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During his first week in office, President Trump took immediate action on immigration, trade and foreign relations (or lack thereof). Despite the ease with which some aspects of unconstitutional federal firearms regulations could be modified or eliminated with the stroke of an executive pen (e.g. Obama’s 11th-hour ban on lead ammo on federal lands), gun rights didn’t figure in week one.

Hey, it’s only week one. Still, given this President’s use of speed, surprise and violence of action, how are you feeling now about the prospects of a rapid roll-back of federal gun regs? Do you think Trump and Congress are [still] on board?

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    • Sick to my stomach.

      This could have been so good. Stuff getting done. Out with old. A better place. But no. Trump’s mental illness not his fault, but it is our fault for letting him get away with lies and foolishness. All credibility is in the toilet just waiting for the liberals to flush.

      Damn. What are we, two weeks in? We had a chance, but got greedy. See you all on the other side.

      • So what specifically do you consider his failing(s) so far? You’re being incredibly vague. I’m genuinely curious.

        • His tariffs will not bring jobs back to America while at the same time prices on many of our goods will increase. So we have lost in two ways just from that alone.

          He said Mexico will pay for the wall. They aren’t, we are. If you don’t understand why please read up on how tariffs hurt free trade (AKA, that thing conservatives are supposed to support).

          He is also blocking people with green cards from getting back into the USA. Since when did we also hate LEGAL immigrants? That is not okay. We were told illegal immigrants were the problem but he is now working to just block all immigration.

          He has shown no interest in decreasing the national debt, the deficit, or fixing any long term structural problems which are gonna kill the USA in 50 years (Looking at you social security).

          He is already setting the tone for a huge Imperial presidency. Guy is handing out executive orders like candy. He’s gonna get smacked down by the federal courts so hardcore if he continues to think he is above checks and balances.

          Seriously, the guy’s first week has been a disaster. I’m still hoping for the best but at this point I am just hoping they pass some good gun laws before he gets booted out of office in 2020 by whatever progressive idiot replaces him.

        • His tariffs will not bring jobs back to America while at the same time prices on many of our goods will increase. So we have lost in two ways just from that alone. While I’m inclined to agree with you, i would point out that that is hardly settled science. Many top economists disagree on this topic.

          He said Mexico will pay for the wall. They aren’t, we are. Respectfully, this is a manufactured, irrelevant issue. The wall is being built, and our country’s security is increasing by it – without a ounce of aggression toward others. If we’ve got room in the budget for million dollar grants for robotic squirrels, we’be got room to establish the fundamentals of our national security that every other nation has.

          He is also blocking people with green cards from getting back into the USA. Since when did we also hate LEGAL immigrants? That is not okay. Citation please. For this to be true there would have to be a major restructuring of our immigration enforcement policy, which I highly doubt.

          He has shown no interest in decreasing the national debt, the deficit, or fixing any long term structural problems which are gonna kill the USA in 50 years. ..And? That wasn’t his platform, nor did he promise that. While I agree this is a vital issue to our future, no one was promised otherwise.

          He is already setting the tone for a huge Imperial presidency. Guy is handing out executive orders like candy. He’s gonna get smacked down by the federal courts so hardcore if he continues to think he is above checks and balances. Subjective and emotionally based. Also saying that the checks and balances (IE Federal courts) are going to prevent Trump from thinking he is above the checks and balances is pretty nonsensical.

          Seriously, the guy’s first week has been a disaster. Citation please. None of your current complaints have substance, beyond “I don’t like him and its not what I wanted him to do”.

      • Trump’s not crazy, he’s an actor and a salesman. I’m still not assured of his motivations, but never think for a moment he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing. Kinda reminds me in an odd way of FDR. Think about it.

        By the way, what exactly were you expecting?

        • What amazes me is that ever since he came on the political scene, no one has taken Trump seriously or gave him one iota of respect. They just call him a clown or a Cheeto (and worse of course) while he keeps walking over or around them.

          I’d say that 2A issues are the last thing on his mind and the future of 2A issues is all about his SCOTUS pick for now.

        • 2A is the last thing on his mind? The bill of rights taking a back seat?

          I agree, because he is anti-2A.

          Here’s to him walking around and over me and my opinion and proving me wrong. I will wait.

          • Anti 2A? How does a guy with a Concealed Carry License, and an endorsement from the NRA, and a son whom he put in a promo for the HPA qualify as anti 2A?

        • Dianne Feinstein has a concealed carry license.

          I’ll let you think about that for a moment. G’head.

          • Don’t care. Difference is, she thinks she’s the only one that should have one, or only some elite group that she somehow belongs to…

        • Dianne and Trump each have CCL is places that only the politically connected are able to get them. Their elitist ways and acceptance of the situation says one thing: CCL for me, screw everyone else.

          Trump has put in writing that he supports the assault weapons ban. Only on the campaign trail when he needed the support of the NRA and the 2A crowd did he start making statements of support of the same. Shocking that a politician would say what he needed to to get elected, I know, despite the record previous to that being crystal clear. The crowd that believes that malarkey has deluded themselves.

          • A) He’s allowed to change his mind when presented with logic and facts.

            2) He still needs the NRA’s something like 35 million votes to carry him for a second term. I seriously doubt it’s important enough to him to bother trying to screw us in the last four years even if he is lying to us, we’ll deal with that in congress (Go Ted!).

        • As far as treating him like a clown, it seems like he intentionally acts like a clown, like a cartoon caricature of himself, or whatever will throw the opposition off balance enough for him to gain an advantage. Now, I believe this is intentional and strangely effective, but it’s also the reason why nobody respects his public persona- which is the only side of him the public at large sees.

