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The Portland police bureau charged a 65-year-old man from Gresham, Oregon, over a gunfight in the city’s downtown during violent clashes on Sunday. Authorities say Dennis Anderson drew a concealed handgun and shot at a group of anti-fascists who were trying to expel him from the area. At least one of the anti-fascists shot back, according to authorities, with seven shots exchanged between the two sides. …

The use of airsoft and paintball guns, just like any weapon, can be prosecuted when they are used to threaten others. Earlier this month, a Portland resident was arrested for pointing an airsoft weapon at a journalist, under a statute that penalises the misuse of “dangerous or deadly weapons”. But they are not subject to any specific federal or state laws, and nor are they covered by firearms laws.

The weapons’ legal status, as well as their non-lethality, have made them an attractive option for extremist groups in and outside of the US, said Jon Lewis, a research fellow at George Washington University’s program on extremism.

Lewis argued that the Proud Boys were likely to continue to use the weapons in Portland and anywhere where there was a “lax local response” to the group’s activities from law enforcement.

On Sunday, the absence of police during the confrontations raised questions about whether authorities in the city were willing, or able, to stop the violence.

The Portland police bureau (PPB) chief, Chuck Lovell, announced in repeated statements in advance of the unpermitted rally that protesters “should not expect to see police officers standing in the middle of the crowd trying to keep people apart”.

The tactic gave rally-goers and counter-protesters free rein, while employees of businesses located near the fracas told local media that they felt abandoned by law enforcement.

— Jason Wilson in Portland gunfight fuels alarm over growing use of weapons at rallies

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    • This is way more then stupidity!!! These so called Anti-Fascists are animals!! They dont deserve any consideration as humans! They should be put down like any Rabid Dog is! They drive cars into crowds and shoot people and dont care if there is children in the crowd they are firing into! The police following the orders of the so called politicians (Communist Dems) should be fired as well as those politicians being arrested and imprisoned! I cant understand for the life of me why or how Biden and the leftists were able to steal an election in front of the world and get away with it!??? The United States Of America has a criminal as a President and many in our Fed Gov. need to be hanged for their crimes, yet nobody dose anything? So i plan to protect my self and family by any means that i a Free American can!!!!!! I will NOT allow the left/liberals/communists hurt me or my family ever “again”!!! All patriots should be sure to own a firearm per our GOD Given Rights and all the ammo they can get! Since another illegitimate president brought in well over 11million illegals(Moslems) that wish us all harm and death, even though they have been banned from American soils since 1952 and god away with it, we are all going to see the same problems they face in the middle east here very soon! I will never submit to Islam or the left in any way and i demand they both be removed from our country! A thief/murderer and a Pedophile invented the Oppressive, Governmental system of Islam just around 1400yrs ago so that the animals of old had a culture to call their own! The animals of Islam will be at your door steps soon enough now that the U.S. has left their stronghold in the middle east they will make plans for suicide bombers and other attacks here in our country! Thanks to the left many Americans are going ot be killed! When will we stand up to the evil in America? May Forever And Always “Only” GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    • However two to center mass and one to the head will send a BLM/Antifa cock roach to Marxist paradise forever. A storm is coming, prepare.

      • Amen on the preparing! I dont hope for war but i know its coming! After watching the left steal multiple elections during the last term and having an illegitimate president the SHTF soon. Besides the fact the 1st illegitimate president brought in well over 11million illegals/self proclaimed enemies of our country right to our door step! Theres a reason Islam has been banned from American soil since 1952! Yet even though those laws still stand in our Constitution ,those laws were openly broken by Obama and people sat at home and looked on.! It hasnt even been that long since the twin towers have come down and the people (brain washed youth) think its not Islam just the evil few among them. I hate to say it but its all of Islam that together as a whole declared war on the western world and more specifically the U.S. and one of the reason’s that Islam was banned from U.S. soil in 1952! So for even anyone of them being in our Government is illegal since they shouldnt even be here to begin with! If anyone bothered to look up the laws and demand they be enforced then we are going to have the largest standing enemy army in the U.S. thats ever been here before! Islam now has multiple terrorist training camps in all 50states and their numbers are growing on a daily basis! They wants us dead or at the least be in charge and run things via Sharia law! I for one will never submit to Islam or the left! I will remain a Free American! What about the rest of you so called patriots? Those i never see out in the streets protesting the protesters or demanding for our rights and laws of our Constitution follow and enforced? The DemonRats in DC have broken too many laws to count anymore and nobody is doing anything to stop them? So im preparing alright to protect my family and whats mine! Too many use these words and dont really mean it but i do! My self and family will never be a slave to anything or anyone so they may take my freedoms from my cold dead hands!!! Trust me i mean those words!!! MAy forever and always “only” GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!%

