The Violence Continues In Murder City USA
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Chicago violence continues to grab headlines. A “Peace Picnic” ended with three shot and one beaten at a park on the Near North Side. Earlier, at a basketball tourney, gunfire left one dead, another critically wounded and an arrest of an armed 13-year-old. And both happened in Illinois designated “gun free” zones.

Chicago Violence Continues Unabated

Magical thinking does little to keep people safe in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s open air municipal shooting range.  Earlier Sunday, we reported that Hizzoner is now searching for the root causes of Chicago’s violence.

Organizers of the back-to-school “Peace Picnic” certainly tempted fate with the name. They lost to gang members, even though the event took place at a gun-free city park. Well, gun-free for law-abiding, card-carrying good guys who play by the rules. Bad guys don’t have to worry about those rules, the laws or risk of arrest in Rahm’s paradise by the Lake.

One incredulous witness said, “This was a peace event. Somehow it went haywire.” Something went haywire alright.  Some like to call it “gun violence.” Really though, gangs, not guns, caused the violence that left three wounded and another hospitalized with a beat-down.

Chicago Violence Continues Unabated

The Chicago Tribune covered the chaos:

Three men were shot and a fourth was beaten up during what witnesses said was a peace picnic at the Near North Side’s Seward Park on Saturday evening.

The triple shooting happened shortly after 6 p.m. in the 300 block of West Division Street during what a witness described as a back-to-school “peace picnic.’’

One to three gunmen between the ages of 15 to 20 opened fire at a group as they stood outside, hitting three men — 28, 43 and 54, police said.

The 28-year-old, shot in the back, was listed in critical condition at Northwestern Memorial Hospital while the other two, shot in the legs and arms, were also taken to Northwestern, where their conditions had stabilized, according to police.

A fourth adult victim who was beaten up was taken in fair condition to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, said Chicago Fire Department spokesman Frank Velez.

“This was a peace event. Somehow it went haywire,’’ said Maurice Edwards, 50, who had been at the picnic all day. “A personal fight led to gunfire,’’ said Edwards, of 100 Men Standing, a violence prevention group.

Meanwhile, at another “gun-free zone” under Illinois law, another shooting left one dead and another in critical condition.  The West Side’s Garfield Park fieldhouse hosted a basketball tournament.  After several fights broke out inside, organizers ended the tournament and asked everyone to leave.

Police officers arrived to find fights everywhere. After shots broke out, cops arrested a 13-year-old and recovered his smoking gun. They also found two seriously wounded teens.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

A 13-year-old boy has been charged in connection with a shooting that left a teenager dead and another wounded outside the Garfield Park fieldhouse on Thursday.

The 13-year-old faces one juvenile count of aggravated use of a weapon by a person under 21, Chicago police officials said Saturday.

The shooting happened after a basketball tournament at the fieldhouse. Around 9:10 p.m., officers responded to a call of of a large fight inside the park district facility in the first block of North Central Park Avenue, police said.

While officers broke up the fight and tried to disperse the crowd outside, shots were fired, police said.


Chicago Violence Continues Unabated

Police say Vice Lords gang member Kenwon Parker (right), 15, died after taking a round in the chest. He had quite a history, including arrests for burglary, possession of a stolen car and theft.  His Strategic Subject List score of 357 proved prophetic.

A 14-year-old also wounded had no gang affiliations or arrests.

Here’s the Chicago Police Department confidential narrative of the event:

The victims attended a basketball tournament earlier in the evening in the Garfield Park Fieldhouse. The crowd attending the games was asked to leave due to several altercations that broke out inside the field house. The victims were among a crowd of individuals standing outside of the field house after the original altercations. Another fight broke out in front of the field house & several minutes later, shots were fired into the crowd by unidentified offender(s), striking the victims.  Arrestee Corshun WILLIAMS (M/1/13 yoa) was located on scene in possession of a handgun and was taken into custody. Both victims were transported to Stroger Hospital where Victim PARKER was pronounced and Victim XXXXXX was listed in critical condition, scheduled to go into surgery. No ballistics evidence was recovered on scene and efforts to recover any potential video footage of evidentiary value are underway. No PODs were located in the immediate area. XXXXXX, a student at Christ the King HS, has no criminal history. PARKER, a student at Marshall HS, is on the SSL with a score of 357 & has 4 arrests that include Theft, [Possession of a stolen motor vehicle], Burg[lary].

