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Time and time again, in the wake of a mass shooting it’s revealed that the shooter was carrying enough weaponry to kill everyone inside a school, movie theater, grocery store or even a full-sized mall. It’s not hard for the killers to build a significant arsenal of assault rifles, handguns, high-capacity magazines – and bullets. Lots of bullets.

Each year billions of bullets are sold in the U.S., making bullet sales a booming business. A recent trade report estimated the global small caliber ammunition market size is expected to reach $11.30 billion by 2030. And gun sales have ramped up, hitting buying highs even during pandemic-related ammunition shortages. Even then, the U.S. government and munitions manufacturers have reported increased sales and higher prices by resellers as buyers stockpiled bullets and guns.

After a mass shooting, public attention inevitably turns to a debate on the control of guns. But with shooters so often stocked up on ammunition in order to kill as many as possible, many are left to wonder: What about the bullets? …

Data collection and reporting of large sales to state police, along with other measures such as behavioral threat assessments, will help law enforcement to identify bad actors, [Matthew] Platkin, the New Jersey attorney general, said. Law-abiding gun owners who purchase ammunition in bulk won’t have anything to worry about, Platkin said. …

“Nothing that we have done has taken away or intends to take away people’s lawful right to possess firearms and possess legal ammunition. What we’re trying to do is keep folks safe,” Platkin said.

— Jeanine Santucci in Bullet sales are rising and so are death totals in mass shootings. Can they be stopped?

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  1. America, designed by geniuses, run by idiots. They have forgotten the basic tenants of freedom? Nope, they fear you, that’s why they need to take away the one thing standing in the way of their totalitarian government.

    • RE: ‘What we’re trying to do is keep folks safe,” Platkin said.’

      Please cease trying platkin…All you and your incompetent ilk have done is create a victim pool for the insane walking amongst us.

      Many times people like you were warned time and time again about loose canons prone to hurt people and failed to intervein. Your sick knee jerk solutions do not separate criminals from the law abiding. Your sick solutions throw the law abiding in the same pot with criminals.

      Frankly pitkin from the standpoint of the typical law abiding Gun Owner caught in the middle it’s hard to tell which is worse, you and your “helpful” ilk or the blood thirsty perpetrators.

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    • I’m sure that your restaurant is high quality and the food is probably excellent but this blog is primarily for citizens of the US who have freedoms your country denies it’s subjects. Please do not post your advertisements here.

      • As someone who works with communications in a variety of forms, I would give your post five stars. It is polite, accurate, and makes a great point all with manners that we do not see enough these days. Happy New Year.

      • Excellent reply, Michael. I like how you employed the term “primarily”, as we do welcome like-minded POTG outside our borders, such as Southern Cross.

        • Hell, Haz, we even tolerate lying Leftist scum like Prince Albert the FAKE-Limey Ponce. Like dacian the demented and MinorLiar, he’s fun to play ‘whack-a-mole’ with!

        • Thank you.

          Unlike the whiny poms, at least I own and use firearms properly and safely in regular competition. And I’m trying to ensure the future of the sport.

  3. “Data collection and reporting of large sales to state police, along with other measures such as behavioral threat assessments, will help law enforcement to identify bad actors, [Matthew] Platkin, the New Jersey attorney general, said.”


    Someone planning a mass-murder can buy a box of 50 rounds once a week, and in one year have over 2,500 rounds to do their evil. They will have 1,250 rounds if they shoot half of what they buy at the range.

    POTG buy ammunition by the case for one reason – It gets a lot cheaper to buy, the more of it that you buy.

    And I seriously doubt restricting (or reporting) ammo purchases will pass constitutional muster under the ‘Bruen’ decision.

    I seriously doubt the colonial period had such laws in the first place…

    • Going to find out sooner or later over here with our post Bruen restrictions. No online ordering unless it ships to an FFL (dealer fee of course) any purchase requires vendor to log amount caliber name address and occupation of purchaser. Sigh and I was just starting to get large magnum pistol primers with the hope of large pistol to come. Well wouldn’t be the first time NY troopers will hang around Pennsylvania and Vermont gun stores looking for NY plates.

      • “Well wouldn’t be the first time NY troopers will hang around Pennsylvania and Vermont gun stores looking for NY plates.”

        • Same way RCMP is staking out gun stores and gun shows in Washington, Idaho and Montana… looking for Canadian license plates. In places where they could be considered an invasion force from a foreign nation.