  1. I’m a bit confused about this article. I take it the reference to “gunfire” means Airsoft pistols? Somehow, it’s difficult to make the leap that now non-lethals are considered firearms. That and the “surprise” when a community defines the police, the criminal elements come out into the open.

      • The Rioters have been using IED’s for months in the form of Class B fireworks. They are only lacking in shrapnel. (So Far)

        • When I was working the protests last year they were inserting thumbtacks into the fireworks as shrapnel.

        • If the media and people don’t seem to care about molotovs and entire city blocks burning, they are not going to care about IED’s and EFP’s.

    • The article referenced both actual gunfire as well as pointing an airsoft weapon in a threatening manner.

    • That’s one of those words and phrases issues similar to AR15’s NOT being assault rifles.

      ‘Gunfire’ does NOT automatically mean ‘from a firearm’. Airsoft, BB and pellet guns, air guns, spring powered guns, flare guns, cap pistols….they are ALL guns. It’s all in the interpretation of how it’s used.

      A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not necessarily a square.

      • It’s called a lawyer lie. It is neither truth nor complete lie but by careful wording lies somewhere in between. For example, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

        A carefully worded statement which requires the definition of the words “sexual relations.” You know, it’s like, “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

        So, yes, using a lawyer lie, gunfire can include any kind of projectile from any instrument shaped like a gun. A crossbow could be considered a “gun” under the general word, “gun”.

        Or, if you don’t like lawyer lie, a politician’s lie. You probably hear more politician’s lies than even lawyer lies.

  2. I see. So only the Proud Boys are going to use weapons. I guess the Antifa use of weapons (bricks, bats; etc.) all summer long in Portland doesn’t count because their riots were “relatively non-violent”.

  3. Portland voted for this, so they have no right to complain if they don’t like what they got.

  4. The funny thing about pictures like this is, these kids think they’re being rebellious and fighting the machine. The truth is, they’re nothing but enforcers for the authoritarian machine that’s in league with the wealthy mega-corporations.

    • The fascist left is owned by the wealthy. gates, zuckerberg, bloomberg, and many more. Notice where they burn and loot. It’s mostly small businesses owned by families. Rarely do large corporations take a hit.

      They are cannon fodder that will be disposed of when they’re not needed any more.

      • Is it not interesting Jethro W M that your living god Herr Drumpf was a rabid supporter of Neo Nazi Groups like the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and Boogaloo Boys. And is it not history repeating itself when Herr Drumpf like Hitler tried to overthrow the government.

        Unlike Hitler, who was not a coward, and actually led his men in his “Beer Hall Putsch” Trump, ever the coward, promised to do the same and then ran and hid in his bunker. Jethro you really can pick your hero’s. But then again Jethro what would you know about history, you flunked out of High School.

        And Jethro you mentioned disposing of people when they are not needed anymore. That is exactly what Trump did to his supporters that tried to overthrow the government.

        • Wrong again nazi boi. Trump is gone. He no longer matters. And what a slam bang job his replacement is doing.

          You black suited SS/antifa are the modern fascists. The fact that you believe otherwise shows your level of brain damage.

          You SS/antifa black suits have done far more damage, at your billionaire masters bidding, to minorities than the proud boys ever have. And when you have served your purpose or prove too much of an embarrassment they will unbind the cops and you dummies will be swept into history.

        • “Unlike Hitler, who was not a coward,…”

          No surprise at all you worship that fascist scum.

          Hitler was a coward, he hid in his bunker like a little bitch when the Russian army entered Berlin, and died like a coward, committing suicide…

        • Wow the Commissar speaks. After the lobotomy one wonders how this is possible until one realizes its just programed cant vomited forth on a regular schedule, per the daily 2 minutes of hate.

          Seig Heil comrade!

    • Once again

      As usual Dude you get everything backwards. Its the Proud Boys that support the Republicans that support mega-corporations not the Liberals/Antifa/real Americans.

