Hernandez morales shooting traffic stop deputy
Courtesy Napa County Sheriff's Office
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The Napa County, California Sheriff’s Department released a deputy’s bodycam video of a fatal police-involved shooting. It happened at night when most deadly force incidents tend to happen. Fortunately, the deputy, Riley Jarecki, survived the attempted assassination and returned fire, killing her attacker.

Hernandez Morales, 48, died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds. Deported three times previously, he had returned illegally yet again. However, California’s sanctuary policies prevented his fourth subsequent deportation despite multiple arrests, including for violent offenses.

Somehow, despite California’s strict gun control laws, he illegally obtained a revolver, and was carrying it (again, illegally) when Deputy Jarecki pulled him over. She had only been on the job for six months at the time of the shooting.

Watch the video, courtesy of the Napa County Sheriff’s Office.

After he rolls down the window, he says something like “Que tan?” and brings the revolver up, firing a couple of shots at Jarecki’s head.

With a steady and steel-like resolve, Jarecki calls out “Shots fired!  Shots fired!” on her radio after ducking for cover. At the same time, she worked her way into a better position to engage.

Then, drawing her pistol, she assumed a good two-handed grip, and returned fire as Morales worked feverishly to start the car. And because she used her sights and good technique, her rounds were on target.

About eight or nine shots in, you can hear Mr. Morales scream “Aye! Aaayyyyye!”  Mr. Morales learned first hand that trying to kill a cop can be very bad for your health.

Now, as a result of a gunfight with an illegal caught on camera, politicians in California face some tough questions about why they prohibit local authorities from cooperating with immigration authorities to deport really bad people.  People like Mr. Morales.

Immigration officials said Thursday that the shooting and the man’s death could have been prevented, but California’s state law prohibited them from arresting the Mexican citizen with a long rap sheet and multiple deportations.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Hernandez Morales has been deported three times before 2011 – twice in 2007 and once again in 2010.

Since then, ICE had issued four separate detainers for him related to various arrests including suspicion of driving under the influence, battery on a peace officer and unknown probation violations.

ICE said detainers were issued to Napa County Jail in 2014, 2015 and 2016 while Sonoma County Jail received one in 2016. None of the detainers were honored by jail staff.

“This incident may have been prevented if ICE had been notified about any of the multiple times Hernandez-Morales was released from local custody over the last few years,” immigration officials said. “This is an impactful, scary example of how public safety is affected by laws or policies limiting local law enforcement agencies’ abilities to cooperate with ICE.”

As if America doesn’t have enough home-grown criminals, we have to face down illegal alien criminals as well. Just another reason to train with and carry your safety rescue tool and maintain your skill sets with it on a regular basis.

Because you never know when you could have your own Hernandez Morales moment someday.

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  1. We have a very bad problem with illegals in CA. Some of the schools in the district I worked in were fully half illegals kids. With a lot of gang problems. We have crowds of them waiting on the parking lots of the Home Depots for work.

    Why can’t CA polls that set up sanctuary cities and tell their cops not to enforce the laws or cooperate with the feds be charged with criminal conspiracy?

    • “Why can’t CA polls that set up sanctuary cities and tell their cops not to enforce the laws or cooperate with the feds be charged with criminal conspiracy?”

      Partially because federal judges keep blocking attempts to enforce all kinds of immigration statutes.

    • Maybe the cops should stop responding to calls in the politicians neighborhoods. Or, better yet, pick-up the illegals and drop them off in their neighborhoods…with a free lunch.

    • JWM, i’d have to agree with you. My wife used to teach kinder where most of the kids were part of hard working migrant families (many broken/dysfunctional). A small percentage grew up, bettered themselves and contribute to society, but the rest continue to be a burden. It’s land of the free, as in free education, food, and clothes. The school gets their money for every child in attendance, illegal or citizen.

    • You have your democrat lawmakers to thank for all that. Remember this next election day. They care more about protecting illegal alien criminals than protecting law abiding American citizens. Pelosi, Harris, Feinstein, and the rest of the democrats neighborhoods representing California should be declared sanctuary neighborhoods for illegal immigrants. I imagine we would see some much needed changes to our illegal immigration policies if that would happen.

    • Some of the schools in the district I worked in were fully half illegals kids.