      • Though I’m guessing you’re just a troll and not worthy of the electrons wasted in my reply, I will say this: if you are a conservative and are already curling up in a little ball like a sissy because the moonbat dems are bleating and braying, then you aren’t the type of person I’d want on my team anyway. You’re definitely not someone I’d want in my foxhole.
        Trump is going to be skewered for anything he does. ANYTHING. You might want to harden up…its going to be a long haul.
        As for me? I’m feeling pretty good and have to admit I’m enjoying the hell out of the leftists tantrums and meltdown.

        • “Trump is going to be skewered for anything he does. ANYTHING.”

          Exactly right. I’m sick of these Quisling cowards crying and screaming every time the gaggle of mentally ill leftists have a fit over some non-issue.

        • Target! As far as I can tell, you’re on the money. Everything I’ve read so far- of course I avoid MSM like the plague- seems to be mostly positive with a few exceptions. Did he sign gun laws during week one? No. That was probably hyperbole and campaign speech. He also hasn’t made any moves to curtail them. In essence, we’re exactly the same as on 19JAN as far as gun rights, which is not in a bad place outside of some states. Stay vigilant, stay in contact with your Congressmen, and keep your gear ready. What else can you do?

        • You are absolutely right! Look what they tried to do to Reagan! Regardless of the fact that they tried to turn public opinion against Reagan all eight years of his presidency, they failed at every turn. Reagan was elected because he was not a Washington intsider and so was Trump. Those who voted for him did so because he is a successful businessman AND is NOT a Washington insider! For that alone, they will seek to destroy him! Yes we should all keep his feet to the fire, however, listening to the media is not the way to do it. Even if President Trump were to change overnight and support everything the democrats want, the media would still attack him because it wasn’t enough or he was not radical enough, etc.!!! Stop listening to the liberal media and their spin on everything the man does. We need to give him a chance to prove himself!!!!!

      • Translation-I have no specifics but Soros pays me to troll any article about Trump and I’m so drugged up I can’t think clearly, as usual.

    • Robert sounds like the leftwing media. There is a long way to go and yet the media is trying to hype that everything trump as promised has not happened in the first week. people need to chill and give some time.

      • But a large part of the media is all aghast that he’s doing EXACTLY what he said he’d do in his campaign. And now the nation is in an uproar because he’s doing what he said he’d do.

        I’m hoping to see a few EOs roll out in the next month to get rid of that lead ban, etc. I’d be willing to bet his hunting-son advisor will fill him in on the details of the lead ban, if he’s not already aware.

        • “But a large part of the media is all aghast that he’s doing EXACTLY what he said he’d do in his campaign. And now the nation is in an uproar because he’s doing what he said he’d do.”

          Well, there is your problem. You are watching the media. The nation is not in an uproar; the problem that voted for Clinton and supported her are making noise.

      • Hell, we had 8 years of Obama and much of what he promised didn’t happen. Especially that whole transparency thing. 😉

    • Yeah, he is new.

      The professional politicians know how to milk an issue for every vote (and dollar) it’s worth, looking like they’re doing something, only to be foiled at the last minute by the dastardly opposition.

      This Trump guy seems very intent on delivering on his promises.

      • True to that. Very intent. I like it. It’s bs free.

        I think it would do Trump well at this point to pay homage to us 2a voters. If he would just kill the bush eo, Clinton eo and most if not all obamas eo’s then I’d be happier than a pig in you know what. Those are easy low hanging fruit. However we need to remember he doesn’t have an attorney general yet. Sessions is being held up by the senate. Sessions is the teeth to his executive orders and his biggest problem right now. Imo. If the senate votes him in tomorrow. He could make us all very happy with just those. That will ease the atmosphere I think and gain him a little more trust with this crowd. Admittedly I too am one of those skeptics that worries we are gonna see jack all from him. I hope and pray it’s different but I judge a man by his actions and not his words. So far his actions suggest he means to keep his word but even that is a convoluted topic to a large degree. What is his word? If he intends to just support the laws on the books we are doomed to live forever with the eo’s of bad presidents.

  1. So far, from what he’s legally able to do, he’s done well on his promises. As mentioned, it IS week one. Lots of time and lots of stuff to do still, so we can revisit the issue in 356 days.

    • Agreed. He is moving quickly and not afraid to actually do what he said he was going to do. How refreshing. The first action on gun rights comes next week, albeit in a roundabout way, with the nomination of a SCJ. This should give us a clue how he feels about the importance of 2A.

        • We have ~3 or 4 liberals (?Breyer?), ~2 or 3 conservatives (Alito and Thomas – Roberts?), and ~2 moderates (Kennedy and ?Breyer?) on the SCOTUS. One of the liberals “clings to life.” The two ~moderates are old and may retire. The court has clearly been trending liberal, especially since about ’06. This is a chance to make a significant move away from overarching government intrusion for the next 20-30 years. It was one of the most important issues leading up to this election, and remains so until after confirmation of the 9th justice. None of that motion back towards strict construction would have been possible without a Trump win, but the jury is still out (pun intended). This week will be tremendously interesting.

  2. I’d rather that he not spend so much time getting in pissing contests with people. I’d also rather that he be a little more surgical when he does things like this entrance ban. I posit that some of the people in transit shouldn’t have been stopped. I do like the speed with which he is undoing Obama’s work.

    • My understanding is that his EO didn’t affect Greencards or people with Visas already and that the Obama aholes in customs took it upon themselves to just shut down entrance in order to stir the pot. If so, someone needs to be fired on the stop. Can’t blame trump if the hold-overs disobey before his people get into place.

      • That’s one theory, and it makes a lot of sense. Basically act as awfully as possible to create a PR crisis for the Admin.

        The other, is that the folks working immigration are just a-holes who like to make things difficult for folks whenever they can. As a naturalized citizen who jumped through all the hoops, I’ve experienced a lot of evidence to support this theory.

      • I had noticed evidence of that but hadn’t really put 2 and 2 together yet. I’ll have to look more closely. Thanks.