      • As usual, dacian, you’re too low iq to see that the left was bought out by the super rich. You serve the same corporations that you claim to condemn. When was the last time you and your SS buddies attacked a major corporation and not just some minority family owned businesses?

      • As usual high school flunk out JWM your reading comprehension is at the 3rd grade level. You missed the entire point of my post (raking you over the coals) and that was you and Trump support the Proud Boys because they have the same Neo Nazi White Supremacist beliefs that you do. You really fell into this one Jethro.

        • How do you manage to breath without reminders? Who supports the proud boys? You should. You’re both doing the same work. Terror. Intimidation. Suppressing opposition.

          There is no, repeat no difference between you and these proud boys. Not one bit. And you’re too stupid to see it.

          America will have turned a corner when both you and the proud boys are standing in front of the same bullet pocked wall with blind folds on. If justice prevails.

        • Quite lying between your teeth Jethro. Just yesterday you were making loving comments about the Proud Boys holding a so called prayer meeting and then being attacked by the big bad Antifa. If that is not kissing their ass I do not know what would be. You really tripped yourself up on your last post you are not kidding anyone. You support the Proud Boys 100% and everyone on this forum damn well knows it.

        • Lying again, dacian. I said that the SS/antifa attacked a prayer meeting in Portland. It was in the news. I believe on the 8th of this month. Sometime during that event ss/antifa and proud boys were involved in a little inter tribal warfare.

          My question was who the real criminals were. If you take that to mean I support either side you’re more mentally damaged than I thought.

        • Can anyone imagine anyone as racist as a Lefturd. Blacks can’t make it without affirmative action and the blessing of their white overlords. The bs of Lefturds is beyond reason.

      • “As usual Dude you get everything backwards. Its the Proud Boys that support the Republicans that support mega-corporations not the Liberals/Antifa/real Americans.”

        How many major corporation are pushing right wing ideas and talking points these days? Now how many are pushing left wing ideas and talking points? The answer is all of them. Which corporations are not only the wealthiest, but the most influential? That would be the Big Tech companies. Now how many of those companies support Democrats and how many support Republicans? That’s not to say that they don’t pay off some Republicans. But the major donations are going to Democrats.

        Big Tech’s monetary donations are a drop in the bucket compared to how they use their platforms to shape particular narratives which are always meant to help Democrats.

        Wall Street has supported the Democratic presidential nominee over the Republican since at least Obama’s first election in 2008.

        How many former Big Tech executives are literally working with the Biden Administration?

        I understand that this reality is the opposite of the narrative which is always conveyed by Democrats. Why would people support them if they were honest about their intentions? You’ve been lied to, not that you care. You’re invested in partisan tribalism, just like Miner.

        • As usual you distort reality. Insurance Companies and drug companies that make billions all support the Republicans. The last thing these corruptions want is a drug review board or cutting insurance companies out of health care so they can rape the people into bankruptcy.

          On average the Corporations support Republicans not Democrats and the people who run corrupt corporations like Amazon not Facebook give the most money to corrupt politicians who of course are Republicans.

        • “As usual you distort reality.”
          Where dacian? Quote me and be specific. That’s right you can’t. Like I said, you’ve been lied to, but you’re beyond that because it’s all about partisan tribalism for you. Reality doesn’t matter to you. How do you debate someone that denies reality?

          “the people who run corrupt corporations like Amazon not Facebook give the most money to corrupt politicians who of course are Republicans.”

          I gave you a link for that exact information, and you’re pretending it isn’t true!


          Total contribution: $8.9 million
          Top recipients: Joe Biden

          The e-commerce giant contributed $8.9 million through individual and PAC donors to federal candidates.

          While Democrats received the majority of the money, Amazon has one of the highest Republican funding rates among “Big Tech” donors, contributing $922,000, or 14 percent of total funds, to federal Republican candidates.

          Wow! An entire 14% to Republicans LMAO! You got me little d!


          The Joe Biden campaign alone received $1.3 million from the social media giant, followed by Bernie Sanders, who received $249,000. The DNC received approximately $347,000, while the RNC, the top Republican beneficiary, also got $216,000.

          CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t appear to have spent any money on direct political donations, other than to the Facebook PAC, but he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have given $400 million to local governments in order to foot the bill for election-related costs.

