empty ammo ammunition shelf shelves
A sign in front of an empty bullet display case informs customers of purchase limits on gun ammunition at a Walmart store in Rochester, New York, on Monday, May 3, 2021. (AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey)
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In the absence of restricting gun ownership, the next best way to limit gun rights is to make firearm ownership and use prohibitively expensive and difficult. That may be the real reason for the White House’s latest round of sanctions on Russia, and it’s part of a much larger effort that extends far beyond trade regulations. 

In addition to pushing for new federal gun restrictions and taxes, leftwing activists and investors have launched various other assaults aimed at gun owners, manufacturers and sellers.

For example, it’s now common practice for anti-gun groups to sue manufacturers whenever there is a highly publicized mass shooting, and then for courts to keep sellers and manufacturers bogged down in costly cases for many years.

High legal expenses and bad press that keep investors away are two of the biggest reasons Remington Arms filed for bankruptcy in 2020, despite the year’s high gun sales. At the time of its bankruptcy filing, Remington was still in the midst of fending off lawsuits first filed in the wake of the mass shooting that occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in 2012.

Some banks, financial institutions and investors have also been working in recent years to punish gun manufacturers and sellers. Citibank, Bank of America, PayPal and other supporters of the environmental, social and governance movement sweeping corporate and financial America are using their wealth and power to deny access to capital and other banking and financial services to some gun manufacturers and sellers. Over time, this problem is likely to get substantially worse, putting the entire industry at risk. 

The left knows it doesn’t have the political power to do what it really wants – a near-complete repeal of the Second Amendment – so it has turned to every other trick in the book to accomplish the same goal, while hiding, as the Biden administration is now, its true motivation. 

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    • “while hiding, as the Biden administration is now, its true motivation. ”

      Joe wasn’t hiding, he made a speech the same day, even answered some questions. He doesn’t want to take anyone’s guns either. Dump is hiding, and he said to ban bump-stocks.

  1. If poor people want the right to self defense they should stop being poor. (To paraphrase Paris Hilton.)

    • “…they should stop being poor.”

      “I love the poor! Pull!”

      *snicker*… 😉

      • QUOTE “With joe xiden in charge we’ll all be poor.———–QUOTE

        Jethro W M that is about the most ignorant statement you ever made on this forum. At your age your primary concern should be better health care not ranting about paying a few pennies more for it so you cannot go bankrupt over medical bills.

        Do you realize dear political genius that most of your tax dollars are stolen by the Capitalvanian Corporations in the form of tax subsidies as well as their avoidance of paying taxes which makes the taxation burden fall on you.

        To put it in simple terms so even you can understand it Biden wanting to tax corporations and reduce outrageous tax subsidies to them would more than enough pay for a National Health Care plan. What is more important? Your life made longer through better and more affordable health care or a few boxes of Wolf Russian ammo in your bunker that you will never use. Sheesh the stupidity of it all.

        Biden’s banning Russian Ammo was cheered by the U.S. Ammo companies and they are thanking Biden for it which makes you dear Jethro unpatriotic. Remember the buy American slogans you right wingers used to crow about. Would not this make you a traitor Jethro for condemning Biden’s ammo ban of buy American?

        You should have stayed in bed today Jethro you really screwed it up big time today. Never mind, all is normal with your rants.

        • Stfu about national health care. I’ve lived it, it sucks. I’ll take my vastly higher disposable income and stick with the system that provides incentive for good customer service and innovation.

          I suppose highest survivable cancer rates of most common cancers is of little concern, nor the origin of most life saving drugs. Or the fact of how bad obesity is in the US, which has little bearing on health care, but absolutely points to cultural differences that show we cannot assume what works elsewhere would work for the US.

          I suggest we make the rest of the world shoulder the burden for the r&d of drugs, instead of just the US system. I’d be ok with lower drug costs because the planet is paying their fair share. Equality and what not.

          There will be no debate. The only people advocating for national health care are those who havent lived it, or who only know that system. Yes, some developed countries do ok, and some definitely do not. Again, see who cures common cancers the best, among various other things the US is far better at health-wise.

        • When the California Teachers Association were lobbying for state-wide healthcare for all, the estimated annual cost of their proposed program was three times the state’s entire annual budget. What we would not pay in premiums we would be paying in mandatory state income taxes, which of course would have to triple or quadruple since Prop 13 limits increases in property taxes. As it is, I went uninsured for years because the annual premium in my area was $1000/month with a $2500 deductible, while my actual medical costs were less than $5000 per year including prescriptions.

          Thanks, but no thanks.

          The most common way that corporations avoid paying US taxes is to offshore income by attributing income to a foreign corporation, and then paying taxes in that foreign jurisdiction. Net income is then diverted to offshore accounts. Since foreign taxes are typically around 20%, compared to the current 25%, and formerly 35%, large corporations (such a Apple) can save billion of dollars. [Apple, for example, attributed/attributes all US sales to an Irish subsidiary, and pays taxes in Ireland at the Irish tax rate.] The purpose of the Trump corporate tax cut to 25% was to persuade those corporations to bring those taxes back to the US.

