A Look At Last Weekend's Chicago Gang Violence Shooting Victims
Image via Chicago Tribune
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Last weekend’s orgy of violence in Chicago actually made the national news. With 78 shooting victims and 12 dead, it well and truly should have. But as a closer look makes extremely clear Chicago has a virulent gang problem, not a gun problem. What’s more, Chicago Police internal documents show gang involvement in virtually every victim of Windy City violence last weekend.

Last Sunday, on the day after the observance of Illinois’ new Barack Obama Day holiday, Chicago saw some truly horrific violence – even by Windy City standards. It was almost as if John Wick had come to visit Rahm’s Paradise by the Lake after someone killed his puppy.

A Look At Last Weekend's Chicago Gang Violence Shooting Victims
courtesy heyjackass.com

Behind the scenes, Chicago Police put out a “Detailed Situational Report” (DSR) each weekday. On it, their “Data Warehouse” lists shooting incidents and murders along with guns recovered.

Inside, the report details the names and descriptions of each of the victims and suspects, including any gang affiliations and the location of each incident. Furthermore, it shows each person’s criminal history, a description of their injuries and their Strategic Subject List score. Lastly, it contains a narrative of what happened.

Because it’s Chicago — where support from “the community” typically hovers near zero — police seldom identify any suspects, much less make arrests. In fact, CPD has made arrests in only 13% of homicides so far in 2018.

A Look At Last Weekend's Chicago Gang Violence Shooting Victims

A casual glance through the confidential DSR reveals that virtually every victim of Chicago violence last weekend had gang ties. Either as a member of a gang or those (often young females) who hang out with gang members. The other glaring common thread: the victims themselves usually have criminal histories, too.

In fact, poring over the fifteen pages of incidents (pasted end to end, that’s over 10 feet of incidents), only 21 of the 78 victims did not have a criminal history. Meanwhile, those with arrest records garnered a total of 813 arrests between them.

Eight hundred thirteen arrests.

At the same time, Cook County’s infamous “catch and release” criminal justice system only managed to gain convictions in 120 of those 813 arrests.

For example, one 23-year-old Black P. Stone gang member who was shot in the gut had 35 arrests and zero convictions. One perforated 66-year-old had 55 arrests!

Another 32-year-old Four Corner Hustlers member, Charles Green, had 62 arrests, but he won’t re-offend. Not after he suffered multiple gunshot wounds that proved fatal. Green’s colorful past included arrests for dope, more dope, armed robbery, and a murder for which Cook County prosecutor Kim Foxx released him without charges.

Tip for the day, besides avoiding Chicago: mommas, don’t let your girls hang out with gang members. Otherwise, they can find themselves caught in the crossfire, and they don’t always survive.

Three young adult women without any criminal history or gang affiliations suffered gunshot wounds in a single incident at 1338 S. Millard Ave. Two offenders began shooting into “a large street gathering” wounding a total of seven.  Tragically, a 17-year-old girl named Jahnae Patterson died there from a wound to her face.

A Look At Last Weekend's Chicago Gang Violence Shooting Victims
courtesy chicagotribune.com

In the above photo, a grieving friend kisses Jahnae Patterson’s photo at a street memorial.  Some truly sad stuff.  Each one of these victims has friends and family.

Meanwhile, another victim at that same location, aged 14, remains in good condition.  How terrible, you say?  That same 14-year-old named Marion already has two arrests for car burglaries and a Strategic Subject List (SSL) score of 385.  The SSL score serves to indicate potential future criminal behavior.  As defined by the City of Chicago:

Based on this time frame’s version of the Strategic Subject Algorithm, individuals with criminal records are ranked using eight attributes, not including race or sex. These attributes are: number of times being the victim of a shooting incident, age during the latest arrest, number of times being the victim of aggravated battery or assault, number of prior arrests for violent offenses, gang affiliation, number of prior narcotic arrests, trend in recent criminal activity and number of prior unlawful use of weapon arrests.

So how does 385 stack up?  In layman’s terms, it does not bode well for Marion reaching his 21st birthday.

For a more formal assessment, let’s go to the NY Times:

…Over a third of those with a risk score of 500 were involved in a shooting or a murder in 2016. Mr. Wernick said about “one-third of the top 400 will be involved in a shooting in the next 18 months.” The data appear to back up that assertion.

A CBS Chicago report from May 2016 cited the police department as saying that 1,500 people from the S.S.L. are responsible for the majority of gun violence in Chicago.