        • Lol yeah not that some people rent a vehicle or just keep going to New Hampshire or Delaware and skip the sales tax.

      • I’ve seen several of you post about this (buy ammo/accessories out of state to avoid your local restrictions). Would it be worthwhile, or helpful, or legal, to rent a car for this purpose? There would be the rental expense, where to get it local to the ammo supplier, etc. that must be considered. Couple guys go in on the rental and buy bulk. Hey, the gun grabbers shouldn’t be the only ones testing pasta on the wall.

        • Honestly it matters what value one places on not being a known bulk ammo purchaser in your state. If one is on a vacation/trip and driving that way anyway then yes could be worthwhile. Personally I mostly stick to reloading as it gives me practice and makes me more conscientious with shooting. Do I have estimated costs of trips to various locations by caliber mapped out for reference …….well yes just haven’t gotten to the point I need it t at current stock/consumption.

        • Yuo xross the state line. Police stop you. ??? .Did not stop at 4 way intersection ( did not)… Seach car.”Oh look , many emu , not enuff emu license.,”” Off to prison American Satatans.

      • And what good has it done? The DOJ spent millions building a whole new computer system and software to process all of these purchases, but to what end? As noted, many/some gun owners buy by the case and shoot regularly, and competitive shooters even more so. Aren’t these the folks that would be the highest on the “suspicion” list? How many mass shootings involved fewer than a hundred rounds, usually of pistol caliber ammunition? Where is the proof of effectiveness of these laws? Where is the data/studies/evidence that persons who buy large quantities of ammunition are more likely to engage in mass shootings? Inquiring minds want to know, but I highly suspect that the Legislatures enacting these laws have no evidence other that “common sense.”
        I just had 500 rounds delivered to my daughter in another state, right to her door. Here, I have to have it sent to my table top FFL and have to go pick it up. Not like the old days.

        • Good, data, protection of public…………. wait was that what we in government were supposed to be going for? Whoops.

      • {BGC laws}

        “And what good has it done?”

        It’s done good job of creating a ‘shadow’ gun registry of people who use guns, of course… 🙁

    • the closest thing to that was General Gage and his unsuccessful powder raids. And that was basically theft. His fiurth attempt is what sparked the war to kick him and his pals back accross the Atlantic.

      • “…the closest thing to that was General Gage and his unsuccessful powder raids.”

        And got his troops shot dead in the process.

        Something the Leftist Scum ™ should ponder if they ever decide to kick doors in and confiscate citizen’s guns… 🙂

        • picking you off one by one is actually pretty easy for them…but when citizens band together things get a bit dicey….

  4. “Data collection and reporting of large sales to state police, along with other measures such as behavioral threat assessments, will help law enforcement to identify bad actors, [Matthew] Platkin, the New Jersey attorney general, said. Law-abiding gun owners who purchase ammunition in bulk won’t have anything to worry about, Platkin said. …

    ‘Nothing that we have done has taken away or intends to take away people’s lawful right to possess firearms and possess legal ammunition. What we’re trying to do is keep folks safe, ‘Platkin said.”

    flat out lie.

    he targets only the law abiding, ’cause the law abiding are the only ones that obey laws. there had not been one mass shooter that ever purchased ammunition for stockpiling purposes for a mass shooting that procured ammunition in mass amounts in a very short period of time, they are mentally ill not stupid. they always purchased or procured in normal small amounts not uncommon among the law abiding gun owning population and built up slowly over time. there will be no mass shooter that is going to purchase or procure such large amounts at once.

  5. Debbie Downer here. Don’t get all excited about Bruen being the savior of our Bill of Rights. Once the Senate is majority traitor, next week, expect SCOTUS to be “packed” with traitor “judges”. First order of business will be reinstating Roe v Wade. Then all the decisions they hate, Heller, McDonald, Bruen will be overturned and the 2nd will be rendered a dead letter. Count on it. The Republic is lost.

    • Unlikely. Even if SCOTUS were “packed” (extremely unlikely to happen in 2023/2024…), stare decisis dictates that overturning Heller, McDonald and/or Bruen would require a Constitutional Amendment, not a Supreme Court decision.
      Then, of course, SCOTUS could only rule like that based on a case before them. I don’t believe there is a 2A case scheduled to be in front of the court this year. So it would be 2024 at the _earliest_.

      The Republic may be lost. However, I expect it won’t go quietly.

