Carjacked Congressman is a Perfect Illustration of Why More Americans are Becoming Gun Owners

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In a popular up-and-coming area of Washinton, D.C. – just a few blocks from the nation’s Capitol building – a U.S. Congressman was carjacked at gunpoint. U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) was parking his car just outside an apartment building where he and several other members of Congress reside. The Congressman was unharmed during the attack.

“As Congressman Cuellar was parking his car this evening, 3 armed assailants approached the Congressman and stole his vehicle. Luckily, he was not harmed and is working with local law enforcement,” Rep. Cuellar’s Chief of Staff stated in a press release.

Washington, D.C., police are still searching for the suspects. It can be assumed the firearms used in the crime were illegally obtained or stolen. If the criminals are ever caught and prosecuted, more questions will be answered.

However, there are plenty of reasons why other would-be criminals in the D.C.-Maryland-Virginia area might re-think their plans for committing crimes. More Americans are arming themselves to protect against criminals such as these.

‘Support Law Enforcement’

 The Texas congressman may caucus with the political party in Washington, D.C. that pushes an extreme gun control agenda, but his own record shows areas of support for gun rights. Last year, in the 117th Congress that had a Democratic-controlled House, Rep. Cuellar bucked his own party and voted with House Republicans against U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s (D-N.Y.) strict gun control bill.

That legislation would have raised the legal age for U.S. adults to lawfully purchase America’s most popular-selling centerfire rifles, modern sporting rifles (MSRs). It also would have banned the purchase and possession of standard capacity magazines and required unconstitutional mandatory gun storage in the home.

Also that year, Rep. Cuellar voted against the Assault Weapons Ban of 2022, that barely passed the House. The legislation failed to even receive a vote in the U.S. Senate.

Following the incident, Rep. Cuellar struck a different tone than most of his Democratic congressional colleagues have in the past.

“You got to support law enforcement. And I’ve been doing that for a long time. I have three brothers who are peace officers,” Rep. Cuellar told Fox News. “I do want to thank the Capitol Police and I certainly want to thank the Metro Police. I’m a big law enforcement person. I got three boys in law enforcement. So I certainly appreciate the good work that the police did.”

This isn’t the first attack on a Member of Congress this year in Washington, D.C. Earlier this year, Rep. Angie Craig (D-Minn.) was assaulted in her apartment building and suffered bruises while escaping more serious injuries.

‘They Target Us’

Surging crime in the District of Columbia is a growing concern and has been for several years. Washington, D.C., recently recorded its 200th homicide and it marked the first time in two decades that the federal city has had at least 200 murders for three years in a row. It was the earliest the grim marker has been surpassed. The Metro Police Department recently announced the average murder suspect in the city has eleven prior arrests.

How are would-be victims in Washington, D.C., responding? They aren’t sitting around and waiting to be victimized, especially women in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area – and most specifically African Americans.

Black Lives Matter Washington, DC

“A lot of times men look at women and they think we are defenseless. They target us, first because they think we don’t carry. We can defend ourselves as women, we are not as weak as you think we are.” That’s what Kennette Brown told ABC 7 News in Washington, D.C., about why she obtained her concealed carry permit, purchased her first gun and takes the time to go to training courses.

Calvin Wellington is a firearms instructor for Nova Armory in Arlington, Va., and told media his firearm training courses are now mostly filled with women who are buying and training with firearms.

“The average woman that I get in my class is brand new to this,” Wellington said. “I have had women call me and thank me because when they walk out of their building to their car at night they are no longer scared.”

“With all the things going on in the world, you just want to be able to protect yourself,” added Nicole Washington. She takes classes to be a more confident and accurate gun owner. “I’m a pretty good shot.”

Nothing New

The trend of more women purchasing firearms for the first time isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s a trend that’s been happening for several years – and is welcomed.

Gun owners are increasingly female and also seeing greater minority gun ownership too, including African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans. Last year, NBC News reported on the growing diversity within the gun-owning community with a report titled, “Why more Black people are looking for safety in gun ownership.” The report highlighted NSSF industry data showing 90 percent of gun retailers reported a “general increase” of Black customers, including an 87 percent increase among Black women.

headline from The Cut read, “The New Face of American Gun Ownership – Black women are pushing against the (white, rural, and male) stereotype.” “In recent years, story after story has furthered the narrative that Black women are the fastest-growing group of gun owners in the country,” The Cut’s report said, adding Black women now make up a majority of the 40,000 members of the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA).

Fortunately, Congressman Cuellar’s vehicle and possessions were recovered within only a couple of hours.

“A society without law and order is not a society,” Rep. Cuellar told Fox’s Jesse Waters. When criminals are allowed to run rampant with no risk of prosecution for their crimes, innocent people suffer. Thankfully, Congress overturned the Washington, D.C., City Council’s attempts to enact laughably soft-on-crime policies earlier this year.

Even such, criminals thinking about committing crimes against residents have more reason to think again. They’re law-abiding residents like Kennette Brown and Nicole Washington and they have numerous friends taking a stand and exercising their Second Amendment rights for self-defense too.