      …and federal school funding is allocated per-head, so if the illegals get deported, funding for that school gets cut accordingly.

      In order to get strong immigration enforcement, it will be necessary to overcome opposition from Teacher’s unions, among many other things.

    • The difference is that Americans for the most part take gun ownership seriously, follow
      the rules,and laws, and are capable of using their firearm as it is intended. Most of the
      shit heads from other countries, like Mexico or where even see a gun merely as a imagine of power, control, or “machismo” if you will. If you train with the firearm and
      understand what it is, then you can use it effectively, God forbid if need be.

      Thanks for listening, just sick and tired of these ass holes and their dumbass gun

  2. You whats really sad….that very same dept had him in jail…..and they let him go

    so is the police chief trying to KILL his own or is it the Mayor?

    IMO if I was working there as a cop…I’d call ICE each time I got a shit eating illegal and dare them to fire me! AND if they tried, call the union in on a VERY WELL PROVEN ‘officer safety’ issue.

    Just in the last 90 days one officer dead and this one shot at….something needs to be done!

    Blue flu—-or straight out strike state wide

    • It is a bit ridiculous. Had he not attempted to shoot her, she would likely have arrested him for whatever it was she had stopped him for. Following that, he’d probably have been released, again, and ICE would have, once again, not been able to detain and deport him because of the stupid policies of the department she works for – crazy.

      What else can one conclude but that the powers that be, who have created and maintained their sanctuary policies, want people like this guy to shoot at the police?

    • Her own employer obstructed justice by ignoring federal orders on this guy, not once but three times.

      She should sue the county for reckless endangerment.

  3. Time for victims to sue the state and cities and mayors and sheriffs. A few muti-million dollar lawsuits just might help fix things.

    • Police and fire unions are very powerful in CA. I don’t understand why they don’t strike over the sanctuary polices. There are illegals shooting cops in CA seemingly every week.

      • Because the union leadership is in bed with the Democrats. The Democrats now control the state in a complete lock-up.

        Any union that gets out of line now will find that they won’t get what they want come contract negotiations – and there’s no one the unions can turn to now that the GOP is a minority party in CA that can’t even hold up legislation.

    • Lawsuits do nothing to politicians. Commiefornia is so far in debt it’s ridiculous. Why do you think they keep raising taxes? And they still can’t pay their debt. It’s time for the federal government to nix ALL federal money going to that state. All of these states that refuse to abide by federal election laws and immigration laws need to loose all funding and nullify their election and electoral votes.

      • They need to have their state status rescinded. Don’t want to enforce federal laws? Congratulations, your entire state government is now null and void and gets replaced by a federal governor.

  4. If she hadn’t had any training she could have done a better job. After all, no one needs any training. Just ask a bunch of the anti-training nit-wits that visit this site.

    • Pretty sure your average gun owner isn’t pulling over and detaining armed criminals in the middle of the night.

        • Gunsmith. Wow, you live in Wyoming! My dream. The Wind River Valley. That’s where I would like to live out my days. Anyway, while not as remote as some of Wyoming, I’ve been the only deputy on duty for my entire county. You want to wait for backup? Wait while they have to get out of bed. You pray there’s a state trooper or game warden 10-8 close by. Yeah, traffic stops are dangerous. Almost as much as domestic violence. But, without probable cause they all can’t be felony stops. You take the job, you take the risk. The range. Sigh. Where to begin? I’ve found most L.E.O.s to be a cross section of the population. Most are average shooters. Some outstanding. Some abysmal. I’ve given more than one deputy vigorous constructive criticism on gun handling skills on the line. One reserve deputy resigned over the dressing down I gave him. The under sheriff questioned me on it. I told him I will do the same thing next time that happens. Or, find a new lead firearms instructor. I was running the range the next time we qualified.

        • No, not all gunfights are created equal. This particular type is exclusive to policing. Further, if you think the chances of you being in a ‘gunfight’ over that of a police officer is close… you must be living in Chicago.

    • I”m very much pro=training. Have a whole wall of certificates from several highly-credible schools, and am an NRA instructor myself. That said – and from a self-defense standpoint by private citizens alone – there’s not much evidence if any that the number of accidental shootings increases in states with mandated training, nor that there’s any difference in the number of self-defensive shootings or their legality.

      Training – good. Mandated training by legislators that want to use it as a barrier for legal gun ownership – bad.

