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Go ahead, read that headline again. That’s right, Elliott Scott carjacked a tow truck in Chicago Tuesday. However, the truck’s rightful owner tracked down the flatbed thanks to GPS, whereupon the owner found Mr. Scott in the truck’s driver seat. The owner then pulled a gun on the Mr. Carjacker and explained things.

Mr. Scott, feeling himself terribly wronged, called 9-1-1 to have the police arrest the tow truck’s owner for pointing a firearm at him. CPD cuffed the carjacker instead of the truck’s owner. After all, the truck’s owner had a concealed carry license.

At his court appearance, Mr. Scott admitted to calling 9-1-1 to the judge, whereupon his attorney told the young thief to shut up.

Elliott Scott courtesy of Chicago PD.

Only in Chicago, right?

CWB Chicago has the story.

A Grand Crossing man stole a towing company’s truck and then called 911 himself because he was upset that the truck’s driver dared to pull a gun on him, prosecutors said.

Elliott Scott, 22, is charged with aggravated possession of a stolen motor vehicle, misdemeanor theft, and driving on a suspended or revoked license.

“Mr. Scott called 911?” a befuddled Judge Charles Beach asked prosecutors after hearing their allegations.

“Yeah,” Scott interjected. “Right.”

Scott’s defense attorney quickly advised him, “it’s not best to talk about the charges” in court.

Prosecutors said police responded to a call Tuesday after someone stole a flatbed tow truck operated by Tri-City Towing from the 7400 block of South Exchange. The company’s owner provided police with its GPS coordinates, and cops went to that location.

In a city where cops manage to successfully solve only 2.7% of non-fatal shootings, it’s no wonder the tow truck’s owner went looking for his stolen truck. Because if non-fatal shootings don’t get solved, how many stolen cars or trucks do you suppose are recovered intact?

That said, it’s never a great idea to threaten or use deadly force merely to defend (or in this case, recover) property. Especially in anti-self-defense jurisdictions where Soros-funded State’s Attorneys make the charging and prosecution decisions.

Fortunately, this story had a happy ending as cops didn’t hassle the tow truck’s owner. It could have ended poorly for him, though.

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  1. Im pretty fking pro gun. like most here. buuuuutttttttt…..what right did he have to pull a gun on him? was there an immediate threat? How did this guy not get a felony assault of his own? this is Chicago were talking about

    • He wanted his property back, the perp was known to be armed, he wasn’t about to just give it up.

      He should have popped.him and left him for the birds. But that would be a bit too much. We’re civilized.

      • The headline is wrong. It was theft, not carjacking. The article says the perp was released with an ankle monitor and non-cash bail because he didn’t use a weapon.

        • I like what a good guy did in a book I recently read.
          He took a 2 pound sledge hammer to the thief’s hands.

        • Tom in Oregon, I’m very much against cruel and unusual punishments and those that maim.

          Now, strapping the purp to a pole in the public square and flogging him with the reason publicly stated, that would be acceptable. Bring back roadside trash pickers

        • I’d prefer to buy a new truck than to be facing murder charges for popping the idiot. Especially since most thugs have get out of jail free cards issued to them in every courthouse.

          Much less hassle, and far more enjoyable.

          “Can I get that with a Bose sound system?”

      • “We’re civilized”. Yes, we are civilized, which is why we find ourselves in this societal mess. And the attitudes of people like you are a large part of what caused it. So you would have the real victim of this crime be prosecuted because he was able to detain the actual criminal until the police were able to come and arrest the criminal. Do you know what would happen in the REAL world outside the “civilized” US? That criminal would have be made to get out of the truck and onto the side of the road and then summarily shot. Instead, he gets to have an ankle monitor and his life.

        • Ahem
          People with attitudes like me stay out of prison. The two clowns in Georgia share your views a bit and are looking at life in jail.

          Your money, your lawyer, your choice.

        • There is a bit of a difference between two Georgia thugs getting out of their truck and shooting an unarmed jogger and some guy pulling a gun on someone who’s sitting in his stolen truck. I still can’t believe the truck owner didn’t get arrested. Chicago has been a leftist controlled city for way too many years now.

    • “…what right did he have to pull a gun on him? was there an immediate threat?”

