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CT State Police SWAT troopers in West Haven during UNH MWAG lockdown courtesy

The headline over at is Dong pinched by cops for having long gun near campus, and while that’s funny, it’s not the important part of the story. You see, a 911 call came in reporting a “man with a rifle,” a man that turned out to be William Dong. Police confronted Dong “within minutes” and arrested him, finding a couple more guns in his vehicle. He was arrested simply because someone saw the rifle, he had a valid handgun permit, and never threatened anyone. That’s still not the story. The story is (again, still) the dramatic overreaction by law enforcement. . .

For a guy who was confronted and arrested “within minutes,” dozens of officers from at least six agencies responded, along with cars, trucks, a mobile command center, and a Bearcat. Given the speed at which Dong was confronted, it’s possible he was in custody before some of those officers even finished strapping on all their tac gear. Visit for the full rundown, including a half dozen more photos there and a link to a really awesome(ly sad) photo gallery with another five dozen (!).

Virginia State Police report that Black Friday gun sales broke VA’s previous record, with records showing 3,902 gun transactions, beating last year’s number of 3856. They’re well on pace to beat their all-time total monthly record, set last year, needing only another 800 or so sales on top of the 431,693 they already have to surpass last year’s number of 432,387. And since that current number is from Monday, they may have already done it by the time you’re reading this. That’s change I can believe in.

Gander Mountain announced last week that the southeast will be getting three new stores, in Gadsden, Alabama; McDonough, GA; and Pensacola, Florida. All three stores are set to open in the spring of 2014.

Are you into M1 Garands? Are you really into M1 Garands? If so, here’s something to add to your future plans list for 2015. I say 2015 because the 2014 classes are all sold out already. The Civilian Marksmanship Program is holding six “CMP-AMC” or Advanced Maintenance Classes in 2014 for “students with strong mechanical aptitude and a desire to learn how to work on their M1 Garand rifle.” AMC classes are limited to 20 students and will be held at the CMP’s Custom Shop in Anniston. Tools are provided for use in the class, and this is not a class for experienced gunsmiths or those with advanced knowledge. No prior armorer or shooting experience necessary. There is a $1,400 fee for the three-day class and includes the CMP Special Rifle that participants will build in the class. The 2014 classes opened for registration on November 25th, and all six classes and their waitlists were filled within 30 minutes. So mark your calendars, set a reminder, and bookmark this page.

A longer video from Richard Ryan, but another great one. No longer content with simply blowing stuff up, he sets up a drag race between a .50BMG bullet and a length of det cord, by using the bullet to set off the blasting cap, to see which one gets to destroy a new XBox One. Who is the winner? We are, because the video is pretty awesome. Make sure you watch in hi-def.


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  1. That video was so effing cool!
    Beautiful job on the math there. And is it me, or the video, but did the .50 projo appear to speed up after impact by getting a boost from the blast wave?

  2. One of the joke cops is wearing a shemagh in the middle of New Haven, CT and has a big old “operator” beard.

    I swear to christ, with a lot of these agencies it’s like they grab the biggest ****ing losers they can find, hire them, and then put them on the SWAT or SRT team.

    • Yeah, I couldn’t remember the name of that neck-scarf thing, so thanks for that, but I did note it, and thought, “Did that guy actually take the time to put that on? Is he expecting a dust storm, or a heli-insertion?”

      Actually, when I first read the article, that was going to be my lead photo instead of the two dudes up there, but I forgot between then and tonight.

      • So do you think that any of those guys feel sort of stupid when it’s all said and done?

        Were I a part of that, I would be embarrassed at the overreaction of everyone involved.

        I mean, what in the heck is the game plan if say a couple hundred folks in Connecticut decide to throw two pistols and a rifle in their car and go somewhere at the same time? Who all is going to show up to that?

        The money spent on this stuff is 100% entirely out of control.

        • Felt stupid? Were that the case they wouldn’t be doing that joke job, in the even more pathetic manner they are. These are Walter Mitty fantasists who are so effen mentally deranged that the really believe they are protecting someone with this kabuki theatre.

        • nah. Hope you realize this is driven by the Benjamins: Let’s get as many people out on overtime as possible. This is not an embarrassing overreaction, it’s milking the clock.

        • dwb, True dat, the money is always a driver and despite the protestations to the contrary, the vast majority of cops make darn good money. Especially for an unskilled trade.

        • Thanks. We’ve gotten that submitted about a dozen times now, and Chris wrote up a thing for the morning.