      Now, regarding magazine capacity. It’s obvious from the video that no one = police officers included – needs to carry more than five rounds.

      • L.E.O. firearms instructor myself for almost 25 years and I agree with you. Professional training is a good thing. I too, can paper a wall with certificates. And I know there is more to learn. Anxious to do so. Mandatory training to own a firearm. Stiff middle finger to that idea.

    • Want to show me where you can sign up for a course for performing a traffic stop and then engaging someone armed with a gun inside a car, hmm?

      Oh, that’s right, you can’t – unless you’re a LEO. Because guess what? Normal, every-day citizens don’t make it our business to go pulling illegal alien thugs over on the side of the road at night.

      There are times when I see straw-men erected, but you’re building a straw man that should be situated in the Black Rock desert in August right here.

      • Jesus! I was speaking of training in general. Not necessarily this specific incident. You want to buy a handgun, poke a few holes in some paper, holster up and wing it. Go ahead and good luck!

        • No, I’m being very specific here.

          There’s training, and no small amount of it, to pull over a car. Never mind a felony stop, I’m just talking a normal pull-em-over traffic stop.

          As I understand from talking to LEO’s here in Wyoming (where we have lots of areas of the state where there is NO backup available, perhaps for 45+ minutes at high rates of speed of responding backup, traffic stops are some of the most dangerous things a cop can do.

          You pull over a car, at which point:
          – you have no idea if the driver is armed
          – you have no idea if the driver is a felon
          – you have no idea if the driver is alone
          – you have no idea if other occupants of the car are armed

          And now you’re going to mosey on up to the window and say “License and registration, please.”

          There’s a ton of judgement and experience that has to be used in a traffic stop – long before you get up to the window. This deputy clearly had her wits about her as well as having some gun training. But gun training alone didn’t win the day here.

          Now, specifically as to training and hanging paper: I’ve been on lots of ranges around lots of cops on ranges, and there are some of them who shouldn’t be allowed to handle guns. Some are excellent shots (and I mean truly excellent gunslingers), many are mediocre shots and some cops shouldn’t be allowed to have so much as a popsicle stick as a weapon. My problem with law enforcement is that they seem to steadfastly refuse to get rid of those who should not be allowed to have a popsicle stick. It seems that too many departments are willing to keep the dross and they find ways to haze out the good officers. This is a problem with management and politicians more than anything else, IMO.

          This young lady is alive because she has training, yes, but more than that, she has a brain between her ears.

      • And it was meant to be obvious tongue in cheek sarcasm. I’ve read many of your posts. I know you are intelligent enough to have picked up on that.

        • Don’t know where you reside right now. It is 5 below zero with a stiff wind and heavy snow. BTW, depending on which side of the hills you live on, it is called the Upper Green river basin, on the west side. The west side is not for the weak of mind or body. Altitude is 7000 and up. No welfare office, or mission street either. The whole of the western part of the Wind River range is in one county. The wilderness area is bigger than RI and DE. The east side is mostly tribal land. All people of good will and brass balls are welcome. Leave the bad stuff behind. No californicators welcome.

      • One more thing Gunsmith. Citizen training for traffic stops? No, probably not. Citizen training for gunfights in and around vehicles. Yes. Ever heard the term “Road Rage?” The training is out there. All you have to do is your research. I’ll repeat a previous post. In my experience there are at least three reasons the anti-training crowd are so loud. Financial. Understandable. Hubris. I already know everything. Fear. I might embarrass myself and learn that I don’t know shit.

        • The single biggest issue I have with modern self-defense training is that so much of it is so unrealistic, and it is often too gun-focused. Yes, I said it: too gun-focused.

          By the time you’ve got your gun coming to bear and your finger on the trigger, in many situations, you’ve missed several important clues and signs that, if properly noticed, could have bought you valuable time. I don’t see anyone teaching these things in gun training classes.

          I’ve said repeatedly here at TTAG that people could use a lot more training in “how to notice trouble before trouble notices you” on the street – or on the road, or in a shopping mall, etc.

          One of the reasons why this type of training isn’t popular is because it requires that a person make stereotyping evaluations. We, as a society, want to de-evolve to a state of primordial stupidity.

          Here’s an example: It’s 500 years ago. You’re out in the woods with other members of your tribe/family. You encounter a grizzly bear. Bear kills and eats one of your family. You watch and learn from this.

