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By Lee Williams

In a story published Sunday, CNN was forced to prop up the long debunked Gun Violence Archive, the Washington D.C.-based nonprofit that provides the cable network and other anti-gun groups with sensational, misleading and inaccurate mass-shooting data.

The CNN story states that the Supreme Court Justices who dissented in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, INC. vs Bruen, cited data from the Gun Violence Archive, or GVA, which falsely claimed there have been 277 mass shootings since the beginning of 2022…an average of one mass shooting per day.

“The dissent was just the latest example of the growing influence of the Gun Violence Archive, a tiny nonprofit that has for less than a decade attempted to log every single incident of gun violence in the US in real time,” CNN wrote. “The organization has been cited by the Supreme Court, policymakers and media outlets like CNN primarily for its ongoing tally of mass shootings, which it defines as any incident in which four people are shot, excluding the shooter.”

Mark Bryant, the GVA’s executive director, told CNN he is noticing the phrase “according to Gun Violence Archive” cited more frequently in news stories, which Bryant sees as an affirmation of his group’s efforts.

It is not until later in the story — much later — that CNN mentions the misleading definition the GVA uses to define a mass shooting, which the Second Amendment Foundation first exposed.

“When most Americans hear the term ‘mass shooting,’ they picture a crazed gunman stalking the halls of a school or a shopping mall, coldly and randomly executing innocent young victims,” CNN wrote, quoting from the Second Amendment Foundation’s July 2021 story. “What does not come to mind are rival drug crews shooting it out in Chicago or Detroit, or a madman murdering his entire family.”

Bryant told the cable network that he views the Second Amendment Foundation’s criticisms as “irrelevant.”

“My answer on that is, the same number of people are shot whether you call it a ‘mass shooting’ or whether you call it a ‘shooting that four people or more were shot,’” Bryant told CNN. “But they just don’t like when the (term) ‘mass shooting’ is used, some don’t like that.”

Misleading definition

Not included in the CNN story was a full explanation of the vast differences between the GVA’s definition of a mass shooting and how the FBI categorizes the crime, or the massive discrepancies the two definitions produce.

atlanta cnn riot
(AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

For example, according to Bryant’s all-inclusive definition, there were 417 mass shootings in 2019. The FBI says there were 30, because it uses a much narrower and more realistic definition.

According to their report titled: “Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2020,” the FBI defines active shootings as:

  • Shootings in public places
  • Shootings occurring at more than one location
  • Shootings where the shooter’s actions were not the result of another criminal act
  • Shootings resulting in a mass killing
  • Shootings indicating apparent spontaneity by the shooter
  • Shootings where the shooter appeared to methodically search for potential victims
  • Shootings that appeared focused on injury to people, not buildings or objects

Shootings were excluded from the FBI’s list if they were the result of:

  • Self-defense
  • Gang violence
  • Drug violence
  • Contained residential or domestic disputes
  • Controlled barricade/hostage situations
  • Crossfire as a byproduct of another ongoing criminal act
  • An action that appeared not to have put other people in peril

By comparison, the Gun Violence Archive excludes nothing, even if the shooting is gang- or drug-related, the two main causes of most violent crime in the country today.

Last year, when we asked Bryant if he believed that the average news consumer even considers domestic violence or gang warfare when they hear the term mass shooting, Bryant said:

I don’t know. I know what we want to do is provide numbers and let the journalists, advocates and ‘congress critters’ look at the data, glean details and drill down on it.


CNN’s story says the GVA is looking for a “permanent funding source” since their lone donor is in his 80s. They’re also seeking a potential replacement should Bryant, who is 67, decide to retire.

fake news

That’s the real reason for CNN’s story. The network can’t afford to lose the sensational, clickbait headlines GVA-sourced stories produce. Besides, the GVA is also used by anti-gun politicians, gun prohibitionists and other media outlets to infringe upon our rights. Keep in mind they cite GVA’s fake data as proof our rights need more infringing. That’s the real danger of GVA’s misleading data.