The top 1,400 people have scores of 429 and up, and they are in fact disproportionately involved in violence. But that disproportionate share amounted to less than 20 percent of the total gun violence in Chicago in 2016.

One non-gang-related shooting victim stood out:  a 62-year-old man.  He sat in his car when another car rolled up and they pulled a gun on him, demanding his money.  The victim declined.  The robber took offense to Mr. 62-year-old not giving it up and opened fire.  The victim took two gunshot wounds around the edges.  Thankfully, he will likely recover.  Unlike most victims of violence in Chicago, this man offered police useful information to track down his attacker.

Another very sad case that CPD may well solve comes from 1516 W. 78th Street.  According to the Chicago Tribune, family found Robin Boler dead in her bathtub.

A Look At Last Weekend's Chicago Gang Violence Shooting Victims
courtesy chicagotribune.com

Woman found dead in bathtub with hands tied

Taisha Bailey felt a growing sense of dread as she walked up the stairs toward her niece’s South Side apartment.

It had been four days since anyone had heard from 32-year-old Robin Boler.

The apartment door was unlocked. A few flies were buzzing around, and a faint smell permeated the room.

Bailey and her sister, Boler’s mother, walked around the apartment, checking each room, until they arrived to the locked bathroom. Bailey’s sister jiggled the lock with her nail until the door swung open.

A swarm of flies rushed at the two women, Bailey said. Then, her sister screamed.

Boler was dead inside the bathtub, her hands and feet bound together, according to Chicago police.

The Detailed Situational Report has more.

“The victim’s parents had not been able to make contact with her for the last two days.  They then went to her apartment and found the door closed, but unlocked, and made entry.  The victim was found face down, unresponsive in the bathtub, and bound with some type of clothing or fabric.  The victim’s mother related that the victim has an ex-boyfriend who lived with her until recently.  The two had recently had a dispute over a 50″ television, which was missing at the scene…  Medium threat level GD [Gangster Disciples].”

Killing a woman over a 50-inch television? That seems like feral behavior. Unfortunately, we cannot put people to death by wood-chipper in Illinois.  Not legally at least.

Another case caught my eye. The victim, Miguel, a 19-year-old Hispanic male, told police he saw some people who recognized him emerge from a convenience store.  For some unknown reason (he says) they began chasing him in the 3900 block of S. Rockwell. In the alley behind the store, he heard gunshots and felt pain.

Before you start oozing sympathy for this poor teen, know that CPD says Miguel also moonlights as a Satan Disciples gang member and has built his SSL score to 500. With a SSL score that high, Darwin will probably catch up with him soon enough, assuming he survives this hospital visit.

In his short career, Miguel has amassed 28 arrests with…wait for it…no convictions. His charges have included shooting someone, threatening someone else with a gun, a juvy gun case, yet another juvy gun case, dope and gang loitering. Seems Miguel does not have a problem finding illegal guns to carry illegally. And illegally threaten others with them.

In another case, a Black P Stone member named Austin refused to cooperate with police after he got his latest piercing.

“The victim, who is a Black P Stone was uncooperative and stated that he was shot, he didn’t see anything and he would not cooperate with the investigation. Detectives learned the victim was possibly playing a game of chance (shooting dice) in an alley with others when he was shot. A crime scene of spent casings was located almost a block away from this incident. Victim is on the SSL with a score of 418 & has 2 arrests that include Burglary and Mob Action.”

Yes, Austin had just finished serving communion between singing songs in the choir. He will have to attend church on crutches this coming Sunday.

The bottom line in looking over 15 pages of violent incidents: Chicago has a one of the worst gang violence problems in the nation. No matter what you hear from the mayor or superintended of police, it’s not a gun problem.

Obviously Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and crew find that gang problem – and the violence these people inflict upon their neighborhoods – acceptable. Sadly, as Jack Dunphy writes, there’s no real political price to pay for allowing this problem to continue unchecked.

After all, if there was a political price to pay for the feral behavior of Chicago gang members, politicians would have cracked down long ago.

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  1. As Boss Tweed said in “Gangs of New York:” “We’re burying a lot of votes tonight.”

    No wonder the Democrats are so enamored with open borders. With their electorate so busy killing themselves off, they perceive a crying need to import replacement gangsters voters.

    • Burying only people, not votes. The dead still vote in Chicago… they vote early and often… didn’t Al Capone or someone say that?

    • Chicago, IL and other similar areas –are what they ‘are’–. If its not your cup of tea, do drink; stay away. All I see being accomplished by the news and other publications that continue the violent crime discussion is selling tickets.
      This is not directed @Ralph.

