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There’s something very annoying about James Cameron’s self-righteous proclamation that he wouldn’t want to fetishize guns today. In an interview with Esquire, Middle East, Cameron said that “I don’t know if I would want to fetishize the gun, like I did on a couple of Terminator movies 30 years ago, in our current world.” Cameron went on to clarify that he “actually cut about 10 minutes of [Avatar: The Way of Water] targeting gunplay action.”

The irony of this statement is not lost on me. Jake Sully, a former marine, and one of the main characters of the Avatar franchise, is a character who notoriously loves a gun. When the rest of the Na’vi are reaching for bows and arrows, Jake’s hiking an AR onto his shoulder and aiming it at the nearest target.

Early on in the film, the Na’vi raid one of the human trains specifically to steal a huge cache of their guns. Couldn’t they disrupt the shipment, destroy it, or even fuck up the transportation routes? Nope! They want those guns!

Later, Jake even explains to the Metkayina people that human technology, aka guns, will wipe them out easily. (Which is probably why Jake almost exclusively uses a gun during the big whale battle, so he has a fighting chance.) If Cameron really wanted to avoid fetishizing guns, maybe they shouldn’t have been such a huge symbol of power. …

Also, this movie is 192 minutes. Did you really cut 10 minutes of it because they had guns in them? Or was it just too long and you needed to sneak in another screening at the Regal Cinemas? If Cameron really wants us to believe that he wouldn’t make a movie with a gun fetish maybe he should stop giving all his characters gun fetishes.

Linda Codega in James Cameron Sure Seems to Still Be Fetishizing Guns in Avatar: The Way of Water

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    • Just make a gun free movie where no one has guns and a martian robot runs around squeezing earthlings until their eyeballs pop out. Title the movie, Popeye The Robot Martin Invades Gun Free Earth.

  1. He would do it all over again exactly the same way. James Cameron likes money, fame and power way more than he likes guns. Movies with guns is just another tool in his hypocrisy toolbox. He should stick to making movies, he’s good at it, doing interviews, not so much.

    • Perhaps he should spare some pocket change for a proper story writer and script editor.

      Beautiful visuals. Story is a mismatched old tropes.

    • using an M-16 against a large and powerful creature just never did make much sense…yet you continue to see it over and over again….

  2. It’s very simple for Hollyweird to stop making motion pictures without firearms but, apparently Hollyweird also likes making money and films with firearms are exceedingly more profitable than “chick flicks”.

  3. I’ll watch this garbage when I don’t need to pay for it, and like the first movie, I’ll cheer for the humans. When the Big Tree got cut down in the first movie, I cheered out loud. Annoying Blue Santa Cruz Hippies got what they deserved.

  4. Funny how the peacenik revolutionaries always have to procure weapons.
    Almost like violence actually is the answer.

    Harping on Smurfs with guns is just trying to take the focus off the mental patients whining about indigenous cultural appropriation and white savior themes. Cameron should have retired but now he’s just another old white guy the wokesters want to tear down.

    • Cameron now states testosterone is icky as are men. He needs a TRT patch in his old age. Never a fan of moon hugging 9′ tall blue primatives. More a fan of Colonial Marines blasting away at Aliens🙄Avatar 1 was merely a different take of the critters fight back against the in Empire Star Wars 3…

  5. Gun Pervert, Gun Pervert, Gun Pervert!
    “That movie is all about SEX!”
    Another Badly Maladjusted Cocaine User with a highly unsavory and dangerous sexual fetish.
    Please folks, use the King’s English.
    Speak the words that actually describe things accurately. Stop linguistically cowing to those creeps who insist on defining US.
    They are not LGBQXYZ, they are UNBALANCED DOMESTIC TERRORISTS with a Hatefully Divisive Agenda.
    They are not “Upstanding Senators” they are Dangerous Psychopathic Tyrants, bent on bringing back Slavery…or to quote Queen Joy Behar, “Foreign Agents”!

  6. I remember when Steven Spielberg the director of the movie E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, had the guns held by FBI agents replaced with handheld radios. When his film was released on VHS tape. He was another of these self-hating white liberals who was Jewish, and also hated his own ethnic background. He was JINO. Jewish In Name Only.