          $400 million to “local governments.” Do you dare venture a guess which political party was in control of those local governments? This was Facebook’s way of influencing the election. Spoiler Alert: they weren’t helping those evil Republicans!

          dacian said: “Insurance Companies and drug companies that make billions all support the Republicans.”

          Nope! Wrong again! Stop falling for the narratives and take a good, hard look at the facts. They all overwhelmingly support the Democrats.

          Don’t look now but Big Pharma donated to Joe over Trump nearly two to one.

          I’ll give you three guesses on the insurance donation winner.

  5. Portland and liberal areas deserve all the bullshit they started.. BLM & antifafucks are domestic terrorists

    This is what happens when you’re ruled by a Democrat super majority. 30+ years of Democrat control ruined a once, I said once great state.
    Now just add one more letter to the states name & you’ll have the correct name for the craphole,,,
    OREGONE…!!! 👈

    • I get a blow by blow of Portland quite often by a fakebook friend who lives in nearby Vancouver,Washington. Harrowing to stay the least. Suffice to stay if you point “any” gun shaped object at me I will respond with a lead projectile. Good thing antifool & BlackLootersMurder is mostly peacful😉

    • If not for the sheriff department stepping in I could see Albany going down this path with the way the city neutered their police department and let the kids play with bail reform. I really need to study up more on Rochester as it snuck up on being hyperviolent lately. With that said would love to do some hiking/camping in the pacific north west and guessing the larger cities are mostly historic sightseeing at own risk only at this point.

  7. The intellectual supremacists on the left are fond of dismissing the slippery slope as an academic fallacy despite experiencing it everyday.

    The sooner you stop the slipping the easier it will be. Wait too long and it’ll have mass and momentum requiring extreme measures to stop it assuming you wish to stop it.

    • I think we need to split this one into two fallacies:
      1. The slippery-slope fallacy, which is an improperly applied reductio ad absurdum
      2. The “just the tip” fallacy, which is a mendacious claim that things could never go any further than that.

  8. Authorities say Dennis Anderson drew a concealed handgun and shot at a group of anti-fascists who were trying to expel him from the area

    And how, exactly, were they going about that?

  9. Personally, I see nothing wrong with well-aimed and directed “gun fire” at armed persons who are knowingly, willingly and wantonly assaulting others, with the intent to either inflict great bodily injury, or to intimidate and coerce. This has been happening with great regularity in Portland for several years now with no real, or dedicated response by the city’s law-enforcement personnel nor any condemnation by the city’s leadership, nor the MSM in general.

    Surely, self-defense is one of the stongest, and most essential of all animal instincts. Trying to turn human beings into rabbits will only go on for so long before the instinct returns with a vengeance. The timing seems long overdue.

    • Any sensible person would agree with you, but their attorney general is Ellen Rosenblum. She is a democrat, and a you-know-what, based on her surname (VERY left-leaning demographic, and you KNOW I’m right. Just ask Bloomberg, Feinstein, Ginsberg, Zuckerberg, Schumer…)

      THIS is who Oregon elected as their attorney general:

      “In July 2020, Rosenblum filed a lawsuit against the federal government, accusing it of unlawfully detaining protesters, after footage emerged of agents in unmarked vehicles (but not unmarked police officers) appearing to forcefully seize protesters without justification.”

      In her twisted, liberal mind, the rioters (aka “mostly peaceful protesters”) are always right, and everyone else is always wrong, no matter what the rioters did to provoke them.

      If a Portland antifa mobster punched you in the forehead, breaking his hand in the process, she would probably charge you with assault for breaking his hand. If he did not break his hand, she would refuse to charge him for hitting you, as he was merely protesting against your “white privilege.”

      • “In her twisted, liberal mind, the rioters (aka “mostly peaceful protesters”) are always right…no matter what the rioters did to provoke them.”

        Actually no. In her twisted, leftist mind, she recognizes the rioters as the left’s foot soldiers. And the left protects its own. Unlike conservatives.

        It is maybe their biggest strength, the left protects their own. Conservatives after all this time, still do not understand what they are up against.

      • “…Ellen Rosenblum. She is a democrat, and a you-know-what, based on her surname…”

        Are you referring to the possibility that she’s Jewish?

        Personally, I prefer to leave one’s religious affiliation or race out of my own assessments. I find it better to paint with a more narrow brush. To each his/her/its own, however.

