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The officially unidentified shooter who opened fire at a Buffalo, New York grocery store reportedly published a racist, anti-semitic 180-page manifesto justifying his efforts to “show to the replacers that as long as the White man lives, our land will never be theirs and they will never be safe from us.”

The manifesto, which hasn’t yet been confirmed as being authored by the Buffalo shooter, identifies the author as 18-year-old Payton Gendron from Southern Tier, New York.

What was it about the Buffalo grocery store that convinced the shooter he’d chosen the right target? New York’s stringent gun control laws played a big part.

Why did you choose (REDACTED) for the place of attack?
(REDACTED) has the highest black population percentage (zip code *****) and isn’t that far away. Plus NY has heavy gun laws so it would ease me if I knew that any legally armed civilian was limited to 10 round magazines or cucked firearms.

I replaced the name of the city to redacted because I’d prefer that the FBI and local police don’t know until the attack has started. After the attack can somebody switch it over plz?

As for his choice of weapon — the same model used in the Sandy Hook shooting — the shooter apparently intended to spark another push for an “assault weapons” ban.

Why did you choose firearms?
Because they work, there are very few weapons that are easier to use and more effective at killing than firearms, especially the Bushmaster XM-15 I will be using. The effect it would have on social discourse, the extra media coverage they would provide, and the changes to gun laws that will be pushed will all help my case.

Again, none of this has been confirmed yet as being genuine or authored by the man now in custody. Watch this space.

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  1. Please, I beg you to redact this monsters name. Let it never be spoken by the media again. He’s a glory seeker! Let him live and die a unknown.

    • Won’t make any difference if TTAG does what you ask. You can’t stop the signal.

      • Can’t stop what signal? Is this a 3D printer reference? When you attach the identity of a mass shooter to gun rights like that it puts him in a positive light, is that your intention? Mass shooters often do it for the notoriety. Do you want him to get the attention he wants?

        • It’s a Firefly reference. It means that even if TTAG redacts it the thousands of other media sources that don’t will make the gesture meaningless.

    • Yes be kept in the dark and eat what ever BS the government feeds you. The more knowledge we have the better, even this guy’s name.

      • you’re not some freedom fighter, you’re a boomer on the internet. This ‘knowledge’ does you nothing and, even if it did, having it publicly available (which is necessary) does not mean it should be plastered all over every website to make him famous.

    • Don’t worry, there will be another mass shooting in the next few weeks and this incident will just be one more brick in the wall and the shooters name would have to be looked up because no one other than the victim’s families and some local LEOs will remember it after that.

  2. I am not getting these guys making statements with firearms by doing supposedly the exact opposite of what they say needs to happen. Killing to stop killing just does not compute for me. I do have to say that I was in NYC the past week and felt very uncomfortable without my side arm. The air is full of dope smoke. The streets are full of people doing nothing but they all seem to have money to be doing nothing and that seems to be coming from the state because they do not work for a living.

    I think “Purge” could be a thing in the future.

    • Killing to stop killing or promote s0cial justice and equity only makes sense to lil’d and his circle-jerk troop.

      • Sorry boys, this is one of yours, a white nationalist who hates minorities and is ready to kill to purge America.

        He didn’t do this to promote gun control laws, he only selected New York State because his perception was that they would not be able to put up an effective resistance to his depraved genocide.

        • I’m not white, and I fail to see how this is the responsibility of anyone else besides the shooter himself.

        • What do you mean “one of yours???” We are not white nationalists. F you you little s**t!

        • Bravo Sierra. You made the case for the argument that he chose New York because of its civil rights violations

        • No, just a pathetic lonely incel lil’d’s antifa troop seems to attract.

          Publish the manifesto so everyone can see how stupid they are.

        • Did you just assume peoples race? lol Miner… go back to reddit. That’s the only thing these idiots are talking about over there, about how “the right this… and the right that…” and about how “everytime this happens it’s a white nazi”… lmfao.
          How quickly they forget once some asshole like this takes advantage – AND THIS TIME FULLY ADMITS IT – of how stupid people are. He knew this would be the result and it was his intention. It doesn’t mean that’s why he did it, it just means that what he wants you to know why he did it.

        • I don’t promote or condone racism, illegal acts or murder. He can’t be one of mine.

          I didn’t blame the Bernie or the Socialists for the shooter at the Republican softball game either. I blamed him as an individual.

          You do make an interesting point about his area selection. Find a place where it is likely there would be less chances of resistance so he could make a larger impact. Maybe there should have been more armed people able to defend themselves. The laws of NY effectively negated the opportunity of self defense.

        • “I didn’t blame the Bernie or the Socialists for the shooter at the Republican softball game either“

          So no one on this list claimed that it was Bernie and AOC’s rhetoric that motivated the shooter to attack the congressional Republicans ball team?

          Well I’m glad you folks finally admitted it, only took a few years.

        • He described himself as “mild-moderate authoritarian left”
          In my book, that makes him one of “theirs”, not one is mine.

        • Hey, MajorStupidity, he describes HIMSELF as a Leftist/authoritarian (meaning he’s more honest than MOST of you Leftist/fascist @$$holes). By your rules, that means he’s YOUR tribe, chief. Just like “Antifa” means “antifascist”, amirite??? You Leftist/fascists would lie if the truth would serve you better.

          As we all know Leftists are the biggest racist anti-semites on earth, so . . . I don’t think you actually thought this one through. But, then, you never do.

          Go back to your circle jerk, dacian the stupid and the nameless, brainless, d***less troll miss you.

        • Aww, how CUTE!!! My nameless, brainless, d***less troll is back! What happened, did MinorIQ and dacian the stupid kick you out of the circle jerk? I will say, your (half) “wit” is going downhill. You used to at least attempt to be funny (you failed, of course). Being nameless, brainless, and d***less starting to get to you, child??

          Go micturate up a cable, troll. Then go pound salt in your @$$.

        • “So no one on this list claimed that it was Bernie and AOC’s rhetoric that motivated the shooter to attack the congressional Republicans ball team?”

          I expect better from you. I said “I” didn’t. I did not speak for others. Don’t be Dacian. You are capable of intelligent debate.

        • “Gendron is believed to have written a 180-page document which fixated on “replacement theory,” a white supremacist belief that non-whites will eventually replace white people because they have higher birth rates, authorities said.“

          Thanks to Tucker Carlson’s affective disinformation agitprop, many white nationalist soldiers are filled with hate and sent to attack the so-called socialist left.

          And you think just because he claimed to be centerleft he is some sort of leftist socialist?

          Of course you folks think that the words of this homicidal maniac are truth, it’s par for the course.

          I’m sure you think every statement in his manifesto is true, it’s basically the Fox News nightly playbook.

        • Yeah, MajorStupidity, we believe his words, just like you and dacian the stupid believe Antifa is “antifascist” because their name says so. You’re too f***ing stupid to insult, and too much of a f***ing hypocrite to take seriously. Go roger yourself, vigorously, in the arse with a barb wire wrapped Louisville Slugger, lubricated with battery acid and habanero juice, you vile, lying POS.

        • Trooper,

          “Don’t be Dacian. You are capable of intelligent debate.”

          I’d have to see some proof of that. I have rarely seen a MinorIQ post where he didn’t flat-out lie, and NEVER seen one where he was rational – that is, unless you subscribe to his absurd position that Article I, Section 8 authorizes universal federal gun control (I’ll give him credit; that was somewhat creative, albeit bommfozzlingly stupid).

  3. This is going to get 10,000x more play than the black supremacist who drove his SUV into a parade, the black supremacist who opened up on a subway platform or the Yacub nut taking pot shots at people in DC.

    Because, after all, white supremacy is the greatest threat to our nation. Well, that and Putin.

    • Putin hasn’t invaded the US has he? I must have missed the headlines while gardening.

      • Putins army was in my pasture last week but I run em off, that’s why them ammo companies need to give me some bullets.

        • Possum, they were just there looking to dig up C&R firearms like Mosin Nagants and Tokarevs and SKS’s that were buried there eons ago. You should have let them do it for a 10% cut of the gunms 😉

    • Well, give it this: some white punk, w/o any military training, planned this heinous massacre and killed ten and wounded several others. Hideously efficient, and THAT’s why the fear.

    • What about the 21 people shot in Milwaukee last night? They found at least nine handguns on various people. That story is gonna get buried.

      Also I kinda laugh at the pearl clutching “please don’t mention his name” people as if that’s going to stop a psychopath from killing.

      • And it’s exactly why he did it. Nobody knows if it’s what he actually believes, but he knows it’s an easy sell and the majority will believe it without question. It’s been discussed for years and this guy admits to every portion of it! This takes playing the system to a whole new level and just proves how vulnerable people are – not to violence or “mass shootings” – but to someone wanting to prey on the way the media operates and the psychology behind simply reading a headline and making the assumptions of the outcome yourself before you even know the facts.

        • Most definitely. It’s a little to convenient that he went immediately to all far-left talking points in the “manifesto” as if reading a script from the lame stream news.

          Something feels very off about this proclamation of intent.

  4. I’d like someone to peruse his social media and his bank statements!! If you believe this is “organic”, I have a bridge I’ll sell you!

    • exactly….. that dude glows like a lightning bug…
      and these braindead fools LAP it up like the sheep they are….
      “omg don’t say his name” “omg he’s one of ours” “omg ban all guns”
      …..lap it up you g d fools

    • NY doesn’t have the death penalty.
      If convicted, he should be turned loose in the parking lot of the crime site.
      Pre-announced by several weeks so that he can be given a nice reception.

      • Because of the profile of this act they will likely try him on Federal charges. He may still have the opportunity to die.

      • Sure it does. How many people lost their life in this? It certainly looks like these people were sentenced to death for the mere reason of their existence.

    • Bingo. This kid was groomed by the feds HARD. The 9th circus strikes down the 18-20 purchase ban and WHAMMO someone activates their sleeper-patsy on the opposite side of the country. Glows like hell.

  5. Another ” gun free zone ” murder spree. it will be the availability of ” weapons of war ” , more powerful than a nuclear bomb. No mention of shooting fish in a barrel type thing.

    • Right. A Ruger .22 LR pistol would have been at least as deadly in that setting. But it would NOT hve had the political clout of the one he did use.

  6. Incel is obvious. Funny but there isn’t one one hundredth the coverage when a dozen black folks are shot in Chiraq(or Milwaukee I see). Put this boy in general population…

    • “Incel is obvious.”

      Sure sounds like it, considering this :

      “…was limited to 10 round magazines or cucked firearms.”

      Someone that hung up on ‘cuckold’ has some serious ‘issues’ he can contemplate while locked up in a Sing-Sing cell for the rest of his celibacy permanently enforced by steel bars life.

      I bet he shares a lot in common with my mentally-ill demented troll… 🙂

      • I hate the phrase but it’s not an uncommon one anymore and it has little or nothing to do with actual ‘cuckoldry’ anymore. That said, I assume most of these nuts who feel the need to shoot up a bunch of people just trying to go about their day ARE either incels or just psychopaths.

    • He had way too much time on his hands. He didn’t have a purpose for living. When my son quit taking guitar lessons because of Covid insanity ruining everything, I told him he was getting a job. I gave him a month, and then just filled out an application for him. They work him a lot, which is good. He wasn’t going to sit around online all freakin day.

  7. If I was conspiratorially minded, I would put this on par, politically, with the Supreme Court leak.

    • I don’t even think you have to. This just speaks volumes for how brainwashed people are now days. He literally did it because he knew the outcome in detail and even chose to write a manifesto about it. While still a hate crime, it’s more of a “joker” style move. He wanted you to watch the money burn and he knew that with minimal effort the one stack he lit and threw outside the pile would be kicked into the mountain igniting the rest of it while the movement of the people provided the increased air for it to catch.

    • “The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
      But I have promises to keep,
      And miles to go before I sleep,
      And miles to go before I sleep.”

      If you’re old enough you’ll get the significance of those lines.

        • Telefon was 30 years before Death Proof. Tarantino via Stuntman Mike was making an homage to Telefon which was using a 1923 Robert Frost poem as the sleeper activation message.

      • Donald plesance with his Russian code book full of hypnotized sleeper agents and Charles Bronson with his real wife Jill Ireland in telfon

  8. how long has he been known to law enforcement
    – or the fbi –
    see what i did there

  9. I just love the commenters who seem shocked to find irrationality in the ravings of a psychotic killer.

  10. I’ve read several of the manifestos from these psychopaths. They are, as a rule, extremely tedious, extravagantly self-indulgent, and devoid of any meaningful insight into themselves or society. I’m just not going to bother any more, it just isn’t worth my while.

  11. You people act like this is shocking, the only shocking thing about this is that it’s not happening every day all day, there’s some deranged people out there just waiting to snap

  12. The leftist media will be going all-out to leverage this for citizen-disarmist propaganda–we must not let them do such a thing unopposed!

  13. “The officially unidentified shooter who opened fire at a Buffalo, New York grocery store reportedly published a racist, anti-semitic 180-page manifesto…”

    So just another dem then?

    • More like one of lil’d’s antifa troop distributing their brand of s0cial justice and equity.

  14. I fully support the de-sensationalism of these crimes but I always do wish more information was available. As much as I hold this scum responsible for his actions I hold the various governing politicians and authorities in such anti-gun places. To the extent scrambleheads like Feinstein, Giffords, Bloomberg, et al, hate guns and gun owners (other than themselves that own and wear guns) and want such rights gone, I despise the very thought of their existence and wish they would simply go live in some other country instead of doing everything they can to hurt the USA as they’re ALL every bit as criminal and evil as these shooters. This extends to those that know of such people poised to carry out such violence that make no efforts to stop it. Saying my condolences to the families of the decreased is never enough for anyone but I pray they all Rest In Peace, and the shooters and gun haters all burn in Hell where they damn well belong. I add it is UNBELIEVABLE the state of New York doesn’t have the death penalty.

  15. A government official told The Buffalo News that the semi-automatic gun that Gendron used in the shooting had “the N-word” spelled out in white paint on the barrel, and also the number 14.

    The official said “14” refers to a 14-word statement that is popular with white supremacists.

    “The statement is, ‘We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white people,’ ” the official said. The statement is attributed to the late David Lane, an activist with a white supremacist terror group known as The Order.

  16. So he did this so government would pass more gun laws and this would help “his cause”?

  17. He included the Black Sun symbol in his manifesto. The same as used by Nazis and the Azov Battalion in Ukraine.

  18. One takeaway from this crime is that the retired cop who shot at the perp hit body armor.
    Forget Center of Mass Targeting, it will only get you killed in this era of prevalent body armor.
    Go for head and thigh shots instead.

    • Should have had a .45 instead of a 9mm.
      Getting hit harder may have made him stumble giving someone a chance to bite him in the ankle.

      • Impact energy is similar through kevlar/other 3à and 45 is even less likely to go through (usually a 2a or 2 level threat at best). As mentioned elsewhere if forced to engage one kitted up hip/groin and face are likely your best bets for what could actually be hit/be effective.

        • i know it wont go through, but 230 grains smacks harder then 124.
          What recoils more, a .45 or a 9mm.

        • Impact energy is a bit higher on 45 (typically 50+ft lbs) but both are felt about the same through kevlar, even less through uhmwpe and utterly negligible through any hard plate even the pistol ones. Hot loaded 357 mag may do something worth mentioning as would larger magnums but typical combat pistol calibers will be about equally ineffective. With that said that 45 to hips is more likely to put the guy on the ground and be easier to neutralize or escape from.

  19. Obviously someone took a dump in the teen’s ears. When he wakes up and finds himself with his shirttale dipped in sht and no way out he’ll self destruct. Dead kid walking.

    • If not held in protective solitary, he’s going to wake up with rectal bleeding every day.

    • “Obviously someone took a dump in the teen’s ears“

      That would be Tucker Carlson and his replacement theory screed, just one element of Fox News’ affective disinformation for fun and profit.

      • You mean the replacement policy that’s been actual Dimocrat (and GOPe) policy for over 20 years now?

        You remain too stupid and partisan to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$, you lying liar.

  20. So this racist guy choose a place where he knew his victims would be disarmed.

    Thank you to the Jewish lawmakers and s0ci@list progressive lawmakers, who passed gun control in NY state.

    They made sure blacks and anyone else, could not shoot back.

    • “racist guy“

      “Jewish lawmakers”

      Good Lord, the lack of self-awareness is breathtaking.

      Nope, ain’t no racists in this here chicken-house…

      • MajorStupidity,

        Just like “Muslim”, “Jewish” is not a race. But you’re too stupid to know that. “Jews” include Moroccan Jews, Sephardic Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, and converts to the Jewish faith. There are Jews of every race, color, and ethnicity . . . but you’re too stupid to know that.

        • Thank you, the Jews come in many different colors. Just like any other religion.

          And no one is above criticism. For their actions involving taking away the civil rights of other people. Just because something terrible happened to you, or your family a long time ago. Doesn’t excuse and allow you to take away the Civil Rights and harm other people.

  21. An above average Saturday night in Chicago. A Ruger 10/22 with extended mags and a red dot could have been far deadlier. Trying to find the source of the shots and any follow-up shots could have been far more accurate.

  22. ::False flag!::
    All of these are always false flags
    MKUltrv and programmed assassins..

    “This kid was groomed by the f3ds HARD. The 9th circus strikes down the 18-20 purchase ban and WHAMMO someone activates their sleeper-patsy on the opposite side of the country. Glows like hell.”

    There’s not a single major event on the news that isn’t curated, orchestrated and executed for maximum political effect. The devil is in the details 👿

    • “WHAMMO someone activates their sleeper-patsy on the opposite side of the country. