Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller
Courtesy Santa Cruz County Sheriff
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By Martha Mendoza, AP

A Northern California sheriff’s deputy was killed and two law enforcement officers wounded Saturday when they were ambushed with gunfire and explosives while pursuing a suspect, authorities said.

Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, 38, was shot and killed in Ben Lomond, an unincorporated area near Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart said. A second deputy was injured, and a third officer from the California Highway Patrol was shot in his hand, Hart said.

Gutzwiller “was a beloved figure here at the sheriff’s office,” the sheriff said.

“Damon showed up today to do his job, to keep this community safe, and his life was taken needlessly,” a visibly shaken Hart said.

The suspect, Steven Carrillo, 38, was shot during his arrest and was being treated at the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, Hart said. The Sheriff’s Department and the FBI are investigating.

The deputies responded to a 911 call around 1:30 p.m. about a suspicious van. The caller said there were guns and bomb-making devices inside, Hart said.

When deputies arrived, the van pulled away and the deputies followed. The van went down a driveway at Carrillo’s home and the deputies were ambushed by gunfire and explosives after getting out of their vehicle.

Gutzwiller was wounded and later died at a hospital. Another deputy was wounded by gunfire or shrapnel and struck by a vehicle as the suspect fled.

Carrillo attempted to carjack a vehicle and was wounded while being arrested.

Hart said Carrillo was taken to the hospital for treatment and would be charged with first-degree murder.

The shooting shocked Ben Lomond, a town of about 6,000 people tucked up in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Resident Kathy Crocker brought a bouquet to the sheriff’s office as Hart gave a news conference about the shootings.

“It just breaks my heart that this keeps happening,” she said, as teary-eyed deputies entered the building.

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      • “No race is mentioned, which means that they are black.”

        Interesting, do you have an actual reason behind your assertion or are you just prejudiced?

        No race is mentioned, but it turns out he’s a white Air Force sky cop.
        Along with a van load of terrorist gear, including multiple firearms. He was a good guy with a gun right up until he became a bad guy with a gun.

        • YOU are a trolling imbecile.

          Go elsewhere with your clueless crap.

          Obviously a mentally deficient Cankles Voter.

        • The reason is it’s avoided by most news programs and you would see that if you didn’t have your square head up your ass.

      • They didn’t mention it because he is active military and it sounds like he is sick of these punkass cops… In other words, the government doesn’t want white males, who are active duty, to take their oath seriously enough to shoot more cops and blow them up. Trump has been told to shut up because we are super close to having a bigger conflict with internal fighting, actual insurrection.

        This guy is not the first military man trying to start the boogaloo.

        • The civilian white people who planted bombs, shot cops, robbed banks. All members of the Weather Underground. Would disagree with you.
          They only stopped because they blew themselves up. It seems the title “amature bomb maker” really did apply to them. And the FBI violated their civil rights in the investigation to catch them. Most people don’t know that the weather underground was founded and made up of rich white people. Multi-millionaire $$$.

          • You set off a bomb and intentionally kill another human being (cop, civilian, black, white, Christian or atheist) and you just gave up your civil fucken rights…

        • @Chris What exactly does the Weather Underground have to do with an Active Duty Airman making bombs? Is he a member somehow? He’s only 50 years late to the party. The reality disconnect with both you and Chief Censor is beyond belief. It is funny watch 2 trolls argue though.

          • Actually, Antifa’s roots can be traced all the way back to the Weather Underground through other radical groups that spawned from them…

      • The blatant racism on this page sure makes gun owners seem like an educated, articulate group that should be respected and taken seriously.
        I have no idea how a moderate citizen could read a posts like yours and then consider limiting access to deadly weapons when we have such very fine people as yourself out there.

      • In Ben Lomond? Nope.

        I know the area quite well. It’s a haven for hippies, lefties who want to “get off the grid,” and lefty activists who want to lay low.

        The people in the area who would be the furthest from lefty head cases in the area would be the few bikers from biker gangs in the area.

        • Hippies? Leftist?

          Dys, how about active duty USAF security forces, stationed it Travis AFB.

          “SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (AP) — A Northern California sheriff’s deputy was killed and two law enforcement officers wounded Saturday when they were ambushed with gunfire and explosives while pursuing a suspect, authorities said.

          The U.S. Air Force confirmed Sunday that the suspect was an active duty sergeant stationed at Travis Air Force Base.”

          Guessing it was some kind of leftist or hippie is so far from the Mark, it is tragically comic.

          Sorry that it doesn’t fit your antifa narrative.

        • “Dys, how about active duty USAF security forces, stationed it Travis AFB.”

          ‘Miner, I have a family member who is a graduate of the US military academy of West Point, did two combat tours of Vietnam, and is about as Leftist as it gets. Voted for Obama *twice*, and is a BLM supporter who said to me about a month ago “…when we get all the guns…” when I told him outlawing semi-auto firearms would result in 90 percent non-compliance (what actually happened in New York state).

          So much for your little ‘theory’ that all members of the military are right-wing Trump supporters… 🙂

        • to Miner49er
          There are plenty examples of radicalized white people on TV wearing all black. Burning looting. And waving ANTIFA flags. Perhaps this shooters is one of them. We will see. The investigation is just beginning.

        • ‘Miner, I have a family member who is a graduate of the US military academy of West Point, did two combat tours of Vietnam, and is about as Leftist as it gets. Voted for Obama *twice*, and is a BLM supporter who said to me about a month ago “…when we get all the guns…” when I told him outlawing semi-auto firearms would result in 90 percent non-compliance (what actually happened in New York state).

          You can ask your family members this.

          1. Black Lives matter
          2. Police are violent, racist sociopaths who habitually gun down unarmed black men.
          3. Only the police should have guns.

          Pick AT MOST two.

    • He is active military and may be part of a plot from the boogaloo bois. Another military guy was arrested in California after trying to infiltrate the National Guard using his old uniform patches. Three other military men have been arrested while attempting to spark an armed battle with police in Las Vegas. There was also two other men in Vegas during that plot who had exchanges with the police, one man shot an officer in the head and another confronted police in front of the federal building and was summarily executed as he ran away.

      There is intel from the feds that the boogaloo bois are now considered terrorist. They are being arrested after these plots have been discovered and attempted. They have made the governors aware of the Hawaiian shirts. They sent out bulletins and the FBI is on the ground. They have warned police stations about these armed men. Initially they didn’t take them seriously when they showed up to anti pandemic house arrests and economic oppression, but now they are putting them in the same category as ANTIFA.

      • “They are being arrested after these plots have been discovered and attempted. They have made the governors aware of the Hawaiian shirts.”

        Well, that right there is a fashion crime that should be dealt with by summary execution… 😉

        • I’m wearing one now!

          But never in the garish and gaudy bright colors that seem so popular.

          Today, I’m wearing a nice palm tree pattern in three different shades of gray, very effective for blending in built up environments and in the evening.

          I have a nice selection in various shades of green with a foliage theme, more appropriate for over the river and into the woods.

          Most Hawaiian shirts are loose and allow the carrying of larger sidearms and magazines.

          Low-key cammies w/o signaling ‘tacticool’ plus large enough to hide a multitude of sins, and really comfortable if you choose all-cotton.

          Now, sandals with white socks and your disguise is complete!

          • and really comfortable if you choose all-cotton.

            Being in Florida I prefer Linen… way cooler than cotton, try it you’ll like it, a little more costly but well worth it in those persistently warmer climates..

    • He is a white male, active military. His arrest was captured on video. It looked like the neighbors captured him for the police and a female cop was hiding in a van/truck as the male cops were injured and killed.

    • Actually, some people might call this a “blue-on-blue” attack. Carillo was USAF Security forces (ie, Military Police) stationed at Travis AFB, CA; and some of them have federal arrest powers.

      Don’t know this guys story, but it wont end well…

    • Why are you a fascist?

      an advocate or follower of the political philosophy or system of fascism.
      “he went to Spain to fight against the fascists” · [more]
      authoritarian · totalitarian · autocrat · Nazi · extreme/far right-winger · rightist · [more]

  1. What do bomb-making devices look like?

    Maybe the 911 caller was the actual suspect and it was an ambush?

    • “What do bomb-making devices look like?”

      Threaded pipe and end caps is one way…

    • Like things one might find in HomeDepot, RadioShack, the cleaning chemical aisle at Walmart, or a junkyard. Plumbers and electricians work with such items everyday on the job. Indeed, objects found in the average American’s garage could be construed as such.

  2. Well where does this violence come from other than a history of it from our past and ww2germany. many of hitlers orgs still are around, but the most instagaters of and for violence started in ernest in 2014/15/16/17 and a bit of 2018/19. who from?? the democratic party maxien waters and others have advocated for people to bring violence to any republican party supporters and trump supporters which continues on to today 2020. cnn msnbcdnc cbs abc and even pbs, have driven the thinking of the public to acceptinmg anything they say is true, the problem is the public doesn’t try and find out if their rederic opinion statements are even true. mark the words, there will be a 21st century civil war.