        • And BTW- your premise does not, in any way, manner, or form, conform to the general substance to anything DJT espoused, espouses, or even inferred except as distorted by those opposed to the freedom, and love of, and for the American republic. Change your user name from MAGA or reassess you attitudes and assumptions… You are not doing the moniker any favors.

      • Try again. The Multnomah County district attorney would be in charge of that, not the state’s attorney general. I don’t know about his religious or ethnic affiliation, and they don’t really matter. The one thing that does matter is that he’s a Soros-financed, card-carrying leftist piece of garbage who has a no-bail revolving-door system for antifa.

  10. Obviously, we don’t have all the facts, but the 65 year old man was being forced to leave the area by a group of Antifa. His age, plus their superior numbers makes me think this could possibly be a case of “disparity of force”. Given Antifa’s reputation of violence, I think a reasonably prudent person would feel their life was threatened.

    • It is because the people in charge of the law are corrupt, and complicit in the riots. The riots are happening because they WANT them to happen. If they did not want Portland burning, they would send a brigade of National Guard troops and shut it down in a day or two.

      The Capitol rioters are all being hunted down by the FBI, who are meticulously combing through video to identify and arrest them. The FBI could easily do the same thing in Portland, due to many rioters being from other states (The FBI gets the green light as soon as a crime crosses state lines). They just choose not to get involved, or the state government refuses to let them get involved.

  11. The silver lining is that these Antifa protesters are closely gathered in large crowds. Statistically speaking, every 100 of them who gets infected means 2 of them will die.

    • The antifa protesters are mostly in their 20’s and 30’s, so your statics are way off. More like 100,000 if not more lacking any co-mobilities.

      Among age groups the survivability rate is Aged: 0-19, 99.997% chance and aged: 20-49, 99.98% chance of survivability. And that includes co-mobilities.

  12. The left’s end goal is “nationalized” police forces – replacing local police departments with federally funded police forces directly controlled from Washington DC. Remove control over policing policies as far away from the local people as possible – the reverse of freedom – where everything is instead dictated from an ever more powerful and increasingly centralized government, from far away and deaf & blind to the wants and needs of the local people.

    Never assume that your opponents are stupid. Once cities like Portland are clearly no longer able to maintain police forces sufficient to “keep the peace” or anything even remotely close to it, people will eventually DEMAND that government “do something!”, and that “something!” will be exactly what the Marxist left wanted all along. Think federally funded and controlled “social justice warriors” with badges and guns, who could not possibly care less about the U.S. Constitution or the rights of any of us uppity peasants with silly ideas about “liberty”. That is the iron fisted future the left has in store for your kids and all generations to come after them.

    Never assume your opponents are stupid. While they certainly have an awful lot of “useful idiot” true believers who are not even aware that they are Marxists, the people calling the shots from behind the scenes – and the corrupt media covering for them – are not at all lacking in I.Q. They may be seriously wrong and uncaring, but they are not stupid.

    Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Chairman Mao, Xi Jinping, and Nicola Maduro either were or are not stupid either. Cruel and horrible leftists most certainly – mass murderers all – but not stupid. Please, just don’t YOU allow yourself to be so lazily “stupid” as to underestimate our enemies!

    “Stupid is as stupid does.” – Forrest Gump

    • And as usual the secret back room cabal keeps focusing on the “how” to achieve their utopia but always neglects to think on the “why” and the “what” to do afterwards (except execute perceived enemies of the state).

  13. Well, BLM closed the doors, took the money, and left, and Antifa can only get away with this bullshit in Portland, and they are aware of this. That’s why they stay there. If they venture East, they will all be at room temperature in 72 hours. Around 600 came to Palatka, Fl, last year to tear down a confederate statue. Thirty miles west of me. Once they saw a fight was waiting for them about 500 strong and armed, they got right back on the Blomberg charter busses and left. They never made it to downtown. Don’t come back bitches. We will shoot you in the street.

  14. Being a History Major the old axiom “History Repeats Itself” certainly rings true in Portland as well as across the U.S. In the U.S. we must not let History Repeat itself for “He who does not know the past is condemned to relive it”.

