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Courtesy Charlie B.
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Charlie B. writes…

This is my daily setup:

Smith & Wesson 1911 SC .45 ACP
Remington Golden Saber 230 gr
Cobra Gunskin Carroll Shelby hybrid holster
Spare 8-round magazine
Leatherman Super Tool 300
Quantum light
Benchmade 9051 auto or Kershaw Launch 6 auto

Sometimes I swap out with a Safariland paddle holster.


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  1. Nice little light, but triple-A batteries get expensive…

    • Not really compared to 123A. Also LiIon last for like fucking ever in storage. Only way to buy AA and AAA.

    • rechargeable. Energizer makes AAA in 800mAh and AA in 2300mAh. They hold charge for up to a year. Same can be said for any battery now. For my bigger lights I have 18650 rechargeables, and cr123a rechargeables. I carry standard backup of all batteries in my EDC pack, and every other pack too. Also, Olight has a mode on some lights called “moonlight” that is said to last for 15 days with the light on. I doubt it’s been tested, but that’s pretty solid when you need some form of emergency light and battery consumption is a factor.

      • “Energizer makes AAA in 800mAh and AA in 2300mAh. They hold charge for up to a year.”

        Yeah, Panasonic’s ‘Eneloop’ batteries are like that, they claim they hold an 80-percent charge after one year.

        They claim the regular Eneloop cells can last for 2,000 re-charges, with is pretty damn good, considering the legacy NiCad cells were only good for maybe 500 cycles :


        The ultra-low lumen ‘moonlight’ mode is piss-poor for moving around in the dark with confidence, but works really well for stuff like book reading, once your eyes adjust to the low light. Works well for me in hurricane multi-day power outages here…

        • Be careful when you buy them locally though. I got a pack once that was dated like 2 years out of date. They worked for a while but then I had to charge them too often. I should have just taken them back, but that was my first purchase of rechargeables, and I didnt do the research.

  2. Need to pick you up some Chip McCormick 10 rounders. Quality stuff and mo’ ammo!

    • “need another magazine”

      Know any cases of a conceal carrier reloading… twice?

      Someone probably ‘needs’ a helmet walking down the street as much as they need a 2nd spare mag.

  3. Solid carry. Not sure I would carry two auto knives though. If I did carry a second blade, it would be fixed.

  4. I like multi tools but not as a edc. Before I retired I liked having one handy. But since then I have one in my vehicle kit, one in my range box and one in my fishing kit. I’m nearly always close to one. Just not on me.

    I found a leatherman wave on one of my daily walks. It looked near new and even had some oil on it. Nice bit of kit. Especially since it was free.

    • The leatherman and the spare mag go on the opposite hip of the pistol. This helps balance the weight a little. The light goes in a small elastic loop that is on the leatherman pouch.

    • Whoever lost the Leatherman had to be bummed. I’ve carried a wave on my belt for years. It’s amazing how many times at work I whip it out rather than go back to my toolbox. I’m real good at opening it one-handed. I think they run $80-ish nowadays.

      And thumbs up on the 1911! I carried a GI model until the sights got so small that I found I was point shooting rather than trying to find a sight picture. Recently gave it to my youngest son and ponied up for a Springfield loaded operator in .45.

      • Counterpoint: I really,really like the IDEA of multi-tools, but I always just go back to a small pouch of real tools. I always have a knife anyway. Even something like taking the access panel off of a piece of equipment is a total chore with a multi-tool. I keep the old,old Leatherman (the one with the waiter’s friend and tiny fork) in my man purse in case I need to bust out a bottle of wine, but that’s the only one that doesn’t reside in my junk drawer. This doesn’t apply to bicycle specific tools, some of which work pretty well.