      • “^^^___ CRACKPOT_ALERT ___^^^”

        Gee, thanks.

        A perfectly good irony meter ruined with the needle wrapped 4 times around the stop peg… 😉

        • Klaus, interested in a Krell active crossover project? It needs those old tabbed can capacitors…

          (No way can I afford those yummy Krell monoblocks until I hit the lottery… 🙁 )

        • Analog or digital cross over?
          We all love analog but it’s really nice being able to select your slope and filter type with the push of a button.

          I have an old digital BSS 336 that I use in my pa rig, sounds great.

          The Lakes and Ashley Proteas sound OK too.

          I’d stay away from dbx, especially the cheaper ones.

        • “Analog or digital cross over?”

          Analog, a model KRX-1…

        • I’m not that familiar with the krill crossovers, pictures of the board look like they have nice capacitors.

          For me the RCA unbalanced I/O is a dealbreaker, I need XLR or TRS.
          And it needs a frequency specific crossover card, like the old JBL or BSS?

          I really like the BSS minidrives, continuously variable frequency, multiple crossover slopes and multiple filter formats.

          And they’re around $500 or less on the used market.

    • Huh? In the long ramble , lacking spell check, capitalization and spacing all I got was Maximum Rotwiellers and water.

    • I’m shocked, shocked that California’s arbitrary and capricious gun laws haven’t stopped this stuff.

    • “….many of hitlers orgs still are around…”

      I gotta ask – which ones you damn dumb non-spelling asshole?

      I also have to ask to the TTAG’ers – Do you think this is just some kind of bass, gross, stupidity or is this mental illness?

  3. I like how the article leaves out how Steven Carrillo was an active USAF sergeant out of Travis.

    That part sure seems to be getting hushed up.

    • I’m not saying that I never trusted regular AF guys but….my ex-brother in law was a senior chief MSGT air traffic controller and he is one of the most flawed people I’ve ever met.

      He was also a “Letter Writer”. You know, to the chief of staff, the Secretary of the AF, the SecDefense, etc. He is that guy. How they allowed him to be in charge of a control tower or RapCon, I’ll never understand.

      Maybe you don’t know what a “letter writer” is and if so, my bad.

      • @ Klaus the BS that comes out of your mouth is almost as good as Chris, Chief or Miner. Had he actually done any of those things the AF would of gotten rid of him a long time ago.

    • Could you link us to an article that confirms he is in fact an NCO with the USAF? I’m not finding anything.

      Travis AFB isn’t a terribly long drive, but someplace a little closer to home seems a more logical place to set up an ambush for law enforcement than Ben Lomond

    • The Sheriff was asked about it and he refused to answer. They are told not to talk about the various military men who are attacking the government right now.

  4. “The deputies responded to a 911 call around 1:30 p.m. about a suspicious van. The caller said there were guns and bomb-making devices inside, Hart said.”
    Their first mistake, the correct response should have been no Constitutional laws have been broken and my statutes are subservient to the Constitution.
    I’m not seeing where the Constitution was violated by anyone but the deputies looking to instigate a fictitious crime. No victim no crime.
    Who was harmed by possession of guns and “bomb-making” devices? No victim no crime.
    Crime prevention an unconstitutional violation of rights.
    Qualified immunity is an unconstitutional construct made for their thug life gangbanging badged enforcers. It’s time to drug test all of them regularly with 15% randoms with a guarantee of mandatory quarterly drug test. And a yearly psych evaluation. This will weed out 98% of the psychos.

    • Awesome, except cops don’t arrest people for violating the Constitution. They enforce state laws, county and city ordinances, whether you like it or not.

    • What is Probable Cause? It’s a crime to plan or execute terroristic plots and bomb-making material indicates there might be something up. According to the reports I’d seen, the man is a Hispanic and anti-white racist and posted memes and comments about his ill-will towards whites. Combine that with bombs and it’s safe to say there might be fuckery afoot, and a reasonable belief that there’s fuckery afoot is reason enough for police intervention.

  5. Quite interesting: how did someone know what was in the van? Certainly sound like a total set-up and ambush for sure. Have they tracked down the caller? Peace Be with the Fallen and speedy recovery to the injured LEO’s.

