Ahmaud Arbery Shooting
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The index of cases like [the Arbery shooting] seems to point to racial presumptions implicit in how we interpret the concept of self-defense. It is reminiscent of the “gay panic” defense of old, in which violence committed in the name of self-defense was acceptable based on a straight person’s allegedly rational fear that a presumably gay person might assault him. We are living in the age of the black-panic defense.

There was no conviction in the trial of George Zimmerman, who killed Trayvon Martin, and no charges were brought in the deaths of John Crawford and Tamir Rice. But no one can seriously believe that if two armed black men chased down and shot a white man in Glynn County, Georgia, they would walk around freely for more than two months. Whatever [Alan] Tucker’s motives, his release of the shooting video appears to have accelerated the arrest and charging of the McMichaels with murder and aggravated assault. The efforts to bury the case have failed, but it remains hugely significant that two prosecutors saw the video and thought that the two men should go free. The question is whether a jury of twelve Georgians will agree with them.

– Jelani Cobb in We Are Living in the Age of the Black-Panic Defense

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  1. I thought this was a website about guns… what exactly is the point of posting this article?

    • If you want purely non political gun talk. Got to The Firearms Blog website. This pertains to defensive gun use and media coverage which affects gun rights.

      • Thanks for the tip Matt. This site will have a weapon review that gets a dozen comments of which 3 may be useful. It’s mainly for the same 8 guys to argue over and over about whatever Hillary Clinton did. I’ve been here because I followed and respected what RF did at TTAC and then this site but since he sold it to the current owners it’s gone far downhill. I’m moving on and yes, no one will miss me so save your comments everyone who’s staying.

    • Just my guess, but its a reminder that just because you carry a gun, openly or otherwise, you have a responsibility to do so legally and in a way not to intimidate others. No doubt you have watched the video and looked over the laws in Georgia. I would have to say that Arbery probably felt intimidated by the actions of two armed men who first tried to stop him and then blocked his path with firearms displayed. He reacted out of fear and for that he is now dead.

      The odd thing I noticed is both of these men (McMicheals) had been court officers and should have known their detention of Arbery wasn’t legal. They should have also known that while the open carry of those firearms was legal, their actions while carrying them was, at best, questionable.

      I believe it is a reminder to all of us, if we want to keep this right, we need to exercise it as the founders intended. If crap like this happens, there will eventually be enough opposition to the Second Amendment that is will change, be heavily regulated or gone.

      • I agree with the Randy Jones assessment. There was nothing defensive in this encounter- the McMichaels inititated it with little or no evidence that Arbery was their “suspect” other than being black and jogging.

        I run about 5 miles per day, would that make me a suspect if I were black and some crime had been committed within a 2 mile radius? Let these looney’s lawyers defend them- I see no reason to become embroiled in race issues when it appears a prejudice may have been the primary reason for the encounter. Also keep in mind that the primary reason we carry is for self defense.

        • Correct and on point.

          This was not a defensive gun use, this was stalking and murder.

        • Shut up boomer. This black criminal thug terrorized this neighborhood.

          Citizens arrest and open carry are legal in Georgia.

          The McMillans are victims. They are also heroes.


          Why are you a self-hating white person?

        • When somebody jogs by your home and you have the time to arm yourself and bring your inbred son along for the ride, stop your truck ahead of the victim and wait, then kill him, that is premeditated murder.

        • Innocent until proven guilty by a jury of peers is all that matters one way or another, everything else is your stupid opinion.

        • “The truth about stupid opinions says:
          May 10, 2020 at 09:51
          Innocent until proven guilty by a jury of peers is all that matters one way or another, everything else is your stupid opinion.”

          I did not post that. But I am flattered to have an impostor.

        • Only an individual with a bigoted mentality would stoop to provide cover for the McMichaels. Those two were waaaaay out of line and waaaaay out of bounds with the law. A couple of days ago some guy supporting the McMichaels claimed they had a video of the deceased committing the crime. Where is it? Nowhere because it does not exist.
          The armed McMichaels are two buffoons who without any solid evidence whatsoever took the law into their own hands and an unarmed man who tried his best to fight back is deceased. The McMichaels initially determined the perp was Black so in their small minds all Blacks are now perps. It does not work that way unless you are a bigoted bag of manure with a box of popcorn cheering the McMichaels on..
          Firearms should have never become part of the equation. All that was needed was a photo to turn over to the police and surely the McMichaels had phones with cameras like the individual who filmed the tragedy and was key to putting the McMichaels where they belong.
          Deadly force is only to be used when there are no other options such as staying home or maintaining a non confrontational distance from the suspect. Too bad the jogger was not armed, it would have been a clear case of self-defense.
          There are individuals on this forum who show their bigoted behinds at the mention of a Black crime. To these bigots…You just keep thinking the face of the Boogieman is Black and leave the door open for some armed lily white perp to make a stupid bigot their new wife.

