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TTAG will post on the Tulsa shootings in more detail tomorrow. Meanwhile, it seems clear the killings were racially motivated. One of the two suspects, Jake England, posted racist material on his Facebook page [captured by the Daily Mail]; he raged against the “fucking nigger” who shot his father to death. So there it is. The question now: how will the media and the left-leaning puditocracy play this case in the racially-charged aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting. Ironically, they may call for more gun control to protect the African American community from predatory whites—when it’s a statistically insignificant threat and the last thing American minorities need is more gun control. Quite the opposite, in fact.

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  1. It does feel like something is going on. I mean more than the usual racial discord. Like someone is trying to bring about large scale violence. For what reason, I am not sure. But the media sure is enjoying fanning the flames.

    • I am sure if large scale riots occur, badly needed legislation will be passed. There are people who want the riots to happen.
      This is a Chess Game.

      • Who in the world gains from racial violence? While you might say “gun-grabbers,” that would not be in their best interest, and they know it. More racial violence (and just the fear of racial violence) brings greater gun sales. And if all hell breaks out, ala 1967 & 68, the Democrats will get pounded in the fall elections, and while most Democrats have learned not to be anti-gun (out of fear of the NRA if not actual ideological conversions), the true gun-grabbers know that Republicans running both the Senate and the House with a Republican president would doom their dreams of implementing anti-gun legislation.

        • Tom, that is what worries me. The someone is stoking the embers for political gain, and social control. And I live 2 miles from 8 Mile. The dividing line between Detroit and the suburbs. I would get a close up view of riots.

          • Hypothetically, a significant outbreak in strike and retaliation could be used by the Capitol Hill Gangsters to as an excuse to declare a further curtailing of our liberties along with the introduction of police/security forces into various American communities or other places. It would be the happy blessing in tragic disguise for those who want to expand the size and scope of government powers. I don’t think it will occur yet anything is possible in this world.

      • All this talk of riots stemming from racial issues is strange talk. As riots go, that particular variety is pretty rare, yet to hear half of you on here talk, that’s the only sort there is.

        It’s almost as if you look forward to the coming zombie apocalypse with eager anticipation.

        • I’m not sure how YOU define a riot, but I’ll assume that you’re a young fellow.

          Boosted from another site:

          “Major race riots have occurred in the United States at least since the Harlem Riots of 1948, but the 60’s surpassed anything previously experienced. The five day Watts riot in August, 1965 saw 34 people die and a thousand injured; and the 1966 Detroit riot, 43 deaths. Following Martin Luther King’s assassination in 1968, rioting broke out in over 120 cities including Chicago and Washington. We still had miles to go before we could sleep.”

    • One of the Tulsa shooters’ dad was shot to death by a black man a couple of years ago. (his dad was actually attacking the black guy with a club when he was shot, but the black guy got six years for it) Tulsa shooter decided to go around and shoot a bunch of random black people on the two year anniversary to get revenge. Tulsa shooter had also lost his baby momma in January (supposed suicide), so not very stable.

  2. This tragic incident will start many discussions, and hopefully some will be fruitful. White men can and will be arrested for shooting black victims. The circumstances are clearly different in this than Martin v. Zimmerman, as well as the arrest results.

    As far as the rest of the details, time will be the tell.

    I would like to serve on the juries in these cases, but my prior work and life experiences tend to exempt me. I hope for the sakes of all the accused that level heads prevail, and my condolences to the families involved.

    If these two were the murderers, then they should receive the full penalty of the law.

  3. I sense a disturbance in the force…
    This one is going to rain down a fecal storm.

  4. Wow, this must be like Christmas (sorry, “winter holiday”) for the mass media, politicians, gun-grabbers, and race-baiters. So much blood to dance in, so much further violence to flame.

    And believe me, it won’t stop here. Tool up.

  5. “they may call for more gun control to protect”

    (sarcasm on) I’m waiting for modern society to drift so far into politically-correct loonie-land that the mass media feels it is acceptable to feature stories calling for the disarming of white heterosexual males while justifying that it is ok for ‘others’ to own guns (as long as their guns are registered). (sarcasm off)

  6. As for the tin foil hat types here, race riot’s means martial law thus all firearms may be taken away for “safety” reasons. For the non tin foil hat types, from what I have read, it just looks like revenge killing. Racially motivated probably, but, noting to get the guns locked and loaded for. Not yet anyway. Just my opinion.

  7. Even in a case like this the early media spin was “We don’t want to speculate on a motive, but the victims were all black and the shooters were white”. While it may turn out to be true, the template of what it MUST be is always there.

  8. Will there be equal effort into crimes committed by blacks who post racist language on their facebook pages and so forth?
    Only if we get a new DoJ head in January.

  9. Tulsa was once the scene of the worst race riot in American history. 35 square blocks of the city were burned to the ground, 6,000 people were arrested, 10,000 were made homeless and as many as 300 were killed. Somehow, I don’t see anything like that happening again.

  10. Neither Al Sharpton nor Jesse Jackson are going to demonstrate in Tulsa. And neither will the liars in the mainstream media who fed disinformation to their audiences over the Trayvon Martin case bother about Tulsa. The reason is simple – Florida is a state that is in play this November and the Democrats need to manufacture a controversy to take it. Oklahoma is not going to them. Neither Sharpton nor Jackson give a hang about Trayvon or about any of the numerous young Black people who were killed on Chicago’s South Side in violence before and after Trayvon’s shooting. What they went to Florida for and what they used the attention generated in their favor by the media was to make sure that they take the state in November. That’s why Obama jumped in on Trayvon as well, but he can’t see any other shot Black youth as his could have been sons, especially if they were shot in Chicago. If the Democrats win in November, they wouldn’t hesitate to ghoulishly dance on the grave of every dead youth whose death they exploited in order to win the elections.

  11. Pardon me while I rummage around for the old axe and fire up the grinder…ah, there it is. Kudos to RF for saying “…the last thing American minorities need is more gun control. Quite the opposite, in fact.”

    Minorities, black folks especially, have their gun rights taken away for non-violent offenses at a far higher rate than white people, even though white people actually commit these usually drug-related crimes at very similar, possibly higher rates.

    We have a long and sordid history of law enforcement targeting black people, and ignoring the crimes against them. For decades, in the South, and also the North, black men have been murdered and lynched with near impunity.

    Black folks, and other minorities, have been systematically denied the right to self defense by a coalition of anti-gun “liberals” and tough-on-crime “conservatives.”

    I’m sure these crazy guys in Tulsa will be crucified, but that doesn’t really scratch the surface of the problem.

    Look into your souls, TTAGers. Is 2A for everyone, or just for conservative white guys?

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