          Then, you’re out in the woods the next week, and you encounter a grizzly bear. What do you do?

          Well, if you listen to the post-modernists howling for the end of human civilization, you don’t assume that the bear is going to attack – “because that would be stereotyping.” Do you, when in the woods, try to “treat every bear as an individual?”

          Of course not. Only a goddamn moron would do that. Or Timothy Treadwell (but I repeat myself).

          But that’s what the media, politicians and various “leaders” in our society want you to do when you’re dealing with human predators. For me, I’m, not buying it. When I’m on the street, I make stereotyping assumptions. It’s saved my butt more than once in LA in the 80’s. When I’m hunting elk in the mountains of central or western Wyoming, I don’t assume bears are “more scared of me than I am of them” (or some other nonsense). I regard them as an apex predator and a lethal threat. Same deal with I see various human scum on the street: I notice their outward appearance, their stance, their affect, and I make evaluations.

          This stuff can be taught. It isn’t.

        • Gunsmith, when I used to teach CCW classes I would ask at the outset, “Where is my weapon?” They invariably pointed to my 1911. Only one student got it right. He said, “It’s your brain.” I damn near graduated him on the spot.

      • Gunsmith, I punched in at the wrong place. You’re going have to scroll up to see my reply to your last. Please do, interested to hear what you think. In the meantime, I have to meet Capt. Chris to pick up a new Randall knife. Christmas in February! Even if I’m paying for it.

      • I was an officer in a small town in Utah. It was 2 in the morning and I watch a car blow through the only stoplight in town. Normally there were 2 of us on duty in the city and no deputies or highway patrol. This night I was alone. Just me and dispatch. This was before bullet proof vests. I chase the guy down and finally get him stopped about a mile out of town. Walk up to the window and as I light him up I hear a “clik”. I was looking down the barrel of a nickel plated 38.. I was carrying a Smith and Wesson Model 19 357. As I backed away and shooting I empties my gun. I wasn’t giving him a chance for a second try. In the end we found that the hammer had landed on his only empty chamber. It took 30 minutes for another officer to get to me. Our dispatcher had gone into a panic and couldn’t get herself together to get me help which wasn’t needed at that time.. The first officer to arrive was a deputy from a neighboring county who had a scanner in his unit.. There isn’t a day that goes by that at sometime I I hear that click. That was 45 years ago.

      • “My problem with law enforcement is that they seem to steadfastly refuse to get rid of those who should not be allowed to have a popsicle stick. It seems that too many departments are willing to keep the dross and they find ways to haze out the good officers. This is a problem with management and politicians more than anything else, IMO.”

        I am a LE firearms instructor, and I share your feelings. I have written up manuscripts on why officers should be terminated for lack of firearms prowess and it might as well be tossed in the trash. And to be frank, if you are a minority or a female there’s no way they will get rid of you. I’ve tried to stand up and fight it but it always falls on deaf ears.

    • Training is good. But, for private citizens, not training isn’t necessarily bad. Those who claim otherwise need to explain the many incidents in which people with little or no training successfully defend themselves.

      • Those with no training merely get/got lucky. Training and luck is a great combination, but luck alone just is not enough. Training is like safety, can you really have too much? Consider the value of your life! Do you feel lucky or are you lucky you have had training on a continual basis?

      • Training is good. Not training is less bad that being unarmed. When I started being armed, I’m pretty certain there was very little available in the way of training, I had never seen any! Mid 60s.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      So, without any training, the police officer would have just stood there and done nothing while the attacker shot his revolver empty, reloaded, and continued shooting at her?

      Or maybe, just maybe, the police officer instinctively did what everyone would do when someone starts shooting at you: get the Hell out of there as soon her brain realized that the attacker was shooting at her. And, upon moving instinctively to a much safer position (behind the attacker and his vehicle), then engaged with her firearm. Most people that I know would do the exact same thing without any training at all.

      Conventional wisdom claims that people will react in one of three ways when a sudden attack occurs: fight, flight, or freeze. I argue that both fight and flight are good strategies. I also argue that freezing is a poor strategy. People whose natural reaction is to freeze probably do need training. The rest of us do not.