      • Plus SCOTUS itself could simply refuse to seat any beyond its current members and advise Biden that they will seat his appointed members when there is an vacant seat.

        • They cannot refuse. Congress has sole authority as to the size and make-up of SCOTUS. Recall FDR’s threat to pack the court if they did not rule in his favor. It worked, they caved and he did not pack it.

      • You might be right, but when has the traitor party ever stood on concepts like stare unless it advanced their agendas? The new Chief Justice, probably Sotomayor or Kagan will simply rule that the previous decisions should be revisited and they will do so. I hate being right but I am. I predicted ’18, ’20 and ’22 accurately. ’24 will see them recapture the House. It’s a given.

        • The new Chief Justice, probably Sotomayor or Kagan will simply rule that the previous decisions should be revisited and they will do so
          You clearly have NO idea how a Chief Justice comes to be, or how SCOTUS selects cases to be heard.
          Both houses of Congress set the number of justices on the Supreme Court, as it is a matter of law. FDR’s attempt at packing the court failed in the Senate with a vote of 20-70.

    • They would need a corresponding bill in the House to expand the SC, and that’s not going to happen. What had been happening, and will continue to happen, is that Biden will appoint the furthest Left/actuvist person he can find for an opening, and the Senate will rubber stamp it.

      • are you sure about that? I thought it was the sole prerogative of the Senate. Hmmmm…..thanks. I need to check that.

        • for 300Blackoutfan. You miss my points. I have a complete understanding of how it is SUPPOSED to work. It only works the way it is intended to work when it benefits the treason party. Trump’s brilliance was appointing judges who were patriots. The treason party will do whatever it takes and the people be damned. Count on it.

    • The odds of a reinstatement of Roe v. Wade are pretty low. As the case that overturned it cogently argued, the decision really had no solid constitutional underpinnings to begin with–even Ginsburg agreed with that.

      • I get that and I sincerely hope that you and the others here are correct. I could be wrong. I have been studying this crap since I cast my first vote, democrat, in 1964. I registered as a dem because my Dad was. By ’66 I had learned better and switched to Republican and never looked back. Been a student of government ever since. I fully expect the traitor party (I refuse to call it democrat) will pull this off since there is NO effective means of stopping them. Too many RINOs in the house willing to sign on to the court packing bill because they do not agree with Roe, Bruen et al.

        • Well actually there is and as luck would have it only III% of the population was required in order to get get things done the first time.

          It’s time to listen to what the Founding Fathers told us to do.

  6. You only need a couple of boxes to shoot a bunch of fish in a barrel.

    Uvalde was 142 rounds.
    VTech 170. (10 round mags)
    Sandy Hook 154.
    Columbine 180.
    Parkland 139. (10 round mags)

    Meanwhile I have a class next week requiring 500 rounds.
    Tell me again how this doesn’t affect the law-abiding.

    • Turning over ammo purchase data is nothing short of gun registration.

      That has to be a priority for us, no gun registration…

      • I guess I’m buying( more!) ammo for the Dim voted Purge Law in a few daze. I already have a bunch. I expect millions to defy the Dimscum©…they want AR registration in ILLannoy. Ain’t happening Geoff!

        • Public transit, low to medium income retail stores, and anywhere you have a concentration of the mentally ill were the worst places for us in the beginning. Good luck to all you know.

    • One problem is that a lot of the anti-gun types think those are huge numbers of rounds. I’ve had people, who are not gun folk, ask me how much ammo I have and when I say something like, “Well, probably 2000 rnds of this but only 500 of that and maybe 1000 of ….” They freak out like I have a thermonuclear weapon in the basement. “Why so many bullets?” is the normal reply. “That’s not very much,” is what I say and they just can’t wrap their heads around it. (As an aside, why do they always refer to rounds as “bullets”?)

      I try to explain that a typical range day for me is often 50-100 rounds of each of 2 or 3 handgun calibers, two or three hundred rounds of plinking ammo (i.e. .22, .223) and as many as several dozen major caliber rifle rounds. I try to explain that a single round of clays is a box of 25 shells so a couple of people can burn through hundreds of rounds in a couple of hours. None of this seems to matter to some of these people, they are still appalled that someone can just go into a gun store or go online and buy hundreds or thousands of rounds at a time. I’ve even had conversations with people who propose things like a limit on purchases of 50 rounds at a time. I even met one guy who thought people should only be allowed to purchase 50 rounds a year.

      • This is why we are supposed to be a Republic and not a democracy. The thoughts of idiots are not supposed to be put into law at the detriment of the people, especially a minority of people. Unfortunately, due to the shift of the country and subversion by leftists, we have moved towards a democracy This comes at the expense of the rights of the people. The bureaucratic state, dreamed up by the likes of Woodrow Wilson, have additionally subverted the Republic and our rights by fiat an rule making. This is an end run around the restraints placed on government by the constitution.

      • Think about logistics, how long did it take for you to put it all together for rate of consumption, cost/budget, storage, transportation etc? Now honestly tell me how many of those people could readily handle the type of thinking necessary to solve the basic math problems associated with the above.

        • Well, the math took me about 12 seconds but I understand your point about the thinking skills of the anti-gun cabal.

        • Take a step away from pro vs anti gun and think about your average coworker. Then remember that at least half the country is even less able to work multiple variable math than they are. Big number sounds scary is unfortunately a thing.

        • @SAFE

          Oh, you are preaching to the choir there. At work, I *am* regarded as the “math guy”. Somewhat ironically, I am actually a math guy – I always say that I am the engineer the other engineers called a geek – but that is not why I’m the math guy at work. I’m the math guy at work because when 6 of us go to lunch and the bill is $42.18, they are shocked that I can compute, in my head, to the penny, each person’s portion. It would be one thing if they thought of me as the math guy because I have a post-graduate education in complex systems analysis and combinatorial optimization theory but that’s not why – it’s because I can add, subtract, multiply and divide in my head.

      • Because many think a thousand rounds of any ammunition takes a semi-truck to move it and a storage locker to hold it.

        They are surprised when they see how little space it takes.

  7. who is this Santucci guy? he sounds like another uneducated Democrat liberal fool. What does he expect law-abiding citizens to do give up all their weapons and ammo because of the bad guy again? ask him if he wants to give up his car because people are running people over in parades and killing them, mass murder by cars. see if he’s willing to give up his car so nobody else gets run over. and then of course there’s Hammers and screwdrivers. people like this make me sick to my stomach they shouldn’t even be talking about anything, they need to get educated.

  8. Considering I have several people using/shooting ammo here on the farm, I regularly buy bulk/case lot shipments of ammo. Anything from .22LR. to .50 cal Browning. As well as powders, brass, bullets, and primers. We try to keep a fairly large supply because we can burn up several hundred rounds on a weekend cook out or family gathering. Toss in regular practice with carry sidearms and use of hunting firearms and the amount legally used in the course of a year is staggering. A couple thousand rounds of a common caliber is normal when visiting a gunshow if the price is good.
    Am I on someone’s watchlist? Likely I am. Conservative, landowner, long time gun collecter, military veteran, white male. How else can I offend you today?

  9. An insane (les bian) prog (BS from Georgetown) silly 20 something says WANT? Her/it’s major accomplishment in life has been working at “Just Paper and Tea” (wasted considerable time playing at “journalist”) USA Today certainly is BS.

    Is USA Today still printed? That rag has been dying for years. If not for “free” hotel copies would have been gone long ago.

  10. As if the state police have nothing else to do, but record names of people who buy 100 or 1000 rounds of ammunition, and then visit their home to do a stability check . . .and then of course we are under the assumption that the police officer being sent is actually stable themselves, not to mention completely honest . . .nothing against police mind you, it’s just that there are those that are corrupt and unstable . . .on the other hand, for starters, maybe they could actually patrol the highways for dangerous drivers?

  11. Doubtful that a dirty deed doer will buy 10,000 rounds for a shooting spree. First off, it is bulky and heavy, so much so that carrying more than a few hundred rounds on your person would be near impossible and still be able to move around to dodge detection and return fire.

    The theories of new gun control despots amazes me.

  12. I find this whole discussion of limiting ammunition purchases instructive, as I think it illustrates the abject ignorance of the anti-gun/gun control crowd – even moreso than their abject ignorance about firearms in general.

    Several points:

    Our resident Leftist/fascist propagandist, MinorLiar, is always about “reasonable” requirements for owning guns, like government mandated/specified training. I’ve debunked that idiocy enough times, but here goes, again. The government is competent to define/specify firearm training standards WHY, exactly?? Google “government agent accidental discharges”. More importantly, the “government” (state, local, AND federal) has controlled, defined, and mandated “driver training”, and tested drivers, for decades. If you DON’T have the experience, every time you drive, of seeing some moron driving stupidly and thinking “What @$$hole gave THAT moron a driver’s license???”, you are luckier than I am.

