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John, a sheepdog from Summerville, SC sends his “Fall” submission.  Via Everyday Carry.

In his pocket, he wears a Streamlight Pro-Tac 1L AA flashlight.  And what he says is a Kershaw Emerson Knife…  Even though I think it’s just an Emerson knife.  And Emerson makes darn fine blades.

Throw in a Gen 2 GLOCK 19 for good measure in a clip-on Inside-the-Waistband rig and he’s out the door.





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  1. Well if nothing else it sure leaves a lot to the imagination. He must walk everywhere he goes and steals everything he needs. Payphones are pretty hard to come by these days too. Maybe only one magazine is enough but I can’t bring myself not to carry an extra.

    • I carry just about everywhere, but every now and then I go for a walk on the wild side, and take a stroll with literally nothing on me. No phone, no wallet, no keys, no gun, nothing. I don’t know why. But I just do it every now and then.

    • It doesn’t show a wallet either and I don’t really care. Unless your key chain has some uniquely useful tool why does it matter. Same with the phone.

  2. Not what I’d consider optimal, but the basics are covered. A single G17 mag is the same as a revolver and two speed loaders…

    • Geoff, a revolver and two speed loaders? If round count was the only issue. Sure. However, one of the most important reasons to have a spare magazine is to clear a malfunction,reload and get back in the fight. Like he knife. I’ve had a Benchmade Emerson CQB for decades. Add a reload and this is a very good carry.

  3. I don’t usually try to identify problems with the EDC Submittals but do I try to find better ideas from them. I say do what works best for you!

    That said I will make an exception here as it involves being legal or not. I have an Automatic Kershaw Emerson Design and I believe that may be a non-auto version but that is not the issue. In his bordering Charleston county and some other surrounding areas that knife is illegal to carry due to local 3” max blade length restrictions.

    Also, while you can carry your SC CWP in your buttcrack if you want to most folks carry them in some kind of wallet or money clip. Personally I carry mine in my cellphone case because I always have it on my belt and it is easy to get to if you need to show it at a traffic stop, etc. Either way it has to be carried with you, but I would guess he just did not show his wallet in the photo as part of his EDC.

  4. Na, you need at least 1 spare mag, car keys, phone, and 2ndblade,or two. I use an OTF 3 1/2 inch knife and a blade that is just a K-Bar sticker that you can sew into your shoe laces or belt, impossible to see on a dark background, “I even forget its there, but one pull and you would slice someone’s throat with it. Firearm is a 365 with Liberty ammo at 3000 fps. 1 or 2 spares for 23 or 33 rounds. Or a Performance shop Shield in 45

  5. bob’s comment on the knife truth column over at knifemagazine was, “kershaw makes a better emerson than emerson.’
    so maybe they do.

  6. I like it, it’s minimalist and realistic. I don’t get why people are complaining about not showing a phone or wallet. Most people I know wear socks and underwear everyday, yet I’ve never seen those shown on edc posts. Maybe I’m just a minority that doesn’t carry five knives (all the same blade length for some reason), two multitools, tactical bottle open/glass breaker/buttplug, and a flash light that can be seen from space….

  7. Other than needing a spare magazine I’d say it’s a doable deal. Guess I better figue out how to use the camera on this phone and send y daily carry in. Other than changing holsters depending upon what I’m wearing and the season.

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