      And let’s be honest: how many people whose natural reaction is to freeze will actually decide to arm themselves? In my experience the people who have a freeze mentality are quite passive in their lives and would never set about arming themselves for self-defense. For the tiny fraction who do, I would encourage them to train. What we should not do is mandate expensive training for everyone before they can be armed for self-defense just because a small fraction of the population would freeze during an attack.

    • You’re confusing threshold with gradient. In order to defend yourself with a firearm, no, you really don’t need much training. In less than a minute you can be taught how to operate the firearm. That tiny minute is sufficient to get you across that initial threshold.

      Now, if you want to gain additional proficiency, which may be to your advantage in both simple or complex gun battles, then go right ahead. The wider range of threats you face, the more intensive your training should be. If you’re kicking down doors serving no knock warrants in meth central, then you may want to master your tactics in training beforehand, as that entails a lot of moving parts and can get messy.

      But just defending yourself against generic street scum? Point and shoot is fine; it doesn’t take SWAT or SEAL training to pull off.

    • Yup. I counted 15. Probably would have had a 16th if she topped off her mag after chambering. Nonetheless, well done!

  5. She would be put on administrative leave pending a shooting investigation. Then would be debriefed by the department Psychologist and his (or her) recommendations would be sent to the department.

    The big question is after 6 months on the force, will she freeze or react in the same way under a similar situation.

  6. From a fox article on the dirtbag.

    Officials said Hernandez Morales worked as a farm laborer in the area and had prior arrests for DUI, resisting arrests and possession of a firearm. There was a warrant for his arrest at the time of the shooting.

    So battery on a cop and possession of a firearm among other things and an existing warrant.

    There is no greater threat to the people of CA than their politicians.

    • I would amend that statement to “There is no greater threat to the people of The USA than their politicians.”

    • The sad truth is that these politicians are voted into office by voters who want free stuff from the government. This is exactly what happened in Venezuela but on a much smaller scale in California. In California they’re not going to be able to tell people to turn their guns in . We have a second amendment that will not happen in California.

      But the progressive socialist government of California is making it as difficult as possible to obtain arms and ammunition for them. Free stuff and recognition for gay sex, gay marriage, drug legalization all of these things are more important than personal Firearms ownership. All the politicians support those things. But none of them support the Second Amendment.

      It’s a simple trade. Your guns for all of your personal deviant desires being protected and recognized by the government.

      And don’t forget about the welfare industrial complex in California. The most generous and all 50 states.

      • We can still hope that, in a measurable amount of time, all of CA’s efforts will be discovered to amount to infringements.

  7. Good work on the officer’s part, even if it did take all the bullets!

    Normally I wouldn’t much care about Sanctuary laws, so long as the people they protect are peaceable. Which most are, just wanting to make a life here and send money home, all against our inadequate immigration system.

    But when these “do not cooperate with the Feds” laws are written and applied stupidly, the people they are not intended to help make fools of everyone. Plus they hurt people.

    In cases like this I’d say arrest the local police chief or county sheriff for a Federal crime. Not sure what one, maybe we need to create one. A police agency refusing to hold any suspect with a warrant on him and a history of violence should be a crime. We are not talking about a simple laborer here, or a maid, someone with no record of violence. We are talking about a documented asshole.

    The dead guy was previously arrested for DUI, assault and battery on a police officer and unspecified probation violations. There was a warrant out for his arrest when this incident happened.

    It isn’t just Sanctuary policies, this sort of thing happens much too often with criminal trash no matter if they be illegal aliens or citizens. To me that’s the bigger issue. Why are violent criminals enabled like this by our justice system? Why aren’t they denied bail as too great a threat to public safety and held pending trial? Why aren’t they prosecute, instead of deported so they can repeat the cycle?

    Something’s busted alright.

      • True.

        Which is why we should stop importing them. Build a wall, put a garrison on the border, arm the top of the wall with M-134’s every half-mile and then people will get the message that we have a border and there is no entitlement to enter.

        • You sound like me. When the dumbocrats say we don’t need a wall, just drones, I heartily approve, but I am waiting to see if they want to arm those drones with missiles, miniguns or noshit cannon in order to stop illegal immigration, since cameras won’t do that.

      • I think we do. But Bill Clinton, working with some very stupid Republicans, managed to greatly over criminalize small drug offenses. Filling up many thousands of jail cells.