      • It certainly seems like something went wrong on the CBP end but I’m always hesitant to attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.

    • The Twitter pissing matches are what really turned me off… until I realized it was all a head fake. He’s using the liberal tactic of “LOOK OVER HERE!!” while actually doing stuff.

      Look at all the things he’s actually done in the first week. Now look at what the media has been reporting on: “alternative facts”, crowd sizes, vagina hats, Russia. The tweeting is working. IT’S ALL A HEADFAKE. I wonder how long it will take the media to figure it out.

      Trump still worries me, but so far so good.

      • Google “stray voltage” and axelrod.

        Obama did it first. Trump just turned it up to eleventy.

      • “… until I realized it was all a head fake.”

        Exactly. I climbed on the Trump train in June ’15 because, watching him do his dog-and-pony-rallies, I immediately understood what he was doing. Trump ran the cheapest presidential campaign in history, spending almost no money in contrast to Hillary’s millions per month of essentially useless frothing. Nonetheless, any time Trump chose to do so he could dominate a complete news cycle just by making a provocative tweet. When he did this Hillary, despite her staff of hundreds, simply disappeared. Donald Trump is a marketing genius who just used this skill to win the presidency. Even now he’s got his opponents running down rabbit holes looking for the magic bunnies.

    • I suspect the pissing contests are at least in part shiny trinkets to distract the liberals and media (same thing) away from the real work taking place. He has a method to his madness.

  3. Most presidents do damn little the first month in office. We are getting our monies worth on this one.

    • Back in 1989, GHWB didn’t get around to any serious executive orders concerning the 2A until March 14.

    • Getting our money’s worth is right. He is not taking a salary.

      Thank God we got Trump and not Hillary.

  4. President Trump needs to get on the ball with his promises to the people and the NRA to help fix some of this Progressive liberal crap that’s been shut down our throats by President Obama and all his little henchman. We need him to start turning the screws these liberal Progressive types and getting rid of these unconstitutional and frankly straight uphill legal firearms restrictions in this country. It’s up to us the people and websites like the truth about guns to make sure he is aware we are watching his every move and waiting patiently for him to go ahead and do the things he had promised to do. But I’ll give the man the benefit of the doubt that he’s got things lined up to do this for now anyways.

  5. I think it’s time now for Republicans to stop gloating about the one evil they avoided (HRC) and to start holding their Lesser-Of-Two-Evils accountable to the principles of liberty and common decency. Don’t be so quick to stand by him on everything, just because he’s on your team. Be loyal to the Constitution only, at least in the realm of politics.

    • Agreed. This is why Conservative Review and National Review have become my favored news sources. I love Breitbart, but that site is simply a cheerleader for Trump. NR and CR are are appropriately skeptical.

      • Davis, you must be kidding. National Review did everything possible to try and keep Trump out of the Whitehouse. Memorably so. They’re so “corporate only” Republican it is laughable. They have no audience now. They have almost no sales.

        And: Generally, in response to the OP, I notice many new-to-appear names come in trolling Trump. Laughable.

    • This is perfect!
      They absolutely need to stand up to him where he is in violation of the constitution and heap praise upon him whenever he does something that advances liberty. Far too many people have no political foundation and the goodness of policy is determined by the jersey color of the policy maker. This approach is obscene and has to stop.

    • You are absolutely right. Trump’s impulsiveness will be his undoing. It would also help if he refrained from saying things that are easily proven false. In general, he needs to listen more and talk less.

    • An attitude of naive moral superiority toward an outsider that:
      (1) within hours of taking office, began rolling back the consequences of Obama-Reid-Pelosi (as promised),
      (2) will two days from now appoint a constructionist Supreme Court justice (as promised),
      (3) is not beholden to rich political benefactors (as were his “constitution-adoring” primary challengers),
      (4) publicly made fun of the people who tried to buy influence the day after the election,
      (5) doesn’t censor himself to appease political moralist,
      And as added bonus is (6) a workaholic.

      Congratulations on being morally superior.

    • Ah yes, return to the philosophy of principled defeat that was the hallmark of the conservative establishment that failed to conserve anything.

    • No citizen of any other nation has any right to come to the US. We have every right to close our borders.

  6. He seems like a man who aims to keep is promises. And it’s not like we’re being introduced to a President who is different from the Presidential candidate. Same guy, for better or for worse.

    • Optomistic, thanks for asking. I wasn’t a fan of DJT to start with, but the more he pisses off the liberal left and rinos, the more I like him. Would like to see some effort to end gun-free zones and such.

  7. Good so far. Just have to keep his feet close to the fire when he decides to start acting on 2A issues. Boch and Don’s sons have his ear on those issues, so given how he’s sticking to doing what he said he’d do it’s a promising endeavor.

  8. I’ll be completely honest: I’m a little nervous.

    Not about guns specifically, just in general.

    I was a little nervous before he took office; I’m a couple percentage points more nervous now.

    Time will tell.

    Still beats the combination of abject terror and extreme depression I’d be feeling if his opponent had won.

    • This nicely summarizes my own thoughts.

      Now the next question: will Congress get off bottom dead center, and if so, when?

    • “Still beats the combination of abject terror and extreme depression I’d be feeling if his opponent had won.”

      Holy moly, ya got that right!

    • yup….loose cannons blow hards dont make good leaders in any arena. lets hope he starts to think more before he acts. Soft spoken and well reasoned while carrying a big stick would be a nice change. We will have a better handle on what this guy is up to in a few months.

    • “I’ll be completely honest: I’m a little nervous.”

      His Secretary of State announcing in his hearings the island-building in the South China Sea needs to stop and the China Navy should be denied access to them is awfully bellicose language to use that close to the China mainland.

      The one question I would have asked him in that hearing would be: “What will be the US response when the Chinese sink an American warship in the SCS?”