Now, when ill-informed Supreme Court Justices parrot GVA’s gibberish, that danger grows exponentially.


The Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project wouldn’t be possible without you. Click here to make a tax deductible donation to support pro-gun stories like this.

This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.

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    • Uh-oh. Now Miner’s going to come for you, demanding that you give him a clarification of those two words then try to put a bunch of words in your mouth that you didn’t say.

      Happened to me yesterday.

      • Anybody that wants can make any statement they wish, even if it’s unsupported by the facts.

        “Shootings were excluded from the FBI’s list if they were the result of:

        Gang violence
        Drug violence
        Contained residential or domestic disputes
        Controlled barricade/hostage situations
        Crossfire as a byproduct of another ongoing criminal act“

        Interesting. Of course, the people killed in those non-shooting shootings are just as dead so the nuance is lost on them.

        • “Anybody that wants can make any statement they wish, even if it’s unsupported by the facts.”

          Your entire posting history on TTAG proves that.

          You’re a proven liar who has no credibility.

        • MajorStupidity,

          You are the epitome of the old saying, “He’d lie if the truth would serve him better”. You cannot post a comment without a lie – or at least you never have.

          NO ONE calls these “non-shooting events’, except you. What they are NOT is “mass shooting” events. The FBI definition is rational, relatively objective, and they maintain fairly precise records (one of the FEW things they seem to be able to do right, these days).

          More importantly, “statistics” are only meaningful if you are using “apples to apples” comparisons. Sort of like when idiots like you use “comparative” health statistics from other countries to “prove” that the US health system is less effective than it is . . . without disclosing (or perhaps you are just too STUPID to be aware) that those other countries do not use the same standards and definitions. Quick example – the US counts a stillbirth as an “infant death”; most other countries don’t. That ALONE makes comparisons of “infant mortality” statistics meaningless. But, since it serves your lying, Leftist/fasicist narrative, you’ll parrot that lie with a straight face.

          Unless there is a common, accepted standard for reporting, comparing “statistics” is an exercise in Samuel Langhorne Clemens’ famous observation that “There are lies; damn lies; and statistics”. You and your lying Leftist/fascist ilk will follow your narrative, no matter HOW many lies you have to tell.

          Sod off; your circle jerk awaits you.

  1. So the minuscule remnants of CNN’s audience left over from the 90s will have to get their misinformation from another source? Yeah, cry me a river…

      • Most Medical offices as well as Dental offices show home remodeling shows.

        You know the ones where Tammy a self employed Dog Walker and her wife Sambetha who works at a small nonprofit are looking to buy and remodel a $500,000 property?

  2. “The CNN story states that the Supreme Court Justices who dissented in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, INC. vs Bruen, cited data from the Gun Violence Archive”

    Who gives a flying you know what, what the GVA data is. That data has zero to do with my rights! Knowing who the dissenters are though it comes as no surprise. Kagan and Sotomayor are two of the stupidest women on the planet. They are on par with Hirono and Cortez.

    • Countering and exposing mis/disinformation is important but as to the whole how many people need to die before you accept (more) gun control the answer is still all of them.

      • The FBI statistic is useful to a realistic citizen in assessing their personal risk of being shot in public. THE GVA numbers are intended to, as with all leftist propaganda, stir a dread.

  3. I’m sure Bloombucks can find a few million in his couch cushions that he could toss their way so that The Trace can continue to spew their propaganda.

  4. CNN just admitted a week ago that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was NOT some right-wing media story. They’re only about two years late, but whatever. Why would any reasonable person trust a word they said after three plus years of the Russia Collusion lies? They’re a propaganda network.

    • Old, old trick. Lie your ass off running up to an election. Then publish the truth as near as possible to the mid-point between elections, when far fewer people are paying attention. When accused of impartiality, smugly point to the truth you published quietly on page 18 below the fold when nobody was paying attention, and ignore your month-long string of headlines promoting the self-serving lie running up to the election.

      On a similar note, it is an accident that taxes are due just about as far away from election time in a calendar year as possible?

