fancy identitarian term applies to setting up elderly people who live alone to be victimized.

A society, country and culture can be measured, in part, by how well it protects the most vulnerable among them, whether they are unborn babies, children, or people who look differently, think differently, believe differently or come from different backgrounds. The right to life and the right to self-defense are rights inherent to every human being. No government can legitimately deny you those.

And yet they try to do just that. So if you own a firearm, great. Make sure you keep it secured and help everyone you know learn how to shoot and how to legally obtain a firearm of their own. Because…man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, Hispanic, Asian-American, atheist, religious, young adult or senior citizen…you need a gun for protection.


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  1. I agree with this article. Youi never know when or where the threat will emerge.

    • “You never know when or where the threat will emerge.” From civilian or Government sources…..Putin, Mao, Hitler, Xiden, Pigloosi, Slummer style…….so sayeth Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

    • Overall a very good informative article for people who are not up to speed when it comes to self-defense. Nothing for me to add or detract.

    • No Matter Who You Are, You Need A Gun For Protection…

      Unless you are dacian. Then you don’t need a gun for protection, you need a life first.

    • 6yrs as a cop or 10yrs as a cop, beverly, which is it? Pick one and explain the other. Or are both lies, beverly?

      • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck, Asked and answered. Don’t have to explain anything as you have been making up that 6 yr thingie. Poor boy, your narcissistic imagination is just running wild. You do have free medical care up there in BC, why don’t you take advantage of it ang get help?

        Again, It’s Mr Beverly or Sergeant. If you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters. I see you still don’t know about capitalization yet. They use to run a commercial on TV. It goes like this. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck. You just keep digging yourself a deeper hole to crawl out of.

          Like I said, “A Mind is a terrible thing to waste”.

    • And you probably will not have time for the guy on the other end of the 911 call to bring you one.

    • There are many writings about the need for guns, but I find what this Englishman wrote years ago to be to the point:
      Thomas Paine, writing to religious pacifists in 1775:
      “The supposed quietude of a good man allures the ruffian; while on the other hand, arms like laws discourage and keep the invader and the plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. The balance of power is the scale of peace. The same balance would be preserved were all the world destitute of arms, for all would be alike; but since some will not, others dare not lay them aside. Horrid mischief would ensue were one half the world deprived of the use of them; the weak would become a prey to the strong.”

  2. If you are a victim of Liberal and/or Progressive Democrat Ideologies, Policies or Agendas. You NEED a firearm for Protection.

    • Darkman,

      Being that we are all being victimized by the leftist, “you will own nothing and be happy”, chem- burger, eco-disaster battery, high carbon footprint windmill blade worshiping wusses who love expensive gasoline and poorly stocked grocers, we all need a gun, or two….or six.

  3. One thing I seldom see mentioned is that non-gun owners have a “free rider” benefit. In other words, the more people who own and carry firearms for self defense, the fewer violent repeat offenders/career criminals there are because they end up dead or in prison. And the more risk it is to commit violent crime, the more will be dissuaded from doing so.

    It’s one thing to hold up a 7/11 and get away before the cops get there; it’s another thing entirely when you have to add armed victims/bystanders into the equation.

    Another important thing that gets overlooked is a defender-friendly legal system. People are just now starting to realize how important your local DA, sheriff, and LEO culture are. If you know that,in the event of a justified shoot, you’ll still be arrested, processed, booked, and face the possibility of a trial, it makes people more hesitant and emboldens criminals.

    Of course, you can’t just kill people with impunity, but most SD cases are pretty straight forward with the perp usually having a long record of crime and exhibiting obvious agression toward the defender.

    • Non-gun owners should be required to post a “GUN FREE HOME” sign on the front and back doors of their residences. No Free Rides. Think of all the perps who might be saved.

  4. “LGBTQ people are nearly four times more likely than non-LGBTQ people to be victims of violent crime.”

    Usually at the hands of another LGBTQ. Look it up.

    • The only thing that prevents them from getting a gun, are the anti-civil rights laws passed by the LGBTQ,xyz politicians, who they have been voting for.

  5. Well for a lot of people if it isn’t their ox getting gored, they don’t see the need but when something happens to a friend or relative, they finally start to wake up. If in fact it’s their ox that gets gored then there is an immediate change.

  6. Golly I had the local po-leece charge through my yard gun’s drawn chasing a carjacker. The 70year lady across the alley was beaten & raped by a young brown punk. BlackLootersMurder rampaged less than a mile away while the popo sat on their hands. I could go on but my point being I am pretty well armed. If you aren’t armed you’re a fool…

    • NTexas,

      If your gottdayum caps key is stuck, spray it with a little WD40. You are becoming annoying AF with the all caps. Stop it!!!!

    • JWM,

      You mean because it took 3 armed women to over power a picture of one white male thug? I get your point. Implying that it takes that many women to kill a picture of a white male is definately racist and sexist.

      /parody (just in case it ain’t obvious).

      • now picture all the helpless victims depicted by hollywood…with a gun in their hand…whoops!, there goes the plot line….

    • You and all the other despicable Hitler fanbois 🖕🤡…

      • nameless, brainless, d***less troll,

        You remain too stupid to insult. Try harder, or better yet, give it up as a lost cause. You will NEVER be intelligent, educated, witty, insightful, or even relevant. Actually, you are so useless, you should probably just go kill yourself. We wouldn’t miss you, even a little bit.

        • Lol. gO kIlL yOuRsElF!!!

          Writes the semi-coherent ‘man’ whose wife, kids and the dog (probably) all walked out on him. Take your own advice, lose 🖕🤡🤣!

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

          Paint you ceiling with your 2 brain cells, peeegee2. You can do it, I know you can.

          Pretty please? 😉

        • Geoff,

          You ACTUALLY think our nameless, brainless, d***less troll is accurate enough to hit a target as small as his alleged “brain”???? You give him far more credit than do I. All he’d manage to do is add ventilation to that empty cranium which is normally occupied only by errant flies.

      • You guys have totally overused and diluted the concept of white supremacy and racism that those terms literally don’t mean anything anymore. We don’t care if you call us racist bigot deplorable homophobes anymore.
        We don’t care what makes you ‘boo’ anymore; we’ve seen what makes you cheer.

        People like you are a symptom of a dying society and you deserve to go extinct; just don’t drag us down to hell with you.

  7. A shop owner near me was only acquitted of reckless endangerment because each bullet hit a felon in the act. So, marksmanship is not only a goid idea, but a valid defense.

    After we adjusted for numerous confounding factors, gun possession by urban adults was associated with a significantly increased risk of being shot in an assault. On average, guns did not seem to protect those who possessed them from being shot in an assault. Although successful defensive gun uses can and do occur,33,57 the findings of this study do not support the perception that such successes are likely.

    A few plausible mechanisms can be posited by which possession of a gun increases an individual’s risk of gun assault. A gun may falsely empower its possessor to overreact, instigating and losing otherwise tractable conflicts with similarly armed persons. Along the same lines, individuals who are in possession of a gun may increase their risk of gun assault by entering dangerous environments that they would have normally avoided.58–60 Alternatively, an individual may bring a gun to an otherwise gun-free conflict only to have that gun wrested away and turned on them.

    On average, guns did not protect those who possessed them from being shot in an assault. Although successful defensive gun uses are possible and do occur each year,33,57 the probability of success may be low for civilian gun users in urban areas. Such users should rethink their possession of guns or, at least, understand that regular possession necessitates careful safety countermeasures. Suggestions to the contrary, especially for urban residents who may see gun possession as a surefire defense against a dangerous environment,61,67 should be discussed and thoughtfully reconsidered.

    Methods: We reviewed the police, medical examiner, emergency medical service, emergency department, and hospital records of all fatal and nonfatal shootings in three U.S. cities: Memphis, Tennessee; Seattle, Washington; and Galveston, Texas.

    Results: During the study interval (12 months in Memphis, 18 months in Seattle, and Galveston) 626 shootings occurred in or around a residence. This total included 54 unintentional shootings, 118 attempted or completed suicides, and 438 assaults/homicides. Thirteen shootings were legally justifiable or an act of self-defense, including three that involved law enforcement officers acting in the line of duty. For every time a gun in the home was used in a self-defense or legally justifiable shooting, there were four unintentional shootings, seven criminal assaults or homicides, and 11 attempted or completed suicides.

    Conclusions: Guns kept in homes are more likely to be involved in a fatal or nonfatal accidental shooting, criminal assault, or suicide attempt than to be used to injure or kill in self-defense.

    • @dacian

      “Methods. We enrolled 677 case participants that had been shot in an assault and 684 population-based control participants within Philadelphia, PA, from 2003 to 2006. We adjusted odds ratios for confounding variables.”

      false – which makes the whole “study” biased and false

      Of the “enrolled 677 case participants that had been shot in an assault” – ~600 of them did not have a firearm for defense.

      “A few plausible mechanisms can be posited by which possession of a gun increases an individual’s risk of gun assault.”

      “plausible mechanisms can be posited” means they guessed at what could have happened and put that forth as their actual basis instead of their “Objectives” – any time you see something “posited’ in a study after the objectives it means they are guessing.

      “54 unintentional shootings, 118 attempted or completed suicides, and 438 assaults/homicides.”

      of the “438 assaults/homicides” they did not include the number of assaults successfully defended against with defensive gun use, that just labeled them as “assaults”

      of the “118 attempted or completed suicides” – there were 2,343 completed drug overdose suicides, 736 completed hanging suicides, and 832 suicide attempts by jumping from heights, in their same cities from which they pulled their figures. On those completed suicides (3,079) 2,155 had access to firearms but chose other methods. Of those 832 attempted suicide attempts 637 of those had access to a firearm but chose the jumping from height. For the total of attempted/completed suicides (including firearm use) the 4,029 – use of the gun method was about ~3% which means contrary to the “study” conclusion that a firearm is in fact less likely to used in a suicide attempt.

      After purposely over looking everything else, ignoring causality, and cherry picking data and so broadly interpreting it into lumped together categories they publish two of the most widely debunked biased non-peer-reviewed studies ever written by people who are known to the gun-control groups as “pay me and I’ll say what you want”.

      • Correction: “… in their same cities from which they pulled their figures”

        Should have been:
        “… collectively in their same cities from which they pulled their figures”

        • to Booger Brain

          quote————–which means contrary to the “study” conclusion that a firearm is in fact less likely to used in a suicide attempt.—————quote

          Handgun ownership associated with much higher suicide risk
          Men who own handguns are eight times more likely to die of gun suicides than men who don’t own handguns, and women who own handguns are 35 times more likely than women who don’t.

          June 3, 2020 – By Beth Duff-Brown

          gun and bullets
          A new study found that men who owned handguns were eight times more likely to die of self-inflicted gunshot wounds, and women who owned handguns were more than 35 times more likely to kill themselves with a gun.
          Val Lawless/

          Owning a handgun is associated with a dramatically elevated risk of suicide, according to new Stanford research that followed 26 million California residents over a 12-year period.

          The higher suicide risk was driven by higher rates of suicide by firearm, the study found.

          Men who owned handguns were eight times more likely than men who didn’t to die of self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Women who owned handguns were more than 35 times more likely than women who didn’t to kill themselves with a gun.

          While prior studies have found higher rates of suicide among people who live in homes with a gun, these studies have been relatively small in scale and the risk estimates have varied. The Stanford study is the largest to date, and it’s the first to track risks from the day of an owner’s first handgun acquisition.

          “Our findings confirm what virtually every study that has investigated this question over the last 30 years has concluded: Ready access to a gun is a major risk factor for suicide,” said the study’s lead author, David Studdert, LLB, ScD, MPH, professor of medicine at Stanford Health Policy and of law at Stanford Law School.

      • To Booger Brain

        If you own a gun, you’re more likely to get shot than if you don’t own a gun. That’s a simple fact. Even using a gun for self-defense doesn’t mean you’re less likely to get hurt, it means you’re more likely to get hurt. The NRA’s myths around gun ownership gloss over the dangers of gun ownership; it’s time we reveal NRA propaganda for what it is, advertisements to buy guns and enrich gun companies.”

        NRA myth: The NRA says having more guns makes people safer.

        Fact: Gun ownership is directly linked to higher instances of gun violence.

        A National Institutes of Health study found that for each time a gun is used for self-defense, there are 11 suicide attempts involving firearms, seven assaults or murders and four gun accidents.
        Another National Institutes of Health study discovered that owning a gun drastically increases the risk of gun violence in domestic violence cases. They found that a firearm in a home with a history of domestic violence correlates to a 500 percent greater chance that a woman will be killed.
        One study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that the odds of an assault victim being shot increased 4.5 times if they carried a gun, and the odds of them being killed increased 4.2 times.
        A study published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine found that using guns for self-defense during a robbery doesn’t lower one’s odds of being injured.

        • It is the real Dacian, no question.

          “Men who owned handguns were eight times more likely than men who didn’t to die of self-inflicted gunshot wounds“

          And there it is, while many on this list call for the ones they disagree with to commit suicide (“paint the ceiling with your brain cells” as one of you said), it seems the facts are at odds with your opinion.

        • Good grief, since multiple studies have shown that there are 300000 to 2000000 crimes averted each year by privately owned firearms (the vast majority without a shot fired), your figures would imply 3.3 to 22 million suicides by gun per year – instead of about 13000. And the ratios between your numbers show a similar disconnect from reality.

      • Oh, .40 cal, you mean our dacian the stupid is a lying liar????? Quelle surprise!!! We all kinda knew that, but thanks for pointing it out. dacian has a whole list of “studies” that “prove” his delusions – all of them are pernicious lies, but he loves them because the “validate” his idiocy.

        dacian the stupid, feel free to walk about unarmed – a moron like you isn’t safe with a gun, anyway. The rest of us will do as we choose, and laugh at your idiocy.

  9. I would not go so far as to claim everyone “**NEEDS**” a gun for protection.

    But it is a very good idea to assess your affinity for and ability to learn to safely own, handle and use a gun for protection.

    • Thinking everyone can handle a gun is a form of projection. Some people definitely don’t need one.

      • “Some people definitely don’t need one“

        I agree, but the question is how do we determine that distinction?

        That’s why I believe that mandatory classroom instruction on the rights and obligations of firearms ownership, as well as skill testing on a live-fire range, are important elements to a safer society.

        I think that’s a much more prudent course of action, as opposed to simply handing guns to every warm bodied human in the United States, as most on this list claim.

        • You are a liar. You have never believed in formal Firearms education provided by the state. Just as you are against the parents teaching their children about guns.

          You are a Marxist. For you all good comes from the state. Nothing bad. Being a liar is part of being a Marxist. That is how it is for them. In order to have an argument. They must always lie.

        • “You are a liar. You have never believed in formal Firearms education provided by the state. Just as you are against the parents teaching their children about guns“

          Nope, your childish insult is factually incorrect. I’ve often advocated for mandatory firearms training, consisting of both classroom instruction on rights and obligation as well as proficiency training and skills testing on a live fire range.

          And I don’t think an individual should be permitted to carry a lethal weapon in public spaces until they have successfully completed the training detailed above.

          As a reasonable person, I don’t think it is appropriate for every human to have a gun in their pocket at all times and in all spaces.

          And really Chris, y’all oughta release that anger or else one day it’s just gonna burn you up.

        • If it’s mandatory, then it has to be offered “free of charge.” Obviously, nothing’s free, but there can’t be any barriers in place that might prevent someone from getting that instruction. As we’re well aware of here, states and local governments love to put barriers in place in order to prevent people from owning, carrying, and using firearms. We’re also well aware of which political party takes that to the extreme in order to deny people their civil rights.

        • Minor MINER49ER, I regret to inform you that Chris was absolutely correct. You are a liar and a socialist. This is the first time you have advocated for such training. now the question is do you want it provided by the State or can NRA Certified Instructors do this training you now espouse? For your edification such training is not cheap.

          I personally see why Chris is so annoyed with you. You speak out of two side of your mouth at the same time.

        • But beverly, where is your brotherly love for socialist miner there for he merely does what you yourself do. And in this case he certainly has stated that before. Now, 6yrs or 10yrs as a cop, beverly? Can’t be both now, can it?

        • So, MinorIQ, you believe that our “educators” have the ability to teach an unsuitable person how to be a safe gun owner? Well, I see you remain stupid. The government licenses and educates drivers, doesn’t it?? And EVERYONE you encounter on the street in a vehicle is qualified, amirite???

          You are too stupid to parody. The government should “mandate” exactly diddly squat. The government isn’t competent to organize a one-car parade, and if you weren’t a pathetic, partisan moron, you would recognize that. But you are, so you don’t. Dream on, Leftist/fascist, Marxist loser.

        • the risk comes in the use…lawyers should lecture us on this…but they like to keep things deliberately vague, makes for a lot more business….

      • “Some people definitely don’t need one“
        Yes indeed and some people don’t need to be driving or be trusted with a knife; but, that does not mean that ALL people who own a gun are thugs, don’t need one or should turn them in to the government via some pseudo “buy back” scheme.
        Some goes without saying but some does NOT equal ALL as the anti/left claim.

  10. Everyone who is willing to put in the time, effort and money to learn how to use one needs a gun. I’d prefer idiots like dacian the stupid NOT be armed; they are a danger to themselves and everyone around them.

    As long as anyone is prepared to spend the time and money it takes to become minimally competent, I’m fine with them buying, owning and carrying a gun. But even if they aren’t, the 2A says they have the right, so . . . they have the right.

    Be a mensch, if you know someone who’s a noob, just bought a gun, take them to your range, pay for 50-100 rounds of ball ammo, and teach them the “Four Rules”. Do your part. Most noobs, in my experience, appreciate the offer.

