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Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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By Larry Keane

Florida Democratic U.S. Rep. Val Demings has emerged as a top-tier contender to be a running mate for presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s antigun ticket. During these worrisome times of the coronavirus pandemic and violent riots erupting in cities across the country, the former Orlando top cop has a lot to say about gun control. Most of it is assigning guilt for the criminal activity to law-abiding gun owners.

Biden’s antigun track record is well-known, and the decision to choose his running mate is has largely been delegated. Others under consideration include failed former 2020 primary candidates U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and failed 2018 Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. Those candidates carry the gun control banner proudly. Rep. Demings, though, should know better. She carried a gun as a law enforcement professional before entering politics.

Police Chiefs Know: Criminals Don’t Follow Laws

During her Everytown Veepstakes tryout Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts highlighted Rep. Demings’ background as especially pertinent. Before Congress, Rep. Demings had 27 years of experience at the Orlando police department, including being named Chief of Police in 2007. Missing from her introductory biography, however, was that Rep. Demings was censured after leaving her service-issued firearm unsecured in her car allowing it to be stolen by a criminal. Not exactly, “gun control” now is it?

Her excuse was she was expecting guests with children in her home. Apparently during nearly three decades of police service she never bought a proper gun safe. Her own police department partners with NSSF’s Project Childsafe® that provides free firearm safety kits, including gun locks. She could have grabbed one and practice what she preaches.

watts demings veepstakes

Rep. Demings touted a recent congressional gun control hearing, describing to Watts how she proclaimed to a witness, “I’ve enforced the laws. And now I write the laws!” She continued, “And believe me it makes such a difference to understand, to have seen up close and personal what some of the vulnerabilities were or some of the loopholes were in the laws during the time I enforced the laws.”

She failed to mention the most important point she vocalized during that committee hearing though, that she was, “… sick and tired of watching [people] die through gun violence by someone with a gun who should never had a gun in their possession in the first place.”

Given her extensive background, Rep. Demings likely knows best where and how criminals obtain the firearms they use while committing crimes. They steal them, trade them for drugs and buy them on the black market, according to the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Hypocrisy, Distortions and Media Bright Lights

As her election stock rises, Rep. Demings has made the rounds on national media. She was a guest on Meet the Press and also penned an editorial titled “My Fellow Brothers and Sisters in Blue, What the Hell Are You Doing?” She’s used each to prop up Biden’s antigun bona fides and burnish her gun control credentials.

She backs his desire to pass a new assault weapons ban even though the evidence established the previous one didn’t work. She also supports grab-bag legislation that would enact red flag laws that deny due process to the accused.

Rep. Demings bemoaned the legitimate reasons why millions of law-abiding Americans have purchased firearms to protect themselves, their families and their property, stating “Look what’s happening all over our nation. You just talked about the increase in gun sales during this time. People are dying senselessly as a result of gun violence.”

She equates lawful firearm ownership with criminal and murderous activities by those who have no respect for the law – or her fellow law enforcement officers. In her mind, there’s no difference between known gang criminals who prey on society’s most vulnerable and law-abiding Americans exercising their constitutional rights.

Perhaps Rep. Demings hasn’t seen the numerous examples of video footage showing law-abiding small business owners legally protecting their livelihoods while law enforcement is stretched thin. Or maybe no one has shown her the good guys keeping watch and coming to aid peaceful citizens while rioters destroy both public and private property and attack police and civilians.

She’s been suspiciously silent on the murder of Federal Protection Service Officer David Underwood, murdered in Oakland, Calif., or the gunfire aimed at police by St. Louis rioters, or the Las Vegas rioter that shot a police officer in the back of his head. To be clear, these were not the actions of peaceful protesters lawfully exercising their First Amendment right. 

The 2020 Campaign Continues

The attention and scrutiny will build as Rep. Demings continues the vetting process to join Biden’s ticket and she will likely have more to say about increasing gun control. To ensure voters are armed with the facts, NSSF launched the online education resource #GUNVOTE. Voters need to know where the candidates stand on firearm issues and policies so in November 2020, they don’t risk their rights.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • Notice the high number of big mouthed incompetent prog black broads running metro areas? Their dude apparently all busy with drugs.