        • Very few people are going to jail for minor drug offenses. They may pled to that and get jail time but they pled to that in turn for much more serious charges being dropped.

          And clinton only had an effect on federal laws. NO ONE is in federal prison for minor drug offenses.

    • Guys like you are the problem

      Normally I wouldn’t much care about Sanctuary laws, so long as the people they protect are peaceable. Which most are, just wanting to make a life here and send money home, all against our inadequate immigration system

      any bets on this poster has NEVER HAD TO LIVE daily life in a state that does Sanctuary laws?
      So its fine with him or her if it fucks up someone else’s life….I just moved out of that shithole state and 30 years of your kind of thinking RUINED IT!

      • You lose that bet. I’ve spent years in such places and look upon my having gotten out as an Escape more than just relocating to better place. Happily living now in a state with Constitutional Carry, among other improvements over California’s brand of crazy.

        I’ve known the immigration/illegal alien problem from every angle, every type. From using a gun to defend myself to helping search for and rescue people. I’ve known ranchers and land owners on the border for years who wish somebody would shoot the drug kingpins, but these same people allow illegals to take water from their taps. Men, women and children not doing any harm to anybody.

        Hate filled and unthinking people are part of the problem, part of why we cannot solve this shit.

    • As somebody who has gone through that “inadequate” immigration system… There is exactly nothing wrong with it. In almost no country on the planet is it easier to become a citizen legally. As far as I am concerned, everybody in the country illegally should be rounded up, marched to the nearest border and then RFID tagged with the warning that entering the country illegally again will result in the death penalty.

  8. My instructors have told me multiple times :
    “Train like your life depends in it, because it does”
    Simple as that.
    Good job on the mag dump

  9. Hope that I never have to attend another Line-of-Duty funeral…here in Montana they have a Last Radio Call tradition that is emotionally hard on on surviving Officers.

    I am grateful that the Deputy kept her cool, responded rapidly with ballistic precision and lived to go home at the end of her shift.

    Pretty sure the Mexican Embassy, La Raza and MEChA in their respective press releases will categorically state that the deceased: no hice nada, estaba cambiando su vida y iba a ir a la universidad.

  10. Kalifornia DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY to tell Federal officials what they can and cannot do. Immigration officials need to do their job and if Kalifornia interferes the DoJ can arrest them and charge them with interfering with a federal agents duties. UNTIL you do that this BS will continue.

    • It’s true that federal agents cannot be actively hindered by local LE, however, separation of powers makes it very difficult to FORCE local LE to cooperate. And without the cooperation of local law enforcement, federal enforcement on these matters is very hindered. Local cops are the ones discovering these people through day-to-day interactions; if they don’t (or aren’t ALLOWED) to inform ICE when they find someone, there’s going to be a lot of things missed.

  11. My first thought. sure she was trained sufficiently but lost precious seconds that could have lost her her life, In the past you could walk up that way. not anymore. walk up with your gun out not just holding still in the holster. pointed down . you gain precious seconds. Its a shame really how society has make me even say or think this. but too many of our fine officers are being injured and killed trying to help or assist the public. they save many lives. It may sound too cowboy but we live in a different world now, some would say ‘Oh she came up to me in a threatening manner. I say so what . get over it better to alive or win the nice guy trophy

    • John Linkul,

      Most of the time, police should NOT be pulling cars over in the first place. If the driver did not harm anyone, damage any property, or endanger anyone, police should NOT pull them over.*

      For the times that police should pull someone over (like when a driver is swerving all over the road, blows through a stop sign or traffic light, hits someone’s mailbox, or is driving 50 m.p.h in a 25 m.p.h. zone), even then the officer should not have their handgun drawn and pointed at the vehicle’s driver or occupants as he/she approaches the car. If the officer wants to have their hand on their handgun in their holster, fine. If the officer wants to have their gun drawn and pointed straight down at the ground at their side, I can probably live with that.

      * Here are some examples where police should NOT pull someone over if these actions did not harm nor endanger anyone:
      1) driving 32 m.p.h. in a 25 m.p.h. zone
      2) failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign
      3) failing to use a turn signal

      • I think that in most instances where an officer thinks he should draw his weapon while approaching a traffic stop, he should first wait for backup. Not a factor when help is far away, but that is not that common.

