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300 Win Mag

Did you see our post kicking off a give-away of some of Can Can Concealment’s, uh, discreet carry gear? If not, you’re one of the few. Entries from gun-loving women have been clogging our in-box since we announced it yesterday. Getting creative, contributors have taken every approach from challenging to cheesecake. You can see all the snaps we’ve received on our Facebook page here. But don’t worry, you still have time to get your entry in. Send your female firearm photos to [email protected] with ‘Can Can Submission’ in the subject field and you could be slipping on a Big SheBang! of your own soon.

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  1. I don’t think I’m alone in being very surprised at the number of entries in such a short time. This is a neat thing.

    I think my faves so far are Granny Oakley and the young lady with three rifles. The first is just awesome and the second made me literally laugh out loud when I opened the email.

    That said, they’re all pretty awesome. This post makes me happy.

    • Yes. More partners, but definitely not all. Several of the partner emails have a note that says “My wife really wants to win this contest, so she told me to send this in.”

  2. For overall composition I really like the young woman in the field with the wheel gun. The colors in the landscape and the way it captures the overexposure of the sunburst at the top of the frame just looks well done.
    However, the one on the diamond plate truck box is just my speed. And if you’re going to give away something that recalls the can can girl era, grandma Oakley wins hands down!

  3. I like to thank the women with the shotgun and black bikini for sending in the picture. That picture made my day!

  4. Haha
    Awesome. Difficult to have a favorite yet.
    I like the creativeness of the B/W photo with the pink holster, gun and earmuffs.

  5. I cayn’t be looking at this stuff first thing in the day. I just cayn’t.
    I like the pink shirt lady.

  6. Is this actually going to be a contest or are you guys just going to award the holsters to the three least clothed entries?

    • In all fairness, maybe there should be two categories….

      1) Creativity
      2) Holster has more material than what the model is wearing

      • Yeah…
        Not that I’m against the idea, or against seeing hot women with guns not wearing much clothing.

        But if we’re going to be legit, then we can’t look like a bunch of howling misogynist assholes. And one good way to look like a bunch of howling misogynist assholes is by giving away rewards to whichever contestant has the biggest boobs and the least amount of clothing covering them.

        So I’d like to see a better way of determining the winners than that.

  7. Great pictures. I hope you have a lot of schwag to give away, because I’m not seeing any losers here.

  8. I almost sent in a picture of myself in front of the Alamo holding my AR after the open carry rally, but I’m too private. I already ordered myself a Big SheBang! anyway. I love these entries so far, and look forward to seeing more.

  9. I really dig the pic featured on this post. I dunno what it is about a woman with short hair… If I weren’t married, I’d probably be hounding you guys for her email address.

    In all seriousness, I’m really impressed with the pictures you’ve received so far. There are some hardcore shooters and hunters in that group. If ANY of these ladies is ever in East Texas, I’m always looking for another range buddy.

  10. Nice holsters! I could see some confusion with the Shebang holster, imagine you’ve made it passed 1st and 2nd base. Now your making your way to third when you encounter …. well you know.

  11. Just a note to all…I’m the husband of one of the owners of Can Can Concealment and the winners are not being picked by men! It is a company by women, for women, run by women…I had my fav’s but no voice in the choice! As far as I’m concerned they’re all patriots!

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