    Of course, some people, like dacian the stupid, are so dumb that teaching them is an impossibility. The good news is, they’re so stupid they’re more likely to kill themselves than one of us. Darwin will have his day.

      • Take your own advice and kill yourself, little boy.

        Nobody will miss you, I promise.

        (A very little boy, I just bet! 😉 🙂 )

      • nameless, brainless, d***less loser of a pathetic troll,

        That the best ya got, child?? That was pathetic, even for a brainless troll.

    • …and rest assured that Lamp the Dullard knows what it is to be ‘minimally competent’.

      • Your extensive personal experience in that area insures that.

        Right, peeegee2? Loser little boy with no testicles… 🙂

        • Lol you’re the one who, by your own admission, has never been laid 🤣.

          Also you should take your own advice. No one would know you’re gone for weeks because, well, you know 🖕🤡!

      • Better than “completely incompetent”, which would be you, nameless, brainless, d***less troll.

    • Any bets that many to most of lil’d’s antifa troop are using kit guns because they can’t buy guns through normal channels owing to their past indiscretions?

    • “I’d prefer idiots like dacian the stupid NOT be armed“

      So you would deny the right of bearing arms to those you disagree with?

      Scratch a conservative, find an authoritarian dictator.

        • He clearly stated that his preference is that those who disagree with him not be armed.

          That’s not how the constitution works, these rights are granted to all peoples in America, not just those that you agree with.

          People gonna say things that make you angry, sad or upset… It’s the American Way.

        • miner. The constitution also does not require classes or a .gov permit to exercise those rights.

      • Yes that’s correct stupid people should not have guns. Because they too often they kill people by accident.

        • “Yes that’s correct stupid people should not have guns“

          Chris, I bet you’re really thankful no one enforces that particular prohibition.

        • Miner, I looked up the definition of “prefer”. I didn’t realize this, but Webster actually defines it as such.

          Prefer, verb;
          To advocate for a constitutional amendment stripping a select individual or group of individuals of their rights based on general agreement.

          I had no idea. Thank you for enlightening me.

      • And his solution to “getting rid” of people who he thinks are too stupid to own firearms?

        “Of course, some people, like dacian the stupid, are so dumb that teaching them is an impossibility. The good news is, they’re so stupid they’re more likely to kill themselves than one of us. Darwin will have his day.”

        In other words, they can still have their guns, but they had better be extra-careful with them, if don’t want “Darwin to have his day”.

      • Well, MinorIQ, guess I got under your skin, didn’t I??? My “preferring” something is hardly a government mandate, you pathetic fool. And, as I’ve FREQUENTLY said, people have the RIGHT – which does not make it a good idea, or we’d have morons like you and dacian the stupid carrying firearms.

        You’re the only Leftist/fascist/Marxist in this discussion, so eff right off, little man.

  11. Good read. The title was a little wordy though. It could easily have been condensed to “You Need A Gun”.

  12. I’ve owned 1 or more firearms since the mid ’50s. I find it somewhat amusing that the younger folks are just now starting to understand something about the world they live in. 🙂

    • ETA: Actually I got my first toys that went bang when you pulled a trigger in 1947. I was 3yo, and thought they were the coolest, funnest things ever. Wish I still had them. 🙂

      • just spotted a nickel-plated top-break H&R .32 on gun broker…my dad’s gun back around that time…used to take out the cylinder and let me play cops and robbers with it…to his great amusement….

  13. “No Matter Who You Are, You Need A Gun For Protection”



    Think of them as a condom for your life. Always worked for me.

  14. What an interesting article.
    I just recently talked to a fellow who’s taken up martial arts, he was telling me some of the prices he’s paid for his equipment, punching bags, heavy bags this that and the other plus cost of classes, around $850 invested so far. I told him ” That’s pretty cool, glad your into that. I spent $350 on a pistul and $40 on a box of boolits. “

    • “I spent $350 on a pistul and $40 on a box of boolits.”

      …and are *far* better off for it. 🙂

      Here is comedian Chris Rock, who, Sunday night, live on the Oscars, shows why armed self defense is required, when a Leftist Scum loser like Will Smith can’t take a joke, and violently assaults Chris Rock, who is just doing his job :

      Uncensored, NSFW –

      • Will Smith is just like my mentally-ill demented troll little boy who also can’t take a joke.