        • to Mark N

          We have heard your right wing bullshit too many times before. When the worlds countries who are often way less rich and way less in size and tax base have been affording Heath Care Costs since 1896 under Bismarck in Germany and in 1900 in Denmark your ranting that you are too cheap to pay a few more pennies today so you do not go bankrupt over health care in the future is basically the ranting’s of either a moron or a complete scrooge blinded by greed.

          quote———–The purpose of the Trump corporate tax cut to 25% was to persuade those corporations to bring those taxes back to the US.————quote

          More bullshit, Amazon made 2 billion in profit last year and paid zero in taxes to the government and by the way shared none of its profit with its workers. – I might add the deficit went up by 2 trillion in lost taxes under the Trump Tax Rape Bill.

        • “never use”……I would’nt be so sure about that you mouth breathing moron……

        • “Overall, the United States ranks 26th among OECD countries with an average life expectancy of 79 years (Figure 14). … Almost all western European countries, Australia, Canada, Chile and Iceland also have a longer life expectancy than the United States.”

        • America has a terrible healthcare system, we pay four times as much as anyone else, yet our life expectancy is in the shitter.

          Capitalism only works for those who have the capital, which they use to control legislation, cut taxes and enrich themselves.

          That’s why wealthy people like Donald Trump “love the poorly educated” they are easy to fool.

          “The short summary of what I will discuss below is that Americans suffer higher death rates from smoking, obesity, homicides, opioid overdoses, suicides, road accidents, and infant deaths. In addition to this, deeper poverty and less access to healthcare mean Americans at lower incomes die at a younger age than poor people in other rich countries.

          Life expectancy and health expenditure over time, the US is an outlier

          The US clearly stands out as the chart shows: Americans spend far more on health than any other country in the world, yet the life expectancy of the American population is shorter than in other rich countries that spend far less.

          The chart here doesn’t just show the latest data points, but how life expectancy and health spending have changed during the last five decades. The arrows start in 1970 and connect the annual data points for both metrics, showing the change over time.

          In the 1970s the US didn’t stand out at all, it does so now because life expectancy increased much more slowly than in other countries. At the same time health spending in the U.S. increased much more rapidly, particularly since the mid-1980s. The consequence of these two exceptional developments is that the US followed the much flatter trajectory that the chart shows.

          “The unequal development over recent decades led to an inequality between the US and other rich countries. In the US health spending per capita is up to four times higher, yet life expectancy is lower than in all of these countries.”


        • I wish someone would block you. You, are, an idiot. Maybe you can make it out of the 2nd grade. Hope you don’t reproduce. Hey, maybe you can get a job in comedy! Sorry. You not funny. Dumbass.

      • Everyone needs to ignore the Soros paid Troll dacien. He has to keep things stirred up here or Daddy George won’t give him money to pay his Mom the rent he owes for staying in her basement. He will never understand the impact the current administrations socialist tactics have on the poor, because he has never had to pay for anything from money he earned on his own. The ban on Russian ammo only affects poor gun owners that have a range set up on their own property. Most gun ranges wont let you shoot steel jacketed ammo. As for the healthcare issue he brought up, Obamacare was responsible for many Americans having to declare bankruptcy due to the high cost of the options on the marketplace, and the unconstitutional penalty for not having health insurance. Remember, if you are tempted to argue with dacian, or other trolls of his species, he is probably sitting in his moms basement, with audiobooks of Mein Kampf, the Communist Manifesto, and The teachings of Karl Marx playing on loop, and Google open on his computer, so he can look up the words he doesn’t understand.

  2. Biden, Harris, Beto and everyone else that want to take guns can dream all they want, it ain’t happening.

    • MB,

      There are three ways to win a war:
      1) Brutal, merciless, and unrelenting full frontal assault.
      2) Instill apathy in your enemy via non-violent methods.
      3) Decimate your enemy’s supply chain.

      This article informs us that civilian disarmament proponents are attempting method number (3): decimate our supply chain of new firearms, firearm components, and ammunition.

      Civilian disarmament proponents know that they cannot eliminate their enemy (people who cherish and exercise their inalienable right to effective self-defense) via a brutal frontal assault (e.g. widescale/full-on firearm and ammunition confiscation or outright imprisonment/murder of firearm owners). And they also know that they cannot instill apathy in us. Therefore, civilian disarmament proponents are attacking our supply chain.

      • You forgot what Charlie and the VC taught the world. Guerilla tactics with a consistent body count until it reaches a point where the pupil can no longer tolerate the deaths and put pressure on the politicians to pull out and give up (Vietnam). Much like we are now seeing in Afghanistan.
        To all those who paid with their lives for the current Administration Cowardice. Political cartoon of the day: Remembering the fallen | Fox News

        • Darkman,

          Yeah, there is that as well. In a way that method is kind of a hybrid combination of method (1) and (2) in my list.

          I thought about it when I wrote the comment. I omitted it since I do not think the Far Left would go down that road of trying to “pick-off” firearm owners in guerrilla fashion. Sure, the Far Left could start that way. And after they completed the 500th or 1000th such assault and it was clear that the Far Left was on a slow-boil guerrilla campaign, I envision a very ugly massive response which would end that strategy in short order. I believe the Far Left understands that which is why they have not employed that strategy and have instead initiated efforts on our our supply chain.