      • I actually have noticed that. Not sure how they make themselves attractive, other than the usual promise of free stuff which all other progs use as well. But it does seem to be coming down to OFWG or loud and obnoxious black broad.

      • Given the events if the past few weeks, haven’t we learned our lesson in electing these angry, opportunistic, incompetent, Unpatriotic, felonious women into positions of power?

      • Just wondering how you envision the flag on your avatar’s head and your username matching, because…?

        • That’s a weak attempt at a “gotcha!” response, and doesn’t even address my original question. I highly doubt that anyone looking at American Patriot‘s avatar and username will think he’s representing Canada or Peru.

        • Was not an attempt at a ‘gotcha’.

          It could be, but I was actually remembering a visit to Costa Rica where I was humbly reminded that Central Americans are Americans too….technically.

        • Understood, but I respectfully disagree nonetheless. Ask anyone in Russia, Japan, Nigeria, Sweden, New Zealand, Mexico, or any other country on this planet what they think an “American” is when they hear the word, and they’ll all say a citizen of the U.S.A. The word “America” is in our country’s very name. Costa Rica is named…well…Cost Rica.

          Anyhoo…I continue to patiently wait for AP’s reply.

        • …Costa Rica is named…well…Costa Rica.

          I really gotta do better at my proofreading before hitting ‘Post Comment’. 😉

        • “Technically, everyone born on this continent is an American.”

          Except for those members of the confederate states of America who renounced their American citizenship when they took up arms against the United States of America.
          They became Confederates or rebels.

        • Ever wonder what the CSA insignia stood for? Let me help you out, it stood for Confederate States of America, they still considered themselves AMERICANS… By your standards todays Sanctuary Cities/States are not part of America…

        • The CSA ceased to exist 150+ years ago, and there have been no living members of that extinct entity for about a century. So…

          Anyhoo…wondering why so many others are answering for AP, when my question was directed to him/her, and he/she still isn’t responding.

          It’s not a big deal…only an inquiry as to why the chosen mix. If AP answers, then we shrug our shoulders and move on.

        • “Technically, everyone born on this continent is an American.”

          Yes and if the US Constitution actually applied to everyone on the continent, things might be different. Perhaps we should conquer/buy Canada, Mexico, and Cuba. What was the name of that place Trump talked about buying that everyone went nuts about?

        • Just a few points in passing here. “American Patriot” needn’t be contradictory in the context of that avator. After all, a patriot can be someone who defends his country from his government. States entered the Union voluntarily; no valid principle dictates they forfeited their right ever to leave it. Exercising that right, therefore, does not strip them of their status as either Americans or patriots.

          The linguistic debate here over who all can ckaim to be an “American” clearly hinges om the continental or nation-state sense of the word. In that case, the similarities stem from homonyms than equality of terms. It reminds me of Theresa Heinz Kerry (Cougar-Mellencamp?), born to Portuguese and English parents and raised in the then-Portuguese colony of Mozambique, running around in the 2004 campaign calling herself an “African-American.” Riiight, sista.

          As to no one today being a citizen of the CSA, that’s obviously true in a legal sense, but that’s not the only relevant sense. A country is more than its current legal status as a nation-state or not. The proof? New nations tend to come into existence not spontaneously, but in eventual, hard fought recognition of what had been all along; a real and ongoing country, despite lack of legal recognition.

          Consider Israel: an ancient country/kingdom whose people were conquered and dispersed in the diaspora, but who maintained their culture, heritage, language, customs, religion, and identity, and their claim to that land until eventually they were able to found the modern state of Israel. It works in reverse, too. The U.S.S.R. was a legal nation, but basically a fraudulently formed amalgamation of some 15 unique nations. The U.S.S.R existed, but didn’t really, at the same time.