        • And it was in one of the NYC rags this morning. Let’s hope the new Top Cop in NYC mandates lighter triggers and more range time for the field force. THAT would be a good use of tax money.

          Next, he can work on ditching psycho detectives.

    • I was expecting to see some cops digging a pit for their M-60 machine gun position. On a positive note, it’s impressive that there were that many people handling weapons a thus far no reports of any weapons “just going off”.

  3. It’s truly sad that someone can be charged with multiple felonies and held on a half million dollars cash bail because someone “saw a rifle” and was ascurred. I saw an article yesterday where one of Dong’s friends said he worked for an armored truck company, and he was sometimes confused about where he could and could not carry. His life may be ruined over a simple misunderstanding, the cops got to play GI Joe, and the politicians can squak about a “mass shooting averted”.

  4. Tacticool a**hole pigs. Ridiculous. Yea, the shemagh is so over the top, I’m a little embarrassed for the dumb son of a b][tch! People laugh when they hear “American police state” but, wow! Really?

  5. Fred: Hey, Mark, how about I give you and Vince a ride to the scene?

    Mark: Why thank you, Fred, that’s very kind! Glad to see you have extended running boards.

    Fred: Huh? Why does that matter? Why wouldn’t you just…

    Mark: Cuz I’m an operator, bitch!

  6. The amount of Law Enforcement cellphone use in those pics is epic.

    My favorite pic is the guy who is squinting looking into the sun…because his sunglasses are pushed up all tactical-like on his forehead.

    • You know who’s the most OAF in those photos? The girl with the headset in photo #61. She’s ready to shelter-in-place the shit out of an Egg McMuffin.

      • Speaking of OAF — have you followed OAF on Facebook yet? Unfiltered doesn’t even begin to describe it…

        • Awesomeness. I now know exactly what to get my dog for Christmas. Sorry Petsmart, you’re just not Canine-Tacticool as F’ enough for my business. With that rig on I just might get her a job on my local SWAT team.

  7. Ok I’m far from a cop basher, but the shemag is over the top redonkulous… But it gets even better with that dude… The coyote tan lanyard wrapped around his left side is a HELICOPTER SAFETY LANYARD?!?! Was he locked into a little bird waiting to fast rope on this poor kid?!

    Unless you’re doing Helo ops and are trying to keep from getting tossed out of a bird while flying doors open/seats out, you’ve no business wearing one of those… Idiot…

  8. I did my part for VA on black Friday. Got a new Seekin’ Precision lower to turn into an SBR…. Until the day it gets lost with everything else in the boating accident.

  9. Matt in FL – I’ll let you know how the AMC class goes. I was one of the lucky ones who got into one; taking the class in June. Building an M1 Garand. I am excited beyond measure.

    • That is beyond awesome. If you have the opportunity, and the subject matter lends itself, take photos (more is better, you can always delete later) and maybe write something up on the experience.

      I wish I could have told you guys about it sooner (like before it went on sale), but the email that had the info in it got lost. No, wait. That’s passive voice. It didn’t “get lost.” I lost it. Sorry.

  10. I wonder what would happen if a bunch of private citizens were out riding around hanging off the running boards of a truck. I’m betting they’d get a ticket or something.

    • They’re lucky the running board didn’t collapse from the weight. They’d look like a couple of tacticool Michelin Tire Men bouncing down the road.

  11. As a university of new haven senior and a fellow 2a advocate I still think he deserved what he got. The response was over kill but as some one who was on campus that day and disarmed by the university’s no carry policy he was stupid for thinking u can walk out of a class in the middle of an exam and attempt to walk back into the building with a bushmaster

    • Where did you see he tried to “walk back into the building with a bushmaster?” Nothing I’ve seen about the story has indicated anything of the kind.

    • Where exactly in this story was anything reported abut this guy trying carry a Bushmaster into the school?
      If THAT were true it would certainly be cause for some alarm. Seems like it would have been part of the lead, though.

      • That’s what happened at the school …. That’s why the lockdown happened….he carried it up the hill where campus is then put it back into his car and went into the campus with both pistols

      • Thanks very much for the police report. If the guy was found on the college campus with all that weaponry, unless he has a really good reason, yeah, eff that guy. I may not like the law, and think it’s a stupid law, but it is currently the law, and he’s an idiot, or mental for breaking it so obviously.

        My only other issue with the report was the repeated use of “assault rifle.” I suppose, if the rifle(s) he had have been deemed by law to be “assault rifles” then the officer’s use of that term is legally correct. However, the magazines laying on the seat of the car were not “assault rifle magazines” unless the only possible use for them is with an “assault rifle.” If that use can’t be known to the exclusion of all else, then they’re simply “magazines.”

