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Tyler calls these his high quality tactical friends. Neither the Wilson Combat Beretta 92 or the Olamic knife is inexpensive, but both are exceptional tools. Worth every penny to someone who appreciates and can afford them. What’s your favorite EDC item?

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  1. Situational awareness (condition yellow).
    Attentiveness to instincts.
    Intelligence and foresight to leave potentially dangerous situations.
    Alert, purposeful and confident body language.
    Consciousness of lanes of egress, cover and concealment.
    Calmness, patience and humility to de-escalate and remove myself from confrontation.
    Willingness and ability to use whatever means to defend my life when necessary.
    Commitment and determination to win through speed, surprise, and overwhelming violence of action—rather than die.

  2. I have a 96A1 with the Wison Grips, fits my hand like a glove and the slimmer profile makes it easier to conceal. Not my first choice for a carry but makes it more comfortable when the need arises.

  3. That’s a lot of pistol to conceal. Of course it’s a lot of gun to fight with as well should the need arise…think Clint Smith said something like that….I like the coloration….not my favorite pistol though but to each their own. Cool knife as well!

  4. Altho I have a few choices, my go-to is my Glock G27 with tritium sights in an IWB leather holster and my Benchmark 3″ folding. Nothing fancy but works for me.

    • that’s how he listed it, he never claimed it to be the Wilson Combat version but the summary above lists it as the 92. The M9A3 I believe is pricier than the consumer 92FS and those grips are around $80 I believe.

      I carry my 96A1 IWB small of back when needed, doesn’t print and quite comfortable.

      • It is most certainly an M9A3 but with VZ grips with a WC emblem.

        It is also most certainly pricier than your typical 92FS. The 92FS can be had for $550 street NIB, you’re lucky if you can find an M9A3 for $800 and more commonly they’re $900, both street, NIB prices.

        It is a little cheaper than a WC but initially they were in high enough demand that they were easily fetching their MSRP of $1,200 or so IIRC.

        • I disagree on the grips. They are Wilson grips and can be found on the Wilson website. Same style but different color on my 96A1.

        • VZ makes WC grips for them. The WC emblazoned grips are exclusive to WC’s site. They used to advertise them as being VZ grips but I guess they have an agreement and don’t have to do that any more. If you look at what WC offers you can find the exact same design, color (even the color name) and everything on VZ’s site too, but without the emblem.

        • I saw that later after I made my post. It still feels like semantics – Volvo vs Skoda, VZ vs WC. Either way the grips feel great and do their job 🙂

  5. I’d be interested in the sort of holster he’s using.
    OC or CC, OWB or IWB?
    Figure with something like that he should have a nice leather OWB.

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