Other than the 13-year-old kid and his gun, cops have no further suspects. Why is a 13-year-old kid toting a gun in a gun-free zone? Why is a 15-year-old driving around in a stolen car without a license?

Oh, that’s right. Because it’s Chicago. Murder City USA. And Monday morning, Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson will stand in front of the media telling us that more (failed) gun control will stop this craziness. Again. Will he publicly blame gangs for the violence? Chicago Police Department investigators knows the truth.

Time will tell.

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  1. “Oh, that’s right. Because it’s Chicago. Murder City USA.”

    Chicago is gonna ‘Chicago’ as long as the political machine there keeps ‘humming’.

    Translation – If you live there, it sucks to be you. Consider it an excellent opportunity to work on your coping skills…

      • Yes, since Indiana lacks the common sense protections that Illinois has, like FOIDs, their excessive crime washes into Chicago like waves lapping at the shore. If Indiana would make some reforms, maybe they could bring down their crime rates to something comparable to Chicago’s. Wait, you’re saying Chicago has higher crime rates? That doesn’t make sense since Indiana has more access to guns. It’s as if gun ownership isn’t directly correlated to crime rates. Hmmm….

  2. The “elephant in the room” is the one common denominator that dare not be mentioned…doing so will certainly get one banned from posting…

    • “The “elephant in the room” is the one common denominator that dare not be mentioned”

      That they all used a 9mm?

    • but then why isn’t it happening in other cities?…something unique to this place…..not that it doesn’t happen elsewhere…just not on this scale…which makes city govt. suspect….

      • It happens everywhere there is rap/thug culture. The higher the density of people who have such a culture the higher the violence. It doesn’t matter what the weapon laws are in that area or the economic possibilities. You live as you were taught to live regardless of the examples of success within that same environment.

        Asian people live in the same neighborhoods as the thugs yet in one generation they own a business in that area selling stuff to black people. Their kids are getting great grades, staying out of trouble, helping with the family business, are on the road to university.and their own economic success. They’re able to do that even though they may not speak English well, are not white privileged, are immigrants and are constantly getting robbed or stuff stolen from them.

        When it comes to the black community, white and black people are to blame. White people created the problem and continue to make sure it doesn’t get better. Black people blame white people for their weakness to resist the white people’s plan for them. You can’t be made into a slave if you choose not to allow it. Everyone likes to ignore the success of the Asian immigrants because they contradict the narratives.

        I think right now one of the best ways to get black people to change is to separate them from each other. That way they don’t create a cycle that no one can fix. Just like how you stop your child from hanging out with that kid that causes them do bad things when they are together. That will reduce the black on black violence and it will dilute the thug culture.

        If you segregate Euros, Africans and Asians you create more problems with expanding American culture to everyone. If you have an all white area, they will maintain their European culture instead of American culture. Diversity in population will force people to take on the main points of American culture in order to properly function within America. When you build enclaves there is less of a reason/requirement to change. Hence the Left’s “cultural appropriation” tactic that stops people from sharing/integrating with their fellow Americans. Even the Alt Right wants segregation as they argue that “whiteness” needs to stay alive and dominate. If I remember correctly, the U.S. government used to make sure that new immigrants were spread out to passively force people to learn to be American rather than allowing them to transplant their previous nation into the U.S.

        The question is: how do you break up the black enclaves without physical force?

        Seeing that many black communities where the problems are take government assistance, we could leverage this to incentivize them to move to a different environment if they want to keep receiving American tax dollars. They then have to fulfill their duty to get a job and education to maintain the assistance until they can stand on their own. If they fail to leave the bad environment or to live up to the standard, they lose every form of government assistance.

        If you want to do it physically, you can bring in the militia to patrol the streets on the weekends and nights. Then you can start arresting parents that don’t force their kids to go to school all week and tell them if they fail to get their kids educated the government will consider them unfit to take care of the children. When kids commit a crime put them in a boys home where they will be forced to serve their sentence by doing chores and going to school. In other words, if you don’t want to raise your problematic kids, the government won’t hesitate to do it without you.