          So who knows? The American South is a large place with many cultural differences within it, but its members generally have more similarities–culturally, historically, linguistically, ideologically–among themselves than they do with mych of the rest of the country. Who’s to say that it doesn’t country as a country and its people as Americans distinct from the U.S.A., despite not currently legal status as a nation?

          Wow. A lot more than just “in passing” there.

  1. I wonder what would happen to me, an average citizen, if I negligently left an unsecured firearm in my vehicle resulting in its theft?

    • Absolutely nothing.
      File police report, report it missing, call your insurance company.

      End of story.

      In fact, Travis McMichael did this very thing. He left a firearm in his truck, where it was stolen, he filed a police report.

      A few weeks later, he murdered an innocent man.

      • Well, another cop left his gun unsecured in his vehicle. In San Francisco. It was stolen, by an illegal alien, and used to murder Kate steinle.

        The cop was never charged with negligence. Or anything else for that matter.

  2. I think Biden just wants a woman VP so he can just go across the hall and not have to go across the national mall to do his sexual molesting, plus she’s a two-fer. Maybe he wants to get a hummer in the oval from the VP, one-upping “slick willy’s” “staffjob”.

    These people are Marxist, statist whores.

    • Biden might want to molest a female VP but I don’t think he’d want that one because she looks like James Brown in a dress.

      • When sleepy/creepy Joe is snuggling up to her neck her reaction will be ‘I feel good’ (as sung by James Brown)

  3. God yes… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… Joe, c’mon man, you have GOT to take this crazy bitch as your V.P. nominee… It will guarantee a win for Trump in Fl. and if he will just get O’Beto back in the picture as his gun “confiscator” in chief… We need more O’Beto and maybe a hint at Abrams as Sec of State, Harris as A.G., Booker at Defense and Klobuchar at Homeland Security, hell top it off with Hillary running the CIA and AOC at the FBI…. I am offering my services to help Creepy Uncle Joe select his Cabinet and I even have a list of Judges ready for him….

  4. Joes Vice President search has been delegated because Joe does not even remember how to put on his Depends diaper.

  5. Hi.
    First time posting here. We can’t say that stuff calling the woman a “c” . It demeans our position and makes us look like knuckle draggers. We lose every woman who has realized that we are on the right side in this argument when we say that. We know she is lying to get the veep, point that out.

    • Some people call them as they see them. Having lived in Orlando for over 20 years, ‘Bigus Dickus’ made the correct call.

    • I agree it coarsens the conversation. That said, I lived in Orlando (new citizen that I was) when she allowed her gun to be a acquired by a criminal.
      It opened my eyes about how some Dems are above the law.
      Now she’s a federal lawmaker, cheese and rice.

      • I believe her husband jerry Demings (currently mayor of Orange County Fl.) was the Orange County Sheriff at the time and she was Orlando Police Chief (2009)… Of course she was punished by being elected to Congress in 2016 and NOW as a 2nd term congresswoman she served on the Trump impeachment team (no legal background).. It’s hard to believe that with ALL the anti-cop bullshit Biden would consider a career cop who headed a department that was constantly under fire with excessive force/brutality charges….
        In 2010, an Orlando police officer flipped 84-year-old Daniel Daley over his shoulder after the man became belligerent, throwing him to the ground and breaking a vertebra in his neck.[13] Daley alleged excessive force and filed a lawsuit. The police department cleared the officer as “justified” in using a “hard take down” to arrest Daley, concluding he used the technique correctly even though he and the other officer made conflicting statements. Demings said “the officer performed the technique within department guidelines” She attended Florida State University, graduating with a degree in criminology in 1979. She continued her education at Webster University Orlando, earning a master’s degree in public administration…
        I STRONGLY implore Creepy Uncle Joe to please select this woman for several reasons, she will NOT be on the ballot for Congress, she will be vacating he seat in Congress in 21 AND she will assure a Trump win in Fl in Nov.

        • So 2x Bs degrees. Afro or dyke studies course all filled up? No underwater basketweaving?

    • John,

      1) You’re correct. It cheapens the conversation and I also do not like it.