      If and when Chicago and other crime ridden areas decide they want to do something about it, they will. Until then, what are we doing constantly talking about an issue in the same place(s) that have loads of resources at their disposal to handle these issues –and don’t–?

      If you live there and don’t like it:
      vote in a new legislature –or simply ***move to another locale***

      Moving is not that hard.

      • “Until then, what are we doing constantly talking about an issue in the same place(s) that have loads of resources at their disposal to handle these issues –and don’t–?”

        They are using those resources to infringe on the freedoms of the law abiding. If they didn’t turn those resources inward, then they would turn those resources outward to infringe on others’ freedoms.

        California does it all the time. A LOT of people who feel the same way you do have moved out of the state, and now there is almost no internal opposition. California is using its resources to export its influence and infringe on non-Californian’s rights. New York is doing the same thing with insurance and financial institutions right now a-la the NRA.

        I’ve said it before and I will always say it: You can run from California, but it will find you. Stay, fight, have children, and raise them to fight.

      • The point in publicizing the spectacular failure of policies like Chicago’s is to discourage other places from attempting to implement the same disastrous policies. If you ignore an infection, it will spread.

      • Roy Cooper (Pooper Mouth) was losing badly in the NC Gov election, can’t let that happen. They woke up 94K dead people in Durham and got them to the polls and that pile of crap won. Demoncraps don’t want voter ID because dead people do not photograph well.

    • federal authorities need to get involved…wouldn’t be the first time they had to clean up chicago…

      • Why? This is a local matter. If folks want to shoot each other nothing either the federal, state or local governments can do about it anyway. Nice try; no cigar.

  2. Doesn’t matter how many posts you write Boch. With former Cabrini Green resident Kim Foxx as states attorney nothing will improve. They’ll still blame the Iron Pipeline(sick oh wait sic),Trump and gunz. Avoid Chiraq if possible…

    • Indiana’s fault again as we move a river of iron out of the cornfields and into Chicongo. Our corn has ears of guns.

  3. What I can’t figure out is where is all the outrage in these communities? I see lots of crying and and excuses but never see protests similar to when a law enforcement officer shoots a person who (after investigation of the incident ) finds it to be a legitimate LEO use of force. Misplaced priorities by the politicians but more so of these communities!!

  4. Note to self. If I ever decide to become a criminal, I’ll move to Chiraq and self identify as a black man.
    Can a guy make any serious money doing that, or do you just get perforated on a regular basis?

    • The irony is you would have to watch out for all the males wearing hoods. They might look like they are just on the phone until they shoot you.

      Like this:

  5. Nobody but, and maybe not even all of the families of the so called victims(sub humans) whatever care.
    I know I dont care about gang members killing each other. So why should the folks of the suburbs of Chiraq care. Until its no longer in their back yards but in their own yards. They are doing the taxpayers a service by killing themselves off.
    Its just for the innocnet victims of an errant shot I have any feelings for.

    • Because occasionally some less-dim bulb has the striking realization that they can take the train, or drive a car, out to the land of milk, honey and easy pickings … otherwise known as the suburbs.

      • Which is why I said when and if it happens in their own backyards. Till it does. No one should give a shit.

      • Barry this as far as the Eastern 1/3 of Iowa. Defined by febs as party of Chiraq. Got to take a revolving parade of these primitive tribal freeks and house/feed them. They get their Section 8 voucher and most move back and a replacement or three arrive. The Somali mooooselms are less of a problem.

      • I don’t.

        We know how natural selection works. And we know many of these people reproduce before getting killed. We also know that the welfare state will provide for said kid. Just what, exactly, do you think the Chicago environment is selecting for?

        Just a guess, here, but it isn’t for rocket scientists or brain surgeons.

        • My age has has diminished the ability of my brain somewhat. I’m not sure exactly what your saying?

        • Gunr: Who’s tending to thrive in that environment? What traits are being passed on to future generations in Chicago? Probably closer to ruthlessness and tendencies towards violence, than patience and intelligence. Just a guess on my part.

        • Who’s tending to thrive in that environment? What traits are being passed on to future generations in Chicago? Probably closer to ruthlessness and tendencies towards violence, than patience and intelligence.
          I think we are moving beyond even that.

  6. just let nature takes it’s course…the gun shots heard every night will get less and less…..on the lighter side i’ll bet those funeral parlors are racking in the dough $$$$

    • Yeah, why intervene! If they are thinning their own herd and killing off each other, the natural predictable course seems to make more sense.