    • Well, vans do have big doors. Could easily be some citizen walking by on a sidewalk happened to see inside as the driver was loading stuff into the van. Would be simple enough for a random citizen to suddenly be in a “If you see something, say something” situation.

      • I’ve known people here in NY who’ve had the cops called on them by nosey neighbors who saw them cleaning guns on their own deck or patio. #Triggered

      • You didn’t miss anything there, first he’s white then not then hispanic then active in USAF next ‘survived by his wife…” who DIED in 2018 ( suspicious to me). I don’t think the “reporter” is able to string together a coherent thought well enough to stick to MSM qualification by causing more chaos. ….just my opinion.

  6. Um why does the race matter? Scum is scum. Antifa is mostly white soy boyz…

      • Given the majors and market demand for the skills they learn that is half the problem.

      • Ben Lomond is just up Route 9 from Santa Cruz, basically driving north out of the UC Santa Cruz campus.. If you drive far enough on Route 9, you end up coming down the mountains on the west side of Silicon Valley into Saratoga. I took my wife on many dates up and down that road and the parks along the way. If banana slugs ever become a tourist attraction, the area will be filled with more vehicles than Yellowstone.

        If you’ve never been in Santa Cruz, it’s a hippy/lefty city of about 65K on the sea, with the UC Santa Cruz campus near Route 9 on the north side of town.

        The mountains above/east of Santa Cruz are populated with all manner of lefty/environmental/anarchist/techno-libertarian/crypto types. It’s a very pretty area, populated by some strange folks – like parents who believe that their kids should never bring home homework from school, macrobiotic parents who starve their kids to death on ultra-low-fat diets, etc.

        • I appreciate the geography lesson but my many adventures and nearly 3 million miles driving my 18 wheeler around the U.S. took me through that area a number of times…. Does not fit the Antifa lifestyle.. Santa Cruz (the city of) with 65,000 residents? maybe… The county? no… The bikers would run the “Soy Boys” back to city… besides, living in a rural area like that requires some level of self sufficiency which seems to be lacking in the mostly urban Antifa….

        • Dyspeptic Gunsmith is correct
          I grew up in Santa Cruz and spent a fair bit of time up in Ben Lomond
          Yes it is rural but probably not like you have seen
          It is a haven for leftest/ hippies and the anti-gov types
          I was a teenager when the University of Santa Cruz went in
          The area changed overnight and not for the better.
          It is a beautiful area, and the Santa Cruz mountains are the best
          No way would I want to live there as it is now.

    • If I had to guess, likely current or ex-Mil. IED making operations are pretty universally easy to i.d. if you’ve ever seen one. The troops have had quite a bit of experience over the last few decades securing locations where individual’s producing IED’s, or larger scale production was conducted.

    • @ Kyle
      What does bomb making stuff look like? Depends on the device being fabricated. If it’s a rudimentary device like a pipe bomb, you will have pieces of pipe, ends for the pipe, drills, wire, batteries, powder of some sort, possible nails and other items to put in them and a variety of methods to ignite, possibly even fuse, all dependent on the persons skill level.
      If I saw that stuff, I’d know INSTANTLY the person is making a IED. I’m no expert by any stretch but I’d recognize the basics of bomb making materials.

      • As an EE who has built a home workshop that focus’ on Amateur radio, Audio, Arduino, Rasberry Pi, PIC, and ARM development complete with a suite of test equipment from signal sources to spectrum analyzers with a bunch of guns and reloading equipment laying around I’d hate to think what the feds could make of this.

        • You and I both. I’ve had people come into my shop and you can see the look on their faces.

          After awhile, I decided to stop allowing non-engineers/machinists/tradespeople into my shop.

          The number of people who think that having vacuum tube radio gear in the same room as machine tools makes me an anarchist is nuts. They think I’ve got tube radio gear because I’m expecting the Russians to drop a bomb.

          No… Collins radio gear is collectable, and it goes up in value. Besides, a R-390 is still a damn good receiver. And when it isn’t heating my shop in the winter, it keeps my shop from blowing away in Wyoming winds.

        • One of my prized possessions is a Rick Mish/Miltronix R390A.

          I only wish that I could afford it 20 years sooner before all the Indonesians on 120/75/60 meters went off the air. I got some in the 70’s with an FRG-7 though.

        • You can thank Eagle guitarist Joe Walsh for driving up the price of Collins S-line. He got a bug up his ass to collect it, and his rock-n-roll fortune has completely skewed the value on eBay.