      Not ‘If’, but *WHEN*, because that IS what will happen if the US denies China access to those artificial islands…

      • To answer the question of what would he do if China sunk one of our ships? He could bankrupt their commie country in a coupe months with 3 words and never fire a shot. What 3 words? FEDERAL TRADE EMBARGO. Chinese economy has to grow at least 3% every year or it will implode. What do you think would happen if their biggest customer said F-OFF!

        • What would happen to that customer? Trade relations go both directions. Are you interested in paying 100%, 200% more for clothing, small electronics, or various miscellaneous products? Those $50 shoes for your kid are now $150 shoes, with no change in quality. There would be plenty of pain to go around in a trade war.

        • Carlos, childrens’ shoes will not go from 50 to $150. I would first point out that you can purchase good childrens shoe for thirty dollars. (Do you have kids?) Second, China isn’t making most of them. The ones I see are from Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, and South America.

          The “newly built islands” are closer (variously) to Vietnam and the Phillapines than to mainland China, at least in the news maps I’ve seen.

          The Trump admin is firing on all cylinders. The press, especially the foreign press, is confused beyond measure. Perfect.

          The press keeps trying to characterize the temporary visa halt as “anti-muslim,” when in obvious fact it is anti-terror-ridden-nation. Saudi and Egypt are not included in the visa freeze. The press, in other words, pushes distortions hoping the world will remember the distortion, not the policy. Typical.

        • Pretty much… stop shipping coal, coke, oil, and scrap steel and their manufacturing base would be in a world of hurt.

  9. So far, he’s keeping in alignment on everything he has said, either by direct action, or continued verbal support, i.e., his support for Right to Life. I’m liking so far, but the proof is in the next 3 years, 11 months, and 3 weeks.
    More importantly, Congress needs to grow a pair and pull their weight, unlike the previous six years. That will be far more effective, and longer lasting than these executive orders.

  10. So far, so great.

    If he keeps up this pace, his first 100 days will be the most productive in history. While it takes time to correct the course of such a large federal ship, its good to have a real captain at the helm for a change.

    • Enjoying the liberal wailing and river of tears is almost worth the suffering of the last 8 years of Obama.

      • Doesn’t Trump seem like the biggest whiner of all, though? He won the election in the only way that matters – the electoral college – and yet he cannot shut up about losing the general election and insists on making ridiculous and easily disproved claims about voter fraud. The whole inauguration crowd dust up is another example. He is the ultimate snowflake.

        • I disagree. I think he’s simply calling BS on the media and the co called irrefutable proof. That picture the media is STILL blathering on about being proof his inauguration was poorly attended has been shown to have been taken long before the event started, and let’s all remember that many of the checkpoints were blocked by protesters so many people couldn’t make their way in.

          As to the popular vote, the latest number I’ve heard is 800,000 illegals registered to vote, God knows how many million dead people still on the rolls AND VOTED, not to mention those registered in two states, which is fine, but how many votes were counted in two states? So I’m all for a bit of investigation and cleaning up.

        • The point is: who cares? He won the electoral college but insists on dwelling on the general. The Pew and the Old Dominion studies on voter fraud that he refers to are a joke. Sending up Spicer to claim that his inauguration crowd was the biggest in the history of the world is ridiculous. Still he dwells on this. It is fucking retarded.

          • Actually no, the dumbocrats and the Soros paid protestors/anarchists did, and Trump is not one to let a lie go unsmashed, same deal with the inauguration lie that the party was thrown and nobody came. It’s all part of the game to keep everybody dazed with misdirection.

        • Why is he harping on it? Because if it wasn’t for electoral fraud, the only states Hillary would have carried would have been NY, CA, and HI. For the first time in decades, we have a president in power with the ability to crush the DNC voter fraud machine and the inclination to do so.

        • “Because if it wasn’t for electoral fraud, the only states Hillary would have carried would have been NY, CA, and HI. ”

          Are you are getting your evidence for this from…?

        • Oh… I don’t know… Call it an educated estimate based on findings by Project Veritas and the massive fraud found in Detroit by the Stein recounts.

  11. So far so good. He appointed JFKjr to vaccine safety committee, he’s already light years better than the non choice candidate we were offered.

    • Will you please STFU about the vaccines already. No one wants to hear your whacked out faux-science in every post when it has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

        • Ha, yes, RFKjr of course, looks like this hit a nerve here, and that’s a good thing, far too many gun owners fall for the same exact propaganda used against the 2A, almost word for word at times, when it comes to the push for Government and private industry to control your health care decisions.

    • Please point to credible peer reviewed studies that support any claims of vax deniers e.g. connection to autism, natural immunity, vaccine overload, herd immunity does not exist, etc.

      • Whenever anybody mentions “peer review” I’m reminded of the fella in court. The judge sez, “do ya want to be tried by me, or a jury of your peers?” The accused asks “what’s peers?” Judge replies “Men like yourself.” Accused thinks a bit, and finally answers “Well, I guess you your honor, I don’t wanna be tried by no group of horse thieves!”. Ask the AMA which is more dangerous, a citizen with a gun or a man with “MD” after his name, you will get a peer reviewed answer. My question is, if your kid is immunized (and for the record, mine is, per school district standards) they should be protected, so why do you care if mine isn’t?

        • “My question is, if your kid is immunized (and for the record, mine is, per school district standards) they should be protected, so why do you care if mine isn’t?”
          Ever heard of the herd effect?
          No not the one where you or the liberals go mindlessly bleating after their savior.
          The one that’s causing measles and mumps and other diseases to reappear. Having your child vaccinated does not guarantee they will not get the disease. Having most children vaccinated does.
          Hillary or Bernie would have done serious damage to the country.
          I’m hoping Trump does not lead us down the path of becoming a capitalist version of Vensualia.

