Click here for the LulzSec leaked document ATF Project Gunrunner Southwest Border Strategy Weapons of Choice. It’s a colorful catalogue of firearms the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (and Really Big Fires) deemed smuggle-worthy for the Mexican-bound straw purchasers green-lighted by President Obama. Or someone acting under his authority. We may someday know which. Click here for ATF Project Gunrunner Mexican Cartel Strategy. No surprises there, so click here for TTAG’s review of the pistol favored by upmarket narco-terrorists, Jihad-crazed Army Majors and wealthy, recoil-aversive American gun owners.


  1. It makes me wonder if some of the military/law enforcement only ammo for it accompanied the pistols.

    • But that’s only available to the governm…. Oh I see where you’re going with that.

      Well just in case they didn’t get any AP at least they picked a gun with crap on target effect (speaking of course of the commercially available ammo) knowing the criminal types they are probably using FMJ.

  2. I have to admit, while the Five-seveN is my wife’s gun, I love to shoot it as well. The accuracy she can wring out of it is amazing. 3″ groups at 40 yards rapid fire 9 times out of 10, and it carries 20 rounds of “coppery lead goodness” as she put it. When you pair it with her PS90 for her house gun, I have no worries about her safety when I am away.


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