        • Sounds great, just hasn’t ever played out the way you fantasize it will.

          We’ve tried “forced desegregation” (busing) in schools in STL. What happened? Crime and violence in previously unheard of to be anything but peaceful schools. Section 8 a suburban apt complex? Same thing happens. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

          Not to mention the Asians, who are also self-segregated. Yet, somehow they manage to pull off the trick of joining the American Mainstream.

          We can theorize causality all day long. The cold, hard facts are that there are plenty of blacks who do understand their African ‘culture’ is, umm, flawed. They understand that Western Culture is a heckuva lot better for them, they subscribe and participate.

          As MLK noted, content of your character and all that. Blacks have obscenely innumerable advantages in the US. If they don’t harvest the fruit of (completely irrational) white guilt while it’s available, they have no one to blame but themselves.

        • 16V, I meant you have to send one family to a different area where a black community doesn’t exist. Not to transplant a section of the community to another place for them to setup the same thing there. That way that black family is surrounded by white or Asians in a good environment where they can’t continue behaving the way they did back in the hood.

          I have seen black people completely change their behavior when they start to hang out with non blacks. They feel free to do that because there isn’t a bunch of other black people calling them a “coon” or race traitor. Once other black people come around they start to self segregate and revert back.

          Fact is you can change these bad neighborhoods if you focus on the core of the people. Those that refuse to fit in can get shot in the streets when they commit a crime, if they survive they can go to prison for a long time and their family held accountable.

        • “Section 8 a suburban apt complex? Same thing happens. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.”

          That is what indirectly led to the Trayvon Martin shooting.

          The neighborhood where the shooting occurred was directly adjacent to a section 8 development. ‘Youths’ from the complex found it easy pickings for burglaries in the George Zimmerman neighborhood. Hence the need for ‘Neighborhood Watch’ services, and the end result.

          CZJAY, I hear what you’re saying, but the problem with what you are suggesting is problematic on several levels.

          1 – The cost. The better areas are often multiples of times more expensive than the areas currently chosen, therefore, far fewer numbers of dwellings can be accommodated. Then the screaming begins anew.

          2 – The main stream media has done such a good job of pushing gun confiscation by emphasizing the violence in the inner cities, that Americans who may have little if any racist inclinations will immediately ‘label’ their new neighbors and not be inclined to interact with them. That will create understandable hostility by the new suburbanites. Then the mindset becomes “Well, fuck them then. They deserve what they have coming”.

          Instant reinforcement of the attitudes, by both sides.

          It is unfortunate, but 16V is correct. Importing subsidized housing into the wealthier areas will increase the crime rate. That also will exacerbate the reinforcing of the attitudes.

          There is no easy solution to the problem. IMO, the best course forward is to somehow encourage the inner-city residents to clean up their own act. The residents must be intolerant of those crooking and killing among themselves. They cannot let the “inmates run the asylum”.

          It’s almost like the Leftists are deliberately destroying society, so that they may create the image that they, and they only, can fix it. With tolerance and acceptance of only others like themselves.

          And fix it by “Fundamentally transforming the United States of America, as someone notable once said about 9-10 years ago. Transforming it into their twisted dream of a Leftist ‘Utopia’…

        • Essentially none of them wish to care for their problem kids, a constant supply of unadoptable orphans just leads to different gangs at different orphanages. What we need is fewer problem kids. You do that by stopping the incentivizing of childbirth, with tax and welfare benefits in the thousands of dollars per child, every year. If that is not sufficient, reverse it by increasing taxes for those with children.

        • CZJay, I think you hit on my point, although indirectly – how many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but the light bulb has to want to change.

          I would ask you to ask yourself this question – did they change (solely) because their environs changed? Or, was it in some part, them wanting to change, and then the environs reinforcing/supporting said desired change? As you noted, Asians don;t seem to need to be isolated from blacks to produce a socially acceptable outcome.

          As Geoff noted, put Trayvon in a “nice” neighborhood, and the results are entirely predictable.

          I have more than a few black friends IRL. They are first generation outta-da-hood, they want no part of it, and they look down on those “country MFs” or something much akin. They have children with wives, send their kids to the best school they can afford, and all the Standard American Stuff.