          • *Yawn* Well, locally they got it so right with the damn near mandatory flu shots that half the clinics and the hospital are short staffed, because they all got the shots and they all got the flu. I’m betting you think Roundup and GMO’s are safe for humanity and good because they provide larger harvests since Dupont and Dow say so? Legislating health really doesn’t work, as examples research prohibition, tobacco, and texting while driving please.

        • The fail in logic of most people who fall for the ‘most people must be vaccinated for them to work’ is a shining example of a failed education system. And for Ad and stench and a few others, are you aware that we know that the CDC lied and covered up an autism-MMR link?

          • There seems to be a much bigger link to Roundup and GMO’s…… time will tell, if it’s not too late.

        • This Ad poster has all the signs of a paid poster. He refuses to directly answer anything and misdirects whenever possible. Average people don’t have the time or the resources to access industry financed junk science and use it online pushing a product or agenda. Not sure what he posts on this site but anything coming from him has to be suspect.

        • I was going to go with “do not argue with morons because no one can tell who is who from a distance” but I like yours better….

      • Ha, Ad, the guy that ran like a perp from a crime scene when asked for the safety and efficacy studies last time around….

        • Yes, you busted me. Still waiting for all of the evidence that supports vax denial. Your ad hominem/ad hoc response will be an admission that none exists.

          • No, it just means we’re not going to bother arguing with a closed and rather smallish mind. Go away kid, you bother me……

        • Ad, I’ve stated multiple times on this forum safety tests for the childhood vaccine schedule do not exist. You asking for
          Peer reviewed studies to back up that statement is absurd. It shows you are either intentionally lying here, or don’t even understand the conversation. We know vaccines can and do cause harm. You are aware of the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act? You are aware the US SUPREME COURT, stated vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”? If you have knowledge of safety studies for the childhood vaccine schedule, please embarrass me. But you don’t, because they don’t exist.

        • Pg Duofus, you say “we know”? Whodefuk is “WE”? You got a mouse in your pocket? Instead of “we know”, how about you present some EVIDENCE for your ridiculous assumptions?

        • @Larry, Dr.Thompson, senior CDC researcher, and whistblower. By “we” I meant anyone wth can read. Maybe that excluded you?

      • You’re either a liar or an idiot. You DO know that we know the CDC lied and covered up an autism-MMR LINK? what other product anywhere gets a free pass and does not require safety tests, and another pass from the Federal government that says the companies that make these untested products CANNOT be sued if anyone is harmed or killed by them?

        • As expected, an ad hominem and ad hoc attack. And of course this is the case since vax denial is a cult that has nothing to do with science.

        • What got lost in the brouhaha over Dr. Thompson’s “confession,” allegations about a “cover-up” at the CDC, and threats of whistleblower lawsuits was what should have been the main point: Did collected data actually prove that the MMR vaccine produces a 340% increased risk of autism in African-American boys? The answer is no, it did not.

        • lol, nice try, a retrospective study behind a paywall. Too funny. Should I even bother to check who financed this piece of work? Ad, I’ve asked you multiple times to cite safety studies on the childhood vaccine schedule. You refuse to do so, and you attempt to inject industry financed misinformation trying to hide that you can’t post the safety tests ice asked for. You are a liar. And you cited snopes, even better , you are a stupid liar.

        • Pg2. Your as crazy and historically lost as more dead soldiers. The louder that you and deadsoldiers bang your drums, the less the interweb and users here takes you seriously. Go read some history troll.

        • “Why is the occurrence of autism increasing geometrically?”

          It’s probably not. What you’re witnessing is mainly a two-fold change in diagnostic practices.

          Autism is a spectrum disorder, just like most mental disorders. We all display a symptom or two of nearly every one of them but we aren’t considered to have the malady unless we have a certain number of symptoms to varying degrees. (Strong symptoms in one area may outweigh a lack of other symptoms basically).

          So, due to the spectrum nature of this disorder we have two factors.

          The first is that diagnostic criteria have changed. They’ve become looser/better depending on how you want to look at it. People who were not previous diagnosed as “autistic” now are. Asperger’s is a good example. Today no one is diagnosed with Asperger’s, instead they are diagnosed as “Autism Spectrum Disorder” aka Autism. These people fall into a group that was previously known specifically as (and still is called) “high functioning autistic”. In other words, there is no longer an accepted difference between high functioning ASD and Asperger’s the way there used to be Asperger’s now is diagnosed as Autism and that adds people to the numbers for Autism.

          The second issue is that Autism is slightly better understood than it used to be. This has likewise lead to more ASD diagnoses. People who were formerly considered boarder-line or just a bit off are now sometimes diagnosed as ASD. People who might not have been even considered for a diagnosis decades ago are not diagnosed as ASD. When you start talking about one symptom or the severity of one symptom this is a somewhat arbitrary means of diagnosis that will vary from doc to doc.

          Those are the two main reasons you’re seeing an increase in diagnosis. You saw the same thing back decades ago with cancer. People died and no one really knew why in a lot of cases. Now we know they’re dying of cancer. It doesn’t mean that a particular type of cancer is becoming more common it just means that we know have a known COD/diagnosis that we didn’t have before.

          • That long cloud of smoke ignores the fact that when I went to school and when my niece went to school and most of you out there went to school we may have experienced one or possibly two autistic kids in our 12 year federal sentence to classrooms. Now it seems like one ore two per classroom or more in most schools. Yes there is a populism to the diagnosis now as I assume there’s federal money available, just like the learning disability hoax perpetrated by school districts everywhere because they got lots of extra bucks every time they could decide a child was learning disabled because they colored outside the lines at the age of four or five.

      • I read your paper, and you are a fraud and a liar. This retrospective paper analyzed vaccinate kids against other vaccinated kids. Only in industry financed studies would anyone accept that as legitimate science. Not only that, but the authors actually threw out the VAERS data. You have all the hallmarks of a paid poster, lying directly and by omission to push some agenda. If you’re not A paid shill, you’re just a flat out idiot.