  5. The Far Right constantly try to ignore and hide the fact that masses of people lying in rivers of blood and carnage are not supposed to be classified as sub-human and therefore not countable, which is exactly what Hitler and his Far Right Nazi’s did in WWII. There is zero difference between Hitler’s Far Right thugs and the Jack Booted Far Right of Capitalvania, as both believe in the same racist ideology.

    The Far Right Jack Boots also refuse to acknowledge that European countries do not have the daily mass murders and drug war shoot outs that we have. Gee I wonder if that could have anything to do with their very thorough back ground checks they run before someone can buy a deadly weapon while in Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable anyone can buy a second hand gun with no questions asked.

    • Hay Asshole, you’re a liar. I’ve proven it on the Montenegro shooting thread.

      Go there and respond to my challenge. I dare you.
      If you don’t answer my postings, you’re a coward.

      I expect you to run away and hide from that discussion, liar.

    • @dacian

      “which is exactly what Hitler and his Far Right Nazi’s did in WWII.”

      You do realize Hitler and his Nazis were actually extream far left violent radical, don’t you?

      Wait a second. Of course you don’t, what was i thinking asking if you actually knew something.

      • to Booger Brain

        quote—————You do realize Hitler and his Nazis were actually extream far left violent radical, don’t you?———–quote

        This is the same laughable nonsense and sub-conscience guilt the Far Right constantly pander. You obviously flunked even High School History classes.

        Hitler was as far right as you could possibly ever get. Now lets compared Hitler’s Nazi’s and the American Far Right Nazi’s which are one and the same.

        Hitler hated National Socialism that he inherited from Bismarck’s policies. The Far Right in the U.S. hate any social programs that help people because they are so stingy and cheap they do not want to pay higher taxes to support such programs.

        Hitler and the U.S. Far Right hate unions and both tried to destroy them by lowering wages and benefits, the exact same thing Hitler did.

        Hitler was an extreme racist so to is the Far Right and the Republican party and that is known and admitted even by the both.

        Hitler hated all minorities, not only the Jews but the Gypsies and the Blacks and refused to even shake the hand of Jesse Owens at the Olympics. Far Right Americans do the same, you will not find them living in minority neighborhoods.

        Hitler privatized many public utilities to save money and let the private sector rape the people, the same policy of the far right Republicans.

        Hitler said “Every generation needs at least one big war”, the Republicans have been noted as extreme war mongers. John McCain in one year, I repeat in just one year recommended the U.S. Invade over 50 countries, You read that right 50 countries.

        Hitler was a xenophobe the same as todays Republicans.

        Hitler hated refugees the same as the Republicans who under Herr Drumpf lowered U.S. immigration to the lowest in the country’s history.

        Hitler tried to reduce the country’s social benefits programs to raise more money for his wars , so too have the Republicans.

        Most of Hitler’s tax money went for war so too the Republicans now spend 52 cents of every dollar on war.

        Hitler did not believe in social programs for the mentally handicapped and the physically handicapped and tried to murder them all. Republicans have constantly blocked benefits for these two groups of people.

        Hitler believed in blind obedience to authority, the same exact political beliefs of the Republican’s who support police brutality and murder, especially of minorities.

        Hitler believed his country was the master race and so too do the U.S. Republicans think the same and that all other peoples are sub-human and inferior in every way..

        Try again Booger Brain you failed big time on this one.

        • @dacian,

          evidently you don’t know the difference between left and right.

          What you just delusionally argued for Hitler is exactly radical left wing violent. It would have been different had he and his nazis were not also at the same time was trying to conquer and subjugate as much as they could then it could be called ‘right wing’ – but it is a fact that Hitler and his Nazis were actually extreme far left violent radical.

          Any political government entity that uses socialism concepts to subjugate the populace to their will using violence is extreme far left violent radical.

          Now mainly though, in principal, Hitler hated socialism and communism but not some of their ideas. He was not a socialist POLITICALLY but in actions he was.