    • You would think that if you only took a second to look at the problem.

      In reality, the types that live out the gang culture have many kids. Much more kids than the average white person. Hence why sooner than later white people will be the minority.

      It’s never going to end by doing the same thing, which is what the government wants. Just like with school shootings, there needs to be an armed populace and better parenting. The armed citizenry will take care of many more criminals than criminals or police do. The better parenting of children will stop the flow of young men into the thug life.

      All the “solutions” the government offers is oppression of the people. They offer taking away your rights because of criminals who infringe on them. They call that a civilized society.

      • As long as the government is trying to remove people’s rights, they should maybe stop harassing peaceful people and make it a policy to hunt down EVERY person with a score of 400 or more and permanently jail them. If the NYT’s numbers are to be believed, that’s an instant 20% drop in the murder rate.

        I don’t want the government to ignore the 4th or 5th amendments any more than I want them to ignore the first or second, but that at least would do some good for society. But government interests and society’s best interests are usually not the same thing.

  7. I remember a line in a fiction book I read once. I think it was an Executioner novel.

    Hero’s in a taxi. Cab driver is telling him about being robbed half a dozen times by young thugs. He says philosophically, “What can you do?”

    Hero responds, “Dispose of the motherfuckers…”

    We need a vigilante in Chicago armed to the teeth with .45s and an AR-10 with ten magazines and an M-203 grenade launcher, weighted down with body armor, and a bad attitude. Have an associate driving a garbage truck behind him to clean up the streets after an incident.

  8. I know I’m picking nits here but boch says all shooting victims had gang ties but later on gives 4 examples of victims that did not. What am I missing?

    • Not all, virtually all. this is what you missed, “What’s more, Chicago Police internal documents show gang involvement in virtually every victim of Windy City violence last weekend.”, also ” only 21 of the 78 victims did not have a criminal history.”

      • Being in a gang(or hanging around with gang members) is not a crime. Many in these neighborhoods have to be with the gang(because not being with the gang means you are a snitch or a traitor to your neighborhood). So you do what you have to do. How can a teen with a single parent(or grandparent) who is with the gang or stays in the hood for availability to drugs do anything else? He/she can’t force the caregiver(?) to move away from Chicago, there is a good chance they have nowhere else to go, so what can they do? Entering the state childcare system is even worse, so?????????

        Complain about the problem or try to find a solution

        • True, hanging out with gang members isn’t usually a crime. But hang out with criminals long enough and you’ll eventually be a witness, a victim or a defendant. (Credit to my ccw instructor.)

          We have solutions but we won’t implement them because they are not fast, they are not easy, and they are not “fair” (to somebody other than the people who have to pay for the mess) … so they wouldn’t be politically viable.

        • How about this? Offer every woman registered as a “Democrat” in those areas $3000 for every pregnancy they abort… It may take 15-20 years; but it would drastically reduce the number of violent felons roaming the streets of Chiraq…

        • n64456 – CDC says 6% of the women in US are black have 35% of the abortions. Religious rite of the demtards as far back as ole Margaret Sanger They just need to do more.

      • round up all young black males that aren’t students in good standing or gainfully employed…utilize the vagrancy and truancy statutes…and send them far, far away…

  9. Welcome to the machine. Interesting all the data collection and predictable behavior yet that pesky constitution getting in the way of bring peace to a neighborhood.

    If the community fails to name a viable suspect why couldn’t law enforcement round up high score SSL gang members for a 30 days or longer detention? End catch and release? Move out non violent offenders and incarcerate for gang activity?

      • Heck, they’re using this as an excuse to take Second Amendment rights away from peaceful people already… If they’re so intent on infringing on the Bill of Rights, they might as well do it in a way that actually does some good for society. But what’s good for society doesn’t necessarily keep $$ and power flowing into the political machine.

        • I don’t believe that there’s a way to “…infring(e) on the Bill of Rights… that actually does some good for society.” (Quote edited for clarity.) Existing laws need to be followed and enforced. The biggest problem as I see it is the feckless Chicago court system. I wish I could come up with the solution for overcoming that.

    • At first glance I thought you said “incinerate” instead of “incarcerate”. My eyes are getting as old as I am.

  10. Many of these gang members are organized to work for various members of the Democratic party prior to elections. You might be surprised the political connections these thugs have developed.

    • like the mafia in the old days, like the gangs of New York back in the Tamany Hall days. The music’s changed but the song remains the same.