        • Some genuine bigots, and some such as OK BOOMER there who look like anti-gun trolls commenting so that their associated groups can point out the evidence that gun enthusiasts are racist.

        • The mentality is obvious here.

          “Some nigga stole our stuff, let’s go kill a nigga!”

          Supposed “officers of the court” would almost certainly have priority over lesser beings, if they had just called the cops. Just a simple phone call,

          “Hey, this is Bubba – how ya doin, Ox? Hey, I got me some nigga running on the street in front of my house, and I want him questioned. Can you send a car over?” There would probably have been SIX CARS within five minutes, because Ox and Bubba dated the same heifers in high school. That doesn’t even address the fact that those six cars would have likely questioned every black person they layed eyes on, just because they were black.

        • Pathetic. Why don’t you wait for the details before rushing to a conclusion? Tell us all about how you jog in neighborhoods other than where you live. Doesn’t everyone? Speaking of enablers, after Trayvon, Smollett and dozens of others I think most Americans understand exactly who the enablers and apologists are. Why does the media make every shooting of a Black by a cop a nation issue? We see so many of cops shooting whites regularly don’t we. And when blacks kill whites, its a local issue, never to be made a nation headline, because…fairness, justice..or maybe plain racial bigotry pushed by the usual suspects. I doubt you’ll condemn the Black Panthers now parading openly in the streets of that community just as they did in St Louis after the “Gentle Giant” kabuki dance.

          I am sick of all these rush to judgement losers who never seem to be around after the full story comes out. Further I am sick of repeating the same BS that citizens have no right to detain someone they suspect of criminal activity. We have evidence this man was not where he was supposed to be. Further why did he assault these men. Doesn’t everyone attack armed men when they have nothing to fear?

      • “…its a reminder that just because you carry a gun, openly or otherwise, you have a responsibility to do so legally and in a way not to intimidate others.”

        It’s also a reminder that retired “highly trained professionals” aren’t necessarily any better at handling firearms than non-military / non-law enforcement folks, contrary to what the disarmament community pushes. Why aren’t they discussing this? Because it’s inconvenient to their cause and they aren’t honest people.

        • I seen a lot of them saying if he was armed he could have shot those two in self defense. They are starting to think they should get armed even when jogging. All they can do right now is go out for a run because of the virus. They just bought a bunch of handguns, record levels.

          This is a golden opportunity for 2nd Amendment supporters to show they are not racists and to actually help minorities get armed legally.

          Of course the NRA is going to be silent because the McMichaels had “Don’t Tread on Me” on their truck, they are MAGA supporters, NRA members, Republicans, hunters and former law enforcement. It’s all the DAMN stereo types wrapped in one! HOLY SHIT! Can it get any worse?

          This case is nuclear. People rather touch the corona.

        • They should be armed and they should be helped. It’s also important to recognize that potential attackers for minorities will most likely NOT be so called don’t tread on me rednecks. So let’s get all of the information out there. However, drawing on someone that has the drop on you with a shotgun might be a bad idea.

      • +1. The purpose of the article is to remind you to be on the “strategic defensive” when you carry. That is to say, when I carry a firearm, I’m not looking for trouble. I’m looking to be left alone though I am prepared for and situationally aware of trouble.

        That’s different than the “tactical offensive” when you’re not left alone and have to finish the fight.

        The other unspoken, but fairly apparent thing about this shooting is Jim Crowe is alive.

        • A) The dead sacred black had mental issues and a long criminal record, including illegal possesion of firearms.
          B) The father had dealings with him when he was a cop.
          C) The dead sacred black was seen in several security videos at the scene in prior thefts.
          D) The guy who took the video recognized him as coming from a house under construction.
          E) In Georgia, citizen arrests are legal.
          F) Both father and son were legally allowed to have firearms.
          G) It is legal to carry firearms in a vehicle in GA.
          H) The dead sacred black struck the son in the head and attempted to take the shotgun.
          I) The DA found no criminal actions on the part of the white guys.
          J) Finally, 911 was called on the dead sacred black twice prior to the incident.
          And – there was no problem until Benjamin Crump got involved! Right there that tells you the sacred dead black was a thug, and the white guy was in the right.

      • The McMichaels “may or may not” have had a right to do, but did they do the “right” thing(s)? Was the offense/felony a killing offense? Did the McMichaels advance the 2A right? Does this video make POTG look like responsible citizens? You decide……………..

      • I too agree with Randy. I have not seen anything to this point to suggest that even the displaying of a firearm was warranted. In fact, if this young man had gone after the gun-wielding person to defend himself, he was in the right to do so. The fact this young man walked through a home under construction does not show any ill intentions. I myself have done so many times to see the rough in layout. As I always do, I will wait until all evidence is presented but on the surface, and from the video evidence I have seen, this is a bad shoot.

        • I have not seen anything to suggest that the crackers leaving their driveway was justified.

