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This is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal and legislative news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights. For a deeper dive into the topics discussed here, check out this week in gun rights at FPC

California police stirring up fear of “Boog Bois”

On Friday, news broke that Sacramento area law enforcement were spreading around a bulletin warning about the “Boogaloo movement,” which it describes as “antagonists” who “attempt to provoke and incite rioting and violence” and are “typically pro-gun, anti-authority, and believe in aspects of far-right extremism.”

The bulletin unironically referred to members of the “movement” as “Boogaloo Bois.”

Rob from Sacramento Black Rifle posted a video detailing his frustration that, after posting the law enforcement bulletin, officers were sent to his business to request he take it down. Full of righteous indignation, he detailed the tremendous First and Second Amendment concerns with this targeting.

Rob is right to be upset. Treating American gun owners, who are overwhelmingly the most law-abiding people in the country, as if they were a threat to the public shows that law enforcement need to do some serious introspection.

Florida Supreme Court puts brakes assault weapons ban initiative

ban assault weapons now

We’ve talked before about Ban Assault Weapons NOW, a group supported by a bi-partisan slurry of pro-civilian disarmament donors along with traditional anti-gun types. There were pushing hard to add an initiative to Florida’s 2022 ballot to, well, ban assault weapons. 

This Thursday, the Florida Supreme Court issued what’s called an advisory opinion regarding the BAWN initiative, concluding that it should not be placed on the ballot. The reason is pretty straightforward. There is a summary that accompanies ballot initiatives intended to explain the initiative’s practical effect, and the one drafted by BAWN was defective.

Specifically, the Supreme Court found that the initiative summary was written in a way intended to mislead voters because of the way it described the “grandfathering” provision. The way the law is actually written, anyone who owned an assault weapon before the passage, would be able to continue owning that weapon. They would not, however be able to transfer it.

The ballot summary misled voters by suggesting that the weapon itself was exempt, rather than the individual’s possession. I think Florida’s high court hit the nail right on the head here, and am glad my fellow Floridians will be kept safe from this proposal. For now at least.

Buffalo Bills’ Jake Fromm: Only “Elite White People” Should Own Guns

Jake Fromm, a rookie sports man for the Buffalo Bills, wound up in hot water on Thursday when screencaps from a 2019 text conversation were exposed on Twitter. The conversation revolved around firearms, and Fromm said “[j]ust make them very expensive so only elite white people can get them haha.” 

This sentiment kind of cracks close to the reality of gun control. All it does is increase costs, driving away people who may need weapons most. In America, everybody has the right to keep and bear arms. That’s why we listed those rights in the Second Amendment. That means poor people, people of color, the LGBT community – EVERYONE.

The dangerous past of one potential Biden running mate

Joe Biden’s latest consideration for VP running mate is Rep. Valerie Demings. Over the last week we’ve seen massive protests and innumerable instances of police brutality against Americans. Despite this fact, Everytown for Gun Safety is promoting Demings — a former police chief — for the city of Orlando, Florida.

Demings purportedly opposes police brutality, but the OPD was under investigation while she was chief. In 2010, “the agency used force 574 times, 20 percent more than officers in Baton Rouge, a similarly-sized city with a similar minority-majority population mix and a police department of about the same size.” In the same year, one of the department’s officers broke an 84-year old man’s neck using a takedown maneuver. 

So why is Everytown pushing Demings as a running mate for Biden? Because she’s also a gun control zealot. At the end of the day, Suburban mom Shannon Watts and her affluent, authoritarian friends couldn’t care less about the police abusing civilians. In fact, they just want to make it easier for the police and other criminals to harm innocent people by depriving them of their right to keep and bear arms.

Biden: police should shoot suspects in the leg

Joe Biden
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Sweep the leg, Johnny! We’ve been witnessing an immeasurable amount of stupid in 2020. Murder hornets, megaviruses, and politicians advocating for moronic policy changes that won’t have any beneficial impact whatsoever on the state of our society (Rep. Amash’s bill for abolishing qualified immunity aside). 

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, Joe Biden emerged from his basement with a totally brilliant idea – instead of suffocating suspects as they lay on the ground or shooting protesters in the face with pepperball rounds, the police should just shoot people in the leg instead. Nice. 

First, arteries are a thing. Second, most cops only use their guns annually, for accuracy qualifications from an easy distance and using a non-moving targets. Third, history has shown us that the police are notoriously inaccurate when it counts, often shooting themselves and innocent bystanders. And fourth, but most important: you shouldn’t be shooting people AT ALL if they’re not threatening or using lethal force or committing a violent felony.

Chicago Mayor says don’t use your gun, call police instead

Lori Lightfoot
Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, another Shannon Watts crony, recently spoke on gun violence in her city. Instead of talking about the gang problem in the South Side and elsewhere, Lightfoot spoke about armed self-defense…and why you really shouldn’t do it.

Specifically, Lightfoot said that if you end up in a situation where you might need to use your gun, hold off…and call the police instead. You know, so they can find your body in a couple hours when they finally get there. 