          I just love the smell of the old boat anchors at idle…

        • I saw a Hallicrafters SX-88 that was essentially NIB on Ebay around 2002/3. I gave up at around $3K when I realized that the high bidder was Joe. I think his ID was Joe_WB6ACU or something like that. It had his call sign in it anyway. Never had a shot. I think it finally went for around 4500. To him.

  7. There are not that many people in California that seem to actually want the cops around anyway.

    • I don’t believe that to be true. The loudest voices saying the most controversial things are always able to draw in the most media coverage. This amplifies the public’s impression of their numbers, in some cases far beyond reality.

  8. Whatever the suspect’s race may be or if some or all of what he had in the van was otherwise lawful and constitutional, the fact remains he fled from police and then ambushed them, killing one and injuring two others. For this there should be no tolerance, forgiveness or mitigating factors in his punishment.

    The other thing is he may well deserve to die for what he did. But the instant he surrendered or was injured sufficiently to cease the fight, the authority of police to kill him was gone. A non-combative suspect means the violence used to subdue or stop him must end, and a Duty of Care on the part of the police must then be observed.

    This concept is a central one to what is needed in reform of police tactics and attitude. That just as it does when a citizen is involved in a defensive gun use, the right to use force exists only so long as the “good guy” is the defender and the “bad guy” is the aggressor.

    Any more opinion on this incident will have to wait on more facts coming out. Who was the bad guy, what was going on, details on the sequence of events, etc.

  9. meth head in a socially woke community.

    Pakistan has less violence than Cali these days.

    • “Pakistan has less violence than Cali ”

      Not remotely possible. Pakistan is chock full of crazed Islamic/jihadist nutjobs. Entire regions of the country so dangerous the national army has ceded control to warlords.

  10. An action endorsed by the Democratic Party of California.

    Yes I am being hyperbolic. But I’m not sure if I actually am.

    • If his social media posts and intentions DON’T fit the narrative, then they will be cast into the memory hole. If they DO fit the narrative, then we’ll hear about it for months. Any honest person knows who determines the narrative.

  11. Oh, and now some jack wagon donut shop in Rhode Island is doing away with discounts for law enforcement and military due to “racial injustice.” Our country is going to shit quickly.

  12. Ok folks this is our excuse to riot and loot.

    Lets hit The Home Depot and Hobby Lobby (wife wants in also)

    Then we all can meet for some drinks and appetizers at Applebees.

    Who is with me? Lets gooooo.

  13. IIRC, Ben Lomond is up in the hills behind the the Santa Cruz coast. Even 40 years ago it had an outlaw contingent. Una-bomber mentality.

  14. Who cares about his skin color? He murdered another human being. Try him for that crime, not his race or his ethnic background. Try him for the crime and let him do his time where ever it may be. Nothing we say or do will bring back Sgt. Gutzwiller.

  15. Some people on this forum need to shut their self serving pieholes for a moment and show respect for the injured and fallen. Excludes the perp.

  16. Good Lord, you folks were right! He is a liberal Muslim Antifa BLM sleeper agent:

    “An Air Force spokesperson said Carrillo arrived at Travis Air Force Base in June 2018 and was a team leader on the Phoenix Raven unit. That group is comprised of “specially trained security forces personnel dedicated to providing security for Air Mobility Command aircraft transiting high terrorist and criminal threat areas,” according to an Air Force website.”

    • Someone needs to send them a memo explaining just how fucked their vetting process is.. Didn’t this guy need some kind of security clearance/background check for a position like that?

    • Don’t worry, there are plenty of left-wing radicals of all race, creed and (non)religions going around committing acts of violence to choose from. Burning cities and injured and killed civilians are a testament to that.

      • “ … injured and killed civilians are a testament to that.”

        You mean civilians like George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, or Timur rice?

  17. Answering a call from a dispatcher is routinely and depending on what is told to the officers either a level 1 call usually telling the officers to be careful . In this case the officers had no choice but to respond. But to be killed for doing what they are paid to do is bullshit anyone who thinks different should do a ride along or keep their holes shut too many times we second guess or Monday morning quarterback

    • Not as much bullshit as what happened to Duncan Socrates Lemp or Dennis Wayne Tuttle and Rhogena Ann Nicholas. Innocent Americans ambushed and murdered by cops. When you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind. Maybe it is time for cops to stop their war against the American people.

      And yes, I damn well will Monday Morning Quarterback the actions of government employees. If cops don’t like it, then they can find honest work were they are not living off the sweat of my brow. This is the United States of America. Any power the government has was delegated to it by the citizens. That means we are sovereign and the government employees are our servants. The servant follows the orders of the master.