    The Antifa fought Hitler’s Nazi’s in the streets of German Cities in the 30’s and now several generations later and on a different continent the rise of the Neo Nazi Proud Boy’s, Oath Keepers and Boogaloo Boy’s filth are being fought against by the new and proud generation of Antifa. As a matter of fact WWII U.S. G.I.’s called themselves Antifa.

    The Proud Boys hero who praised and cheered them on was none other than their living God Herr Drumpf (the Donald), a modern day demigod who unlike Hitler is a pure coward. Remember Hitler when he led his “beer hall putsch” led his storm troopers while Herr Drumpf (the Donald) said he would but then ran and hid in a bunker. Both men failed but because they did not execute Hitler he went on to achieve his maniacal goal of becoming leader of Germany. We here in the U.S. must not let that happen again in the U.S. that is why it is so important to go after Trump with every legal means possible to make sure he never is legally able to run for President again and a jail sentence would send a clear message to the Republicans that overthrowing the government is not going to become an established political tactic.

    It was confirmed that the Proud Boys posing as Black Lives protestors in Richmond were the ones that set a truck on fire.

    In Minneapolis Far Right infiltrators and agitators were at the George Floyd protests.

    Three Far Right men (Boogaloo Boys) with military backgrounds have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to instigate violence at the Las Vegas protests against the death of George Floyd.

    It does not matter if you are conservative or liberal as no real American should tolerate another Trump or put up with dangerous Neo Nazi groups like the Far Right Nazi Proud Boys, Oath Keepers & Boogaloo boys who tried to overthrow the U.S. Government and establish a so called “Master Race of Anglo-Saxon Protestant Neo Nazi’s”.

    Read the inscription on the Statue of Liberty. America has always been the home of all the worlds people because immigrants’ were the people who really made the U.S. great not some far right Nazi Herr Drumpf wearing a red hat and tie glorifying Hitler’s Nazi’s.

    History will not repeat itself in America if all real Americans realize that they are indeed the modern day “Antifa” and proud of it.

    • Modern day antifa such as yourself are the new age neo nazi’s. No wonder you flunked out of Kent State, jerry. You’re too dumb to realize the only difference between you and a proud boy is which billionaire owns you.

    • Those must be really trippy meds you are taking.

      Are you sure you read the dosages correctly?

    • That justsecurity article is hilarious. It’s literally nothing but conspiracy theories. They thought the violence in 2020 was being committed by white supremacists just because the perps are white! And that includes a guy dressed in black carrying a black umbrella. Hmm… Now who else dresses like that? Then they say CNN was attacked by the white supremacist infiltrators because…it was white people. They link to a tweet that shows both white and black people attacking CNN. Antifa is almost all white, and the BLM protestors were often a white majority. That entire article is a joke and proves nothing other than how easy it is to fool their prejudice audience who no doubt lapped it up. In other news, propaganda works.

      Oh, and an anti-government extremist group doesn’t sound very conservative.

    • I checked your other links. The wsls text says: “Riots in downtown Richmond over the weekend were instigated by white supremacists under the guise of Black Lives Matter, according to law enforcement officials.”

      The video says: “…according to law enforcement sources.”

      So was it an official or was it a source? How do they know they were white supremacists? Well of course they don’t tell you that part. Then they go on to show the mugshots of the “white supremacists.” There were four of them and one was a back guy! LMAO! What were the charges? Unlawful assembly. Let me get this this straight. Out of the entire crowd, only four guys were doing anything worth charging, they were of course undercover white supremacists, and one was a black guy. Check the history of the mayor Levar Stoney: “Five of his colleagues were later charged with slashing the tires of a van meant to be used to drive Republican voters to the polls. Stoney initially lied to police claiming he had no knowledge about the incident.” This guy wouldn’t lie to advance his politics would he?

      Let’s check the official police arrest. I’m sure they must go into detail how they caught those nefarious white supremacists, right? Nope, nothing. I’d put money on the “law enforcement sources” originating with the mayor.

      Onto the Boogaloo silliness. It was 99% meme. The extremists who took it seriously were anti-government, as in no government. There’s a word for that. It’s called anarchy. Since when are anarchists right wing? The media just throws the right wing label on there to smear conservatives. Those guys that got arrested wanted to attack the police. If that’s right wing, then are the back the blue folks left wing? There was never, in the history of this country, so much propaganda pumped out than in 2020 trying to cover for the violent left wing riots.