    And then “he had a come-to-Jesus” moment. When during the LA riots back in the early 90s he ended up going to the home of actor Charlton Heston. A “known right-winger” in Hollywood and gun owner. Like many white liberal Jews in Hollywood Spielberg had no guns. But when the city exploded in violence and burning buildings, and then the mob traveled to his part of Hollywood.
    Mr. Heston, who was not embarrassed by his jewish heritage, told Spielberg that since he supported gun control and waiting periods, he would have to wait the proper amount of time, in order to get guns. But he certainly could not borrow any of his guns.

    Then all of a sudden he understood why Americans had the right to keep and bear arms. He would later spend a great deal of money, to showcase the “American military industrial complex” in his film series, “The Band of Brothers”. Where he had the actors spend months of firearms training in order to make their gun handling skills accurate for his film.

    I understand now that he actually has a Thompson submachine gun along with other guns in his possession.

    James Cameron is no different. He likes having armed private security whenever he travels. He’s just another of these hypocrite Hollywood leftists. Who wants to put on a “Public Act” of hating something, guns, that helped to make him rich in his “gun-toting” movies.

    But at the end of the day, James Cameron was paid a great deal of money to make Avatar 2. So now he can say what he wants to, and actually help destroy the box office value of this film. And thereby harm the studio as well as, the private investors in these movie companies.

    James Cameron has a suicidal destructive personality. But he does make some very good movies. The Terminator. Aliens. The Abyss.

    • Avatar 2 has to make 3 billion to be considered profitable. With Hollywood accounting, it will never be profitable.

    • the movie industry is first and foremost a business…making money is paramount (sic.)…and the actual process of constructing a film is a laborious process…as anybody who has worked on or in one will attest…you may not like their politics but give credit where credit is due…these people perform magic in a way few can do….

    • Spielberg removed the guns from the 2002 special edition version of ET which was shortly after 9/11. Angry internet geeks complained about it so much that he released ET as a 2 DVD pack with both versions of the film. After futher bitching from nerds he disavowed the SE version of ET and only released the original version of the film. He did the same thing with Close Encounters with releasing an SE version of it in the 80’s rerelease and later disavowed it.

      I don’t like how he removed the guns from the SE version of ET, it was a stupid change but I also dislike his memory holing of that version of the film and those who support memory holing. Hollywood types are flakey flip floppers.

  7. This was how Hollywood use to treat civilian gun ownership in films. All you need to do is watch the first two minutes of this movie.

    This film series, along with “Death Wish”, and other films in the 1970s, such as “The Cowboys”, portrayed a very positive image of civilian gun ownership.

    Holocaust : episode 4 of 5 (TV-series 1978) Watch the first 2 min.

  8. Back in the 1970s my wargaming high school friends and I, really enjoyed the film scenes of responsible adults. Teaching children how to use machine guns responsibly and safely. As well as other firearms.

    Holocaust : episode 5 of 5 (TV-series 1978) Watch the first 30 seconds.

  9. “Nope! They want those guns!”

    Well, duh. Possession of guns acts as an equalizer, which is why the founding fathers included the 2nd Amendment, and also why you leftists want to erase it and ban them. Duh.

      • You need to stop following the MS teaching of history..

        Blonde, Red haired, blue eyed “Native Americans” around the Great Lakes when the first “European Settlers” arrived in the region!!!

  10. James Cameron is filthy rich now. Now he is virtue signaling to some 20 something that he wants to diddle. Asshole…from hollywood nothing new under the SoCal Sun.

  11. Forgive me if I’m mistaken but didn’t Cameron almost single handedly make the sawed off shotgun a Hollywood mainstay? Terminator was utterly iconic and every big screen badass for the next 30 years wore black leather and carried a shotgun.

  12. I once saw a movie with no guns in it. It was called “Alien 3” and… oh, yeah, everyone DIED because they couldn’t defend themselves when Mr. Xenomorph came calling.

    Funny how that works, isn’t it?

  13. some think of guns as only something that threatens us…others as the only thing that can protect us…and the gap is wide between these two groups….


  15. In the first movie Cameron spent so much on the effects budget he couldn’t afford quality writers. Wonder what his excuse will be for this one. I stopped watching twenty minutes after I heard “unobtainium”.

    • He cut out the explanation from the first Avatar that “unobtainium” was a room temp super conductor used to solve Earth’s energy issues. Its also why life on the blue cat people moon evolved an organic internet hive mind thingy.

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