Lightfoot is guarded by a phalanx of about 75 police officers at any given time, so her experience is remarkably different from those of people who live in communities in, say, the South and West sides of Chicago. Parts of the city where allocation of emergency response services has historically been lower than in more affluent neighborhoods.

The Chicago PD’s radio communications system has already been hacked, disrupting their ability to dispatch units, so even if they had the resources to adequately serve those underprivileged communities, odds aren’t looking incredibly good for would-be victims without an effective means of self defense.

Cities in Florida under hardcore gun restrictions

west palm beach mayor keith james
Courtesy wpb.org

West Palm Beach mayor Keith James signed a Declaration of Emergency on May 31st in response to “widespread disobedience of the law, and substantial injury to persons or to property.” The order halted all sales of guns and ammunition in the city.

There is a terrible interplay here between state and local law. Under Florida law, when a mayor declares a local emergency, certain changes are instant, and others are discretionary. Firearm prohibitions are among the automatic, mandatory results of a declared emergency.

State law requires that, under a local emergency, no firearms or ammunition be sold or displayed by businesses, and the people are prohibited from possessing them in “public areas.” 

First things first: the point of having a well-regulated Militia is to maintain the capability to secure life and property in the event of precisely these types of hard times. We already spent a lot of time addressing these kinds of unconstitutional bans during the COVID-19 quarantines, and many courts rightly agreed. I think this ban, as far-reaching and irrational as it is, is clearly unconstitutional.  

Guns, ammunition still flying off the shelves

Oddly enough, civil unrest and government tyranny seem to increase gun sales. Who’d-a thunk it?

Last month an estimated 1.7 million firearms were sold in the United States, an increase of 80% over May, 2019. This is presumably in response to the deployment of military and national guard forces in major cities across the country along with politicians like President Trump saying things like “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Not only are sales increasing, but stock values for firearms manufacturers are also skyrocketing, the rise being mostly attributable to first-time gun owners from traditionally anti-gun backgrounds. 

While the destruction being wrought in our country is tragic, it has forced people to realize the value of their enumerated rights, specifically the right to keep and bear arms. Many people, especially city-dwellers, may be coming to realize that government agents may not be there to help when times are really tough. I wish the best of luck to those who are new to the fold.

Seattle gun tax is generally unsuccessful at generating revenue

gun tax money change
Dan Z. for TTAG

Democrats are no strangers to the concept of taxing your ability to exercise a right or engage in vices that don’t harm anyone but yourself. In that vein, the Seattle city council imposed a “gun tax” in 2015, which according to Councilman Tim Burgess would raise somewhere between $300,000 and $500,000 annually.

Taxes on the right to keep and bear arms are wrong. Not only are they unconstitutional, but they discriminate against the poor and are usually an attempt to prevent them from exercising their right altogether.

What’s funny about the whole thing is that instead of raising the half million dollars the council thought they would raise, they only gathered $93,000, while driving gun stores out of the city, further reducing their tax base. Nice work, Seattle. All seems to be proceeding according to plan

Canadian politician considers legal action against gun ban

trudeau blackface
Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (center)

It seems many Canadians have had aboot enough of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s gun-banning shenanigans. Jason Kenney, the Premiere of Alberta province has said that he is considering legal action against the Canadian government.

Explaining that politicians in the capital of Ottawa often reach for low-hanging fruit like gun bans, such solutions rarely if ever solve the problem they’re intended to address and are ultimately implemented for the sake of optics. Sound familiar?

Kenney said that Alberta would be pushing for more regional control over gun regulation, but given the considerable amount of centralized power in the Canadian government, it’s uncertain whether the province can assert this kind of authority.

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  1. “the “Boogaloo movement,” which it describes as “antagonists” who “attempt to provoke and incite rioting and violence” and are “typically pro-gun, anti-authority, and believe in aspects of far-right extremism.”

    AKA the Constitution,which last time I checked was supposedly the supreme law of the land and those sworn officer were to uphold.

      • “Sacramento area law enforcement were spreading around a bulletin warning about the “Boogaloo movement,”.

        WTF really? It’s like the last 2 weeks never happened.

        The last 2 weeks of riots, police attacked, cop cars burned, a police station set ablaze, de-funding the police, and now police being ambushed in New York (stabbed in the neck) and another ambush in Santa Cruz with “gunfire and multiple improvised explosives(!)” killing a police officer.

        And what has the California LE panties in a bunch? The “Boogaloo Boys” watching it all from their living room. Leftist-ism is a sick sick disease.

        • Gotta get a hold of the narrative yo! The right wing actual peaceful protesters that believe in the 2A and wanted to go back to work were scary domestic terrorists. The ‘mostly’ peaceful rioters (only a few dead so far) are saints fighting for racial equality!

        • There is only two ways this plays out in states like CA:

          1. Weapons start being open carried in a direct defiance of their unconstitutional “laws” in order to thwart criminal activity and the “boog boys” (or basically everyone who defies and becomes a fucking patriot trying to defend their freedoms) start organizing in ways that outnumber police greatly, since they are already overwhelmed with the chaos.