          Hitlers ideologies and that of Nazism is race based which is fundamentally different from class-focused socialism, this is where the root argument comes from that Hitler was not a socialist POLITICALLY. That’s not the only thing that identifies a socialist, but most stupid people would not look further and realize that actions can also define a socialist.

          Hitler’s vision was class-based, that the Aryan race was the dominate race and all others were subjected to them – that is class based. And he tried to subjugate others to that by using violence so in reality he was using class-focused socialism by violence trying to establish a ‘democratic socialists’ framework ideal of a political democracy and some form of a socially owned economy he had planned for after he won the war and had even started designing cities panned around that to be occupied by those of the Aryan race with all other inferior and meant to serve and be eliminated.

          This is far left wing violent radical socialism. It is a fact that Hitler and his Nazis were ACTUALLY extreme far left violent radical.

          As per political analysts use, those on the left are comprised of anarchists, communists, socialists, democratic socialists, social democrats, left-libertarians, progressives and social liberals – which pretty much in part, sometimes whole, describes the Democratic party we have today. A core historical founding principal of the Democratic party is class based, what we call racism today, just like Hitler used.

        • @dacian

          Also to add, in case you didn’t get it from my reply to your delusional nonsense…

          socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

          Implicit in this is that a ‘class’ based system is used to define ‘community’ (as in the ‘society’ of the system). The classes are those who are part of that ‘community’ and those who are not part of that ‘community’. The class that is part of that ‘community’ gets to decide who is or is not part of their class.

          Hitler established a class based system, those of the Aryan ‘race’ were part of the ‘community’ class and those not of the Aryan ‘race’ were not part of the ‘community’ class – thus Hitler and his Nazis sought to establish a socialism based society based on race and tried to do it by use of violence and radicalism, Hitler and his Nazis were exactly the very definition of far left violent radical extremists.

          there are other key points in the Hitler saga that show him and his Nazis to be far left violent radical extremists ‘socialists’. I’m sure you think your hero Hitler was a ‘saint’, you seem to worship him so much.

          But the fact is that Hitler tried to do what your precious socialists Democrats are trying to do today politically only the democrats as a whole are not using far left violent radical extremists tactics, yet, but they do have such tactics available to them.

    • And you leftists dehumanize your opponents so you feel justified in committing atrocities in “the name of the people” and the glorious utopia that will be created. Just after the next massacre, and the next and the next and the next.

      But your Caravan of Death will embark on it’s arduous task to bring s0cial justice to masses.

    • Deranged, demented, illiterate, lunatic @$$hole says what???????

      If there was a kernel of an actual thought in that deranged rant, you buried it so deeply in lies and stupidity that it was indecipherable. I would say, “do better”, but I recognize that is beyond your limited (non-existent???) mental capabilities.

      Next time you ‘have a thought’???? Do yourself and everyone else a favor and . . . keep it to yourself. Oh, and go rejoin your circle jerk; MajorStupidity is waiting for you.

  6. Ask them what the racial breakdown was of “mass shooters” and watch them scramble like cockroaches when the lights are turned on.

  7. The mass shootings refered to I think include include ALL mass shootings where I belive more than two persons were injured or killed and not just killed. Whereas those that seem to support unrestrictede access to firearms think shootings don’t count unless they kill someone Whether or not such a shooting injures or kills is just a matter of luck! I do not see the reasoning behind not counting mass shootings using the same definitions between those of criminal intent such as inter-gang and drug relatede incidents are not counted in the OVERALL statistics. They are all indications of justb how low America has sunk as regard the use of firearms to the point where ‘Death and Injury’ by Gunfire is an everyday and common occurence.
    Until I recently did a little research into US Ddomestic statistics I did not know that the uSA aldsomhas one of the highest number of deaths on the roads pe. capita as well, Also one of the highest OD Rates, The number of Incarcerated Felons, the highest number of KNIFE CRIMES [higher than the UK by a margi I might add which is always given as an example in American Media and one of the only Nations in the Civilised world that still ,has the Death Penalty.
    Frommthe available statistics it would seem
    ONE the at the dEATH PENALTY is not a deterrent and is a mere act of REVENGE.
    TWO THat incraceration is not a deterrent either.
    Three The availabilkity of Firearms has NOT adressed or positively affected gun crime OR Deathand Inury due to Ge un Crime in the USA’ Four. The availability and and the increase in ownership has a DIRECT RELATIONSHIP with the increase of Death and Injury due to Gun Crime Both have pretty much doubled since the turn of the Century and if things continue to go on as they are that increase has been estimatecf to reach between 35 and 40,000 Deaths by gun crime per annum by the mid 30’s.
    This entry is based on what stats are available in the AMERCAN PUBLIC DOMAIN and if I can access it from the UK how easy is it to access in the USA.
    And by the way I am fully aware that mass shootings tha result in Death and Injury [and if they do no rewsult in Death or Injury they are still mass shootings with luck of the side of the potential victims and should be counted as such!] are carried out by criminals. Who the hell else would they be carried out by? Upright law abiding citizens?