      In Florida, your vehicle is considered inside your home, and killing an intruder is justified.

      That guy sure isn’t grateful he didn’t get killed…

      • What do you think an LEO would do, if they encountered the reported stolen vehicle, and were approaching it with someone sitting inside it? Would they have their gun drawn? Most likely . . . so why should a civilian be expected to approach the situation any differently? They shouldn’t, not when they are the owner, and know the person inside is not.

    • My bet the truck owner is also black, or ‘knows someone’. 9 times out of 10 the good guy get’s the shaft in these big city situations, where the cops are made to look like asshats, as is the case here.

    • Depends on the situation. The crime may not have been legally over. Also once the owner was in the presence of the vehicle it was again robbery to prevent him from leaving with it.

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  2. I’m kind of surprised the cops did not arrest both parties. The police could have easily said the truck’s rightful owner should not have “instigated” the threats by retrieving his own property.

    • Florida may be a self help state.

      We had a guy here get in a shootout while getting his son’s car. The car was not stolen but the keys where when his teenage son was robbed. He went with the spare set to get the car and the thugs showed up and flashed a gun. The dad shot them. The shooting was not fatal and the thugs fled leaving blood at the scene.

      The cop said the rain would wash the blood away , he would report the shooting if the guy showed up at a hospital( or morgue) and they would get him and the son in to view a lineup and charge the guys. He took the dad’s glock 19 and said if the bad guys didn’t turn up in 14 days come get your pistol. If they turn up it will be evidence until the legal issues are resolved. The guy got his glock back.

    • You fellas aren’t too familiar with CCW insurance, low cost, great coverage. Or the cost of a tow truck -$40 to $100k and insurance of $2000 + per year per vehicle. A bullet only costs $.05 – $.25, that’s value. Or just let the guy go, go buy another truck and maybe next time he beats your wife senseless or shoots your son.

  3. These days your skin color & political preference dictates what you can get away with!
    Now someone tell me I’m wrong!!

  4. Technically, in many states ( I don’t know what they law is in Illinois) this was a citizens arrest. Most states have provision that if you witness the commission of a felony you have the ability to detain the perpetrator. I would say locating your stolen vehicle and someone occupying it qualifies as witnessing a felony in progress. The story did not say if the owner went up gun drawn or drew it during the process after feeling threatened when trying to detain the thief. I am going to say his actions must have appeared to be legal under local law since he was not charged with a crime.

  5. I wonder if the perp stayed on the line and followed those dumbazz instructions you can get from some 911 operators. Now remain calm caller…Can you see anyone? There’s some cracker pointing a big gun at me. Hold on caller I’m in the middle of a nail polish. OK back. You say some cracker is pointing a big gun at you. Can you be more specific caller? I need to know where exactly is the gun pointing? He keeps moving it all around. Do you think the cracker is intoxicated caller? Look bitch…you want me to give the cracker a field sobriety test? Stay calm caller, that would be helpful unless you just want to sit there and call me names. FYI caller, I get treated like this all the time and I do not know why so gosh darnit caller, I’m hanging up now.

  6. Remember in Death Wish 3, when the old Jewish guy pulled a gun on a home invader who broke in through a window, and the home invader called the cops to have them break in without a warrant and take the old guy’s gun away for job safety purposes?

    Good thing they knew Mr Kersey.

  7. Guessing the tow truck driver, in that area, has been in more than one hot situation, and learned long ago if he wanted to continue breathing, have deadly force ready to go. Recapping here, thief is bad guy, does bad guy things. Owner is generally good guy, does generally good things. There is no equivalence. Some you guys would get your head blown off the first weekend in tough neighborhoods.


  9. The sad part is if this gets to Kim Foxx (States Attorney) she will probably side with this guy and at worst let him go. The make the law abiding citizen pay damages. I could even see her pressing charges.

  10. The tow truck driver will be arrested for felony hate crimes, guns taken, bankrupted and then driven into hiding by social media cancel culture.

    The car jacker will be bonded out by Soros cash, given the tow truck as compensation, and his tragic story made into a movie of the week by Hollywood, titled “Freedom Rider.”

    This is Obamas World.


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