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LOLOLOL. Today’s gun meme is a first! This is a REAL product that the company has launched as a meme to poke fun at the industry. The Atibal Optics STD (Same Tactical Dot) is making fun of the fact that a bunch of different manufacturers seem to have “caught” this optic and are all selling the exact same product just with their own logo on it. While most are selling it for over $300, Atibal priced it at an also-humorous $123.45 and they’re donating a portion of the proceeds to charity. Love it.


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  1. A self loading firegunm or revolver has an Automatic Indexing Device System so why not give it an STD too.

  2. chlamydia, chlamydia
    i just can’t get ridda ya
    brian said cheryl gave him crabs
    i had never heard of pyrinate a200 before

  3. Fine for you bachelors otherwise, when the wife asks what this charge on the credit card is who among us is brave enough to say “it is for the STD”

  4. the dot sight market is full of dot sights that are all the same dot sight made in the same factory with the same components and function exactly alike…with different name brand branding on them…and people spend countless hours on the internet ‘arguing/discussing’ over one being better than the other and the only difference is the company branding printed on the casing and the price although sometimes there is a small difference in the case design.

    for example … there is a PA dot sight made by the China OEM manufacturer PA uses …. but the China OEM manufacturer also sells the same thing directly for 1/2 the PA price under an off brand name and people call it ‘China junk’ and ‘airsoft junk’ – both are the same dot sight, the only difference is the branding printed on the case and the price.

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