        • Strange I did not know carrying firearms had to be “authorized” or “warranted.” It appears in America we are now being told your work is non-essential, your business is non-essential, your right to religious freedom and gather peaceably is also non-essential to be authorized and warranted by your overlords.

          So now we have more Karins telling us what is “warranted?”

          • “In fact, if this young man had gone after the gun-wielding person to defend himself, he was in the right to do so.”
            ONLY if the man was THREATENING him with the shotgun. Not if he was just holding it. And we, at this point, do not know what the COMPLETE FACTS are.
            Did the guy point the gun at him? Did he say I’m gonna blow your head off??? What precisely happened???

            If you are right then the cops have to right to physically ATTACK ANYONE in public that is just carrying a firearm.

        • If they were attempting to DETAIN him because of ‘suspicion of burglary’, whether their suspicions were correct or not, as citizens they could do so and then have to face whether their actions with reference to that were justified or not. Just like any COP has to.

          However, the attack UPON the one guy with the shotgun was not justified as far as we can tell; unless the guy with the shotgun was POINTING it at him and threatening to shoot him. But it certainly was STUPID. DEADLY STUPID.

          MANY technicalities of the law will come into play here. Let’s pray that JUSTICE for once is served, whatever that may finally be. Keep the race bullshit the hell out of it.

          U had me says:
          May 10, 2020 at 09:42
          When somebody jogs by your home and you have the time to arm yourself and bring your inbred son along for the ride, stop your truck ahead of the victim and wait, then kill him, that is premeditated murder.

          This simpleminded slob puts a highly complicated matter into such simple terms. I pray he never sits on a jury judging me.

        • Gee if you see a unarmed rapist or an unarmed man who just beat someone to death of course you have no duty nor right to pursue the individual in question and if a 20 something attacks a 60 year old how dare he shoot in self defense. Everyone knows that the 60 year old will destroy a 20 something everyday of the weak. And what innocent individual when confronted with an armed man will not stand up for his rights and proceed to assault the bully to defend his innocence, doesn’t everyone?

          Its especially remarkable that the usual suspects are ready to render judgement before the facts are know, and the media is well known for its objectivity and honesty in these matters.

          I for one would love to see the media sued for spreading fake news. In fact I’d like the US to adopt English laws preventing the reporting of crimes and trails until they are resolved. We’ve seen enough lynching by press in the past 50 years to be sick of it. We saw it with Trayvon and Smollett and dozens of other cases. But when have you seen media outrage when blacks kill some white man? Circkets.

      • Spot on, Randy. However the point you left out was the fact that it took so long for any justice to be taken in this case. 1. was there a cover up? Did the McMichaels have that level of influence in their community? 2. Why did it take so long for the video to forward? 3. What explanation can the first DA have for the delay? 4. If there was a cover up, will the participants be punished?

        • Well Bobby, the reason is they, at first, felt there were no charges to be brought. The DA first handling this case had a DIFFERENT opinion than those who came in later after all the recusals. That takes time.
          They don’t just release the vids as soon as they get them for obvious reasons——–the lynch mobs form too quickly.
          Lastly, who says which legal opinion of a crime being committed is correct here?
          I’ll tell you. NO ONE BUT THE GRAND JURY! And ultimately the jury of We the people.

      • “….. should have known their detention of Arbery wasn’t legal.”

        At least one DA legal beagle disagrees with you. I’ll bet there are plenty more that do also.

    • Were this another crap piece about celebrity news I would agree with you. Those posts are garbage and detract from TTAG.

      Defensive gun use posts are pertinent to Gun Rights, whichever side of the argument they may fall on where public opinion is concerned. Every time a citizen rightfully defends his or herself with a firearm, it adds to the defense of the Second Amendment and the natural Civil Right it enumerates.

      The opposite is also true. Every time a citizen wrongfully uses a firearm it harms the case for all of our natural Civil Right to keep and bear arms.

      We would be fools not to pay close attention to both cases.

      • I do not agree, at all. Every time a citizen wrongfully uses a firearm, it *strengthens* the justification for everyone to be armed, so as to oppose that wrongful use. You will never eliminate wrongful use of firearms, the best you can do is assure that unjustified force can be successfully opposed.

        • BUT, the average voter does not see that way. So you need to be aware of the fact that to them they just read another newspaper article where two southern MAGA Trump NRA gun toting ex cop judge jury and executioner bubbas took out a black man for the crime of looking inside a house under construction and jogging while black. They will not think hey maybe I should consider getting a weapon to protect myself while out. Nope, they are going to be all for having your weapons removed. You can yell and scream 2nd amendment all you want when the laws in your state get changed. Maybe move to another state and hope the critical mass of voters needed to change the laws does not happen. Tool up and go out and shoot the treasonous bastards which will really get the ball rolling nationwide to make sure you never will possess arms again or? Use common sense, why did these 2 need to confront him? The father knew the man and could easily describe him to LEO. Instead they let it get out of hand and now 3 lives have been destroyed. No matter what they are financially ruined and will be outcast among normal civilized people. Was that a smart thing to do?