        Right, peeegee2? 😉 🙂

        • What exactly was the joke. Will Smith seems to be saying that he took exception to his wife being dissed. There are ‘joke’ and there are jokes. .
          Will Smith is actually a very tidy LIGHT HEAVY boxer in his own right and if he had intended too he could have laid this idiot out flat with very little effort. All he did was to give him a rightly deserved slap and not a very hard one at that.
          I cannot see that any action by Will Smith is indicative of any LEFT WING BIAS. Most commentaotrs of these columns seek m to thing thay have the right to blow people away for much less or for even suggesting that a Universal Government Funded Health Service for all is a good thing!! But hey that America for you

        • She shaved her head because she was going bald. I’m sure she would prefer to be able to grow hair. The joke was humiliating. A joke about a guy going bald wouldn’t be so bad because it’s common. Smith probably felt like he should defend his wife. A slap isn’t deadly force.

        • “But hey that America for you”

          Prejudice much? Oh wait, I’ve read some of your comments, of course you are. Don’t forget to remind us how much better you think you are troll.

        • Albert. Chris Rock said that he was looking forward to seeing Jada in the next GI Jane movie. It was a joke about her shaved head and a compliment about her acting skills.

      • “can’t take a joke“

        Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett, has alopecia. That’s the reason for her bald head, and that sort of thing is off limits for ridicule, especially in a public place before millions of people.

        Of course, I don’t expect right wing extremists to understand, they all cheered Donald Trump ridiculing a reporter for his cerebral palsy.

        “By their fruits you shall know them”

        And a real man, secure in his masculinity, should react decisively when some individual ridicules his partner for their appearance based on health issues.

        I know, most on here worship Ted Cruz, who groveled before Donald Trump after Trump publicly ridiculed his wife so there’s that…

        • There is a bald joke in comparing Jada to GI Jane. But there’s also a compliment. GI Jane is a badass and not every actress can pull off such a role.

          That comparison was all it took to have Will slapping and shouting in tantrum. It’s not what a healthy man in his right state of mind would do.

          If you are the kind to commit violence of a mild joke that’s wrapped in a compliment, then I pray I never meet you. I have no desire to be around mentally weak and physically violent people

        • “There is a bald joke in comparing Jada to GI Jane. But there’s also a compliment.”


          Let’s try it another way…

          “Hey Tim, even though your wife is really fat, she sure is quick to be first in line at Burger King!”

          “Hey Tim, even though your wife is crippled she’s still really good at accounting!”

          Sure, perfectly acceptable!

        • Tim,
          I watched a couple of videos of it after Geoff brought it up. I think Will was going to laugh it off. Then he saw that his wife was upset. I think that set him off more than the joke. I’m not saying it was acceptable behavior to walk up on stage and slap him (it wasn’t), but actions have consequences. When the biggest, baddest dude in the neighborhood cuts you off on the road, and you flip him off, don’t be shocked when he follows you and whips your tail. What is acceptable behavior doesn’t always factor into the reality of the situation.

        • Miner, if you think saying that a fat woman being the first in line at Burger King is the same as a bald woman playing GI Jane…. I got news for you on how jokes work.

          Even still, I’m not going to assault someone over a joke. I’m not that mentally weak and I’m not that violent. That’s not “defending” anyone.

        • Dude,
          I don’t flip people off on the road because I just don’t care enough about a minor delay to warrant getting upset about something. If I DID flip someone off and they DID try to follow me and commit violence on me, hopefully 1, I have the tools to defend myself and 2, I don’t have tools like Miner here who support violence talking about how that’s what a “real man” is supposed to do.

        • Tim,
          My example wasn’t intended to insinuate that you would do that. I was showing a different scenario of the slap situation. I was speaking generally, not necessarily to you. If people are fine with assault to defend against being insulted, then they should be fine with getting their arse kicked if they insult someone. Obviously, flipping off a stranger is a terrible idea, but some people just don’t understand that there can be consequences for that sort of thing.

          Let’s take it a step further. Look at people saying that the slap was okay, justified, etc. Would those same people defend family members of Trump’s administration that were constantly insulted? No, they would be shocked and disgusted. That’s why it’s important to have principles instead of being an emotionally-guided hypocrite.

      • Just black on black violence folks, move along with the show, nothing to see here. What happened to the Oscars just assaulting the viewer’s intelligence ? There’s certainly enough material for presidential guffaws, guess they have fallen out of favor ?

        • That slap was the best thing to happen to the Oscars in years. People finally care about it, if only for a few fleeting moments.

        • black on black violence would look bad in this liberal showcase…if anybody was actually watching….