          I guess my point is that if they actually want to be something other than a POS, it’s readily available, achievable, and encouraged/accepted. But only if you really want it.

        • Everything you said made good sense except the last paragraph when you said if the young blsck kids act up they should go to a boys home. Doesn’t that contradict the whole gist of your argument about separating the thugs from the thugs to change their behavior?

      • anarchyst is the guy that said the holocaust didn’t happen and history will vindicate hitler.

        When you’re that deranged you live on the edge of being banned.

    • anarchyst,

      The common denominator is NOT ethnic origins. The common denominator IS a total absence of families that actually incorporate orthodox Judeo/Christian values.

      Take God and healthy families out of the equation and you get EXACTLY what you see in Chicago. And before anyone screeches to the contrary, please provide examples of PRACTICING Southern Baptist communities or Lutheran communities replicating the widespread violence and mayhem that we see in Chicago. I won’t be holding my breath.

      • Sorry, patent Boosht. And I point at my own communities which I have lived in for the past 50 years, all over the country and much of the world. I am a practicing atheist and have *never* lived among problems even REMOTELY like the crap we’re discussing. If you continue hoping for rescue by a benevolent invisible alien, we’ll be waiting forever. And if lying to our children about the existence of scary all-powerful monsters in our midst is the only solution you can see, you need to try thinking for yourself.

        150 years ago we did not need to go to all these crazy lengths, but if you stole a horse, you were hung. Judge Roy Bean was the law west of the Pecos because he said he was, and shot anyone said he wasn’t. Not much jail available, he hung people for most anything, and Langtry still does not have much problem, or much anything else.

      • Nobody in my household of four believes in God – and not a single one of us have ever committed a crime. In fact, we live in an affluent suburb and I run a successful business.

        Weird, right?

        • Weird? Nah, pretty much the norm.

          Churches have a social utility, that’s keeping the proles in line, and providing some cohesion.

          Of the many business owners I’ve known over the years, precisely one really believed in a deity. Nice guy, and it seemed to work for him, but he is the outlier of outliers.

        • You guys misinterpreted his point. If I say everyone in the classroom wearing a blue shirt got an A; that’s not the same as saying only people wearing a blue shirt got an A.

    • Gangs aren’t limited to a specific race. There are black gangs (Crips, Bloods, Vice Lords), Latino gangs (MS-13, Latin Kings, La Familia), Native American (Wild Boyz), Asian (M.O.D., Tongs, Triads), and various white ethnic mafias (Italian, Irish, Jewish, Russian, Polish). The white ones were beaten down during Prohibition and have moved away from the street gang model. I think ending the drug prohibitions will have a similar cooling effect on the current generation of street gangs.

  3. I think Chicago could promote battlefield tourism. Imagine rolling through gangland in one of those giant bulletproof plastic balls like in Jurassic Park. Or watch the action up close from the air conditioned comfort of your own armored humvee.

    Any investors out there?

    • “All they have to do is to make guns illegal-er”

      “All they have to do is to make guns illegal-er-er”

      All they have to do is ban everyone else’s freedoms, due to their ineptitude.


    • Get over it, Chicago is Shall issue, with NO restrictions on handguns and not really enforced long gun laws. About where Texas was before 2017 (thanks for giving the Illinois Legislator our fee structure). At least Illinois does not require fingerprints.

      • Shall issue? LOL! If you’ve had virtually any contact with any LEO in Cook County where a report was taken, you may find yourself with an Objection filed by Cook Co. Sheriff Tom Dart, who single-handedly files at least half to two-thirds of all objections that go to the Concealed Carry License Review Board.

        And you’ll sit there, getting 30-day extension after 30-day extension for 12 to 18 months.

        Sometimes they overrule the objection. Sometimes they sustain it.

        Meanwhile you just wait. And if you don’t like the outcome, you get to spent $5-10k to take it to circuit court to have a judge hear the case.

        Illinois is a very weak shall-issue state. Any cop or agency can file an objection to your application on the thinnest of grounds. It doesn’t have to even be an arrest. Just one or more calls to your house. Or police interactions where a report was filed.

        I’m just waiting until the renewals begin, and LEO agencies begin filing objections against people who have carried without an incident for five years.