    • It’s pretty relevant – kneejerk defense of the McMichaels is helping anti-gun nuts make their argument for them, when the actual 2nd Amendment angle here is that if Arbery had been legally armed he should have legally defended himself.

      • He couldn’t be legally armed because he brought a handgun into a gun free zone when he was 19.

        He has to be 21 to get a handgun. He has to have a permit to conceal carry. He can’t carry a gun through a gun free zone. He can’t carry a weapon on a school campus.

        Gun control is RACIST.

        • While I’m generally not a fan of his, the Adam Ruins Everything piece on gun control is very good, and exposes people who otherwise would be against us (or at best ambivalent) to the realities of gun control. He makes the point that gun control = racism pretty early and often throughout, citing multiple examples in American history. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better than I expected from a typical left-wing media personality (I stop short of calling Adam Conover a celebrity, because..well…he isn’t)

        • Chief, WTF you talkin’ about, the deceased was 25, should have been armed. Of course, Rand Paul should have been armed as well, and his neighbor should have been long dead before Paul arrived at hospital.

        • @LarryinTX

          He was convicted of breaking gun control laws when he was 19. That limited his defensive weapons to something like a hammer or his fists.

    • @ DCJ
      Judging by the number of comments, my perspective is that your position isn’t broadly shared.

    • Wasn’t it ONE home that was under construction with nothing worth stealing unless he had a pickup truck to load lumber in???????

    • You must be new here. This site has discussed crimes involving guns and defensive gun use since the very beginning.

    • Same as all those articles about Jessie Smolett and Travyon. Whites are always guilty. No need to look at the evidence, no need to weigh the evidence, no need to check everything out.

  2. I expect that both of the McMichaels will be seeing jail time measured in many years.

    That said… “We are living in the age of the black-panic defense.”

    Horseshit, and intended to ignite outrage. This very well may be a case of individual racism, but it doesn’t point toward an institutional or widespread problem statistically.

    • I see it either way. It depends on how well their defense is able to present the case s well as the racial and gender makeup of the jury. There have been more than a few cases where I was stunned by verdicts.
      That said the smart defense would have been to never get yourself into such a situation in the first place.

      • If they have a defense attorney smart enough to get them off the Feds will step in and throw down “Hate Crime” charges which is even worse than what they are charged with now, these guys WILL do decades in jail either way…

        • Because self defense against a violent attack is a hate crime!

          • Had they followed the law (which I’m sure they are familiar with) there would have been no “violent attack”… The government will NOT let this go unanswered and IF the McMichaels EVER uttered or published even the slightest racially charged word they WILL be charged with a hate crime.. I could argue that Arbery was acting in self defense when he was confronted by a shotgun wielding individual that apparently lacked the intellect to maintain a safe distance between himself and an unarmed Arbery… while Arbery used the same poor judgement by attempting to disarm one of TWO armed men confronting him instead of just giving up and waiting for the cops…

        • Murderous defense against a violent attack is punishable when the attack did not exist. And waiting for the cops or a rope, whichever arrived first, would not have appealed to me, either.

    • Black panic might be reasonable in other cases but not this one. If I were being chased by armed men and I was going to get killed anyway, I might as well go on the offensive and try and get a barrel up.

      That said, I do keep my eyes open around unknown / unfamiliar blacks the same way I do around cops and tweakers. I keep my distance until I’m required to interact. Once they pass my sniff test, everything is well, but not before. I’ve had my ass grabbed and spanked enough times by randos in the grunts, in public no less, to keep a distance around gays as well.

    • True, things have gotten better, but it hasn’t been fixed yet. There’s still problems with generation Boomer and X, especially with the Boomer.

      The McMichaels fit the racial stereotype of being hunters and NRA members who are not too kind to non whites. Then there’s them chasing down a young black male while standing on an American truck holding guns. Then there is their support for Trump and MAGA.

      Remember how Northam won? Remember how he shut down a gun protest on the capital? Remember how the Virginia Democrats got 7 out 8 of their bills passed? Remember this?

      • “Coonman” Northam won because of tens of millions of Bloomberg’s dollars. Trying to read another reason is not reasonable.

  3. Before we all go nuts for this “poor fella”..! Why are we not hearing more about the fact that Arbery was running while wearing a pair of boots AND just before you see him in the video, had dropped a hammer down in the street…?? This is NOT an open and shut case!!

    • True, its not an open and shut case, but it is. Even if he had the hammer, that would not be a felony. First I would like to point out the ‘hammer’ was reported by the same people who are currently arrested. There is, as far as I know, not video evidence of the ‘hammer’ being dropped. The same people who claimed hey wanted to question him and possibly make a citizen’s arrest. Except, as I recall from living in Georgia years ago, you can only make a citizen’s arrest against someone who committed a felony and only then if you have proof or first hand knowledge they committed the crime. there was a 911 call, but the portion of what was released from that said they say him at the construction site, but did not mention seeing he take anything or damage anything. Trespassing on an ‘open’ construction site I believe is a misdemeanor. Still not a reason for a citizen’s arrest.