    • Was a time not many years back when everyone and their dog was recommending women take martial arts training for self defense. Problem being, a little training is worse than none at all. And getting enough training and continuing that training to keep fit and up to a level of competence is expensive. Add to the equation that getting punched and kicked while training may be fine for an MMA fighter, but few people, man or woman would call it fun or enjoyable.
      At least training with a firearm is not going to get you a black eye or busted knuckles. And most folks enjoy a bit of time at the shooting range.

      • the first thing they teach you is how to fall…so you know some pain is going to be involved…

  15. Am I missing something here? One would presume that if your are using a gun for self protection that you are already being threatened with a bloody gun. The bad guy or gal with the gun threatening YOU will always have the advantage always. If you, as the likely, very likely, amateur think you are Rambo and go for it you will end up dead. You will turn an event in which to kill is not the first intent [it it were you would already be dead anyway] in to a ‘kill as the only choice’ event. That bad guy or gal is just as intent on self preservation as you are believe me. Don’t be the bloody DEAD hero.
    If on the other hand it is you that is carrying that gun in such as position that you will have a chance of self defence, it is YOU that is commiting the crime and presenting the threat and is likely to get yourself killed by the LAW. By being armed for ‘self defence you represent as much a threat to the bad guys as they do to you.
    Other more civilised nations a have realised this for many years which is why the average citizen in 95% of the civilised, and I emphasise CIVILISED, world do not see the nessessity to go around armed to the teeth.
    Consider this. In the UK [and I suppose that the UK is around the European average in these matters] there are year on year less than ONE THOUSAND illegal deaths in a population of some 65,000,000. Those deaths include MANSLAUGHTER , knife crime, acts domestic violence, acts of Terrorism, and infanticide. On a PER CAPITA basis that equates to around 4000 illegal deaths in America. America has, year on year around 15/20, 000 deaths by GUN CRIME alone. I’m think I’m correct in saying that there are MORE accidental deaths in the USA whilst engaged in ‘hunting’ per annum than the total of illegal deaths in the UK.
    In those terms which would YOU day is the most civilised.

    • @ Albert Hall.

      Yep, you missed a lot.

      Oh and its not always a person with a gun that’s the threat, you assume wrong. You apparently don’t understand self defense. For example; There were over 100,000 force able rapes/sexual assaults (including attempts) of women in 2020/2021 time frame, where the assailant did not use a gun. Other weapons or physical force can also be a threat. Around 70% of those victims survived (including repelling attempt and stopping in progress) due to defensive gun use.

      • “There were over 100,000 force able rapes/sexual assaults (including attempts) of women in 2020/2021 time frame, where the assailant did not use a gun. Other weapons or physical force can also be a threat. Around 70% of those victims survived (including repelling attempt and stopping in progress) due to defensive gun use.“

        that is an interesting statistic, 70% of forcible rape/sexual assaults are stopped due to defensive gun use?

        I’d certainly be interested in seeing a citation for that assertion.

        • @Miner49er

          you’ve already seen it, I posted it previously a few months ago. You ignored it in your arguments. It was in a link I posted previously in another articles comments, I just didn’t say anything about it then. You need to learn to pay attention.

    • @albert.
      Not always does the gunm out first win.
      At a party one night I seen a guy ranting and raving, waving his pistul around at a guy who’d been messing with his woman. In the blink of an eye the other reached into his waist band and shot that guy three times .
      Kinda ruined the party.

    • @ Albert Hall

      Plus you seem to have ignored a lot too, even for your own country (at least what you claim is your country), for example, for the U.K. > Total of 61,158 offences recorded in year ending June 2021, amid national debate over women’s safety > > Knife crime in Britain has doubled in the previous six years, rising above 50,000 incidents in a one-year period in England and Wales for the first time in the recorded history.

      “The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that in the year leading up to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s imposition of the first coronavirus lockdown, crimes involving a knife or a sharp weapon rose by six per cent, up from 47,388 to 50,019. This latest figure is more than double the 23,945 offences recorded in 2014, the point at which the general historical trend of crime falling went into reverse.

      The report found that 44 per cent of the knife crimes (22,012) were violent assaults, and 44 per cent (21,961) were robberies, which rose from 18,518 to 20,196 in the year leading up to March of 2020

      Homicides, in general, rose by seven per cent, with 695 people losing their lives in violent attacks. Figures from the Home Office revealed that during the same time period, there were 4,344 threats to kill with a knife, representing a 22 per cent jump over the year before.”,unable%20to%20report%20this%20crime%20to%20the%20police.?msclkid=dc3ac018ae9911ec87004b5200063de1 > Approximately 12,000 men (aged 16-59) are raped in the UK every year and more than 70,000 are sexually abused or assaulted.