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  1. Even if you’re armed against 3 (if they are also armed) you pretty much have to give up your ride i think. Just sayin. I aint Jason Bourne

    • You almost should never draw on an already drawn gun.
      Unless this is a murder or kidnapping situation. Then go for what you know.

    • the likelyhood they have ammo or can shoot at all is incredibly low. I won’t cower to anyone.

      • Probably right but do i want to take that chance? Do my wife and kids want me to take that chance if I’m by myself?

        • Yep, those were some badass hombres alright… recovered the vehicle undamaged with nothing missing from it except for his order of sushi.

      • underestimating the opposition is never a good idea…not in football…or in life…[Steeler’s fan]

    • if he was armed…and they knew it…he would have lost his gun, as well…you’re not likely to shoot your way out of that situation….

    • AQ,

      If three armed attackers suddenly ambush you at close range, you are incredibly vulnerable no matter what you do.

      Unless you are right next to cover that you can immediately jump behind and safely (relatively speaking) counterattack, I imagine that your greatest odds of survival are to play along and actively seek an opportunity to counterattack. And I imagine that opportunity would generally be something that captures all three attackers’ attentions when they are far enough away and your are close enough to cover to have a good chance of reaching that cover before they can shoot you.

  2. It’s good that liberals are getting robbed. And physically attacked. Because in their mind this only happens to “other people”. It only happens “to those other people”, that’s how they think.

    The only way to get people to change their way of thinking is through pain and suffering. And that includes death as well.

    They have lived a sheltered life. They’re incapable of believing that tragedy can come to them. Until it does.

    • It doesn’t matter, it won’t change they’re mind since to them the fault is the firearm and all these guns on the street. To them it’s not the actions of the criminal it’s the gun.

  3. It’s just like they support being a sanctuary city until they are forced to support their idea. With the reality of being flooded with thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens.

    Let these people get robbed, raped and murdered often enough. And they’ll support supporting the police. And they’ll start supporting gun ownership.

    • I’ll take the bet. They’ll simply target the law abiding because they can’t rationalize the actual causes of crime….

  4. Once again a Congressman lies, ‘more’ law enforcement who do not have a duty to protect is not going to change a damn thing. Next question for this dem; was he accosted by three armed thugs or is this just another example of gun violence? Probably the latter.

    • Yup, law enforcement does not have the duty to protect any certain individual . He says more law enforcement yet what he doesn’t mention is in a situation like this more police are only good enough to come out after the fact and many times to draw a chalk line around someone’s body. The police certainly aren’t going to be there right at the time the crime is committed and of course the problem is the gun not the individual. According to them…

  5. If the three assailants were not armed, he would have been harmed.

    I just wonder how many times these three assailants were arrested and just thrown back out on the streets because of policies and laws that this congressman supported.

    I would not expect him to shoot back if he were armed himself but I couldn’t blame someone for trying. A man’s got to know his limitations.

    • Maybe I should have read the article before posting. Apparently, not every Democrat is anti gun.

      The location reminded me of another, earlier incident.
      Does anyone remember the Washington Navy Yard massacre?
      Why not?
      The perpetrator utilized a politically correct, Remington 870, pump action shotgun.

  6. In case you haven’t noticed any time a Democrat’s OX gets gored they suddenly realize what the everyday American Citizen has to put up with daily because of their absurd policies and complete incompetence. For example, sanctuary cities and states politicians crying uncle when they have to deal with 1/10th of the problem they have made for others. Then there is the witch Nancy Pelosi crying because they took her office away from her. Every time one of these people gets to have a real-life experience they go to pieces. Now Joe Biden finally thinks a wall across Texas is a good idea. I am 77 years old and have seen a lot of Presidents in action and this guy (directed by another incompetent Barack Obama) is by far the worst. The only person worse is his wife who is dispicable for allowing him to make a fool out of himself every single day he is in office.

    • Do you really think Hochul actually wants to fix the border problem? She just wants all those immigrants sent some place else.

      Any possible thought that Biden might have for a border wall might be in the neighborhood of 200 feet. Just enough to say he did something.

      • They want the anchor babies to turn Texas blue. At the current rate of border crossings, it’s inevitable. I remember reading articles a decade ago of them boasting that dems will always be in power due to changing demographics.

    • Yes sir! Yes because they have lived in a bubble for many years with body guards surrounding them no one can get near them and like you said when something does happen it’s oh my gosh we need to take action! Yes Mr. B needs to accept reality and step down he’s mentally not doing well. Yet the problem if he steps down then who are we left with? And she sure doesn’t live in reality.

  7. Better support for law enforcement. ?
    Uh okay, because like what.
    When shtf your only a speed dial away.
    Oh shitco they took my phone too. Halp me Halp me, stumbody please HALP ME.

  8. I think Brer Fox will give you more help than you want, Brer possum. You might want to tone down those cries for help.

    • one of the best things Disney ever did….used to be in the funnies when I was a kid…was meant to teach you life lessons…and it did…

  9. Cuellar is a member of the US Democrat (communist) Party. I have NO sympathy for these people; ANY OF THEM, as they either directly and/or indirectly bring such disasters upon themselves. Cuellar tries very hard to pass himself off as a centrist/right-leaning Democrat but I dont believe much of what he CLAIMS about himself as I’m simply not that naive.

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