      • ” . . . you can only make a citizen’s arrest against someone who committed a felony and only then if you have proof or first hand knowledge they committed the crime. . .”

        Supposedly there is security camera video of Arbery or someone who looked like him, breaking into houses in the neighborhood. If there is this kind of video, I wonder how this will play out in subsequent decisions. It’s also worth considering if the response to Arbery’s shooting and death would be perceived any differently if the father and son were LEO’s in uniforms and driving a police car? Further, if there is evidence that justifies the shooting, will the Georgia legal system have the integrity to avoid a Trayvon style show-trial. At this point the whole thing just feels like a road we’ve traveled down before. Optics are not necessarily truth.

        • “…if the response to Arbery’s shooting and death would be perceived any differently if the father and son were LEO’s in uniforms and driving a police car?”

          It would be. Because then they would have been, you know, actual police.

        • “Supposedly there is security camera video of Arbery or someone who looked like him, breaking into houses in the neighborhood. If there is this kind of video, I wonder how this will play out in subsequent decisions.”

          This is supposed to be the video :

        • PROBABLE CAUSE ARREST !!!!!????
          No actual PROOF needed at that time. The investigation that follows often provides the PROOF———-or not. But the arrest is still valid.

          I just love all these Monday morning couch potato lawyers who spout the law but have only a limited knowledge of same. A little knowledge of a COMPLEX subject is a VERY DANGEROUS thing.

        • “PROBABLE CAUSE ARREST !!!!!????”

          Do you really believe Georgia law allows ordinary citizens to make probable cause arrests?

          Interesting, but if you do that yourself you will end up in jail. And it sounds like that probably is the right place for you, I don’t want you swarppin’ around my city streets with a gun trying to arrest people you think might’ve committed a crime.

    • It’s an open on shut case because Georgia Law only allows you to make a citizens arrest in the immediate wake of a crime and not days later. The contrast with the Zimmerman case is obvious to anybody who knows the facts. Zimmerman contacted the police first and was moving away from trouble and going back to his truck when Martin attacked him..

      • Martin had a reasonable fear that Zimmerman was just going to get into his vehicle and continue to stalk him.
        Zimmerman has disregarded dispatches direction to discontinue pursuit, he exited his vehicle to more effectively stalk Martin.

        • You are an idiot. Martin was a couple of hundred yards from the safety of his temporary residence and had no idea where Zimmerman was headed. His girlfriend gave an interview where she admitted she whipped him up into a homophobic rage. It’s clear that you know the MSNBC version of events.

        • Martin had, in fact, made it home safely. He went back out looking for Zimmerman. even with complete perjury and conspiracy by the prosecutors and their false witness at trial enough truth came out that Zimmerman was released.

        • Zimmerman got out of his truck to look for Martin only after the police operator asked for Martin’s location. As soon as the operator advised Zimmerman that wasn’t necessary, Zimmerman started back to his truck. Martin jumped him before he made it.

        • Martin at no time made any effort to call 911 instead he ducked between houses would you consider that to be the actions of someone in fear?

        • Miner and his stupidity makes an appearance.
          Martin got what he was begging for.
          One less piece of trash to support in prison.
          When someone attacks you and tries to kill you, remember to let them have their way..

        • Just because someone is following you does not give you the right to ATTACK them and pound their skull into the concrete sidewalk.

          You do have the opportunity to put distance between you and the person who is JUST FOLLOWING YOU. If and when they ATTACK you——–that is a different story.

          Grow yourself some commonfuckingsense already.

          • Don’t bother asking Miner to use ‘common sense’. He’s far to stupid.
            He only knows how to regurgitate the crap his liberal masters tell him to.

      • Trayvon Martin has been turned into a civil rights saint. In the minds of a great many Americans the fact that he attacked Zimmerman doesn’t matter at all. Turning thugs into saints is an old, old, practice that always generates good political capital. Similarly, turning saints into thugs can do the exact same thing.

        • There wasn’t enough evidence that Zimmerman murdered. There was no video nor witnesses. He got off on a reasonable doubt. Maybe he did murder Trayvon after he lost a fist fight. That’s enough to say not guilty. We can’t say he did, we can only say maybe.

          So using the Trayvon case for anything is not good. Only one man knows what happened in that case and he is the killer.

          The EJ Bradford and Philando Castile shootings are what they should be using. Not cases with no evidence or cases that can go either way in court regardless.

        • “There wasn’t enough evidence that Zimmerman murdered. There was no video nor witnesses.”

          Wrong. There were several eyewitnesses that observed some of the incident. None viewed all of the incident.

          The eyewitnesses interviewed by the police backed up Zimmerman’s account of the incident.