          2. Nothing happens. The gun owners in those states continue to sit on their asses and do nothing then it’s right back to the normal infringements, actually… more.

          Don’t expect people to come from out of state if you are not even willing to stand your ground yourselves. We (The boog boys, the militias, the freedom fighters or even guerilla’s – terrorist as labeled by the government and it’s enforcing agencies) won’t lift a finger to fight for an outside state unless they start fighting for themselves first. You cannot expect unreasonable tyrants to hear your cries at peaceful events. As shown by the current chaos, the only thing that will get their attention is show of force and violence. Personally, I’d rather live in dangerous freedoms than peaceful slavery. So what’s up Californians?

        • Hey Montana, have you ever lived here in CA? Do you even know which areas are conservative and pro-2A, and which ones aren’t? Are you familiar with all the lawsuits and court actions filed against Sacramento and CADOJ to fight back the Dems?

          You think we’re doing nothing??

        • Has, been picking up agitator vibes from Montana not expecting much of value from that one.

        • I have.

          If you think fighting them legally will get you anywhere you are more naive than a teen in history class.

          Agitator? No. Realist? Yes.

          Nothing will happen fighting tyrants by their rules.

        • @Haz & SAFE
          Are you familiar with the latest ruling from SCOTUS where limiting religious freedom to assemble is no different from limiting theater capacity? Do you really think they’re on your side? Do you think they even care what the difference between a right and a privilege is or religion and entertainment? Based on the ruling they will uphold all tyranny by local officials and governors during an emergency.

          If Trump loses in 2020 it’s game over because Roberts has gone full left. I would like to know if you have a contingency plan for this and, if so, what is your plan?

        • @anonymous,

          Actually, this was a topic today during a discussion I had with our church’s Security Team (I’m a co-leader of our detail). No joke, but literally ten minutes before I sat down at my PC here to read this page and your comment, I had *just* told my wife that I’m going to make the recommendation that we increase our seating above the Newsom-mandated 25% of capacity. Perhaps double it or more. After all, right now LE is a wee tad more concerned about protesters and looters right now than a few extra seats in a church somewhere.

        • @Haz
          Don’t think so, churches are an easier, less hazardous target. Looters might shoot them or throw bricks. You can bet you’ll have plain clothes cops infiltrating the congregation and calling for a raid. Citations and prison time for all in attendance. Woohoo!

        • Well said, Montana! Idiots like “I Haz” are just fools who THINK they are fighting the left! Our nation showed it’s true resolve when Obastard was allowed to hold office illegally for 8 years. The right has been indoctrinated by the lies of the phony Christian churches who push non-violence for everything. The day Obutthead was sworn in, we as a nation should have decended on Washington, ARMED to the teeth, and removed every politician and LE officer from duty and put them in jail until their trials for sedition and treason! Instead “we” only heard complaining and pushing for voting. A few states will fight to the end, but sadly, our nation is never going to recover — that is according to true biblical prophesy.

        • Montana Actual, we will see what you do when they go after the 2A in your state. I don’t think gun owners in CA are expecting anything from gun owners in other states by the way. By your name I am going to assume you’re in Montana, definitely more gun rights than CA, but you probably have very little, if anything, to do with that. The day there are enough leftists to change your laws you won’t know what to do if you’re still around.

        • Rattlerjake, well why didn’t you show us the way then? What did you do when Obama was elected ? What does that have to do with CA to begin with, Republicans supported anti 2A reforms in Florida after the school shooting in Broward.

        • “ … when Obastard was allowed to hold office illegally for 8 years”

          Speaking strictly for myself, I would be interested in the basis of your claim. Do you have a particular reference or citation to support your assertion?


        • When they come after gun owners in Montana? Good fucking luck.

          And by the way, I’m already doing it.

    • There is NO “far-right extremism” a fiction of the SPLC and their fellow travelers. Same twits pushing the “militia” drivel in the 90s under Klinton. Total BS.

      • The same time the gun shop owner was ranting about the boogaloo being all a joke, a active duty military member ambushed deputies and killed one. I think I heard the shooter say he is tired of punk ass cops… Whoops, a boogaloo boi in California almost killed 3 “cops,” but could only got one before being captured.

        • “a boogaloo boi”

          As usual, you’re speculating. Maybe he had a van full of explosives because he wanted to bring attention to the right of the people to bear arms. Maybe he didn’t even have a van full of explosives? I haven’t seen enough to be sure of his motives. Very little has been confirmed, but don’t let that stop you.

        • @Dude

          I have been right many times and you…

          You can hear him speaking to the deputies during his arrest. There are a few videos.

          There is a radio call made by one of the law enforcement as she hides in a vehicle. She witnesses one of the attacks and screams in terror.

          I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the feds warn the local governments about attacks from white males that believe in a boogaloo (which includes military men too) and the police send out a bulletin the same time an ambush against cops occurs in California. Then there is plot in Vegas around the same time…

          There is no way the boogaloo crew would jump in the water with ANTIFA.