        • We failed in Afghanistan for two glaring reasons. Even though the U.S. Government of both political parties is pointing the finger at the corruption in the Afghan government the real truth is something far different and that was the corruption in the U.S. Government for enriching the pockets with billions of dollars of greed monger contractors who failed to follow through on their contracts.

          We failed to run Nation building the old fashioned way by the U.S. Government occupying forces as we did in the Philippian invasion of 1899.

          The other failure was not educating the Afghans on the maintenance and upkeep of our advanced weapons that the Afghans were using to pulverize the Taliban. When the Contract service personal left the equipment sat idle producing blind panic in the Afghan military.

          We negotiated not with the present Afghan Government but with their enemies the Taliban sending a clear signal that we were abandoning our former allies and not giving a damn about what happened to them after we left. Again blind panic set in among the Afghan military and Government.

          Even the civilian electrical works has failed now that the contractors have left because the Afghans were never taught how to run it. In short we did everything for them and taught them nothing in regards to running everything when we left.

          And excellent article that goes into detail about the boondoggle is found on this link and well worth reading.


        • dacian sure is a yappy troll isn’t he. Evidence he/she/it is paid by the word not by coherent “thought”.

      • There is one bloodless way to win this war. And that is to recognize making such goods cost prohibited is a way to come through the backdoor to chop up the Second Amendment. And just as important is recognizing such a scheme is nothing new and is nothing more than another race based tactic taken from the democRat Party Jim Crow Playbook. To react to such a tactic as something new is to prove one’s self is a history illiterate fool.

        If you cannot immediately recognize such a scheme falls in line with the mentality behind slave shacks, nooses, burning crosses, concentration camps, gas chambers, swastikas, poll taxes, Eugenics and the like means you do recognize that Gun Control was/is right in the middle of all of it. Or do you take into account that Such History can repeat itself when it is forgotten and never known.

        The daily program consists of Gun Control zealots throwing a bone and puppy dog gun owners chase it around armed only with common sense. Unfortunately Gun Control zealots do not listen to common sense. What works the best is when Gun Control zealots throw a bone and it is picked up and shoved down their throats with the History of Gun Control. The last thing Gun Control Zealots want their supporters to hear is The Truth About Gun Control and what a turd Gun Control Has Proven Itself To Be Throughout History.

  3. We all KNOW that, or we should! All regimes understand that if your enemy is too strong for a frontal assault you attack multiple fronts with smaller forces, making it too difficult to defend. And make no mistake, this IS a regime!

  4. Pendulums swing. In an ironic sense, such tyrannical actions are almost necessary, as otherwise good people forget what they have until their liberties are in danger of being removed.

    The “Greatest Generation” appreciated America (how many of us had excellent conversations with our grandparents?).

    The “Boomer Generation” started to rebel against traditional norms.

    The “Generation X” (of which I am part) grew up in the 1980s, which was arguably one of the best decades overall, but had little struggle because our former enemies crumbled and the path for America’s global and economic dominance forward was secured.

    The “Millennial Generation” grew up with the most technologically advanced toys. Internet, cell phones, social media, etc. They were the birth of groups that would later embrace Marxism, the very ideology their forebears three generations prior had fought against.

    Now we have the so-called “Alpha Generation” which is divided, and currently about to become adults. Some are adhering to Marxism, while others are recognizing the traditions America once held to.

    Interesting times.

    • …and Haz will do whatever it takes to right these grave injustices, provided ‘whatever it takes’ is limited to banging away impotently on his cheetah dusted keyboard.

      Seriously what a cowardly pud this ‘man’ is…

      • The real coward is the one hiding behind the nick of ‘An Actual Patriot’.

        What a sad joke he is! 😉

      • Hey AP, you might want to learn how to spel da Engrish beter. Americans eat Cheetos, not big African cats.

        I also like how you seem to have your own troll now. I tip my hat to you, good sir/madam.

        • Now I’m sad.

          I was hoping that you actually ground up cheetahs to dust your keyboard with as a form of conspicuous consumption.

  5. We are living in a time when corporate information and financial monopolies are protected from anti-trust enforcement, as long as they do the governments and deep state’s bidding. This is easy for them to agree to, as they are “Fellow Travelers” on the road to tyranny and socialism. If the government is restrained by the law, they simply make their wishes known to these monopolies and they carry it out for them. Surveillance, censorship and outright spying, all without any warrants.

    The losers are of course the private citizens who want rule of law and do not have the ability to bride their way to power and influence. Now that the elections are seen to be openly rigged to protect the interests of the powerful and nullify the voice of the people, they are close to total power. Speak-up too loudly and the mob literally will be sent to your home and child’s school to remind you that they are many and you are just one person.

    This is a very dangerous game the left is playing and if they ever push too far, all the F-15’s and Nukes won’t be able to save them from the fate they wrought. If they steal the mid-term elections, for many, that will be the final straw.

    Interesting Times

    • The Dims will reap the whirlwind…ARE reaping the whirlwind. Do I have to be a moose-lim terrorist to get a free machine gun?

    • Mauser 6863,

      “We are living in a time when corporate information and financial monopolies are protected from anti-trust enforcement, as long as they do the governments and deep state’s bidding.”

