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Pretty damned quick. I’m only 100 or so rounds into the gun and I’m still working on the review, but this video was just too cool to sit on until the big review is done. I may have pulled one or two shots, but I think the Caracal and I had a very enjoyable first date.

Tip: Maximize the player to watch the cans dance.

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  1. Awesome! Maybe you can try to get the sight picture through a view finder sometime? Can’t wait for the review.

  2. I’m not seeing speed that is noticeably better than standard pistol sights. Needs testing on the clock with multiple shooters and accuracy tested as a component of the score.

  3. It’s not a good test of quick sight acquisition when you’re shooting the same pattern. In that case, speed is facilitated more by repetition and muscle memory than fast sight acquisition.

    • I know this isn’t a ‘test’ but this was only my third magazine through the pistol, and my first shots at anything other than paper targets. I wish muscle memory worked that quickly: I’d be a much better guitarist if it did!

  4. The only way to experience the QuickSight is to try one. Imagination and prior conventional sight experience won’t help. I was skeptical until I handled one, now I own one!!

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