        • “You can hear him speaking to the deputies during his arrest.”

          You’re saying that this guy not liking the police is your proof that he’s a “boogaloo boi”? You’re welcome to post your sources, but if that’s it, then it’s pure speculation. You may end up being right, but you may end up picking the winning numbers too.

        • lol what?

          Jump in the water?

          This is how I know you are a phony motherfucker. At both the protests I was just at we had mobile and foot security that outreached police capacity. There was not a part of the city we were not aware of what was going on. Maybe you are just naive and believe these blue cities to be a majority? Like the media narrative wants you to.

          Antifa still in the fucken shallow end, Chief. With floaties. They get away with that shit because people let them. When it’s a protest somewhere freedom loving motherfuckers gather, the pressure is greater than the ocean floor, and nothing makes it past their little parkside gatherings for a reason. Where the fuck do you even live? In an apartment somewhere in NY?

        • @Chief,

          Yes, I need lots more. That video makes him look like a Left Wing Nutcase terrorist. He’s clearly pissed off at the police. The whole Boogaloo meme and wearing of Hawaiian shirts is about standing up to the federal government trampling on the 2A. At least that’s how I understood it. Did I miss something? I stated earlier that this insane rhetoric will lead to more attacks on the police, so this loon’s attacks don’t surprise me.

        • That’s your proof of “boog” lol. Seems like a dude who just lost it. Also, I didn’t see a hawaiian shirt. A real “boog boy” would have went out in clogs, ranger panties, and a hawaiian shirt.

          I just find it funny how serious you and the media idiots take the term. It’s totally working.

    • these guys are usually of the lone-wolf variety…not nearly as focused and organized as antifa…but still a concern because they often opt for lethal force….

      • Oh man…that’s so bad…it’s good. Started out watching with a grimace of embarrassment, and by the end found myself ‘boogalooing’ to the beat.

        The ’80s, man.

        • “The ’80s, man.”

          That magical time when the ‘Free Love’ of the 70s met the stark reality of herpes…

        • Dude,

          I called my wife over to replay it for her, and she said, “oh, I remember that one…my friends and I all went to the theater together to watch it. We used to breakdance…”

          I blinked and just looked at her. You learn something new about someone every day.

        • I may or may not have been wearing parachute pants at the time. Don’t judge me. 🙂

    • It’s difficult for me to believe that anyone still thinks it’s clever or cool to spell “boys” bois, because it actually never was. It has always been lame as all hell.

      • I have always understand “boi” to refer to a lesbian who looks kind of like a young Justin Bieber. At least that’s what my lesbian friends tell me.

      • I had an AOL email in the days of napster that begs to differ. Same with “phat”.

        Well, at least now it’s thicc… that’s a word I can get behind (literally). Love me some thiccness – within reason.

        • they’re similar in some respects…primarily youth-based…and quite active…but serving a different agenda..

      • “…difficult for me to believe that anyone still thinks it’s clever or cool to spell “boys” bois, because it actually never was.”

        So, spelling it ‘boyZ’ is OK?

      • Civil-war-promoting-Hawaiian-shirt-wearing-douchebag-shitstirrers-99.99%-of-whom-are-nothing-but-keyboard-commandos is more descriptive and accurate but… damned if it just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

  2. I live in Chicago. When I was in an apartment that was being broken into the police were called. 45 (forty five) minutes later they showed up. NOT knocking CPD, it was a hot summer weekend night and they were very busy. That is the night I became a true believer in the Second Amendment.

      • You have a life and a job in a big city. Your family and inlaws also live nearby.

        What do you do? Move out to the country and become a farm worker? What we did was move to a suburb that also had a gated community. Those really rich people make sure that the area is somewhat protected. We all have to live somewhere, have my 1/4 acre, my family nearby in their homes, and we are all armed.

    • by now,..even some on the left have come to understand that you can’t depend on the cops to protect you..

  3. Guns, ammunition still flying off the shelves

    Gee for the life of me I can’t understand why, what with the Chi Comm Wu Flu tyranny, emptying the prisons of convicted criminals, anarchists let run wild in the streets, why on earth would anyone think they may need a firearm for their protection. sarc off

  4. And of course, not a peep from the rank and file cops who are given this memo. Not a single word from these cops saying, “Hey! This can’t be right! I know some of these people you’re calling terrorists.”. Not a single one who stood up and told their superiors that they might be wrong about this.

    • Well, after some of them get shot by one of those “bois” they are now taking it seriously. Some areas are banning guns anywhere there are protests and they are telling Hawaiian shirts to go home and stay home.

      • You can’t tell someone to go home and stay home because of a shirt. You realize that will just bring out more hawaiian shirts, right? Where the fuck are you even talking about? Who are these boog boi’s you are referring to? Because they are clearly the cringe version the internet shows you. How old are you chief? The thought processing you have shown here resembles that of a teenager.

