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UPDATE: From the New York Daily News:

A girl at Alpine High School in Texas shot and wounded another girl before fatally turning the gun on herself Thursday morning, police said.

The shooting happened in a bathroom before 8 a.m., law enforcement officials told ABC7 New York.

Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson said the shooter died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The other girl was wounded, he said.

There’s no word yet on the condition of the wounded student.


CNN is reporting that there is an “active shooter situation” ongoing at a high school in Alpine in Brewster County, Texas. Current reports indicate at least one person has been injured and possibly two shooters are on the loose. We will be bringing you more information as it becomes available.

The city of Alpine is located near the Texas border with Mexico, an area known for being rife with drug smuggling and human trafficking. Texas recently eased gun control laws by decriminalization of the open carry of handguns and legalizing concealed carry on college campuses for licensed individuals. Neither of these new laws would have had an impact on a possible school shooting in a high school environment.

[Photo credit Alpine Avalanche]

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  1. Perhaps liberals can make “Gun Free Zone” signs out of thick steel and make them easily removable from walls, so at the very least people can attempt to use them as improvised body armor instead of remaining completely defenseless until help arrives.

    • We’re establishing statewide policy based on a 310 person poll by Survey-fucking-Monkey?!

      That’s sound politicking right there.

      • It’s not like he’s unilaterally banning guns with the stroke of his pen. Where do you think we are Massachusetts?

        He’s proposing it to the Washington state legislature, where gun-control bills go to die.

        • Yeah, “establishing” was the wrong word to use in this instance.

          But I stand by “Survey-fucking-Monkey”.

  2. I’m sure campus carry will get blamed anyways. Heck if it turns out to be latino murderers, they’ll probably blame Trump for making relations with Mexico tense as the root cause.

    • Some people assume campus carry means allowing 5 yr olds to take machine guns to class. They really do assume the worst.

  3. From the Alpine Avalanche Journal’s site:
    “Update: One student shot, one student took own life. Law enforcement officer shot in friendly fire. Please stay tuned as details come in.”

  4. Pretty piss-poor active shooting if it took two people to show up and hospitalize just one person before fleeing. Sounds more like a targeted gang hit, from the limited early reporting, which are often wrong. Best just to wait for the full story.

  5. Another day, Another NRA sponsered attack.

    Europe, Japan & Australia don’t see these attacks on a daily basis.

    I hope patriotic americans someday battle the gun-lobby and send those tyrants packing so american can be a free society again.

  6. Sad that there was a shooting and that people died, especially since nothing in high school is that important in the grand scheme of things.

    But, young minds, new emotions. Some people don’t know how to cope.

  7. The local college and the local hospital received threats of attack not to long after this happened. There was also a threatening letter found at a hotel in a nearby town. Last I heard the authorities believe that the shooting and the threats are not directly link but rather that some asshole wanted to further tie up resources after the shooting happened.

    A note to the few in the comments speculating that it was gang/cartel related: if you have ever lived or even visited Alpine, TX, you’d realized how dumb that sounds.

    • exactly. alpine has 5600 people. people get bored. marathon, where
      I live has 400 people. the threat made at marathon motel was the same idiot in alpine

  8. Here is fine example of the MSM for you. Pittsburgh news says active shooter on IUP campus. Campus goes into lock down. Police on high alert. Reality is, it was a 60 some year old man 5 miles from IUP who capped of a couple of rounds because his power was shut off. This shit isn’t funny. No organization should be able to get away with being this incompetent.

  9. That’s it. Pull the Shakespeare off the reading list. GD that Romeo and Juliet.

    On a serious note it’s always sad when someone over reacts to a small problem and decides the best route is kill someone, then themselves. This was probably over some kind of minor stupid shit and now somebody’s dead. Sad.

  10. In addition, a Homeland Security Investigations officer was accidently shot by a U.S. Marshal at the school. Both officers were responding to the incident.

    While the Marshals are one of the only legitimate federal LE agencies, I’m having trouble figuring out what legitimate business they had at the school. As for the DHS, whoever decided to issue guns to the Department of Fatherland Security deserves to be shot, along with the President who created it.

    • Oops, I might have gotten it backwards. CNN says that the Marshal shot the DHS employee.

      Still makes for news that would be humorous if it wasn’t so damn sickening: “14 year old girl shoots another girl and herself. After the gun was secured and the girls hauled away in ambulances, feral agents showed up and shot each other, film at 11.”


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