      In case you missed it, you probably did, but you have a lot more violent crime in the U.K. that you probably deliberately missed.

      In fact, sexual assault, rape, and and other victimization of women, is common enough in the U.K. (on a per-population basis) that its known as the most dangerous place for women in Europe.

      The U.K. is not as civilized as you think. You live in a monarchy ‘diluted tyranny’ when people are disarmed and unable to defend them selves completely against armed or not armed criminal elements, children and women are considered at constant threat for victimization, the elderly abuse in nursing homes, knife attacks are fairly common on a per-population basis, and a whole lot more you don’t seem to consider important for your biased rant.

      Statistically, in your context, the United States is about 100% more civilized than the U.K. because of all the crime committed daily about 8,000 incidents are stopped or repelled or defended against successfully daily by defensive gun use. But to you, because we don’t want to just stand there and let it happen and be victims we are not civilized while people in your own country are forced to just take it because they can not employ decisive defensive deadly force to counter deadly force. You have a country of victims that are made that way purposely by your diluted tyranny government. You want to talk about civilized, you certainly can not include the U.K. in that category.

      • “known as the most dangerous place for women in Europe“

        The UK? I thought Germany was supposed to be a real hell-hole for women, because all of the Muslim guest workers… Did they change the narrative and not let me know, gosh darn it!

        • Research the number of Muslims in Britain, you absolute c*** of an idiot Leftist/fascist. Just because you don’t know something doesn’t make it opaque, you idiot. Other people sometimes do research, rather that just swallowing the latest Leftist codswallop spit out your your Leftist/fascist “news” sources, MajorStupidity.

      • they still have that “back door law” in the UK?…the one that says if the bad guys come in through the’re required to run out the back?…

    • There’s lots of people who can present a lethal or perceived lethal threat who might be deterred by civilian carry of firearms.

      Survival of knife attacks is very low, a gun can present a deterrent at a distance.

      Someone may shoot at you and miss. Having a gun can prevent them from taking extra shots.

      People don’t die immediately after being shot, having a gun provides an opportunity to get the bad guy to turn around without having him shoot you multiple times.

      An active shooter may be targeting someone who isn’t you and a conceal carry gun may save lives.

      A home invader can be presumed to have violent intentions.

      A bad guy with a gun may look away, point his gun at someone else, pocket his gun briefly to try to tie someone up, experience a malfunction, any number of possible outcomes exist where a defensive gun use is extremely plausible.

      If you imagine that all defensive gun uses involve a bad guy at point blank range with a gun to your head, then your statement is true. That is far from the only scenario that exists.

      Defensive Gun Use statistics are based on models. They vary widely from 100K successful DGUs per year to over 2M DGUs per year. Even the smallest estimate is still about ten times greater than the number of people killed by guns.

      • Tim,

        As one of my senseis used to say, “NOBODY wins a knife fight!”. You may survive, but you WILL get cut, badly. That’s why I carry a gun.

    • “I’m think I’m correct in saying that there are MORE accidental deaths in the USA whilst engaged in ‘hunting’ per annum than the total of illegal deaths in the UK.
      In those terms which would YOU day is the most civilised.”

      i don’t know, you must not have across the pond, else 20 seconds would have shown you that it’s safer to be a hunter in the U.S. than a medical patient in the U.K.

      And I just scratched the surface to find these. You stay over there, and we’ll stay over here.

    • having a gun puts you, at the least…on a level playing field….better odds than being a victim

  16. Not only own a gun, carry it in a holster you’re used to, go to the range and practice. Practice standing, sitting down, laying down, falling down, etc. Be comfortable with the sound, the recoil, and the feel. Practice scanning your environment constantly. Be ready to draw, and be ready to take a life if necessary. Only when you master thr above will you be safer.

    • Truth. Imagine having to live in a city populated and run by absolute mouth-breathing morons like dacian the stupid and MinorIQ!?!? I did it for way too long. Republican politicians suck, Dimocrats suck way worse. Almost all big cities are run by Dimocrats, and where does most crime occur? Oh, yeah, in big, Dimocrat-run cities. You get what you vote for, sometimes.

  17. “maybe until nobody has guns everybody has to have them.”
    — Jesse Hughes lead singer of Eagles of Death Metal in interview on The Guardian

    At first glance it doesn’t make sense. But think about it.

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