  5. I’m out here in Kalifornia. I live in a semi-rural area. Now you would think having a weapon on you is ok while in pursuit of quarry. Let me tell you this story: A couple Karens were out walking on private property (not owned by them as it is an industrial area, and saw this “Man with a rifle” so they call the Sherrifs office. He hear sirens coming from all directions. Sherrifs deputies arrived in about 10, mind you he’s on his own property and has since placed the weapon out of sight. Then the helicopter arrives, circling for about a half an hour. Said sheriffs deputies have cut through a transit properties fence to gain access and are running around with their piss ant AR’s searching for “A man with a rifle”. I guess here in Kali there is no Second Amendment.
    They contact said property owner while THEY are on transit property, to tell him to go away and take shelter in his house as there is a “man with a rifle” somewhere in the vicinity. The land owner tells them to fornicate themselves and goes about his business. Helicopter leaves about 15 min later. Deputies leave about a half hour later leaving a big hole in the fence for the local homeless to access.
    So moral of the story is that the law enforcement in Kali are getting scared, and rightly so if they are going to keep denying the citizens their rights. This guy isn’t a “Boogalloo Boi, yet. But if that’s what it takes to take our FREEDOM back, I’m all for it.

    • Not, “piss ant ARs.” That’s funny in that you are a small minority of the POTG. Get ready for the blow back. Remember, just because it’s popular doesn’t make it good. Witness, well….just about everything.

      • Don’t get me wrong Mr Gadsden , I have nothing but love for that little gun as I have 3. But it is not my go-to weapon of choice. Maybe for close quarters, then yes. But as I am older, and slower I like to keep distance and cover with a much larger caliber that will defeat most all BA. My biggest obstacle here in Kali is support.

        • Hmm. I guess you can’t get by with an AR chambered in .458 SOCOM or .50 Beowulf, huh? Those will do some real damage to BO at 100 yards.

          Tell you what; we’ll make a deal and work as a team. You occupy the Eagle’s Nest and take overwatch position with a rifle of your choice. I don’t care if it’s a 7mm Mag, Creedmore, Lapua, Rigby, or whatever. Just cover the ingress for the rest of us. Any who get through will be amply handled by our ARs.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with the police sharing intelligence and alerting patrol officers of people trying to turn a protest into a riot and looting.

    If the police attempted a First Amendment infringement upon that gun shop owner, I’ll need to hear from witnesses or have security video and sound to prove to me what really went down.

    • enuf says “…I’ll need to hear from witnesses or have security video and sound to prove to me…”

      Well don’t you have a overly inflated self-ego.

    • “There’s nothing wrong with the police sharing intelligence”

      Police intelligence is a contradiction in terms.

  7. I guess there’s 90000000 “ELITE” white men dipshite…IF the NFL goes full retard I’m out. Already never watch NBA. Is baseball next?!?😩😩😟

        • Man I get it. I want to love sports too… But the association is the problem. Period. The NFL uses vets to generate income. They don’t do SHIT for them. Need more? I have plenty.

        • The NFL uses tax payers to finance their stadiums for them. I guess they’re struggling to make ends meet, and I should feel sorry for them.

        • 32 billionaires in one organization. Even if they owned the worst team with the least revenue, it’s a prospect sport for billionaires. They turn the NFL into a NYC building with bloomberg adds all over it.
          CTE!!! (Should be number 1 reason to boycott the sport IMHO – it’s how they deal with it, not the violence)
          The Patriots
          Anti gun.
          I say again, Anti Gun. ANTI GUN.

          The last one should be the icing on the cake for every single person who reads TTAG. But people still tune in and fund those 32 out of touch mini Bloombergs.

      • Went in WalMart yesterday to pick up some fishing stuff, they’ve pulled out ALL ammo and guns. This is a rural Walmart in a predominantly white county, with zero civil unrest.
        This is a new thing, not coronavirus, we never shut down and maybe 10% of people wear masks around here.

        • “Went in WalMart yesterday”

          Nothing like providing revenue for the enemy. Seriously? You still shop in Walmart?

  8. And how many LEO’s nationwide have been injured or killed by these “boog bois” vs. left wing anarchists and BLM types?

    Keep the narrative alive, guys. It’s all you’re going to have to comfort yourselves with when some Antifa twerp is throwing a molotov into your squad car at the donut shop.

    • ANTIFA rules prohibit molotovs in America. The lawyers have advised against their use. A lefty woman tried to use one against two cops to get herself killed, she was arrested for attempted murder. So, actual ANTIFA do not use molotovs.

      There was three military boogaloo bois trying to use molotovs in Las Vegas against the police. They were arrested for terrorism before they could really get their plot going.

      • Did you just say “Antifa rules”?
        “Military boogaloo boys attacking cops with molotovs?”

        Where do you get your drugs from bruh? Take more to numb your fingers so typing becomes too hard.

        • Yes, I did see the communications and heard some conversations in regards to strategy and tactics to be employed by instigators.