  4. I’ve been in all these blighted hoods. As I’ve mentioned multiple times EVERYONE knows who the criminals are…uncle,cousin,son,brother,grandkid or “friend”. NO ONE is innocent save the little kids…

    • The women can’t call out their cash makers. They need that drug money for rent and weave. There is no way they’ll let the men that do the crime do the time unless they can get another man to pay their bills. Y’all know how it goes down in those hoods. Hood-rats don’t snitch!

    • And the trick in finding anyone who would be a witness for prosecution. These gang members grew up knowing that talking to police is going the get your whole family shot. And they learned from a very early age not to incriminate themselves.
      It’s mess, but lets be honest. What is will take to clean it it up will be the creation of a police state with the suspension of constitutional rights. Do you really want our goverment to get a taste for that solution?

  5. “This was a peace event. Somehow it went haywire.”
    Somehow??? Therein lies the problem – the false understanding that declaring what something is with the blind faith that it will be. Like declaring someplace to be a gun free zone…

  6. ” we reported that Hizzoner is now searching for the root causes of Chicago’s violence.”

    Rahmbo couldn’t locate the crack in his back side using both hands let alone the root causes of Chicago’s violence.”

  7. I wonder where the 13 year old got his morals. That kid be as principled as his parents. I wonder where his mama let him keep his gun.

    13 years old is about 6th-7th grade. A middle school kid who might not have went through puberty yet. Why he be tryin’ to act like a man when he don’t even know what a man is? Who be tellin’ him he needs to shoot kids whenever there is a fist fight? Did someone shove him to the ground to unleash that thug attitude so he could start shootin’ any and everybody? I don’t think he acts that way because he didn’t have a job or access to public schools. Maybe the kids where wearing a Trump hat.

      • Guns were an everyday thing at my commuter suburb school when I was a kid in the 70s/80s. We carried them to school on the bus, every truck owned by a student who could drive had a gun rack in the rear window, loaded long guns, and nobody took their key out of the ignition, let alone locked the vehicle.

        Difference being nobody was going to shoot someone over an argument.

  8. … Why is a 15-year-old driving around in a stolen car without a license?

    Because he wants to and there’s no practical reason why he shouldn’t.

    • Because he was also “raised by the street” and has most likely been hanging around with bad weeds. If he had a daddy who acted like a daddy….but spending the $$$ on them big wheels, watching football, drinking, smoking, hanging with the hoodrats…is far more important than being a boyfriend/husband and a dad!

      I am not finding excuses. Many folks who had a shitty dad/mom (or both, or no mon/dad at all) are good people, but unfortunately you are more likely to run into trouble in such circumstances. These people need to break the chains of stupidity, slavery (government and welfare addiction), and step it up on common sense and will to do the right thing.

      • The assistance programs pays single mothers the most, it encourages dad to leave. That way mom gets more money for each kid with no limit.
        What went wrong a car load of guns drove themselves up and started shooting, no humans involved, at least that’s what the gun grabbers want you to think
        Tiny dancer(the mayor) and special Ed (the chief) will always call it gun violence as the gangs help the mayor and the aldermen get elected

    • And because his homies know that if he gets busted with the stolen car, he’ll be released immediately with no penalties. They’re savvy enough to know the law. The system goes easy on the kids, and that’s an incentive to, well, have kids do the crimes.

  9. Holly cow, all these crazy armed conservatives shooting people every weekend in Chicago, it’s crazy! We need more gun control right now.

  10. We know the root cause of all gun violence is the gun, therefore all guns must be removed from the face of the earth. Wait a minute, I forgot about the gun museums at the original gun free zones (prison) where mans inventive nature is revealed in all manner of zip gun designs. Rats, there must be another reason.

  11. Where is the outrage? Once again these animals take over were god fearing Americans once stood. They won’t stand for the American anthem because cops are bad.but there own people kill 10 times as many and they are silent. They do not deserve the right to speak.

  12. If Chicago was a nation, it would listed among other failed states such as Somalia, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Zambia, South Africa, Syria, Iraq, and Mexico. Along with the appropriate travel advisories.

  13. The people who hate the traditional family, like they way things are in major cities like Chicago. Those same people like the Welfare Industrial Complex.