      • You fool no one Dude. At least be man enough to admit you are a racist and a Nazi and want an all white society because you defend extremist racist hate groups with every post you make.

        You refuse to face the truth. It was the White Supremacist Proud Boys who ran the riots at the Capital and organized everything that led up to them. The Proud Boys are an avowed Nazi organization and they have repeatedly stated they want an all white country cleansed of any inferior races. The Republicans love them as it is a carbon copy of their core beliefs.

        The lack of women and minorities in all Republican organizations would even educate a mentally retarded person as to their true racist and misogynist beliefs.

        • “At least be man enough to admit you are a racist and a Nazi and want an all white society because you defend extremist racist hate groups with every post you make.”

          Where did you get that? Quote me and be specific. I didn’t give an opinion on any group. All I did was poke holes in those silly propaganda pieces. Quote me or shut TF up prickk!

          “It was the White Supremacist Proud Boys who ran the riots at the Capital and organized everything that led up to them.”

          Holy smoke dacian, you’re a riot! Where did we say anything about the Capital? We were talking about the 2020 BLM/Antifa Democrat supported and promoted riots. The Capital is an entirely different conversation. You’re just like Miner! You’re changing the subject! Why is that? I’m not following you off in a million different directions.

          “The lack of women and minorities in all Republican organizations would even educate a mentally retarded person as to their true racist and misogynist beliefs.”

          Check photos of the 2016 Democratic primary debates. Now check photos of the 2016 Republican primary debates. Get back to me on the number of women and minorities, and remember, white Hispanics count as minorities.

          I also responded to your other ignorant comment about the pharma and insurance industry supporting Republicans. False. They overwhelmingly support Democrats, just like Big Tech and Wall Street. Unlike you, I give actual proof. Go check it out for quotes and links.

          Don’t you get tired of just repeating political party talking points? Be an independent thinker for a change. Don’t be so prejudice.

    • Statue of Liberty holds a tablet in her arm with an inscription or quote. The tablet says July IV, MDCCLXXVI (July 4, 1776) in Roman numerals, the date our Declaration of Independence.

      What you are referring to is the poem Emma Lazarus wrote about the Statue of Liberty called “The New Colossus”. The inscription or quote was placed on a plaque inside the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal in 1903, 17 years after the statue was completed.

      I can understand how you could misunderstand the difference between the actual inscription and a poem written years later.

      I wonder why your fascists antifa friends haven’t attempted to tear her down?

      • And your post reeks with racism by trying to denigrate the poem. Be a real man and stand up for your beliefs. Be proud to say I am a racist and proud of it. I hate the poem because it slams it right in my face that immigrants made the country great not a racist like you who denigrates them.

  15. “Dennis Anderson drew a concealed handgun and shot at a group of anti-fascists”

    Could they *please* stop referring to Antifa as “anti-fascists”? They aren’t fighting fascism, they’re a bunch of violent, spoiled kids who are pretending to be important. The only thing they have ever succeeded in is making life miserable for people who have to go to work wherever they’re throwing their little tantrums.

      • More loving praise for your brothers in arms the Neo Nazi Proud Boys. The Antifa (the real Americans) are fighting these beasts of the fog and night who want to establish a Right Wing Master Race Dictatorship and JWM is cheering them on all the way. Tell me JWM do you have a portrait of Hitler and Trump over your roach infested bed.

        JWM be man enough to at least stand up for your believe in i.e. the worship of the Neo Nazi Trumpites. Remember you were a cheer leader for Herr Drumpf (a self proclaimed Nazi lover) when he infested the Presidency and you groveled at his feet and kissed his ass. Trump was a self declared racist Nazi and you loved him all the more for it.

        • Deflection and projection on your part dacian. You’ve claimed to be SS/antifa. Own that. Be proud of your criminality.

          I said repeatedly that I did not care for Trump. But at his worse he still did not do as much damage as barry and biden did and have done to this country.

          Delusional SS/antifa member that you are.

    • to the Rookie

      If you think fighting the Proud Boys is not fighting the Nazi’s you really are living in an alternate universe. The Neo Nazi Proud Boys have openly stated they want an all white “Master Race” country. The only thing they have not admitted to is the gas chambers they would construct if they ever turned the U.S. into their white utopian dictatorship with JWM as their gate keeper. JWM loves wearing arm bands.

      • You just described yourself, dacian. A poor attempt at propaganda. What can one expect from someone dumb enough to become a fascist in this day and age.