          In Las Vegas three military men were arrested for attempting to agitate armed conflict with police during a protest. They had other targets but settled on the George Floyd protests. They were caught on video readying their attack. This is the same day a Las Vegas cop was shot in the head and an open carry man was shot in front of a government building (also caught on video).

          Go watch the videos, guy. It’s real. Go watch the press conferences, those are real too.

          Don’t forget there was an attack yesterday in California by an active duty white male. He had a larger plot but it didn’t work out. He only killed one deputy.

        • Literally every one of those incidents has zero ties to anything “boogaloo” other than the media labeling them as such. Prove me wrong.

        • This is a way for the media and the dems to tie something sinister to the previous peaceful protests in Virginia and other places. They like to pretend that everyone carrying a gun is a domestic terrorist.

        • Chief DumFuk tries to act like he has insider information, but if he knew anything at all, or had any ties, or was inside to a fractional degree, he’d not be talking about here. Just an impotent, frustrated typist.

  9. Jebus, man. I actually have that boogaloo shirt in my closet.

    Now I have to wear it again (for the 1st time in years).

    • Not that the boogaloo bois are considered a terror org or organized crime, you should never say you belong to that group or you have their ideology if you don’t want to get in trouble. Stay away from all boogaloo stuff, get rid of anything that says you have such thoughts, do not dress up in Hawaiian shirts with your gear.

      I already knew this was going to happen. I warned you guys well ahead of time. Now the boogaloo crowd is in the same category as ANTIFA. At least ANTIFA loudly says they are not ANTIFA and there is no organized group called ANTIFA.

      • I just bought a fucking shirt, man. Never heard of ‘boogaloo’. Just trying to blend in with the kama’aina, brah.
        They don’t get to reclassify me an anything.

        • I just got off work and it was hawaiian shirt day.

          Chief just pulling media reports out his ass trying to act like it’s a major deal. Tyrants gonna… tire…? I dunno. His shits getting old. Trying to act like a grey man.

  10. According to Second City Cop Mayor Groot didn’t seem to have a problem with the Latin Kings keeping their neighborhoods free of looters. Looking at the location and time of some of last weekend’s shootings I think they may have used firearms.

    • “Incel Blows Hand Off With Bomb Planned For “Hot Cheerleaders”: FBI”

      According to the document, concentrated peroxides were found in his ‘lab’.

      What a moron. Acetone peroxide is one of the easiest routes for things that go ‘boom’, and one of the most unstable.

      With any luck, the hand he lost was the one he he wanks with… 🙂

  11. I have been curious about ‘revolution that’, ‘boogalo this’ , 2nd Civil War (note: there was never a first one) ect

    What exactly are the goals of these different groups? Do they realize that after the shooting stops someone has to deal with the morning after? There has to be a plan to run a new government yes?

    Even the leadership of the Confederacy had a plan for their government, good or bad, before they took action.

    After the revolution or whatever, who do I call about potholes, fire, or taxes? A thousand details of society I take for granted.

    Why isn’t the media asking hard questions to those who want to dismantle law enforcement?
    Gotta be honest I’m a bit old to be sitting out on an LP/OP waiting on bad guys every night.

    • If you have to ask. You’d never understand. Hears a clue. There is no plan beyond emotional release.

      • I’m doing my best to understand. It is very, very difficult to take these people seriously other than the destruction they are causing.

        Do they not realize that there is no ‘morning after’ pill that will fix everything once this path is taken.

        • No Offense intended. Just making the point this is all about emotions for these people. Most of them have no idea how anything beyond fakebook,twit-land and instaturd works. I see the Minneapolis city counsel voted to disband the police force. I ask why should the police wait. They need to go home and protect their own. Let the city go to Hell. They are Damned either way. Once these people run out of supplies and start killing each other to survive. Give them a few days. Then Arm Up and clean house. By then even the Pols will be done if they survive. They will eventually turn on them as well as the Media. This may well the time to thin the herd. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Go look up what black people want. There is a lot of content there for you. Just stay away from the non black BLM group who is pretending to back black people.

        • Thank you. Sometimes I raz on you for the occasional comment I disagree with, but that is spot on. What irks me is that the Left is now bashing “All Lives Matter” as racist because it removes the focus from only blacks. Even Kate Beckinsale (who formerly made my heart go pitter patter, especially in Van Helsing) said the term is “disgusting”.

          All. Lives. Matter.

          Oh wait…does this mean we get to finally include the unborn and say they matter too?

        • That’s a good one Haz. Not happening.

          “For the leading killer of innocent unarmed African Americans – whose hands were up, but given no choice nor chance at the American Dream their fellow African American, Dr. Martin Luther King preached about – is Planned Parenthood! Black Lives Matters has just teamed up with the most destructive racist machine in America and American history, whose founder, Margaret Sanger, was the most devout racist of her time!”


        • “…does this mean we get to finally include the unborn and say they matter too?”

          Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

          Oh, you were serious? *wipes away tears*

        • Oh dayum… Kate Beckinsale in that vampire getup… the corset. Hell, even in “Click” she was the focal point for me. Seen it happen a million times in Hollyweird though.