  12. These XBox videos are beyond Theater of the Absurd. Someone with far too much money to burn, and too much time on their hands. Spend the time on 2A issues, and spend the money on guns for those who need them but don’t have the money.

    Where the hell do all these XBox Ones come from, anyway?

    • Some are donated, some he buys with the proceeds from his other videos.

      As far as your opinions of how he should spend his time and/or money, well, those are your opinions, but his time and money are his own. If he wanted to spend his money buying XBoxes and blowing them up for his own pleasure, without putting it on YouTube, would you have something to say about how he spends his money then, too?

    • If i spend $500 to make a video that earns me $2500 am I burning money? Am I wasting my time? Should common sense make the answers to those questions blindingly obvious? For bonus points: What happens to a business that gives away it’s operating capital? (hint: It rhymes with “they go out of business”)

  13. Does anybody have any actual info on the arrest? Such as, what he was charged with and where he actually was when arrested?

    • Dong’s been charged with illegal possession of an assault weapon, illegal possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle and breach of peace.

      The story now is that he carried on campus because he was afraid of being the victim of a mass shooting. Let’s see how the media spins this one. They gin up the fear and are surprised when consequences like this occur.

      • Y’know, if he’d somehow been caught with a handgun stashed deep in a backpack or briefcase, or even on his person, I’d buy the “scared of…” excuse. I’ve heard of people carrying concealed onto campus in that manner and I respect their right to do so (but of course have never done that myself…). But carrying a shoulder slung rifle onto campus? He’s gotta have a screw loose if he thought that was gonna fly.

  14. I looked through the entire pic gallery and didn’t see one optic mounted backwards or mag inserted incorrectly. So….bonus points for everyone!

  15. WOW. I live 250 feet from a local college campus. Do I have similar treatment to look forward to when I load up the Jeep for a trip to the range? It could be the death of me, I might die laughing.

    • Do you live in a free state or a police state? It makes a difference in how the clinically nervous react to you.

  16. “Given the speed at which Dong was confronted, it’s possible he was in custody before some of those officers even finished strapping on all their tac gear.”

    Isn’t that how it always works out though? Whether its a real active shooter, or a false alarm, isn’t it usually over with before all the wannabe commando cops tool up and show up?

    Maybe that’s the whole idea, play dress up with all the cool gear, show up late because you were gearing up, and stay out of any real danger.

  17. Am I the only one that doesn’t like Gander Mountain? Absurdly expensive, never enough help, and somehow, despite having gajillions of guns, they rarely have what I actually want.

    • I like looking for guns there, because they have a huge selection. Notice I said “looking for” not “shopping for” because shopping requires some meaningful interaction with the salesperson, and my interactions with their salespeople has basically consisted of, “Can I see that?” and “Here you go.” In my experience they are friendly enough about showing you stuff, but they don’t really make a lot of effort to talk to you about the gun.

      I do like actually shopping there for stuff other than guns like outdoor clothing and equipment and ammo.

  18. Regarding William Dong – campus threat! OMG!

    Huffpo sucks… they censor everything. Maggots.

    He told cops he was going to the range.

    Look here:–234260111.html

    But lets wrap some felonies around him so he can get his gun rights taken away. US as gun owners and 2A supporters should definitely compromise more on this matter – laugh.

    • Maybe we should plant some ditch guns in the Moms’ purses and call the cops in on them the next time they demonstrate. Sauce for the goose and all…

  19. Where is RALPH.

    Ralph does his actions constitute a “breach of peace?” (Section 53A-181)

    I’m sure glad I don’t live in that (insert obscene language here) state. I couldn’t even move my rifle into the trunk of my car without getting “breach of peace” nonsense.

    His “possession” of an “assault weapon” carries a felony charge.

    Good bye rights forever. But i’m sure the “felon’s don’t deserve rights” crowd can chime in and say it is just worthy.

  20. While I shake my head and laugh with the rest of you at all the wannabe tacticool OAFs in attendance at this non-event, what would your response be if Mr. Dong had been on his way to commit another mass murder by gun and the cops had been caught with their tactical pants down (literally) stuffing doughnuts into their faces? You would have been equally critical of them, I’m sure.

  21. I liked the cops better when they were fat and lazy. These guys are more dangerous than most of the perps they (don’t) bust. Amped up on roids, red bull knock-offs and a vastly over-inflated self regard. As far as I’m concerned 95% of them can GFT.

    “To protect (our pensions) and to serve (our union).”

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