    • So, by your rather atrocious cock-up of spelling and grammar it’s a safe bet that you’re not a public school grad, eh wot!? Quite the dog’s breakfast, that post is old boy. Pip, pip, cheerio and have at you! Bloody wanker…

    • I would like to see the UK’s REAL gun violence numbers including criminal activity and drug gangs, and without the police and Home Office “adjusting” the numbers.

      Probably far higher than realized.

      But One must keep up appearances.

      • including “criminal activity and drug gangs”; The U.K. criminal gun violence numbers are, on a per population basis, and on a time-span average looking at actual real life peaks and not the math trick of smooth curve of averaging statistics used to present stats, higher than they are in the U.S. . Overall across all Europe ‘gun ban’ countries its about ~23% higher than the U.S. and more than 87% of such criminal use of guns and crime goes unreported in official reports and stats.

        Since these so called ‘civilized’ countries, the U.K. and the rest of the applicable countries in Europe, implemented ‘gun bans’, but also at the same time started decriminalizing drugs (or continuing to do so or had decriminalized), the criminals have more guns now than they did pre-ban. On a population basis its estimated that criminals in these ‘civilized countries’ have about 63% more guns readily available to them than the criminals in the U.S. have available.

        The difference between these ‘civilized countries’ and the U.S. is that the crime in these countries is treated more like a ‘private’ business industry by the overall crime syndicate community. Its mostly owned at the top by old ‘established’ wealthy families through legitimate enterprises. They achieved what the Mafia wanted to achieve here in the U.S. in the 70’s, a ‘legitimized’ crime syndicate of pure crime ingrained in society through legitimate enterprises. This keeps the number of criminal shootings around 23% across Europe without steady increases overall because its not good for business that crime runs rampant, but the side effect is that violence in other aspects increased overall across Europe such as, for example, human trafficking and rape and assaults because it places more ‘street level’ criminals in play that also run their own criminal activities.

        All these countries really did did was give into the overall crime syndicates and let them run it as a business, started using different methods for reporting that excludes, and using math tricks in their tracking for reporting and statistics. Their gun bans really didn’t do anything for crime, but actually it increased the overall level of crime across Europe.

        • correction:

          “This keeps the number of criminal shootings around 23% across Europe without steady increases overall …”

          should have been:

          This keeps the number of criminal shootings around 23% higher than the U.S. across Europe without steady increases overall …

        • expansion on:

          “They achieved what the Mafia wanted to achieve here in the U.S. in the 70’s, a ‘legitimized’ crime syndicate of pure crime ingrained in society through legitimate enterprises.”

          The U.S. had a different problem from what happened in Europe. In Europe the drug trade was more firmly controlled by the European crime syndicates. For the U.S. the mafia didn’t really want to get into the drug trade directly as a whole, even though factions of the Mafia did deal in drug trade directly, and the Mafia in the U.S. had started to splinter into individual factions. The Mafia though wanted to control the drug trade in the U.S. as a ‘business’ but they had to contend with the cartels in Central and South America starting to control the drug trade in the U.S. more completely and thus the Mafia lost control of the drug trade in the U.S. . This resulted in independent crime elements in the U.S. the Mafia could not control, and separate factions centered around independent gangs ‘enterprises’ formed which in effect doomed the Mafia plans for a ‘legitimized’ crime syndicate of pure crime ingrained in society through legitimate enterprises.