          That is *why* Zimmerman wasn’t arrested the night of the incident. His story matched the eyewitnesses. There never was a case to convict Zimmerman…

        • @Geoff

          No one saw the fight and killing. It was dark and they were far away. Only Zimmerman knows what happened.

          There was recording but they were too dark. No one could see the shooting.

    • You’re two days behind on the facts.

      Videos have been posted of what Arbery was doing (or not doing) before he was chased by the McMichales then Bryant.

    • I haven’t seen the boots or the hammer, thus have not considered them as any manner of evidence. It is easy to make up all manner of stories to throw off discussion into the weeds.

  4. This is simply a combination of fairly low information people and the proliferation of the thug/gangbanger culture depicted everywhere and accepted as the new normal. It happens on both sides people! Just because you never see it on MSM!

  5. Funny, I was trained to observe a potential attacker’s body language and to make special note of where his or her hands are. Skin color really had nothing to do with it except as one of several factors in later identifying the attacker. And by today’s leftist standards, such as they are, I would be classified as a white asian.

    • “White” Asians have privilege in Asia. The tan ones are looked down on because having dark skin is a sign of being from a lower class.

    • In America, then, are you an asian white? Just curious, I am an American. In America, in Asia, in Europe, in Africa, on and on … Always an American.

      • Right this African, Asian, Norwegian etc. American is bullshit. Your either American or your not.

        • Right, screw those Italian American and their crazy Italian traditional festival’s!

          What’s with those Irish Americans, always wanting to fight, forcing us to celebrate their Saint Patricks holy day.

          Why won’t they just shut up and be Americans like good white Americans, you know Caucasians from the caucus mountains in Russia.

  6. I will wait till the complete story comes out and all the evidence is released, but there are a lot of questions that need to be answered from both sides

    • Yes, this exactly. The grand jury testimony in the Michael Brown case and the jury transcripts in the Zimmerman trial contained facts that never have and never will appear in the lamestream media.

      The narratives pushed publicly about those two situations are pure fiction.

      Likewise with what happened in Charlottesville. The truth is out there, but you must seek it out for yourself and not expect newspaper and television “reporters” to spoon feed it to you. You will never get the truth from them.

      • “ Likewise with what happened in Charlottesville.”

        Interesting, could you please be more specific.

        • You calling someone out on facts is interesting. Too bad that isn’t an introspective trait as well…

        • This deserves a more detailed treatment by someone with more time and energy but I will try to give a succinct summary.

          Charlottesville was an Antifa/BLM ambush set up by the city government and perpetrated by the PD.

          After months of legal struggle against the city which was trying to stop the demonstration against the removal of a Confederate statue, and several other demonstrations actually going forward peacefully, the Unite The Right people got the legal go ahead from the courts. They were supposed to have parking near the location, and police keeping counter protesters away, but the day of the even they were forced to park at a considerable distance. They were supposed to be allowed to have their own PA system, but due to being unable to drop it off by vehicle they could not.

          BLM and Antifa were organized into large blocks of people by the police with only narrow corridors through the crowds created by flimsy barriers. Unite The Right people were forced to enter the area in those narrow corridors between BLM and Antifa. when the UTR people were well into the midst of the counter protesters BLM and Antifa then began throwing objects. At that point the police declared the UTR assembly “unlawful” in violation of the court orders and ordered the UTR people to disperse. The UTR people attempted to egress back by the route they had entered through via the narrow corridors between barriers but were blocked by police. Police removed barriers at the front of the assembly and forced UTR people to disperse through antifa and BLM. Then the police withdrew to a safe distance to let BLM/Antifa have their way.

          What followed was essentially a fighting retreat by the UTR people back to where the UTR they had been forced to park. In the famous parking garage photo of the black man who was beaten you will see another man on the ground. That is white guy who was just beaten down by the black guy in the picture and his friends. The white guys beating the black guy had come to the other beaten guys aid.

          There is a video of a UTR guy shooting at the feet of a black guy. What is not shown is that black guy using a spray can as a flamethrower at the UTR guys immediately before.

          James Fields, the man who ran into a car which ran into a car which ran over communist combatant Heather Hyer, had driven down a street which he found to be blocked by the other cars stopped by an antifa/blm crowd. His vehicle came under attack by Antifa and BLM with sticks, bats, and bricks and he panicked and hit the gas causing the accident.

          The post event legal situation was a disaster. A number of white guys got railroaded into various crappy plea deals while the few antifa/blm people that got charged had their charges dropped or got otherwise let off.

          Media coverage was pure fiction but permeated our society so thoroughly that even Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh still spout the false media narrative.

          The city government of Charlottesville is full of open communists and they have actually bragged about this but most of it has gone down the memory hole, been deleted, hidden or otherwise covered up.

          It’s all out there though, if you look for it.

