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Drew writes: “I always try to carry as little as possible and look for items that are both streamlined and serve multiple functions. Unfortunately I also live in a city with a considerable crime rate. Having my car broken into got to be the norm but after being interviewed by police about shootings on my block twice and having a co-worker shot in their car. I finally decided to work in a CCW.” No argument here. See the gear Drew has chosen at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Nice, not a revolver but at least it’s a “normal” load out.( no $200 NINJA SWORDS) I dig the keys, was looking at one of those the other day. Works like a pocket knife. Spoke too soon the Ipad is included. Cargo pants?

    • I wish I could use these kinds of keychains. In fact, I actually ordered one, and found they work horribly with chip car keys, of which I have two. So it’s back to the big carabiner for me.

  2. Nice. I like the PPS M2. It’s the gun I carry while running, and is a lot more fun at the range then any other single stack I’ve tried.

  3. Like the M2 PPS. May get one myself.

    Waiting on CDNN or some other stote to have some at a ridiculously low price to snag one.

    The dogbone key thing won’t work for me but looks tidy.

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