    • back then, their privacy was not invaded as ours currently is. The didn’t have gps trackers on 1 out of every 3 items you own etc etc…

      So it’s was a little bit easier to organize. Don’t try to understand. It’s all a joke online. Travel to a state like Montana and watch how the protests are handled. That’s the best idea I can give you. An armed society is a polite society. When it boils down to it, everyone who shows up geared up is a “boog boy.”

      • When you live in a state with less population than most blue cities its easier to not have to deal with other peoples crap. Why don’t you make it sound all inviting so Nawth Easterners and Californians and the other west coasties move there instead of Texas and Florida.
        Hear that folks, they have snow up there and the ski lifts are never crowded. No alligators and not nearly as many mosquitoes. If more than a million of you move there you can remake it to be the utopia that never seemed to happen when you voted for it in your old states.

        • They already come up here for seasonal stuff. And no they can’t and never will outnumber us here. As I said before, the protests all over Montana are a perfect example of it. They come out, and we’re right in the middle of them, and every inch of the surrounding area as well.

        • There are only a little over a million of you and not all can vote. So they could easily take your state away from you if the Californians and other east coasters decide yours is a desirable state and migrated there.. Or Ted Turner could just buy it out from under you. How much does he own already?

        • Again, you are confusing rules and politics with brute force. They are not taking shit from a state like Montana. Trying to do so would be the exact opposite of the national guard showing up to break up the current riots… it would result in the national guard taking the state capital. I’ve said it multiple times: On the current protests here, there are the same if not more gun owners as there are idiots protesting the race baiting cause. People don’t even get away with stepping on a flag here. It’s almost like an armed society is a polite society… The people protesting were walking on egg shells here and they always will be.

        • You are thinking a mass of people showing up and demonstrating and taking over. What I am talking about are people moving there, registering to vote and as a result changing the system. Kinda like what is slowly happening here in Florida and In Texas. In your state a years worth of the migration we get (330,000 average a year ) could easily change the state from red to purple. And thanks to the ability to work remote you just might find out since the west coasties are starting to look at cheap living out west. Just imagine, 500,000 west coasties would change the state to resemble Missoula with 52% of the population voting team blue. With the taxes and cost of living being so high along the coast do not be surprised when they flood into yours and the other western states. Remember developers are not your friend, they will buy the politicians and then build lots of housing for the new residents. Just like they did here.
          I do not even recognize the state I live in now, it has changed so much. Hope that does not happen to yours.

        • Not sure if you know how high taxes and cost of living are here in MT, but it’s no cheaper than ANYWHERE on the west coast. 2-3 bedroom homes are $2-300,000. They just built one single “affordable living” apartment complex in my area and it’s still $1,000 for a single bedroom. It’s even more in the major areas, around $1300. It already is exactly like you describe it, expect that it will never be purple. If you understood the Montana lifestyle, you would know why. They can move to those cities all they want… 52% won’t change the “electoral” status of this state. The last time a dem won, was Bill Clinton, and given the current state of things, it will be the last time a dem ever wins Montana. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_elections_in_Montana
          The numbers for republican votes continue to climb in this state, while democrat votes fall. Wonder why? Everything I have been saying to you in the past 5 comments. Even Obama lost this state the first time, by 3%. And the second term, it was almost 15%. The current trend will only grow here. Montana is and will be a red state, and they will fight for it. That said, I am not even red myself… but I am certainly NOT blue.

  12. 15,000 fully armed boog bois rally in VA. No shops looted, cars burned or big screen TVs stolen… versus violent riots in LA, Beverly Hills, Fairfax, etc.where stores and vehicles are burned while people are beaten in the streets. But lets focus on that boog.


  13. Does anyone remember the mass casualties caused within the Army by those despicable, organized, violent Incels?

    Christ, that was a bloodbath to remember. The incels made those Spartans at Thermopylae look like pansies. Shit, the 82nd was wiped out in that one and it hasn’t been the same unit since.

  14. From where I am from a boogaloo was a bass fishing lure, usually a spoon type lure using a piece of salt pork strip. The method of fishing this lure was called jigger bobbing, maybe it was a local thing mmm green carp fillets

  15. b.l.m. say’s march-they did
    b.l.m. say’s kneel-they are
    b.l.m. say’s lay down in the freeway lanes-they did
    next will b.l.m.will say kneel and crawl to us
    then ——GIVE UP YOUR GUNS. The first order of the next Democrat president to protect black lives.

  16. Black guns matter. And I don’t have a single white gun in my safe. But I do have a couple in OD green for when the Martians take over.

    • My buddy has a white gun. It’s heavy, ugly, and loud. Not joking. It was a trunk extra recently. The trigger is something like 30 pounds… it’s the most cringeworthy rifle ever.

  17. Chief Censor says, talking about Molotov cocktails Quote: “The lawyers have advised against their use” That is hilarious since two lawyers got themselves arrested for throwing said items. They have film of one of them trying to give or sell Molotov cocktails to others. No problem though since they are officers of the court the judge let them out on bail. The one lawyer’s bail was put up by former Obama person.