        • the ghetto blaster with way too large wheels, litany mechanical issues, and a Maako respray is a totally different issue. Think those pretty much scream arrest me first or rob me in poorer neighborhoods. Ain’t no way somebody with 0 reportable income can afford to throw 5-6k into a $200 car.

  11. When guns are illegal for the average law abiding citizen, they will stop reporting these numbers. Problem solved.

  12. Criminals are an important part of American society. Without them America wouldn’t need cops, politicians and prisons. They help the economy by giving a lot of people government jobs.

    What the hell would a police chief do in a town without violent crime? Do private security for an internet cafe? What would the mayor being do if not mayoring?

    Thanks to our lovely youthful criminals people have great jobs focusing on complaining about crime and repealing the 2nd amendment. They even help the insurance companies, hospitals and surveillance companies.

    • Actually the Drug Gangs do make for excellent sources of revenue for many people in and out of government and the gangs.

  13. The trend I see personally???

    If your single mom…names you ebonicly… jannnaya shaqrua JAMmailie Tomis or some BS made up want to be ‘so called African heritage’ name

    You are doomed in life…to die early, have no education, no money but what you steal or get in a EBT from the ‘G’ once a month!
    name one REAL CEO named in that way….I’ll wait!

      • Funny you said that!

        I saw a show that featured 20 of the top 500 companies HR heads, most of them stated

        I start off by tossing every file name that ebonic…I don’t want to waste time with some inner city trash or SJW looking to F-up my company form the inside…beside one mentioning …if your mom named you that way…you have ‘issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ no doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

        and they tested it!
        had a girl named jamicaawa or something toss out 50 resumes…then 50 with Mary on them all `100% exact but the name
        ebonic name ‘0’ call backs
        normal name 15
        that says enough!!!!!!!!

  14. “The consensus is that no more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gunfire in Los Angeles are any loss to society. These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well-supplied with ammunition.”

    Jeff Cooper

  15. Chicago is hell. Crime Victims don’t want to have the police solve their problems for them when they are in fact criminals themselves. Some weekends will be worse than others. But until people want to testify. Nothing’s going to change.

    Sad fact. Avoid large groups of black people in public spaces in Chicago.

    Any population that celebrates “Barack Obama day” has serious, serious moral problems. They are a lost people.

    Interesting use of mathematics to predict criminal activity in an individual. The TV series “Numbers” comes to mind.

  16. I predict “testifying” won’t change much. You go to court, testify, go home and the perp’s out on the street again before you get your front door open.

    • Taking them to trial would be a waste of time in most cases. As long as one juror is from the hood, there will be no conviction, unless the victim is kinfolk of a major minority politician. As more and more Central Americans (most violent folks on the planet) move to the big blue cities the violence will get much much worse. If drugs were completely legalized, kidnappings and extortion would be then become the thug’s moneymaker, the violence is NOT going to stop.

  17. Dress like a man and act like one. Shirtless, displaying your underwear when it’s not a full view on the crack…please!

    I know many of these guys didn’t grow up with a dad sadly, but at some point someone has to step up and break this.

    This kind of “details” may help with the more serious issues. Because while being a dad you won’t let the hood guide your son, who then may have a better life than being a gang banger.

    • Most of them got “Dad’s” alright. They just haven’t been home for twenty years because their too busy getting laid elsewhere!

  18. I am surprised that nobody has come on here claiming racism and bigotry…
    They usually do when confronted with the facts about most gun crimes in cities
    I hate to see innocent bystanders shot or killed…gang members, thugs and criminals…not so much

    • Everybody is a racist now.
      As for the true innocent bystanders, the shootings are like a thunderbolt not sparring the virtuous or the beautiful.

      • Watch any of the Sunday morngin “news” shows discussing Charlottesville. All of the talking heads interviewing various black “leaders”. Talk about extremist racist. It these “leaders” saw a flock of sheep in a pasture they would find racism because there were not “sheep of color”/black sheep. And if there was one black sheep they would decide you were racial stereotyping with the “black sheep” characterization.

  19. I accidentally cream pied my sister in law. The whole thing was ambiguous tbh I think I got tricked from the get go. She said “it’s just the tip here just the tip that’s nothibg bad” next thing you know it’s in and it comes out and I am very confused. I think I am going to tell my wife because honesty goes a long way!

  20. I accidentally cream pied my sister in law. The whole thing was ambiguous tbh I think I got tricked from the get go. She said “it’s just the tip here just the tip that’s nothibg bad” next thing you know it’s in and it comes out and I am very confused. I think I am going to tell my wife because honesty goes a long way!