        • Yes, dipshit, I am a paid shill. When not debating antivax morons on gun websites, I spend my time debating the existence of Bigfoot on my fantasy football website. That is where the real money is.

        • @Ad, who cares what you do away from this forum? Here you’re an established liar. Only a fool or a liar, take your pick, would post the nonsense you have trying to defend a position there is no defense for.

    • Again with the ad hominem? I cannot help if you are too lazy to do research to actually support your arguments. I guess you will believe what you will believe despite the fact that there is a literal shit ton of evidence to the contrary. That is how religions work, I guess.

      • You prove your own point by believing the “shit ton” of what is mostly made up science paid for by the corporations getting rich off the stuff their paid scientists keep proving is “totally safe” like Prozac, statins, nuclear power, tetraethyl lead, etc….

        • He posted a paper(with undisclosed pharmaceutical industry ties)that compared different groups, all receiving thimerasol, to allegedly
          Measure the effects of thimerasol. Essentially the same as comparing multiple groups of smokers, each with a different brand, and then saying since they all had the cancer rate that smoking does not cause cancer. And laughably he cited snopes. Nuff said.

    • And the fact that he’s a anti-vax nut- or at least is flirting with them- is just another reason to lament the state of our politics that it was THIS guy or HRC.

    • Some people didn’t listen, and insisted on engaging this guy. It’s all the same argument, ending with him calling someone an industry shill. I’m tempted to memory-hole the whole vax comment thread.

      • @Matt, I would have made the initial post and left the thread. Ad has a history of making opinionated statements then either running or trying to turn the conversation and attempting to put the burden of proof on others to prove that he wrong. that he is wrong, instead of him being able to prove his opinions have value. I really don’t know if he’s an industry shill, but he has some connection because the statements he makes here at the very least mirror established online paid trolls. The vast majority of people I know do not have the motivation, time, or access to industry talking points and industry funded papers designed to shift public opinion. So again, he is either a fool, or he has some financial interest in parroting industry funded talking points and citing debunked industry funded papers. If you choose to believe him, ask yourself 1 question, what reproducible science has he ever cited to back his opinions? Then ask if you are willing to put yourself or your family on the line based on the strength/quality of his citations.

        • I’m not even going into the argument with you about who is right and who is wrong. You state that you “would have made the initial post and left the thread,” and blame Ad, but he never would have responded if you didn’t bring up nonsense that doesn’t need to be here. I don’t care if he’s a shill, I don’t care if his sources are provable or not, or if yours are. I care that you’re clogging up people’s screens with something that has precisely fuckall to do with anything gun-related.

        • @Matt, Fair enough, this is a gun blog/site. I stand by original comment, except for the JFK brain-fart while typing it. Trump has done a great job, especially considering the background noise of the mainstream media constantly trying to disrupt and discredit him. HuffCompost put an article out today saying Impeachment is inevitable.

  12. The 2A restoration platform is solid, but the results won’t be quick. I hope Trump doesn’t derail the gains and momentum by spreading his front-line too thin with a multi-pronged “attack” on liberal sensibilities and fulfilling his promises that may land him in hot water to the point the 2A gains will flounder and be lost.

  13. He is doing what he said he would do as a candidate!!!
    How very refreshing.
    When he does something wrong I’ll let him and you know.

  14. I trust him more than my congressman or senators (one of whom tried to be in his place and would have done horribly at it).

      • Guess what, Chuck U Schumer – what you say doesn’t matter. You are in the minority, and irrelevant. Just as your mentor, the execrable Harry Reid made the Senate during his tenure. You both belong in a trash bag. I find it interesting that despite your being a Senator in the Senate of the United States, your allegiance to immigrants from countries replete with people who want to massacre our innocent families and who have admitted to peppering the refugee ranks with their soldiers is greater than your allegiance to our citizens, whom you took a sworn oath to protect. If only we could deport you! Go to hell.

  15. He is doing most of everything he said he would do. But it’s scary how he is using executive orders. It’s all fun and games (and unconstitutional) when it’s your guy making the laws. But let’s say Barack or Hillary wielded the quill pen in such a way to get business done and close “gun loopholes” or “excessively political religious groups”. IRS not withstanding. *snicker* He may set a dangerous precedent and the next candidate from here on out will be this executive order crazy. Also
    Milo Yoanopolis predicts without the year he will go to war with his own party within a year and will be blocked. Probably true.

    • Trump isn’t in the Republican Party. He used it to get in position to fix the mess our government has become.

      • nail on the head! He’s not a democrat either. He seems to be giving the voters what they asked for.
        Also there are a lot of names on this thread that have never posted/trolled before.

        • Agreed. It reeks of desperation and an assumption that this crowd is malleable like other interest groups. To that I say good luck to them. We might not be as easy to divide as they think.

    • “But let’s say Barack or Hillary wielded the quill pen”

      So, you were asleep until Soros hired you? Dumbass, Barack and Hillary fucking DID wield the quill pen, that is what Trump is currently disassembling. So you choose to jump in with your criticism, NOW? Are you being paid by the post, or what?

      • Larry. I’m just gonna say you are a fucking dumb ass. I’ve posted about five times in the last two years here. I’m no liberal plant you conspiracy theory loon. I’ve had about ten “friends” defriend me on Facebook for my vocal and unapologetic support of President Trump. My musings are for the extended discussion of the potential misuse of executive order powers and it doesn’t matter if it’s Trump, Clinton, or George Washington using executive order power. A free, smart, civilized people aren’t not afraid of such discussion.

        I’m sure your going to have a rather long drawn out posting that includes an “us or them” mentality, commenting that I’m a Trojan horse or RHINO, and then start discussion comparings Donald Trump as a gift from God himself and is only rivaled by up the creation of the man John Moses Browning himself (blessed Be his name).