  14. I have read the criticism that people who live in poor black neighborhoods in Chicago are lacking morality.

    It’s not just black people who live in poor black neighborhoods – it’s middle class and upscale whites who come from the the nice parts of the city and suburbs who fuel the gang violence and turf wars through the purchase of illegal drugs. Teens working at fast food restaurants don’t make enough to buy AK-47’s and Glocks.

    Bottom line – people who use illegal drugs, even people who consider themselves “recreational” users are complicit in the violence. So if you like to chill out with a joint, think about the families that live in the poor neighborhoods who are not criminals that will end up burying a child this year who will die by being caught in gang crossfire.

    • naperville and lake forest frequenting englewood and austin for some chem dog sour diesel in mom’s panamera is totally a thing since it’s too hard to walk half a block to the neighbor with the greenhouse and grow rooms. and they don’t get carjacked due to the free pass allotted to vehicles with highland park city stickers.
      and trust me, the fentanyl chasers only have one concern; it does not involve the well being of humboldt residents. maybe yerkes observatory can be directed south for you.
      see you at chuck’s, and keep it under 15mph on (your) meandering lake shore drive.

    • I firmly believe this is *absolutely* correct. Simply said, “follow the money”, if the money is removed, yoots can find jobs or starve.

    • I have always found it interesting that the Libertarians get most upset when a white person is arrested in an all-black neighborhood trying to buy drugs. What is white Libertarians don’t understand is that it’s black people who live in those neighborhoods who called the police on that white stranger, who doesn’t live in their neighborhood, who comes to their area of where they live to buy drugs.

      I wonder why the white Libertarians don’t set up a heroin distribution business or crystal meth distribution business in their neighborhoods?????

      Historically Libertarians liberals and the left always traveled to the black neighborhoods to visit the black night clubs to have sex with black people and do narcotics.

  15. How much do you want to bet this won’t be the 13 year old murderer’s last crime?

    Catch and release doesn’t work here.

  16. I can’t understand why shooting people hasn’t been made illegal in Chicago yet. I mean If it was illegal no one would dare do it! Maybe they could make it illegal to be shot? Surely that’s a commen sense solution!

  17. Where are Obama’s tears? Surely a president who considers Chicago his “home” would have taken the podium by now.

  18. As much fun as it is to point and laugh at the absurd failure of urban gun-grabber policies, I do feel for them. Imagine living in the middle of a culture so poisoned by macho thug bullshit that you can’t even have a community picnic without some criminal assholes showing up and shooting people over…nothing. Childish “disrespet” and dick-waving.

    And, of course, who do the residents protest against and blame all their problems on? The law-abiding gun owners, the politicians who still respect the Constitution, and the police who they refuse to give information to.

    • I feel nothing for these azz clowns. They made their bed so let them sleep in it. I have WAY more important things to worry about. More shootings equals less t*rds.

  19. I refuse to get political on this issue. Everything that can be said on the politics has been said about Chicago. So lets just start fresh. The reality is, they’re just a bunch of uncouth, immature, under educated, druged up Animals that are more suited to life in a zoo than out on the streets with humans. There is no hope for them. My solution? Secretly huge shipments of guns and ammo should dispersed throughout the city, enough for every man, womam. Part of the planned money for the border wall should be diverted to local suburban masons to construct a 50 foot high wall around the entire boundry of the city limits and the city should be abandoned to let them fight it out. After it’s all over and they’ve gotten all their animosity out of their systems and they are ready and willing to rejoin the human race negotiations should begin about that prospect. Sound like a plan? Or we could continue to do what we always do. Wring our hands, wax philosophical about the root causes, practice a whole lot of P/C behavior, explain it away for a variety of reasons and blame everyone except those that should shoulder all the blame, the people of Chicago….

  20. All posters with, “must, should, make, all, every and any combination of collective behavior”, Uncle Adolph called to tell you what a wonderful job you are doing of alienating everyone and making the Progressives job that much easier. We are all Americans, DAMNIT! I’ve yet to see one keyboard commando suggest that things be imposed on him or her, only on “them”. Uselful idiot or Patriot. The actions and posts sort out very clearly which are which. 30


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