  21. We will see this weekend if the thugs will try to “improve” on last weekend’s effort.

  22. The war on drugs and the war on poverty. The average gang member seems to have a pretty good life before their untimely end. The have sex at a earlier age than typically the case, they have it more often then typical, and are not concerned about the consequences! Pay per day is much better than at a job that is available to most young men, and the responsibility is far less.
    When the police do manage to break up a large gang, another one pops up to replace it. Or ,as is the case in New Orleans, herds of micro gangs.
    The reason it’s important to discuss these things is because the news media blames the guns and the criminal justice system! While I have issue with the laws that create this chaos, the U.S. justice framework is the fine, when properly used.

    • Typical pay isn’t that good. There was a study referenced in Freakonomics. The front line dealers and such make less than minimum wage, so they’d be better of flipping burgers at McDonald’s (if they could find a job there). Someone who commands 100 foot soldiers might make 100k. The next level up might make 500k. Kind of like multilevel marketing. As you move up the hierarchy, the top guys make lots, but it’s kind of like winning the lottery getting there. Pablo Escobar was probably a billionaire, but there aren’t many Pablo Escobars.

  23. We long ago reached a point where people (lefties at least) began calling facts racist. Then we reached a point not so long ago where everything and everyone is racist.

    Its still touchy and unpopular to publicize the facts behind the violence in Chicago and some other places. The thing is that these communities are largely their own problem. That is; everything from refusal to cooperate with police right down to naming conventions and a complete failure to assign any value to education or individual industry (drug dealing not withstanding).

    When your name translates to “unemployable criminal” in English, your education ended about grade 8 and was anyways provided in a violent chaotic place full of ferral children, and a home life that consisted of being dragged along by an addicted, ignorant and uncaring mother through a never ending series of publicly funded apartments shared with cruel, ignorant thugs who are as close as you get to a father figure, interspersed with stints either with a grandmother or a foster home while mom does time, in a community that discourages work, education, and even basic civic participation, many of these people never really had a chance. However, we cannot allow them to just do what they do, because that includes robbing and killing people, some of whom are useful members of society.
    The problem is that the solution is ‘racist. That is, the solution requires dissolution of large concentrations of poor urban African Americans. If you rounded up all the kids in the hood under age 3 and distributed them to rural and suburban white families, the gang, poverty, drug culture dies out in a couple generations.

    I actually believe the problem is cultural rather than racial, but the solution then is the same, but find me someone willing to even suggest separating the children young enough to be saved from the culture, and I’ll show you someone who will be dismissed as a virulent racist.

    What other solutions are there? If one cannot take the children from the culture, then one must either change the culture (unlikely to be possible from the outside) or remove the culture from the children.
    This latter could be accomplished. With long sentences for serious crimes and significant jail time for the minor ones we could a lower the birth rate, reduce the number of criminal role models…
    With serious work on juvenile crime schools could be improved. With real work on criminal acts by females we will end up with an amazing opportunity: to actually take kids out of the culture. We would need more jails, more prisons, and something like camps or barracks to house all the children ‘orphaned’ by having their parents incarcerated, but in that there are opportunities. If the focus was on separating children from the culture, rather than attempting to reintegrate them into the dysfunctional mess that passes for a family inside these neighborhoods we might make real progress…but every bit of what I just said is ‘racist’.

    In fact, it seems like the only thing that isn’t racist is letting black kids be neglected and abused by drug addicted mothers and absentee fathers while being indoctrinated into a violent gang culture that ultimately leads to their death at an early age at the hands of some other young black man who has also never known anything but poverty, ignorance, crime and strife.

    We really do know what a solution looks like, and let’s be honest, accusing everyone of being a racist and blaming everything on racism and white privilege isn’t a solution to the problem. So who are the real racists? Could it be white Democratic legislators, judges and prosecutors who allow the cycle to continue while maintaining the narrative that everything wrong in ‘black’ culture is the result of white racism? I’d start with them, and if the shooters and looters ever figure it out, I wouldnt want to be a white Democrat, at least not one they could find, because one of these days there just might be a reckoning.

  24. I guess Illinois’ “Barrack Obama Day” is just like the first “Purge” movie!

    Let them wipe each other out I say. If you are a law-abiding person just make sure you stay on Obama’s Purge weekend.

  25. Chicago’s problem isn’t a gang problem. There are a lot of notorious gangs that don’t kill like this. They specifically have a black gang problem.
    If they all killed each other the problem would be solved and this boat anchor would be gone.

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