        • to Booger Brain

          quote———–On a population basis its estimated that criminals in these ‘civilized countries’ have about 63% more guns readily available to them than the criminals in the U.S. have available.——–quote

          Booger Brain your posts get more bizarre by the day. If that was true then their crime rate and killings with firearms would be astronomically higher than the U.S. In reality its only a fraction. The stats on firearms homicides are readily available and you just started screaming none of the stats are true because you do not want to accept the truth.

          Do you really think that any sane people believe your nonsense.

        • Dacian –

          “Do you really think that any sane people believe your nonsense?”

          Now ask yourself that same question. You’re a cowardly lying asshole.

        • @dacian,

          evidently your reading difficulties got you once again.

          “If that was true then their crime rate and killings with firearms would be astronomically higher than the U.S. In reality its only a fraction. The stats on firearms homicides are readily available and you just started screaming none of the stats are true because you do not want to accept the truth.”

          1. It is not true that “their crime rate and killings with firearms would be astronomically higher than the U.S.” our crime rate and killings are not because guns exist, they are because criminals use guns.

          2. Its not true that “In reality its only a fraction.”. Its a constant rate higher than that of the U.S., its just not radically changing because of the ‘regulation’ imposed by the control of crime by the crime syndicates in Europe and most is not reported (read and actually comprehend what I wrote, you may have problems because I wrote it for intelligent people). Its about 87% not reported (its about the same in the U.S. but for different reasons because in the U.S. what’s in stats is only a microcosm view of about 11%).

          3. Its not true >>> “The stats on firearms homicides are readily available and you just started screaming none of the stats are true because you do not want to accept the truth.”

          stats of a microcosm are useless to see the whole picture of a macrocosm.

        • And what source does Asshole quote? Bloomberg.

          More lies from our resident imbecile Dacian.

          Hey, tell us again how the Cincinnati FBI assailant blasted his way through the front door of the building with his “assault rifle”. I’ve updated the thread to point out more of your lies there.

          Lying liar, everyone has a talent — yours is lying.

        • @dacian

          “Hey Booger Brain here is a graph of 36 Nations and the U.S. is number one on the list of gun homicides.”

          and you still don’t get it. Your lack of reading comprehension and context skills got you again.

    • Hey Albert, what’s up? Glad to hear your still alive, I was a little afraid the heat might have got you.
      Yes indeed, America is a bad bad place. Bullets whizzing overhead 24/7, house and car all shot full of holes. Robberies left and right, why I know people who pay people to do their shopping for them cause they’re afraid of getting shot over here.
      Everyone has a gunm, yanking them out for spilling they’re beer. That’s why I’ve went with a twin buscadero rig, I got a derringer in my vest pocket and a big Bowie knife in my boot. Out on the horse ,(I mean) In my car I got a sawed off double barreled shotgunm just like our president told us to get.
      Geesh Al, violence in America?, our own president is telling us to shoot at people.
      Its hell over here buddy, be glad the Britsh lost.
      You could have wound up living here.
      I hope this posted, just when I hit send a bullet came through the window a shot the phone out of my hand.

    • The GVA also counts incidents where teens shoot at each other with paintball and airsoft guns in order to inflate the numbers.

    • Albert the Fake-Limey, Fake Military Wanking Poofter,

      Like every other fake, sock-puppet Leftist/fascist commenter on this forum, you can only run your bulls*** if we let you lie . . . and I certainly won’t. For one thing, NO ONE argues that a shooting isn’t a shooting, no matter HOW many people are shot, or killed. But lying liars like you love to conflate gang shootings, family disputes, drug “turf” conflicts, terrorist incidents, and actual “mass shootings” . . . because it allows you to further muddy the waters to advance your lying, Leftist/fascist narrative.