      • Look, I’m really sorry that you got roughed up a bit during your DWI arrest, or whatever it was. It’s tragic that your [first cousin/wife/daughter/f*ckbuddy] had a bad time during the drug bust and some of his/her teeth came out because of the meth. It grieves me deeply that the door on your single-wide no longer closes properly because the cops had to break it down to arrest you on that child-molestation beef. We here are ALL chagrined that you got pavement rash the last time you beat up your kids and the cops had to drag you kicking and screaming across the street to get you in the patrol car. Not even that cameo on ‘Cops’ could make up for it, I know.

        You have our sympathy. Now, could you give it a rest, please?

  18. Well done! Not a single response to any of out resident “living dead, children of the night”! Poor VTI must feel awfully lonely only talking to itself…

  19. When cops stop ambushing citizens in their homes with no knock warrants I will be concerned about people ambushing cops. Until then the cops are just reaping the whirlwind they have sown with their war upon the American people.

    • It is an unfortunate side effect of living in a Police State. Eventually people have enough and start shooting back. We will see if there is any actual change from the last few weeks events but somehow I doubt it.

      • You obviously do not have a fucking clue what a POLICE STATE really means.. move to North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Turkey, read your history books about Nazi Germany and Russian rule of Eastern Germany after the war… Get off Facebook and twitter, get out of your mommas basement and try to enjoy what real freedom feels like before your Antifa and BLM heroes fuck it up when they take charge… I’m really tired of the whiney, pussy ass snowflakes most of whom have probably never had an actual encounter with a REAL cop (no, the cops on GTA are NOT real)… Just sit down, shut the fuck up, read a book and get a life…

        • Really? You could come up with 100 names over the last 100 years and that STILL does not come CLOSE to 6,000,000 Jews murdered by the Nazi police state in three years, or the millions of innocent civilians slaughtered under Mao and Stalin and the Kim family dynasty in North Korea or thousands that disappeared when Castro took control of Cuba, how many innocent civilians “went away” under Chavez in Venezuela and how many have disappeared under Maduro? You know-it-all snowflakes are a real clown show, but, of course, you are aware that the majority of those that you want to cite as martyrs were killed by cops in predominantly Democrat run cities/states using the same methods and tactics as any good dictator/communist leader would to maintain control of the people. … You want to use names? toss in the 48 cops that were murdered last year, and don’t forget the ones blatantly shot to death during the “mostly peaceful” demonstrations since Floyds murder (one was even posted on Facebook as he took his last breath)… You want to throw ALL cops under the same blanket? then I say ALL punk ass chicken shit looters/rioters are cop killers and should be treated as such…. And of course you can excuse the anarchy of Chicago’s South Side where an average of 400 to 500 black people are murdered by black people EVERY YEAR and the “police state” can’t do anything about that? Why is that?

        • It is interesting to note that last year was the 400th anniversary of the introduction of slavery to North America by the English in 1619.

          For the first 250 years of slavery in North America, it was legal to beat or kill your slaves, rape the females at any age or sell the children up river, breaking up families.

          Roving bands of armed white men known as runaway slave patrols, actively searched for slaves who had escaped to freedom, beating or killing them when they apprehended them.

          One wonders, exactly how many black and brown people were named or murdered, in a forced life of servitude, by white Europeans?

  20. I’m not a fan of cops, but I absolutely despise murderers, rapists, thieves and Democrats.

  21. Need to arm all law abiding citizens, this shit would not happen long!

  22. Lives in Santa Cruz and commutes to Travis? One has to be touched in the head to even think about that kind of madness.

  23. It’s open season on cops in California….

    Officials in California are searching for a gunman who they say opened fire on a police station, shot a sheriff’s deputy in the face and killed another man early Wednesday.
    The San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office identified the suspect as Mason James Lira, 26, who officials described as a transient. He is considered armed and dangerous, the sheriff’s office said.
    Lira began shooting at the Paso Robles Police Department building around 3:45 a.m., the sheriff’s office said in a statement.
    A sheriff’s deputy was shot in the face and seriously wounded, the sheriff’s office said. A man was later found shot to death at the Paso Robles train station.
    San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson called it “an unprovoked attack on local law enforcement,” at a Wednesday afternoon press conference.
    “One of my sheriff’s deputies who was responding to the aid of the Paso Robles Police Department was shot in the face by a suspect that was laying in ambush at the police department in downtown,” Parkinson said.

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