      2) Stick around awhile. The comments here can get really wild, informative, thought-provoking, or downright gut-busting funny. In the spirit of free speech, you’ll just have to roll with it.

  6. “During these worrisome times of the coronavirus pandemic and violent riots erupting in cities across the country, the former Orlando top cop has a lot to say about gun control. Most of it is assigning guilt for the criminal activity to law-abiding gun owners.”

    These are troubling times for 2A gun nutz. The most recent polls show the Biden-Beto-Obama team ahead by more than 10 points. With the number of protests increasing exponentially Biden should be about 30 points ahead by November. In the meantime the coalition of BLM, ANTIFA and the large and ever growing immigrant population will be heard across all media. The Social Democratic storm is approaching. Confiscation is around the corner. The worst part for the owners of these weapons of violence is that you are going to see your guns taken from your bare hands. People of color rejoice the day is finally at hand.

    • Just make sure you clean and lube your guns on Nov 3, about midnight the Trump landslide will result in some REAL violence, requiring a lot of ammo before sunrise. The “polls” are getting more and more amusing. But everyone knows they are bullshit, this time.

  7. In cases like this the question is “Cui bono?”, who benefits?

    Well Coronapocalypse is the reason for all this mask wearing and the primary beneficiaries of that are butterfaced women, mostly middle aged women who were hot in high school and have a decent body but at 40 need some work on that face.

    So, like almost everything, this one is Karen’s fault. Fuck you, Karen, because no one will fuck you without a mask. So you brought on all this social distancing just for a shot at getting laid and now there’s gun violence. Karen’s vagina killed people. Great. Can these mom’s get some action? For the children FFS!

        • Which means that the guy who will save the country is Pajama Boy. His highest previous aspiration was to “smoke shitty trees and hit threes”.

          He also sucks at blackjack.

      • Ralph,

        I admit I’m getting some personal satisfaction out of the (actually encouraged by TPTB) opportunity to shop without being tracked. Walk into any store I want with a full neck gaiter and shooter’s cap, and pay with cash. I’ll take this for as long as nobody bugs me about the face-cover issue, which hopefully is a long time.

      • I, too, have been distressed when in town, because people I know who aren’t good looking who look a LOT better when covered up are refusing to stop wearing their masks.

    • “ butterfaced women, mostly middle aged women who were hot in high school and have a decent body but at 40 need some work on that face..”

      A comment intended to gently persuade the women folk regarding private firearms ownership?

      Or just another statement of toxic masculinity?

      Ladies, you decide!

      • I’m married to a smoking hot Asian chick. I couldn’t give a fuck less what a bunch of stupid Gen X women think about my “toxic masculinity”. Maybe they can go tell some younger ladies that scrubbing graffiti off a building is “racist”.

        If they can take a dick they can take a joke.

        Also, on a serious note, there’s nothing sexist about what I said. Rampant lookism sure, sexism, nah.

  8. I think I’m going to release my guns from captivity so that they can do whatever they want. Oh, and most of them are black.

    • Mine are all black, with a couple of browns (FDE). And then there are the few that are black with brown grips or furniture…wonder if those count as checking both boxes?

      I have one finished AR lower left in the safe, and have been seriously considering building a “snow camo” 5.56 in a white-and-gray toned camo theme. Or maybe just go solid white-on-black Stormtrooper. Dunno…but I’m gonna have my whitey gun.

  9. Seriously do not care who Biden picks. It’s a disaster either way, whoever wins, it’s just the next chapter in the awful choice we were handed in 2016.

    If luck is on our side, Biden will lose.
    If luck is against us, Trump will win.

    Same shit storm, different Presidential Silly Season.

  10. I do not care what one looks like, it is their policy desires that disturb me!
    Blaming honest citizens for what criminals do is beyond disturbing. It shows that she is willing to lie in hopes of moving up the political ladder. It is all about virtue signaling to further her own career….

    • In today’s upside down world you’re not supposed to criticize somebody. In fact their physical appearance, in some cases, grants them immunity from criticism.

  11. These are troubling times for 2A gun nutz. The most recent polls show the Biden-Beto-Obama team ahead by more than 10 points.