      Not only is there a WORLD of difference between a domestic dispute in which several people are shot, and a mass shooting in which FOUR OR MORE PEOPLE ARE KILLED, which is the FBI definition of a “mass shooting”, but there is a world of difference between a mass shooting where some deranged mental case snaps and shoots up a mall, and a deranged jihadist or BurnLootMurder supporter who ambushes police or shoots up a police station.

      BECAUSE these incidents are different, approaches to preventing them, stopping them once they’ve begun, and reacting to them should be different. But you Leftist/fascists never learned Einstein’s definition of insanity – or perhaps you simply don’t give a s***. We do.

      You are an ignoranus, your commentary is all lies and ignorance (tell me again how “no one needs more than 25 rounds”, you ignorant ass), and your faux condescension and pretensions to being “civilized” are at best amusing, and generally simply annoying. Perhaps you should fornicate yourself and expire.

      • Prince among kings Albert is an associate member of The Establishment who knows his place is in the service, and servicing, his betters. His betters’ rank is based on a combination of family name, hereditary titles, school tie, university, and inbreeding.

        Remember The Cambridge Five spy ring were all members of The Establishment even though they betrayed their country and ultimately themselves.

    • Albert L J Hall, “mass shootings”? Two or more people?? Whose definition is that? Must be yours and yours alone.
      Please confine your drivel to your own backyard. I.E.: Great Britain

  8. “I am fully aware that mass shootings tha [sic] result in Death and Injury… are carried out by criminals.”

    Your admission is a tiny sign of progress.

    Now, genius, tell us how to take those weapons away from criminals without infringing on the rights of the law-abiding.

  9. Sure Bloomberg will step in and fold this in to The Trace or something.

    Sounds like this guy is shopping for a buyer.

    • Victor, it will remain a constant battle.

      Our side argues from common sense, statistics, and reality.

      Their side manufactures lies, appeals to emotion, and traffics in lowest-common-denominator “thinking.”

  10. Four people are a mass. -NOT-
    Mass acre
    Unless an acre of people been killed it’s not a mass shooting.

  11. The difference between ‘mass shooting and ‘school shooting’ is purely semantics and political theater rhetoric and ’emotional appeal exploit’.

    Its semantics and political theater rhetoric and emotional appeal exploit because in reality both are ‘criminal active shooter’ incidents in which a person or persons are actually shot or shot at in the same populated area in commission of a crime by the shooter. The reason is because the concept as applied for ‘mass shooting and ‘school shooting’ is the same – that being an active shooter actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area, or in other words, an active shooter actively engaged in committing or attempting to commit the crime of murder.

    The FBI defines an “active shooter” as one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area. Implicit in this definition is the shooter’s use of one or more firearms.

    All they need to do is add the word ‘criminal’ to make it ‘criminal active shooter’ and use that instead of ‘mass shooting’ and ‘school shooting’ and then we can start to more adequately address the problem as the crime it is as a whole instead of devoting resources to shore up two overall useless definitions of ‘mass shooting’ and ‘school shooting’.

  12. And now we bring you another example of threats faced daily by those in the U.S.

    Wendy’s worker charged with murder after punching customer in Prescott Valley


    Over 3,500 victims of physical criminal assault violence with hands/feet daily, over 1,270,000 victims annually, in the U.S. folks (not counting those victims of domestic criminal violence which is about ~1,000 hourly across the U.S., over 8,700,000 annually). We are surrounded by criminal violence waiting to happen to us every where we go every day, be prepared.

  13. the abject failure failure of CNN+ should tell you everything you need to know about how much people value the opinion of CNN.

  14. The anti-gun people should take a lesson from Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

    MADD united the country and changed America’s perception on drunk driving by going after the drunk drivers.

    Didn’t demonize other car owners.
    Didn’t demonize AAA or other car clubs.
    Didn’t demonize Ford/Chevy.
    Didn’t demonize legal drivers.

    The anti-gun crowd acts as if law abiding gun owners are their enemies.

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