      While I completely agree that government (including the deep state) is in bed with billionaires and giant corporations, I believe government (and the deep state) is generally doing the bidding of billionaires and giant corporations rather than the other way around.

      Of course there are squabbles and sometimes the roles reverse. By and large, however, I believe that billionaires and giant corporations are giving government its marching orders.

      And this makes sense if you think about it. Government (including the deep state) consists of politicians who appoint/install bureaucrats. All of those bureaucrats must do the bidding of the politicians who appoint/install them if they want to keep their jobs. And the politicians must do the bidding OF THEIR CAMPAIGN DONORS AND INFORMATION GATEKEEPERS if they want to keep their jobs. Guess who easily funds political campaigns and controls the information gatekeepers? Answer: billionaires and giant corporations.

      • quote————–Guess who easily funds political campaigns and controls the information gatekeepers? Answer: billionaires and giant corporations.————quote

        And guys like you even though you know this still vote Republican who are far more corrupt than the Democrats who are at least willing to return some of the tax dollars to fund social programs for the people rather than give it all to the corporations in the form of tax subsidies and tax avoidance.

        • You are aware that most of the largest US corporations are run by Democrats, right? All of the largest banks and investment companies are too. It is no surprise that they support civilian disarmament.

        • quote———-You are aware that most of the largest US corporations are run by Democrats,———quote

          More right wing bullshit and even if it were true (which it is not)you conveniently ignored the fact that it is the Democrats that give back taxes to the people while the Republicans often block their bills most of the time.

        • Mark N, do you honestly think that poor folks are the ones who wanted the corporate tax rate cut?

          Trump, who claims to be a billionaire, was doing the billionaires bidding when they cut the Corp tax rate to 25%.

          You seem smart, but where do you come out with this bullshit? Are you intentionally supporting a false narrative or do you really think that the Democrats control the big corporations?

          “In a working paper released this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research, researchers at Harvard Law School and Tel Aviv University ran the names of all individuals to have run a company listed in the S&P 1500 between 2000 and 2017 through federal campaign finance databases, which include contributions to both congressional and presidential candidates as well as party committees.

          The result: 18.6% of CEOs consistently donated to Democrats, while 57.7% donated to Republicans, with the rest leaning toward neither party.

          That may not be surprising, given how big business tends to benefit more from conservative policy goals like lowering taxes and easing up on regulations. Labor unions donate heavily to Democrats, who tend to support more worker-friendly policies.

          But the research shows just how deep those preferences run, and it further explores the wider implications at a time when corporations spend vast sums of money on elections.“

  6. I hate to tell you that I told you so but I told you so.
    Biden was never supposed to be the POTUS.
    The radical left was just as surprised when he was “elected”.
    AOC was POed, she figured she was a shoe in in 2024.
    Some money changed hands and all of a sudden we have Biden as POTUS.
    People were buying guns before this because of left run cities that were out of control.
    There was an ammo shortage when Biden took office.
    It got worse because he took office.
    The left looked at the best way to trample peoples rights.
    Regardless of what they did or tried, they never were going to be able to attack the 2A directly.
    Someone with half a brain came up with the idea to go after ammo.
    Ammo isn’t in the second amendment so you don’t have to argue semantics.
    Whoever is running the country said lets go after the Russian ammo but not other Russian products.
    Putin doesn’t care, he wants the USA in turmoil.
    If the administration was called on this they could always deflect to Covid.
    Americans getting killed in Afghanistan? Lets talk about Covid.
    Anyway buy ammo now in calibers that you have.
    The longer you wait, the more you will pay plus this only the first strike.
    This isn’t going to calm down in the foreseeable future.
    The whole things will calm down by 2022 is not going to happen.
    I have an idea what the second strike will be and that’s going to make ammo insanely expensive.
    Right now it’s stupid expensive at about 4X what it should be.
    Imagine it being 10X of what should be. Buy what you can now.
    They have 3 years to come up with stupid ideas.
    “Biden, Harris, Beto and everyone else that want to take guns can dream all they want, it ain’t happening.”
    True, but without ammo a gun is a hammer w/o nails.

    • “Ammo isn’t in the second amendment so you don’t have to argue semantics.”

      Yes, it is.

      Think along the lines of a free press being muzzled by a ban on printing presses.

      Without ammo, a firearm is an expensive club or a mount for a bayonet…

    • “The radical left was just as surprised when he was ‘elected’.”

      Biden wasn’t elected. He was installed…like an appliance.

    • The MSM is now easing Obiden out. Will install THE INDENDED as VP then Harris will meet and untimely (or timely) end.

      • They have kept Camala out of the public eye.
        She has literately done nothing as VP.
        It’s the way they want it. “Keep your mouth shut”.
        Then they will use Article 25 and have another puppet.
        By then the USA will be in ruins but they will have their way.
        2024 will come around and she will lose,
        I doubt she even gets the nomination.
        It will be the crazier lunatic AOC.
        Trump will come back and run against her.
        It’s going to rough for a few years.