    • Actually CC is right about the general scheme of Antifa RoE. They’ve generally tended to follow the path of MC’s here in the US.

    • antifa is generally well-organizes and funded…and plays by a fixed set of rules…and seldom support deviation from them when they occur…which they occasionally do…these guys, in contrast.. are something of a loose cannon….

      • for all the protests…one has to really wonder what a good deal of America…especially white America… is really thinking…and how it will affect their vote in November…..

        • And everybody else, for that matter. What do Hispanics, Asians, etc. think about seeing all this insanity. Will they vote for more of it?

        • The whites have had white guilt and privilege hammered into them since they were old enough to hear. Most think the looters are entitled and any effort to stop them was very wrong. They also believe the lie that police are disproportionately killing unarmed blacks so the riots are fully justified.

          Bottom line, they will vote democrat again.

        • “In 2019 data of all police killings in the country compiled by Mapping Police Violence, black Americans were nearly three times more likely to die from police than white Americans. Other statistics showed that black Americans were nearly one-and-a-half times more likely to be unarmed before their death.

          Most states’ police forces killed black people at a higher rate per capita than white people, with Illinois, New York and Washington D.C. carrying some of the largest discrepancies by state. D.C., with a black population of nearly 50 percent, had 88 percent of all police killings be against black Americans – a discrepancy of over 38 percentage points. Rhode Island had the largest discrepancy of 44 points, albeit with a much smaller sample size of four police killings in 2019 – two of them being African American.

          While much of the western states have smaller discrepancies overall than eastern ones, large cities like Reno, Oklahoma City and Anaheim all had higher police killing rates of black people than the total U.S. murder rate. Others above the U.S. murder rate were St. Louis, Madison, Wis., Scottsdale, Ariz. and two others.

          Overall, in 2019, 24 percent of all police killings were of black Americans when just 13 percent of the U.S. population is black – an 11-point discrepancy. Mapping Police Violence also showed that 99 percent of all officers involved in all police killings had no criminal charges pressed against them.”

        • And before you quote this study, let’s see what other researchers have to say.

          “Researchers are raising red flags about a recent study on race and deadly encounters with police in the United States, highlighting the difficulties in measuring racial bias. The study claimed that white police were no more likely than their nonwhite colleagues to shoot minorities. But now, other researchers say the study was flawed and that it adds little to the debate over whether minorities have a greater chance of getting shot by police than white civilians.

          “It’s just a completely indefensible conclusion to draw from the data that’s available,” says Dean Knox, a political scientist at Princeton University who published a critique of the study this month. To begin to justify such a claim, he says, researchers would need to know how often black and white civilians encounter police officers—something the authors of the original study did not consider in the paper.

          Another criticism: The study did not investigate the possibility that all police—white and nonwhite—could be biased in shooting black men, says psychologist Phillip Atiba Goff at the Center for Policing Equity and John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. “It’s not a serious framing of bias to think that white people have bias and other people don’t,” he says.“

  18. seems that this article is only used to incite more separation within the ranks of patriots. anyone that does not agree with having a boot to the neck, is labeled a terrorist. Even the Boston tea party has been labeled that in schools. What will happen eventually will be a civil war, and it will have many sides, not just two. The liberals have their agenda, the repubs have theirs. The elitists have their own as well. The people in office have nothing to gain, but can lose everything and be drug through the streets and murdered. Any elected official as of right now will either submit or be displaced. Real patriots will die in the streets for everyone, regardless of race or creed. The 2A movement is nothing but words. Most of you on here seem passionate, but still divided, and that will be the downfall of America. There is simply a basic attitude towards the restrictions of personal liberties. Any infringement is just that, illegal. All rights are protected by law, yet we allow ourselves to be “compromised” for safety, or because someone has hurt feelings or is offended or has a mental condition and cannot figure out what gender they are. Crazy world. The boogie bois seem alright to me.

    • It’s online… what do you expect. I disagree with a lot of shit said on here, but somehow still find myself finding common ground with a lot of people. Every rally, gathering, and protest I have been to there is nothing but unity. Recently, we even thanked the BLM people for coming out, being peaceful (like they had a fucken choice lol), and made it clear we were there to defend their right to do so whether or not ANYONE disagreed with it. Personally, I don’t. The underlying cause I absolutely do, but not the race stuff. But it’s patriotic to do so either way. I just wish the race baiting would stop. Then you’d be surprised at how similar our views really are on subjects like oppression. The “boog” crowd simply acknowledges the violent nature of what it will take to stop it and why it’ll only get worse day by day. IMHO, that’s pretty fucken alright to me too. Communication was surprisingly good here and in ID when I went. I mean, about as good as you’d expect for a bunch of randoms just showing up with a day or two notice. If it came down to it, I have every ounce of confidence that total organization would fall in place very quickly. I think people would be surprised to see major companies, specifically weapons and ammo manufacturers, fall in line with civilians before they would with the government. Especially the local ones.


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