    • I have had a Gerber for a very long time. I am working on moving some of my EDC around to accomodate a Leatherman Charge Plus because it comes with a pocket clip. That is the only practical way I can see carrying a multitool when carrying a gun, reload, knife and a flashlight. I also carry a notebook and pen so that’s all my pockets. Cell phone front left with my knife weak side, and car keys front right with my flashlight. Anyways, the only way I would carry the leatherman is in my cargo pocket of my RIGGS ranger pants which I don’t want to do, or the right rear pocket where my notebook and pen currently are. I do have a custom kydex mag style pouch for my Gerber MP600, but it’s bulky and I don’t want anything exterior when I am concealing, or exterior when I am OWB that will get in the way of my reload or weapon. So, pocket or nothing. But that Leatherman is REALLY nice, and I usually don’t like leathermans. I prefer the one handed open style. This os the one I am thinking about getting:
      I think their OHT’s are junk and the pliers look frail. The best one I could find is the Leatherman MUT, but it’s got some bulky carabiner clip attached and no pocket clip available. So, maybe I’ll compromise. I also have a Gerber Dime for smaller stuff. Surprising how often I actually use it too. I have given thought to replacing my MP600 with a MUT on my vest too.

  5. But, but, but…this EDC doesn’t have enough wear! It can’t be valid. Kidding of course. Those guys are idiots.

    • Yea. I frequent the EDC site and the reddit EDC too… and something just got posted about the reddit version being ran by EDC.com and of course, people were like “oh, I’m out” …how stupid. Same type of people.

  6. I had that exact same gun and was carrying it for a while but in numerous practice sessions the gun would not fire. My diagnosis was the overall geometry of the gun, the thumb safety height and angle, the round butt and the grip safety dimensions…did not fit my (size large to X large ) hands. This and the discovery of MIM fire control group parts and I sold it. If it works (all the time) for the owner, then great. I “stole” a Les Baer new in the box Comanche for $100 more than the Smith and have had zero issues with it and it’s dead nutz accurate.

    • Talking about getting something for a ‘steal’, that’s how I got the Benchmade auto. I was at a local pawn shop and saw the knife in the display case. It was closed and I could see part of the butterfly on the blade. I asked to see it and the owner let me look at it. He said the tag has $60.00, but I will let you have it for $40.00. Could not get the money out fast enough. Stop in at that pawn shop every now and then to see if he has any other bargains.

  7. The 230g golden sabers are the way to go. I used to use the 185g +p golden sabers until I saw ballistic gel tests, the 230grainers made a much bigger wound cavity, which was a surprise as the 185’s are going like 1,150fps compared to something like 850fps with the 230’s.

    Remington Golden Sabers are an excellent bullet design. They feature an excellent feed profile and terminal ballistics to match.

    Felt recoil between the two is equal.

    in calibrated ballistic gel:

    230gr 14.3″ penetration – .75 recovered diameter

    185gr 13″ penetration – .70 recovered dia

    185gr +P 12.6″ penetration – .70 dia

  8. Nice EDC Kit. Gun, Spare Mag, Knife(s), Flashlight. That’s all the boxes checked on my list. Thanks for sharing.

  9. beyond any doubt, handguns are extremely dangerous and the likelihood of actually using one in any legal or safe manner is almost non-existent. it should be obvious that civilians should not be playing with these.

    • Feel free to move North to Canada, South to Mexico, or across the pond to England. There you don’t have to worry about civilians with guns. You can become a subject of those countries. We don’t play with them, they are tools.

    • lol wut? So you trust the government with them? How many wars will it take to prove you wrong? How many police enforcing tyranny does it take to show you why civilians own guns in America? You reap the benefits, and you criticize those who know the world is not a friendly place and have a mindset ready to defend themselves? Sad. When someone breaks into your house and the police show up 20 minutes later, I hope you come to your senses, assuming they let you live.

    • Why exactly are you viewing a post on this website if you don’t believe that an armed citizen is a value? I’d much rather see a well armed and trained civilian than an armed and poorly trained police officer.

  10. Speaking of tools. The handgun is a tool. The mind is the weapon.- paraphrased from John Corriea.

  11. “But, but… a 1911 will get you killed! It has a safety and nobody knows how to undo a safety!” Says every tactitard youtube “trainer expert gun guru”.
    Love this setup. I, too, carry a 1911 most every day. Carry on.

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