        • I read yesterday the Capital Police Union is now suing Trump. Trump himself says he has so many lawsuits against him he will not live to see the end of them all. Remember too that any criminal conviction against him will prevent him from ever running again and he has so many enemies they know that all they need is one big victory against him. Even Nixon was smart enough to know not to run again even though he never was convicted.

    • “There was an ammo shortage when Biden took office.
      It got worse because he took office.“

      Are you serious, you think we’re going to believe your BS, we actually live here in America and experience the COVID-19 driven ammo shortage that began in the spring of 2020 and had nothing to do with Joe Biden.

      It was all about scaredy cats stockpiling ammo for the human wave attacks by the Covid zombies and rabid gang bangers attempting to steal their toilet paper stock pile.

      Now that Joe Biden has been in office for six months, ammo availability has come back to near normal levels, available readily at both retail and wholesale outlets.

      Remember, it was under Donald Trump that the ammo disappeared for months and months, now that Biden is in office we are good to go.

      Thanks Joe!

      • minor you are truly a fucking idiot. You say the most asinine things while trying to sound intelligent. Just give it up and go shoot yourself. Pro tip the bullet comes out the end with the hole

      • Two idiots for the price of one.
        Jerry dacian and minorshart, the Terrance and Phillip of TTAG.
        I read yesterday that you should STFU.
        I actually did, on this very website.
        Jerry dacian a lawsuit does not end in a criminal conviction.
        Minorshart the ammo shortage is because more people bought guns.
        They did to protect their families and those guns need ammo.
        Left wing rioters are to be thanked for that, BLM, Antifa and you two.
        There is ammo available for now and I encourage people to stock up.
        It’s way more expensive then it was but when they Article 25 Biden,
        this country will go right down the toilet instead of swirling around.
        Neither one of you will be safe in your parents basements.
        Kamala wont save you, she will likely lead to your demise.
        Did you hear that Sirhan Sirhan is out and about?
        He shot that POS R Kennedy, those Kennedys attract bullets.
        “Bork, bork, bork!” says the dufus twins.
        Armed citizens with GUNS are at an all time high.
        Thanks Joe!
        Do you two get beat up by the grade school kids on the block?
        I don’t really care. I sincerely mean that but secretly I hope you do.

  7. Hey, what do you know? Wasn’t expecting a photo of my local Walmart. The place has been quite literally entirely out of any ammunition for the past full year. Used to get some cheap trap and skeet loads there; had to find a site that ships to NY instead. Seems they still carry targets though. Picked up a set last time I took a newbie to the range.

  8. Make no mistake the most siginificant enemy of the US is the leftist scum that has control of the executive and legislative branches of the government. Making up new gun bans, even when they know they won’t survive a court challange helps to disarm the folks who might rise up and remove the Tyrants. Surrendering to the Taliban enables them to bring in loads of likely Democrat voters just like opening the border ensures a long term supply of likely Democrat voters. Changing election law to allow Democrat partizans to intimidate voters and allow anyone to vote even if they aren’t a citizen is the holy grail for these leftists because then they can just hire in a bunch of “voters” from Mexico to vote and let them go home or stay after the election.

    The Left isn’t stupid, they let Biden think he is boss while they actually run the White House because that serves their purpose. If we don’t turn the House and Senate in the next election and the White House in ’24…draw your own conclusions.

    • “Surrendering to the Taliban enables them to bring in loads of likely Democrat voters” – How is that different from the Trump peace agreement with the terrorists?

      • You leftist can not see to well through those snake eyes


        tell the truth very well with that leftist forked tongue.

        You are aptly and accurately named.

        • New? I’ve been following TTAG since the days when Mr. Farago was in charge (and it focused more on guns and less on tangential political issues).

      • Donald Trump is an alpha male. Which terrifies many Democrats and liberals in this country. It happens to also terrify the terrorists in Afghanistan. And if the Biden administration had gone along with Trump’s agreement with the Taliban this country would have been pulled out of Afghanistan by May of THIS year. Instead Biden decided to throw the agreement that the previous president had negotiated with the terrorists into the trash can.

        And in response to breaking this agreement, the terrorists have now launched suicide bomber attacks killing dozens of people. Including American military personnel. The terrorists in Afghanistan are not afraid of President Biden. They know he is mentally deficient. Just as the rest of the United States also knows the US president is mentally deficient.

        The process to return 15,000 to 20,000 Americans currently in Afghanistan would have been started many months ago. President Trump would not have done what President Biden has done. That is to pull out military personnel first. And then leave thousands upon thousands of American citizens in a combat zone.

        • There are actually three but that isn’t important.
          Trump had a plan which the military was shocked by.
          They were shocked because of the language he used
          and that it would have been extremely effective.
          It wasn’t surprise! We are leaving, here’s a bunch of weapons,
          helicopters, ammo, planes and whatever we left.
          Trump had an actual plan to bring everyone home.
          It wasn’t this BS child like unplanned cluster F**K.

      • Donald Trump is directly responsible for releasing 5000 Taliban fighters, leading directly up to the current debacle in Afghanistan:

        From the Wall Street Journal:

        “The release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners, which the United States agreed to in a February deal with the insurgents that also began the phased withdrawal of American troops, faced opposition from the Afghan government, which is holding the prisoners. After prolonged pressure from the Trump administration, Mr. Ghani released 4,600 prisoners from a list provided by the Taliban but called for consultations over 400, who he said were accused or convicted of major crimes, including murder, that were beyond his authority to pardon.”