        Racism does not work. It’s a blind alley to distract the low iq, such as yourself, from the bigger issues we face.

        Miner49er said one thing I agree with. Although I’m pretty sure he was using the line as a distraction.. But to paraphrase him. There is no place in America for you fascists. The sooner you guys are driven out or done away with the better off we all will be.

        Now I’m note quoting miner. The sooner your kind are safely tucked away in institutions the sooner America can get on with rebuilding a fair and just land.

        • Your Far Right hateful posts about killing people refutes your feeble attempt to evade what you really are. Only Nazi’s like yourself do not believe in freedom to choose a political party. Never once have I advocated mass murder. Only Nazi’s like you advocate that and that is exactly what your buddy Trump and Hitler advocated i.e. mass murder of your political opponents. Your feeble attempt to lie your way out of your past posts on this forum blew up in your face including these latest posts which advocate mass murder of your political opponents. The Trump riots did the same.

          You would think with your experience in Vietnam you would have learned that mass murder does not change peoples minds or their wiliness to fight for their freedom which you tried to take away, once in Vietnam and now in the U.S. For you there can only be one dictatorial political party which is extreme Right Wing. It will not work because just as History defeated Hitler and Trump so to it will defeat your kind as well. Sorry to tell you there will never be just one political party in the U.S.

      • Quote—————–I said repeatedly that I did not care for Trump.———————quote

        More lies. When Trump was running for reelection you were his primary cheer leader. Changing horses now after the battle is over in the elections does not fool anyone. With all the Trump praise and adoration in the past how you can try and lie your way out this time is beyond belief.

        • dacian. You are a liar. I said repeatedly that I did not like Trump. But I would vote for him because he was the lessor of the evils running.

          It is not murder, nazi boi, for a criminal to be executed for his crimes. I suppose you think its wrong to fry Roof? You claim you’re part of the fascist antifa/ss. Makes you a criminal if you are and a blight on a civilized nation.

  16. Portland: “After 18 months of allowing this open wound to fester, we are now going to complain that it’s badly infected, possibly necrotic, and we are going to blame everyone but ourselves for not fixing it RIGHT NOW !!!”

  17. I’ve heard it suggested that Portland is where the Democrat Brownshirts are practicing and honing their tactics / strategies for a larger scale implementation during the mid-term elections and beyond.

    It’s looking like 2022 will be as “interesting” and “mostly peaceful” as 2020 was.

  18. Well, with the inevitable food shortages that Zoe Beijing’s inept leadership will soon bring about, these “mostly peaceful” riots will have a silver lining.
    Fewer people consuming the available food supply, and an abundance of Soylent green. 🤔

    I hear possum is installing another floor freezer in his garage. When it rains, it pours.

    • ANTIFA will become humanitarians and start eating long pig. Since they see their enemies as pigs, what better use for them?

  19. It is a real marvel to witness the destruction of a major US city by white people. And very wealthy white people at that. Seattle, San Francisco, and Minneapolis should be included in that group as well.

    • The true wonder of progressivism is the amnesia that it creates; somehow everyone involved in it forgets to ask what it really is that they’re progressing toward.

  20. Only thing about gunfire in Portland is that I am mildly surprised it has taken so long to happen.
    Funny thing about the so called anti-fascists. They are using the same tactics employed by the Fascist of Italy and the NAZI’s of Germany a century ago.
    Something else. Fascism, Socialism, Communism, all pages from the Marxist Manifesto.
    Why was Hitler so anti communist? first, because they were getting support from Russia and secondly, because they were direct competition.
    Any form of Marxism needs a class or other socio/economic enemy to exist. Someone they can blame all their problems and failures on. Always play the victim and the downtrodden. Gain sympathy from the uninformed masses. The only reason anyone sees the Fascists as being right wing politics, is simply because they fought against the other major left wing socio-economic political entity. The Soviet Union Communists. Only reason the Soviets won is because they were even more brutal and ruthless than the NAZI’s. And of course, much more numerous.

  21. If you run your city like a third world fief, expect it to be a third world shit hole. Just that simple.

  22. antifa is a terrorist group.
    They have more in common with the Taliban and ISIS then they do Americans.
    They will only be satisfied when they have beaten every American into their way of thinking.
    Just read their manifesto.

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