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Yesterday, a video surfaced showing Chicago’s top cop preaching the gospel of gun control to a church congregation. Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy testified that the lack of federal gun control was an[other] example of government-sponsored racism and yes genocide. The day after the McCarthy’s Orwellian oratory, Chicago’s felt obliged to publish a denunciation of the dithering dunce demagogue from pro-gun folk. Just like TTAG, the Windy City paper didn’t have the temporal resources required to pick up the phone. So, like us, they scraped some material. “An assertion such as McCarthy’s is too nutty to dignify with a response,” Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard Pearson responded on the group’s site. And then Pearson got jiggy with it . . .

“Any suggestion that McCarthy is a law-enforcement officer is a sham. Rather, McCarthy is merely another in a long line of political hacks who have resided in the office of police superintendant,” Pearson said. “McCarthy’s job description has nothing to do with law-enforcement and everything to do with enforcing the political agenda of his boss, Rahm Emanuel.”

Rowr. Something tells me this won’t be an example in the 354th printing of How To Win Friends and Influence People. However, there is fodder for the Dale Carnegie disciples in the Chicago po-po’s “clarification” of Chief McCarthy’s remarks.

Here’s what happens when you get caught with your race-card playing gun control pants down, when you want to dress-up gun grabbing as politically palatable “common sense”:

“The commitment of law enforcement must be to holding violent criminals accountable for their actions and at the same time recognizing individuals’ constitutional rights.

“Law enforcement cannot do this alone, and strong gun laws against illegal firearms are critical in order to maintain public safety and private rights,” McCarthy said. “Gang and drug activity intersect with guns, and all three must be the focus of violence-reduction efforts in our communities.”

The next time you read language like that, you’ll know there’s a gun grabber at work. It will serve you well to pay attention to that man behind the curtain.

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    • Mogg,
      You obviously are not from shitcago, you make far to much sense. Cut that out! I’ll have to check The Constitution again but I don’t remember it including a list of “illegal guns”

  1. Geez, yankees, your politicians are so… politician.
    Blaming combloc countries for collective punishments AND issuing same collective punishments on their own law-abiding citizens to “fight crime”… Under what agenda: “criminals are hard to get, so we better fight law-abiding folk, at least we know where they are”? Beat your own to scare away strangers?

  2. Initially it sounded like McCarthy wanted to make it illegal for ‘people of color’ to possess guns. Or was he saying that ‘people of color’ just can’t help themselves but to kill if they have a gun? Either way…

  3. Between June 11 and July 5 of 2008, Chicago police shot twelve people, and every one of them was black or Hispanic. It was target practice with human targets. Not that those shootings were unusual. Chicago police shoot more black and Hispanic people every year than the New York or Los Angeles police, even though LA has a million more people and NYC has more than three times the population of the Windbag City. Now, McCarthy, who is Rahm’s bitch, claims that weak Federal gun control laws are racist. Hey, McShitforbrains, clean up your own house and then blacks and Latinos will rest easier. If there’s any genocide going on in Shitcago, it’s the police who are leading it.


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