        The prisoners were released “after prolonged pressure from the Trump administration”, It could not be any clearer than that.

        • Checked it on Snopes and it came back as FALSE.
          Checked Did Biden Say ‘My Butt’s Been Wiped?’
          Unproven but likely TRUE.

  9. Going after ammunition is a brilliant idea on their part.

    It will take years, if ever, for other countries like Serbia to ramp up to Russian production levels.

    I note that no Republican president has ever felt the need to reverse Clintons executive order banning imports of Chinese ammo.

    Even if a republican managers to become president, I don’t see them over turning this Russian ammo Bam

    • Russian steel case ammo is crap and if you use it in a firearm of any value you’re an idiot. $100000 to Jr Obiden and the chicoms will be sending the same crap to the US.

      • Yes Bill Clinton banned the Chinese communist arms industries from profiting from American citizens.

        And Joe Biden would ban KGB Colonel Putin‘s ammunition imports, why should we support the Russian small arms industry?

        The most patriotic thing American POTG could do is support the American arms and ammunition manufacturing companies, you know, the ones that employ your family, friends and neighbors.

        I can’t believe there’s even a question about this.

        Apparently, that whole right wing conservative ‘Buy American!’ thing is just bullshit, like most of the conservative ‘family values’ as represented by ‘Coach’ Dennis Hastert, ‘Frequent Flyer’ Larry Craig and ‘Sugardaddy’ Matt Gaetz.

  10. What we REALLY NEED to fucking do is a first and foremost ‘complete REPEAL of the 1934 NFA, the ’68 GCA, and any and all other Constitutional rights deprivation gun control laws, immediately when–or if–we can take back the House and or Senate in the coming 2022 midterms.

    AND THEN, immediately have Sherrif Mack’s Constitutional Sheriffs (backed by all the if necessary deputized Patriots round up all those agents and rights depriving police state actors and corrupted justice department political hacks and arrest them for the criminal violation of USCC 18–241-242. Instead of fucking around with more dilatory ‘Court Challenges which have already been long established with SCOTUS precedent case law decisions that, after all is said and done, still verify that “Shall NOT be Infringed” still Stands!

    So why the fuck are we going BACK to ‘court challenges’ when the law is clear
    and in stone already? Is this another power elite mind fuck trick? It most certainly is a good part of the disarmament agenda.

    We should be strictly and swiftly enforcing anti-deprivation of our rights criminal statutes after every single agency or confiscation or gun control attempt as it is!

    Why don’t we? Because the system is simply too corrupted for proper justice to work.

    I mean, to appease the BLM and Antifa anarchists, they wanted to ADDITIONALY charge the already convicted of murder ‘Floyd’ cops with 18-241-242 criminal deprivation of rights statutes? It was something like ‘Floyd waas deprived of his rights to medical attention during an arrest’?

    Those Leftist Texas so-called Lawmakers– who wanted to keep rigged elections going strong and fled the State to hide out in Commie-fornia because they didn’t want to vote for election fraud bills– wanted to bring 18-241-242 deprivation of rights violation against Governor Abbot when he threatened to arrest them and bring them back?

    Yet police-state agents can literally trespass on your property anytime they feel like it without a warrant and threaten to get one if you don’t comply to confiscate your firearms, non-firearms, parts, kits, bumpstocks and braces, and get away with almost any other kind of deprivation of your rights under 18-241-242, WITHOUT THE SHERRIF OR ANY OTHER STATE LEO IMMEDIATELY SLAPPING THE CUFFS ON THEM?

    So of course they’re going to get away with cutting your ‘Chairborne Ranger ‘superballs off to render your shooting ability ‘impotent’ with illegal ammo laws! And more to come. Much, much more…

    And it’s all our fault. Simply because we didn’t maintain complete control over OUR Egalitarian Constitutional American Political system and associated governing power by consent. We got Lazy. which set the stage for feeding us a lot of agenda-based bullshit, so we Failed to watch them carefully enough. And let them cave to human weaknesses of greed, power lust, and the inevitable liberty-killing outcome.

    We own it. Now what to do about it?

    • jfkjr,

      Even if Sheriffs had the courage to deputize thousands of patriots and “rise up”, it would not accomplish anything for two reasons:

      1) County Sheriffs do not enforce federal laws such as federal laws which define various crimes of depriving people of their civil rights.

      2) Even if County Sheriffs somehow attempted (or were enabled) to arrest government employees (of all stripes–politicians, bureaucrats, judges, and law enforcement) for deprivation of civil rights, federal prosecutors will not prosecute them.

      This sad reality leaves very few options–all of them quite unsavory.

      • Agreed, we are dancing around the inevitable. The solution isn’t where we want to go.

        However, Winston* noticed that about us; “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”

        *(Church receives credit for this quote, though it maybe Abba Eban or a combination of others.)