    _Hillary was ahead too. Just imagine how it will be when Blooper Biden has to debate DJT – three times.

    With the number of protests increasing exponentially Biden should be about 30 points ahead by November.

    _I would take that bet against you right now. You’re a fool.

    In the meantime the coalition of BLM, ANTIFA and the large and ever growing immigrant population will be heard across all media. The Social Democratic storm is approaching.

    _The Social Democratic storm won’t be enough. Don’t forget that your candidate is Blooper Biden.

    Confiscation is around the corner. People of color rejoice the day is finally at hand.

    _They will have to pry them from the cold dead hands of many. Perhaps you’re a fool of color.

    Haz A Question says:
    June 5, 2020 at 19:49

    John, you’re correct. It cheapens the conversation and I also do not like it.

    _This is good to know – that you don’t like it. pwserge, then, he really lit you up every day. Do not recall how profane you were to him in reply… Can you imagine censoring such content to make it fine for the Johns, the Karens and the kids.

    Stick around awhile. The comments here can get really … In the spirit of free speech, you’ll just have to roll with it.

    _Free speech – YES. What’s free is often wild>and>free, if it’s really free. Not really free though as a price in blood and treasure was paid for it being – free. John, such a thoughtful name to use for commenting at ttag, might like it better in China. These ‘first time posters’ thinking to impose their standards here even on their first post.

    Looking for the truth here buddy? YOU’LL FIND IT …

    • Grim, I gotta say Biden may be 30 points ahead in November, possibly even after he has lost the election worse than Hillary did, which was a really humiliating defeat, I would never show my face again. The result of polls is precisely what the entity paying for the poll wants it to be, they are meaningless.

  12. I find it more interesting that it’s this close to the election and Biden STILL has not selected a VP.

    Who cares what they look like? They are all unworthy. No respect for the rule of law, the American Constitution, or the American people from any of them.

    • “I find it more interesting that it’s this close to the election and Biden STILL has not selected a VP.”

      I don’t, that’s a carefully calculated deliberate strategy.

      Announce your number 2 as late as possible, that gives the enemy less time to dig deep for dirt on them.

      I have a sense of dread the Leftists have an ‘ace’ up their sleeve with a candidate that the vast majority of the public likes. That way, any dirt dug up on them they can feign outrage that we are “Trying to destroy a good person.”

      Think along the lines of a Tom Hanks or Oprah Winfrey. Someone with *zero* negative baggage. They won’t have to have any political experience whatsoever, they will say that they will appoint ‘experts’ to guide them on policy matters.

      They are taking this election deadly seriously, and we had better damn sure do the same. There will likely be a number of ‘October Surprises’ that the media will beat on with every ounce of energy they have.

      This one is for keeps, people…

  13. Look at your local crime stats. It’s not lawful gun owners on it. Too easy
    This is why they lose elections.

    • We can *easily* lose this one. Pissed-off people show up to vote.

      Look what happened in the mid-term election of Obama’s first term in office. It was our outrage over ‘Obama Care’ that drove us to the polls and kicked their teeth right down their throats. Obama was for all practical purposes a lame duck after he rammed that shit sandwich down our throats. We re-took the House and Senate a year later, crippling him on policy matters for the next 6 years.

      The same thing can happen to us this time around…

  14. Both her and her husband are not well like by people that can think for themselves. They are both opportunists. They have sold out a long time ago.

  15. “I hate Illinois Florida Nazi’s Tyrant’s”

    – Joliet Jake from the Blues Brothers (original, not that trash remake)

  16. When will gun writers figure out that the communists efforts at gun bans and confiscation have nothing to do with safety, saving lives, or crime control.
    The communists want absolute obedience and the only way to achieve submission of the people is by taking guns out of circulation. All the publically stated reasons by the communists are lies designed to win votes by low information voters.

    • Amen. It’s hard to control armed population. Leftists know that they have to disarm us before they can introduce their version of heaven on Earth. They will use any lie and subversion to do it.


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