        • Those answers are too long. Try this; Watching the newsvideo of the conflicts, I could not determine which side was which. Everybody was pounding on each other with clubs. Attempting to convince me that one side was all good and innocent, being picked on unfairly by the meanies on the other side, was moronic, it was a bunch of assholes who went to beat up on each other, of absolutely no interest to me. If 1000 had died, it would still be of no interest.

        • Miner: still waiting on the proof from your claim about Nazi flags and nooses at the protest in Michigan..
          oh, yea.. there is none..
          liberal POS.

  7. This is an interesting case, and of course bad for the 2nd amendment. These white dudes are, at best, mentally challenged. They started an armed agressive encounter. I am capable of unbiased, non binary thought. I’m also studied in the law. Unless more information comes to light, I highly doubt these guys will be convicted of any degree of murder, despite what the media mob would like. Depending on what we find out, I could see them being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, manslaughter, or nothing at all. What’s strange is that the deceased himself could have used deadly force in lawful self defense throughout the entire encounter.

    It’s almost like the media mob picks cases that are difficult to have a happy end. In this way the politicians can continue to rape the black community and the 75% out of wedlock birth rate can go unaddressed. Also, the top killer of black people in this country is abortion, done by their own mothers. Sad.

      • Ten years ago my sister was gang raped by blacks in a middle of the night home invasion.

        Nobody in the media cared. Nobody cares. If you are willing to defend a criminal like Aubrey, you are part on the problem.

        My family’s life was destroyed by blacks. Anyone who defends this criminal disgusts me.

        • I’m willing to defend the rights of all Americans and that often means defending the worst of the worst to prevent a bad precedent become entrenched and used against everyone else in the future. This guy could be guilty of everything, or nothing; either way, its a very bad precedent to set if armed people can chase others down the street and shoot them for either trying defend themselves or run away.

          Its also a bad precedent to set to allow theft to go unchecked in a society. A high trust society is already weakened from mixing difference races and when theft isn’t caught and punished by the institutions established to prevent it or at least punish it after the fact, trust between the people and those institutions breaks down as well. Now people have to take time off from work, sleep, family, etc, to establish a neighborhood watch to protect their own communities. I’m pretty sure there is plenty of crime in the area, but the police won’t do anything about it so it looks like there is less on paper, keeping taxes and property values high. Same old, same old.

          The difference between your sister’s case and this case is that, as cold as it is, one is a statistic that happens every day; the other is a sensational, ratings getting, drama festival that pours gasoline on an already raging dumpster fire. To compound the matter, the MSM media doesn’t usually care about the welfare of White people, most Asian people, or “privileged” people. The media are part of the same crowd that wants us all replaced with low skill, low education, third world types which have a higher tolerance for corruption and are much easier to control. They are literally a means to an end for political power and the media is almost exclusively democrat (communist) controlled.

          Life and livelihood are about the only reasons to chase after a criminal since they are essentially slam dunk if if goes to court; everything else is too much legal liability. Irreplaceable equipment needed to support your family and a lawn gnome usually have two different legal weights, one is livelihood, the other is property. Chasing someone for stealing a disposable lawn chair, while legal, would be a pretty stupid thing to do. One could say they will just come back for more, well, they might; but it seems more like a symptom of a rotten police force. If the police are corrected, handing surveillance footage to the blue gang will should sort it out. This vigilante stuff probably came about because someone refused to do their job and tossed the whole theft thing in the trash bin.

          My $2.00

        • Your family, and especially your sister, have my sympathy. Certainly, there is vicious trash out there but no race has a monopoly on it.

          Do you remember the movie, Boys Don’t Cry? It was inspired by a real incident in southeastern Nebraska. A confused girl masqueraded as male and dated some girls. Two studs found out and raped her. After she got them charged for it, they murdered her and two friends who had given her shelter.

          In another case in Omaha, two white guys thought it would be fun to abduct, rape and murder a black girl. The case was solved only after one of the murderers turned himself in and implicated the other. Unfortunately, he suicided before the trial so the other one got off.

          An immigrant family from South America had a job making repairs in an Omaha church. Some other Hispanics thought there was money to be stolen. They tortured the father and then murdered the entire family. One of them turned himself in, pleaded guilty and testified against the others. They didn’t get off.

        • What difference does race make in your lie … oops … story? Would it have been ok if the rapists were white? Was what they did legal? Because if not, what corrective action would you request? I think you are full of shit.

        • I agree…

          Arbery was CAUGHT casing houses and stealing from a construction site by the two white men. Under their state’s laws, they were within their rights to effect a “citizen’s arrest”, having personally witnessed the “crimes” themselves.

          In fact, he was about 12 miles from where he lived.

          Aubrey was no “jogger”, wearing boots, not jogging shoes…he was up to no good.

          While I don’t condone his death, his arrogance got in the way. He could have ran in the opposite direction, avoiding the confrontation, but (like trayvon martin) decided to confront the armed men. Bad move…

          The white men WILL pay for their actions.