  12. The people of the state are at fault. They are the ones voting for the politicians that create the laws. After they ruin their state they turn around and move to states like Texas and then vote in the same types that ruined theirs. It’s amazing how naive (being polite) some people are.

  13. Sad to note, but the U.S. is finally rid of his illegal entrant. Fortunately, the police officer was not injured, though she did have a rigorous introduction to the hazards of her profession.

  14. That was a case of good training and learned muscle memory from a lot of time on the range. Thank God the young Deputy survived. Now I just hope Any Twosome Newsome and his coven of libertards don’t try to persecute her for killing a protected Kalifornia Species.

  15. The first thing I note about this shooting is the distinction between cops and regular people.

    If, as a regular citizen, you pumped that many rounds into someone through the passenger side of their car you would be going to court regardless of whether the guy shot at you or not.

    I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just noting that you’d have some serious ‘splainin’ to do if you did exactly the same thing but did so without being a LEO.

    She did do a good job though.

        • I think you’re going to have trouble in that case.

          You retreated, fair enough, but now you’re on the side of the car where he can’t run you over easily. He starts the car, which could be to try to run you over or to flee, and at that point I think shooting can be justified.

          It’s the last 4-6 shots I think you’re going to have trouble with explaining since you don’t get to use the cop excuse of “At this point I can’t let him escape and hurt someone else”.

          I’m not saying it’s right but I think that in a lot of jurisdictions you’re at least going to have the grand jury hear about this and, if you’re not a cop, you probably won’t have body cam footage to support not charging you. They’re just going to say that you dumped the whole mag when there really wasn’t a threat to justify the last 1/3rd of it.

          I can’t see a murder prosecution but I can see a prosecution for manslaughter. Especially since, as I said, you won’t have body cam footage.

    • VanDyke, a cop, mag dumped into L. Macdonald in Chicago, and he is currently in jail getting beat up by the population.

  16. “Mag Dump “on criminal illegal- good 👍….!
    Hopefully, the same tactic WON’T be used with KA. “RED FLAG LAW, and the state’s Gun Confiscation Agenda…This would be Bad…A Constitutional litmus test….

  17. shoot on sight, fuck these Democrats with their plea bargaining, these scumbag multiple felons need to be deported or sent home in a Body Bag

  18. Back up folks…. I’m very confused. So if you get tagged and deported three times for criminal activity there is a law that says you CAN’T?? be deported a 4th time and now you are home free? If that’s true then I suspect that every inbred POS with a 45 or lower IQ knows this and they actively try to get three strikes?? That is just too weird to be true. And even if if Califuckedupornia has such laws they are still Federally illegal and ICE and Federal Marshals can take action.
    The next big California earthquake can’t happen soon enough… if it occurs on that one fault line that is quiet a ways inland the bad part of California could just slip into the ocean….. Or we just need to go into orbit and nuke the whole state…. it’s the only way to be sure… my apologies to Ripley and Hicks, I think it was…

  19. Obviously, this is fake news. 1) There’s no emergency condition at the southern border. Undocumented migrants/future Democrat voters are peaceful, contributing, non-citizens seeking better lives — they are not violent criminals. 2) California has no private transfers of firearms and universal background checks, so an angelic undocumented oppressed hero couldn’t get a gun. 3) Even if 1 and 2 weren’t impossible, California’s red flag laws would have taken away the gun from a dangerous, but upstanding human being. TTAG should be ashamed for spreading such obvious forgeries.
    Seriously though, California politicians won’t have to answer any “tough questions.” Nobody cared about Kate Steinle. Nobody cares about people killed by unlicensed and uninsured illegal aliens. Nobody cares about the crimes of foreign criminal invaders, like MS-13, that happen on a daily basis. Illegals could use machetes to massacre a busload of orphan nuns every week, and all California pols would do is use it as an excuse for stronger gun control measures. Even if they were to decide illegal immigration were a problem, they wouldn’t do anything just to spite Trump.

  20. “ICE said detainers were issued to Napa County Jail in 2014, 2015 and 2016 while Sonoma County Jail received one in 2016. None of the detainers were honored by jail staff.”

    First, I cannot even begin to comprehend the unadulterated evil that must be required for a person to take part in releasing these criminals back out onto our streets. How do these “staff” live with themselves? What lies must they convince themselves are true in order to sleep at night?