    • quote—————And it’s all our fault. Simply because we didn’t maintain complete control over OUR Egalitarian Constitutional American Political system————–quote

      We never had control of it from day one. The U.S. was set up by Capitalvanian criminal greed mongers to cheap to pay a few pennies in taxes to support the hand that was making America prosper and that was the global trade with the British Government. The Capitavanian criminals set up a country run on blind greed and corruption and the first thing they did was destroy democracy and the right to a multiparty Parliamentary Government. They instead set up an oligarchy which was a country founded by the rich and for the rich and so it remains to this very day.

      In conclusion you lost nothing after the U.S. government was formed because they gave you nothing from the very beginning. The rich pull your puppet strings and you dance to their corrupt tunes while they laugh all the way to the bank with your tax money they stole from you. And I might add the Constitution is mere window dressing designed to fool the uneducated. It is good for one thing, wiping your ass with it.

    • “Constitutional Sheriffs”

      Oh yeah, you guys are such a hoot, get out of here!

      Ain’t no sheriffs in the United States Constitution…

  11. Biden has already signed a executive order to ban imported ammo, so don’t expect to see a lot of ammunition around anytime soon & if & when you do it will be expensive…. Next will be the diminishing of bullet components such as cases,bullets , powder , primers etc.

  12. If left wing banks, creditors, etc. are shunning the gun industry, that seems a clear business opportunity for a right-wing financial company to get those accounts.

    • Serpent_Vision,

      I like to think that I have a lot of knowledge, wisdom, and clear insights into human nature and behavior. For the life of me, I have yet to conclude why almost every single entity (if not every single entity) which achieves significant financial success is, or becomes, Far Left activists.

      Against that backdrop, I do not believe that there are any right-wing financial companies in existence. As I stated, I don’t know why that is.

      Even more discouraging: we could bypass financial companies all together and provide direct “crowd source” funding for firearm manufacturing operations–except that Left-Wing companies have a strangle hold on all of the requisite technology components needed for crowd source activities.

      • Corruption.

        Money follows the path of least resistance. If you can pay-off, excuse me, donate to a corrupt politician 50k a year, and for that receive millions or billions of dollars in return, all while your stock soars, and you land a golden parachute worth tens of millions….legally (because of the same politician)…you do it.

        At first this Faustian bargain seems innocent enough (it likely starts small), however the slippery slope is real, and each subsequent deal with the devil further erodes the institution(s).

        Couple that with the” leftist” has no morale compass, and will go in any direction as long as they are able or allowed to and you have big “soulless” business going woke. And they won’t stop until or if, there is push-back or they go broke.

        “I like to think that I have a lot of knowledge, wisdom, and clear insights into human nature and behavior.”

        Agreed, some of best on TTAG, why this stumped you is perplexing.

        • Axe,

          “… the ‘leftist’ has no morale compass, and will go in any direction as long as they are able or allowed to …”

          I think that is the key.

          It is next to impossible for a business to rise to the top when they have a significant set of self-imposed rules/limitations (a righteous moral compass) which do not hinder their competitors.

          I actually saw this in action first hand. A neighbor’s ambitious son had an excellent business plan to provide a service which would wildly out-compete a well-entrenched multi-billion dollar corporation. Upon noticing his plan, that entrenched multi-billion dollar corporation immediately employed “lawfare” and buried him with frivolous lawsuits for which he did not have the financial resources to fend-off. At best such tactics are extremely unethical. At worst, such tactics violate anti-trust laws. None of that mattered, though, since that multi-billion dollar corporation was quite comfortable violating ethical and quite likely even legal constraints. Needless to say, that is something that a righteous company would never do–which puts such a company at a giant competitive disadvantage.

          Coming back to your original point: I can totally see how corruption is key–although it doesn’t always take the form of “bribes” to politicians. Sometimes corruption means employing any and all means necessary to win.

        • Absolutely Uncommon,

          Corruption goes beyond bribes, that was a singular, but common, example. Here is another, when American companies essentially sell their souls to set up shop in China.

          Everything the left accused DJT of, from kids in cages, to concentration camps, to silencing free speech, to setting up a surveillance state, to being a dictator, is China.

          Yet they happily obey any directive, remove any clip from a movie, share any company “secrets”, grovel for any apology, excuse away any sin, fire any employee, and obey any order no matter how draconian from that states Communist Party.

          Why? Because “the leftist has no morale compass, and will go in any direction as long as they are able or allowed to”.

      • “For the life of me, I have yet to conclude why almost every single entity (if not every single entity) which achieves significant financial success is, or becomes, Far Left activists“

        Could you consider the possibility that the smart people see the merit in the liberal philosophy? First they use their intelligence and resourcefulness to build a successful business endeavor, then their sense of social responsibility drives them to advocate a more humane policy towards their fellow beings.

        Occam’s razor, it’s a simple as that.

        • It has always been amazing to me how much stupid a dumb person pretending or trying to be smart (like Miner49er), can pack into a short paragraph.

          For example, throwing out; “Occam’s razor, it’s a (as) simple as that”. Yes Miner, if you are a simpleton, then it likely is that simple. For everyone else Occam’s Razor, The law of parsimony, would actually exclude the second part of your model, “then their sense of social responsibility…” as you have now made it needlessly complex and multiplied it beyond necessity.

          It would read “Build a successful business” and no more.