          “Bonfire of the Vanities”, anyone??

        • Liar. If true maybe she deserved it because of slavery. Maybe she deserved it because of systemic racism. I dont really care because they should have killed her. Having sex with white women is wrong. They should be sterilized so there are no more inbred police and news reporters. White accuse blacks of crimes they did not commit. Its a witch hunt. In terms of morality you are on the wrong side of justice. We know whites are racist and will always be a problem until they are exterminated. You never treated blacks fairly so now anything goes including cold blooded murder. Yeah seriously dont say blacks rape white women. Nobody wants wants to fuck members of the inferior white race. They are very ugly. We wouldnt let her live even if she tried to use sex as a bribe. Without plastic surgery to look like laci sommers or jessica weaver she is ordinary and worthless. She cant make black panthers so she is not seed worthy. Rape only happens when people associate with jews. Technically people who associate with jews are kicked out of the black race ask Louis Farrakhan.

          In the end it doesnt matter. Corona virus is killing all the whites for black people so defending racists is a hollow victory. After the whites/gays/asians/mexicans/traitors are all dead the only race will be straight blacks. So Im happy. The government is trting to exterminate whites and buying guns doesnt help. You are too stupid to defend yourself. Occasionally you shoot an unarmed black but that isnt the same as actually facing a real threat. The Seattle deputy mayor name is Sam Zimbabwe. Hes white. It speaks to 2.5 million whites murdered overnight. The real pronlem in Georgia isnt racists. They are already slated you conquer. The real problem is the gay blacks in Atlanta. They are sellouts and kicked out of the race. Being gay is another thing picked up from being influenced by either jews or whites. Best guess is he got raped in church by baptists since blacks dont do little league or cub scouts. Thats where jews turn out aryans to become gay for life.

          • You seem to be pretty dialed into the racist and gay lifestyle..
            You must be friends with Miner, I-B, and Chief Idiot.

  8. Two prosecutors read the case file and recognized the name of one of the people involved, recused themselves because they had worked with one of the subjects in the case, and referred the case to subsequent authority. In the meantime, the County Sheriff’s office decided to wait on a prosecutor to take the case before any action against a former peace officer and DA’s investigator. The Sheriff was clear the his office had made NO decision about charging (or not charging) the retired DA’s investigator and his son.

    The father and son may – or may not – have killed the runner because he was “black.” The cell phone clip is NOT clear about what happened behind the truck. The inconclusive evidence does not give the press the unfettered right to lie about the known facts!

    • The third DA doesn’t want to charge either, he wants to send it to a jury. That’s right, a jury, when he knows the court system can’t do that right now.

      This is normal in that part of America. I’m glad I will never live in those areas. I like living in a mixed community where racism/supremacy is hard to create.

      • If race is all that important to you, you are a racist. Please don’t come to my part of America.

        • How is it racist to want to live with all races? How is it racist to want to be around African people, European people and Asian people in a single community? These areas exist in a place without white supremacy.

          You need to travel, sir.

        • If you need an explanation for why defining people in terms of their race is racist, you need to cut back of the meth commie.

        • @pwrserge

          The comment you are commenting on does not mention colors. I mention the origin of the different peoples around the world. I included all ethnicities.

          Scientists have shown there are 3 groups of modern human based on evolution via environmental factors. That means Jewish people are European. That means “Native Americans” are Asian.

          I have a mixed family because I live in a mixed land. How can I be racist against my own blood? We unite on culture not skin tone. I have no want to create an ethno state. I like diversity.

          You are the man from commie land who hates Africans.

      • There are statements about the thin blue line closing ranks to protect the brotherhood. In this case the DA referred to case to a grand jury so they couldn’t be responsible for indicting a fellow “good ol’ boy”.

        • No, the previous two prosecutors, who recused themselves, referred the case to other prosecutors because they did NOT want to violate Georgia, and federal, law when there is an obvious conflict of interest due to having worked with the individuals under investigation. That is following the law!

  9. Trayvon Martin was a drugged up teenage scum/thug. That was a justifiable shoot. He was living with his father because his mother could no longer handle him.

  10. Who took the cell phone video? And, what made that person think starting to record was a good idea (or, put another way, that something noteworthy was going to happen)?

    No, I’m not looking for a conspiracy – I’m honestly curious.

    • The news reported that a neighbor named ‘Roddy’ Bryan took the video. They did not site a reason why he felt the need to follow and record the event. The police have now questioned him and, last I saw, stated they haven’t decided whether to charge him or not. He supposedly stated he released the video because he wanted to clear up conflicting stories and bad information about the shooting. I’ve seen the video a dozen times and I can see where this didn’t clear up anything. It can easily be interpreted to go either way.

      • People in the area were saying Bryant helped the McMichaels lynch Arbery. He and his family were getting death threats. He claims he lost his job because of it. So part of the video was released to “clear” things up.

        Bryant doesn’t want some non white person to kill his ass for partaking in the events.