    More importantly, there IS no language in the 2A that says or implies “subject to our opinion about how qualified they are to RKBA”. SHOULD a gun owner obtain training, and regularly practice their basic skills? Absolutely. Just like every citizen who wants to engage in public political debate SHOULD familiarize themselves with the principles of debate and the discipline of rhetoric. Anyone actively practicing a religion should probably study up on that religion, and theology generally. Show me where those restrictions exist in the 1A.

    More importantly, IF you want us to be competent and practiced in the handling of our firearms, we need to PRACTICE. And that requires ammunition. I didn’t copy the link to the specific article in the LA Slimes, but I remember an article where LAPD busted some criminals who “had an arsenal of guns and ammunition”. Five guns, and under 1,000 rounds of ammunition. An “arsenal”. If that’s the number, with due deference to “Ratchet and Clank”? You need to up your arsenal.

    As I’ve posted on here before, 1,000 rounds isn’t even a serious day at the range. A “huge cache” of ammunition, like, say, oh maybe 10,000 rounds? Wouldn’t get my through for more than a few months.

    So, do you want me to learn and practice my shooting skills, or do you want to retire to the fainting couch over my “excessive” purchase of 1,000 rounds??? Binary solution set; pick one.

    And, just to wrap it up, SCOTUS was clear in Bruen that “back door” gun control, is no more to be tolerated than direct bans. I think it’s hilarious that the Leftist/fascists, who introduced the concept of “sanctuary” jurisdiction for one of their pet initiatives, open borders, is now fainting in horror over 2A “sanctuary jurisdictions” and county sheriffs who refuse to enforce blatantly unconstitutional “restrictions” on firearms. Eff off, Leftist scum, these are YOUR rules, we’re just using them against you, now.

    Leftist. Their own petard. Hoist.


  13. So if high cap mags are bad and you only need a five round mag for hunting then logically 20 rounds per household legal max is about right with a serial number on every round and the micro stamp firing pins then some paper forms and maybe you can’t buy ammo unless you are vaccinated too?

  14. To MB
    So the RCMP look over all the Canadian plates then have them rectally probed when they cross the border back into canada? Meanwhile canadian police are not allowed to speak to gang members who show clear pistol outline under T shirts. Cuz racism.

      • More like unhappy people in a back stabbing environment with highly leftist leadership.
        These days I’d say Ideal tools to be used to kick in doors and shoot dogs looking for short barreled shotguns.

  15. my boys and I will shoot hundreds of rounds during a practical pistol match. we shoot for more during practice sessions. of course only a few rounds of #4 buckshot from a 12 gauge, 3&1/2 inch chamber shotgun fired into the bleachers at a sporting event from about a hundred yards away will inflict horrific carnage.

    don’t get me started about a full size, 1970s vintage Dodge van with a brush guard and a full tank of gasoline. then again, the deadliest mass murder by a single perpetrator in US history was committed with a butane lighter and a pop bottle full of gasoline.

  16. Bullet control. Heh.

    This reminds me of the bright spark who figured out – all by herself, and she was *so* proud of this – that the “AK” in “AK-47” stood for “automatic killer” and the “47” meant it was designed to kill 47 people per minute or second or whatever.

    • I have had one, to steal your term, “bright spark” who insisted that they were absolutely certain that 47 is the magazine capacity. I offered to let them try to cram 47 rounds into a mag but they declined.

  17. We need a law for every single item. Do you “need it”??? Do you need big mags? Ban it. Do you need a car that can go faster than the speed limit? Ban it. Fireplace? BBQ? Power tools? Oven cleaner? More than 3 aspirin in a bottle? Anything sharp? Make a list of every thing that has ever been used as a weapon or accidentally killed somebody. Ban all. First do swimming pools.

  18. As long as I dont kill over 1000 people a day I’ve got enough emu to last ten years.
    I might even go so far as to say say I have a lifetime supply of emu’s.
    Long live King theBiden

  19. Should have bought what you think you might need for the rest of your life a long time ago. I cautioned people. They thought I was Chicken Little. Before i retired I had a brass hat if I would loan my agency ammo if the need arose. I said, “No.” Then I walked away.

  20. “Legal” as in its ok until they say it’s not.

    All the ATF BS regarding 80% lowers should raise the suspicions of all reloaders.


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