          However, despite the fact that Occam’s razor is a very helpful heuristic tool for deciding between theories, you offered no competing theories and Occam’s razor “simply” does not apply.

          “…consider the possibility that the smart people see the merit in the liberal philosophy?”

          Absolutely. Except the topic dealt with “Far Left Activists” which are the antithesis of Liberal. Actually all leftist and the Democrat party are antithetical to its tenets liberty (freedom), individualism, consent of the governed and equality before the law. They quite literally believe the exact opposite and have been vigorously proving that on a daily basis.

          And what is “policy towards their fellow beings” ?

        • Axehandle, if I was wrong you would not have needed eight paragraphs in your reply.

          The basic premise of occam‘s razor is that the simplest explanation is the most likely.

          Hazmat wondered why those who achieve financial success in business are often (or turn into) liberals who advocate for liberal policies.

          My invocation of the principle of Occams razor means simply, rather than looking for some arcane or hidden mysterious conspiracy or motive, one should look towards the obvious.

          Consider that just perhaps, the smart people who’ve been successful in business, are smart enough to realize the superiority of the liberal philosophy.

          It is as simple as that.

          As Einstein said, beyond complexity lies simplicity.

        • Wow miner that was a brilliant posting. Allow me to summarize with your own quotes….”the simplest explanation”…”means simply”…”It is as simple as”…”simplicity”.

          Brilliant miner!

          You put together a word-salad reiteration of your original post. You read exactly nothing of what I posted, therefore you refuted nothing, likely because there was no one to cut and paste from. Without that cut and paste crutch of someone else’s words, your writing lacks any meaning, or critical thinking.

          Rather you set about to change the facts, in an attempt to salvage your original agitprop about how smart “liberals” really are. Ignoring completely that fact that Leftists are not Liberals, Conservatives are Liberals.

          Further, Uncommon said “…Far Left activists”. But let’s look at what Liberalism means.

          Liberalism has two main principles, first is individualism, where the social order is built around and places the individual at its heart arguing that will achieve the highest value for society. Leftist believe in collectivism, communism, it takes a village, which is the polar opposite.

          The second principle is Liberty, which means freedom and freedoms (freedom of speech/religion/press), consent of the governed and equality before the law. Liberty is the freedom to act as you wish. Leftist believe in dependence on the government and government permission slips to act and live.

          Oh, and one more thing… miner said “if I was wrong you would not have needed eight paragraphs in your reply.”

          Eight paragraphs, miner? So now you can’t even count?

  13. That’s ok, once the US recognizes the new Afghani government we will be able to pick up some Taliban Gold – Lake City mfg imports for a good price, right?

  14. After handing 600,000+ Fully Automatic Weapons to the Taliban, I don’t want to hear one word from Biden about Gun Control. I’d punch the Ol’ Fraud and Liar in his dentures, and Secret Service you can take that to the bank.
    Though I’d rather have sharpened pencils shoved in my ears than listen to that Sack of Scheiße.

  15. Death by a thousand cuts. The Commies now in power are using many different methods to eventually bleed us out of guns and ammo. Buying restrictions, planned ammo shortages, manufacturer lawsuits, storage restrictions, etc.. Their grand plan follows the typical tyrannical doctrine of eventually eliminating private ownership of firearms. Instead of trying to ban the Second Amendment outright, they are trying to regulate it out of existence. Unarmed people are easier to control than armed ones. Dictatorship 101: Control the guns, control the people.

  16. there are already laws in place that we have no right gun rights are slowly being taken away from us The National Firearms Act is a violation having to register the weapons under The Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 (FOPA):
    FOPA is a United States federal law that revised many of the Gun Control Act of 1968 provisions.

    As such, FOPA makes it illegal for the national government or any state in the country to keep any database or registry that ties firearms directly to their owner. The exact wording of the provision is as follows:

    No such rule or regulation prescribed [by the Attorney General] after the date of the enactment of the Firearms Owners Protection Act may require that records required to be maintained under this chapter or any portion of the contents of such records, be recorded at or transferred to a facility owned, managed, or controlled by the United States or any State or any political subdivision thereof, nor that any system of registration of firearms, firearms owners, or firearms transactions or disposition be established. Nothing in this section expands or restricts the Secretary’s authority to inquire into the disposition of any firearm in the course of a criminal investigation.

    thus this is another from of government over use of power to protect itself from being overthrown even putting a law under 18 U.S. Code § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government which is forbidden IN CONGRESS, on July 4, 1776.

    The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security and are government creating the same tyranny that it fought to have hence the sencind amendment right was put in place which is being breach by the laws below and suggest indivifual look into these laws before voting on gun law and indivdual go off what media say and fail to read the laws that are imposed which is costing us liberty

    22 U.S. Code § 2551 – Congressional statement of purpose

    trying to take are guns

    Public Law 87-297
    22 U.S. Code § 2751 – Need for international defense cooperation and military export controls; Presidential waiver; report to Congress; arms sales policy


    22 U.S. Code § 2573 – Policy formulation

    22 U.S. Code § 2551 – Congressional statement of purpose

    trying to take are guns

    H.R.1495 – Arms Control and Disarmament Amendments Act of 1989


    Arms Control and Nonproliferation
    there trying to take guns away from everyone



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