    Second, knowing what Mr. Morales obviously knew, that none of his criminal activity would earn him deportation from California, he must have had some serious crimes going on – that he suspected he was about to get caught for – in order to risk his life firing on a police officer. I wonder if we’ll ever find out what he had recently done?


  22. I think the politicians and officials of California are all Assholes! The law abiding citizens of California better wake up and vote these stupid bastards out of office! Deputy Riley Jarecki is a brilliant, courageous, intelligent, and the epitome of a outstanding law enforcement officer. She deserves the total admiration, respect, and a very heartfelt thank you from her fellow officers, superiors and every law abiding United States citizen! Thank you officer Jarecki for protecting us and your deserve the highest award any law enforcement officer can receive. YOU ARE A TRUE AMERICAN HERO!

  23. Good police work on the deputy, she knew he was reaching with left hand towards ankle holster.

    Some may say he was firing warning shots at deputy. NOPE.

    I was waiting for tactical reload. Play video at .25 speed you can see another woman in the left passenger window not wearing a vest as deputy who has tan vest on approaches and moves back when he pulls that revolver.

  24. Good shooting Deputy Jarecki , while taking another human life is not something any sane person wants to do, it is better them than you. God bless

  25. Kudos to this deputy!!! I am not LE but I have to ask …….why weren’t BOTH of his hands out of the window so the deputy could see them BEFORE approaching the vehicle?? He would have done so or else…..most of these LE officers in sheriff’s departments work some lonely pieces of roadway and often alone…..I would have killed him without hesitation…if it is me or the other guy, I’m going to do everything I can to be the one to walk away…..self preservation is a strong motivator. This idiot played stupid games and won the biggest prize ever…he lost his life and I won’t shed one tear……

  26. Having worked with an Illegal Mexican construction company the subject of deportation came up. My bosses reply was” So what, they deport me to Mexico I will be back in 3 weeks.” The thing that bothered me about working for them was a lot of stuff we did was unlicensed work, no one had a a journey man’s license, we did a lot of electrical wiring for hotels. I didn’t think it fair to those who spent money to become an electrician, plumber, whatever, to be outbid by an Illegal Mexican construction company. Actually it’s the Hindu hotel owners who are at fault for hiring them. ,,,,,, We did some damn shoddy work wich I am not proud of, I like my work done right, but hurry , hurry, you spend to much time. The problem with immigration could be stopped by finning the shit out of the people who hire them.

    • Yup, couldn’t agree more.

      At the same time where the hell were the building inspectors? A hotel goes up and they are not checking the work?

      That one’s on the local government.

  27. This is only the beginning for CA where an extremely rich and well off unarmed populous is surrounded by a poor, and often illegally armed populous exists in together in perfect proximity. Soon CA will be the home invasion capital of the world and it will be pure joy to watch.

  28. glad the officer was ok. She did a great job keeping her head on in a stressful situation and putting good shots on target. Brave!!!!

  29. This classic: “Immigration officials said Thursday that the shooting and the man’s death could have been prevented…”

    Yeah, it could have been prevented if he didn’t just try to kill an officer!! His death was not on her or the local department. It was on himself. Her death, if that happened, on the other hand, could partially have been on the local dept because they let him go several times.

    • Just remember, the money that the school gets is TAXPAYER dollars that could do better if it was used for legitimate students that are supposed to be the recipients of that teaching!

  30. California politicians face some tough questions? Are you serious? They won’t reconsider sanctuary for one lousy second. One or two or twelve dead citizens at the hands of illegals are acceptable casualties to them. This particular case is an absolute non event.

  31. Hate to say it, but I have to: If this guy came to your door intending to do you harm, you could defend yourself and get away with it. But when this officer comes to your door to take your guns, you will never get away with defending your rights.

    Also, he was already deported 3 times? Talk about the definition of insanity. And his crimes were what? DUI is bad, sure, but the other two things (resisting arrest and possession of a firearm) are not real crimes. Okay, I just read “battery of a peace officer” – wait, attacking a cop is a special crime? Some animals are more equal.

    We could easily spin this story to make the guy into a freedom-loving martyr. But we don’t, because imaginary lines drawn on maps, flags, anthems, bald eagles, and Our Beloved Welfare State.

  32. The shithead Dems want more trash like this in our Country, remember when you vote, It’s a one issue election.

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