        So furiously type out a response I couldnt give two shits about debating the politics of a man who I myself had voted for. Lets start eating our own like the Democratic Party. That’s going to get shit done.

  16. So far and in short order, he is rewarding voters’ sagacity for choosing an inexperienced politician who doesn’t know what “can’t” be done. If only he would stay concentrated on larger game, instead of being frequently distracted by squirrels.

  17. “…use of speed, surprise and violence of action…”

    …and an almost fanatical devotion to himself?

    We’ll see.

    • “…and an almost fanatical devotion to himself?”

      Which does not even *compare* to Hillary’s devotion to herself, much less the fanaticism of her worshippers. Face facts, troll!

  18. I was feeling semi-decent about him until yesterday when he wholesale committed the biggest illegal human rights violations and detainment since Japanese internment. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a POS in my eyes from now on. This is not the libertarian way.

    • Who said he was a libertarian? Moreover who cares what libertarians think?

      And exactly where is there a human right to immigrate? The constitution is not a blanket that swaddles the entire 3rd world.

      The largest human rights violation was the 1965 immigration act. Anything that the right can do to repeal and return America to pre 1965 immigration levels will be a benefit to America and the world.

      Never mind the 240 years of precedent that says his EO is legal and constitutional.

      • I hate the crybabies that are saying that people have a “right” to immigrate here. Screw that. Point that out in the constitution. Go try “immigrating” to China, Japan, or Mexico and see how that works out for you.

    • What is illegal about it? These folks are guests, not citizens. Try getting into Saudi with Christian Bible.

    • Yep, Dave, he’s stockpiling the muslims in Roosevelt camps until Hitler’s ovens are refurbished and operational.

      Do you ever try to listen to yourself?

    • I don’t understand or agree with your comment. President Trump is doing what the American people elected him to do, protect Americans. He is instituting extreme vetting however, he has also stated the US will work to set up safe zones in war torn countries to prevent a mass exodus by large numbers of people some of which mean to do us harm. Look at what has happened in numerous countries is Europe. Do you want to see those same problems here in the US? I do not. The reason he has had the opportunity to accomplish so much in such a short period of time is due to the actions of his predecessor over the last eight years. It is called a target rich environment. How can he miss with almost any counter action he takes? As many have commented, I am cautiously optimistic.

    • In a word, bullshit. If limiting immigration is a human rights violation, then the rest of the world is more guilty than the United States of that supposed “violation”.

  19. Feeling pretty good. At this point, I actually think there is a good chance he’s going to follow through on the 2A promises. I know he’s working his way through a really big list on week one, so I expect to see some 2A executive action withing the next month or 2, at the latest (at least rolling back some of Obama’s egregious and illegal anti-2A executive actions).

  20. I’m pleased with many of the things he’s done so far, but left completely disappointed as far as anything regarding the Second Amendment. Granted it was the first week, but Trump did absolutely nothing for gun rights when it would have been very easy for him to do so. Rolling back some of the Obama executive orders would have been simple and had a rea effect eith very little opposition. And yet, nothing. I’m hoping week 2 will have a better outcome.

    • I don’t recall Trump saying a word about enacting/repealing anything firearms elated. Ever. He has expressed support. That’s it. No promises. He is acting this past week on issues he promised to act on.

      What I saw was a whole bunch of 2A guys in echo chambers creating fantasy gun Executive actions in their mind. I’m as 2A as anybody here, but I can separate reality from echo chamber fantasy.

      • “On day one in office I will sign an executive order to allow our military to arm and protect themselves on our military bases”(para)

        Yet to see that happen. Otherwise- he’s moving on a lot of things that never really were my priority. He promised to move on them and I find that refreshing.

        However I worry his lack of political prowess will hinder continued success.

        • The EO he signed Friday called for a 30 day readiness review to address all aspects of weaponry, training, ammunition, preparedness, etc. You don’t sign an EO for “let soldiers carry guns on base.” That’s too narrow. In 30 days, that will no doubt be part of the recommendations to provide for on-base defense against “workplace violence.”

      • Thats one way to look at it. Another way is to say that it was Week One, and nothing for the 2A supporters that were so rabidly behind him. So maybe those actions are week two, or maybe 2A advocates just aren’t a priority. Time will tell.

        • Let’s be really, really real here.

          2A advocates were never going to be his top priority. There are way bigger fish to fry not just in terms of what his voters want but also in terms of what the country needs.

          Yes, by all means move ahead on the 2A stuff whenever possible but getting the economy back rolling well again, disentangling the ACA from 1/6th of the economy and a host of other things are a bit farther up the list. Not to mention that, other than carry on base, most of the 2A items that have been discussed will require Congressional action which Trump has little control over.

          Then there’s the fact that if Trump can make most people happy with the big things (to them) they’ll be happy and not pay so much attention to things like the HPA and other 2A advancing items on the agenda which means we might actually get MOARR!!! of what we want because people are much more pliable, or at least less prone to pay attention to every detail, when they’re fat and sassy.

          Truth be told, at this point, I’m more worried about the 30.04% increase in my health insurance premium this year than I am whether or not six months hence I can walk into a gun store and buy a can over the counter. That increase in my insurance premium is eating into my ammo/gun/accessory budget to the tune of ~$200 a month! Fuck man, that’s more than half a Cabot (depending on model) a year!

      • I’m still waiting for a list of the promises Trump made to People of the Gun…

        Oh, that’s right, he didn’t make any. So why do numerous posters here expect action within the first week of the Trump administration on firearms?

        Trump has been a little busy this past week on issues of importance to our economy and national security. Such a pity he didn’t sign the Hearing Protection Act.

  21. I’m really happy SO FAR. More conservative than so-called conservative presidents. And more Christian than any other. I hope he remembers who got him in-guns and GOD. I’m especially happy withMike Pence. And pizzing off the leftards is good for a giggle. Donnie done good to me…

    • Pence is a “Yes Man”.

      Did you see him nodding his head when Trump was trying to defend the “Muslim Ban” when in Oct/ Nov he criticized him for the same rhetoric on Twitter?

      GOP seems to fall in line with anyone. Pence and Ryan are great examples of this.

      • There is no “muslim ban” and to say so is to intentionally mislead your readers. There is a temporary ban on immigration and refugees from countries that harbor our sworn enemies and which have shown an inability to vet them properly before allowing them on flights to the US. The ban will continue until a mechanism is in place to filter out those who want to kill you, your family, and your loved ones. That’s factual.

        • Guns were but a small part of what elected Trump. The primary reason were rust belt swing states the have been gutted over the last few decades by politicians selling their jobs to China and Mexico.

  22. I’m still just waiting the see when all those celebrities are heading to Canada…

    I don’t understand why they all don’t want to go to Mexico instead, it’s closer to LA. Probably all racists.

    Godspeed, President Trump!

    • True, but let’s be fair, when that Kenyan Obama took office, GOPs “threatened” to leave for Mexico and Canada too.

        • “Who?”

          If the pronoun is he or she — “He threatened to leave the country” — then the usage is who.

          If the pronoun is him or her — “Him threatened to leave the country” — then the usage is whom.

          In this case, the answer to your question would be a name, which would be replaced at the same place in the answer by the pronoun “he,” therefore the correct usage is “who.”

          This has been your grammar moment for Sunday, January 29th, 2017.

        • Well, Matt – if we’re talking about grammar, “him threatened to leave the country” isn’t exactly a sterling example, either. In that sentence, “the country decided to leave him” is more apropos. Him is the objective form of the masculine singular personal pronoun, not the subjective.

          But fibonacci said “GOPs threatened”, so it would be as correct to ask “Which?” instead of “Who?” That would be perfectly valid if the answer were, for example, “All the members of the Freedom Caucus.”

          So there’s YOUR grammar lesson for Sunday, 1/29/2017 . . . (;-)

  23. I’m just waiting for national repository and tax-free/register-free suppressors to happen. We will see.

    As for the comments about still blaming Obama for detaining lawful vistas and green card holders, grow up and own up to those mistakes. The guy signed an executive order without knowing anything about how to execute it properly even though he “knows all the best people” to surround and advise him. He’s essentially detaining or returning legal citizens and visitors without due process because the TSA had no guidance / training from DHS and Trump. Riots would happen if this happened to people that weren’t considered a minority.

    For talk of being the President of all Americans and Americans first, I sure don’t see a lot of unity here(media and out in the real world). We fly one flag, how about we all try to be as one for once and stop the blame game.

    • TSA had no guidance / training from DHS and Trump

      Oh, yeah! I mean, DAMN! How DARE Trump fail so miserably to provide guidance on TSA training during the past 8 fucking years!? WTF was he thinking? Clearly, somebody really screwed up, right? I cannot imagine who that fuckup might be, if it’s not Trump. Can you? Maybe John Lewis?

      • No, it was Trump’s responsibility to competently roll out his order. That includes working out all the implications ahead of time and making sure the executive departments tasked with implementing the order are properly trained.

        That’s the thing about being the guy in charge. Trump’s a CEO, he should know that. It’s craven of him not to accept responsibility to get it right.

  24. Not impressed at all.

    Used to support his ideas.

    He has canceled the visa interview program. Different issue to the other ban. So if my wife and I want to go to USA for more than 90 days we have to go to Sydney (only place in all of Australia) for a one on one interview, pay $450 fee and do a pile of paperwork for every trip.

    As someone who spent a long time in army and have at least sixteen USA soldiers who owe my troops and I their lives I’m obviously a threat. Already have flights booked for next month and can’t get an answer if we can do planned road trip or not.

    Australia is not Europe or Middle East but somehow I now am

    • Mate, I don’t mean to seem like an asshole but…your own government limits stays to 90 days on a tourist visa. It’s kind of a standard in the western world. Stays for longer periods are a pain in the ass to acquire and fall under tighter scrutiny pretty much everywhere.
      That all said, if you saved a couple of squads of troops I offer you sincere thanks and gratitude and would gladly buy you a beer given the opportunity.

    • Meh, try getting anything past a tourist visa for NZ.

      I spent a year there. Without the University of Otago doing a massive pile of paperwork to vouch for my parents being actual PhD chemists with knowledge that might benefit the University and the country no visa. That paperwork supplemented the pile of paperwork each of my parents had to do.

      You don’t even want to know how much paperwork more it took to get me a visa that allowed me to attend high school there.

      If you’ve got a major institution to vouch for you it’s a year to get your visas for NZ. Don’t have a major institution vouching for you? 90 days is the absolute max.

      • For a while after leaving the Army, I was out past the treeline, and ended up for a couple months in a house for homeless vets on E. Colfax in Denver.
        My case manager who worked there was a NZ citizen, on a work (in the process of a marriage) visa. He commented often on how much harder it would be for his wife to do the same in NZ.
        He also had a first-hand look at Obama’s healthcare/immigration/criminal system, after being run down on his bike by a habitual-offending drunk illegal Mexican (with no license or insurance), and then being arrested for driving with his prescription pain pills in a bottle with an illegible label (he reused an old bottle and kept his work dose in it).
        In any case, he couldn’t leave the US because of the pending case, couldn’t afford his medical bills, and had INS threatening to deport him because his visa had expired (also putting his marriage visa application on hold).
        But the real shocker? The Mexican who who ran him down was arrested, released shortly thereafter, got arrested again for another DUI, released, and then finally sent to prison for something else.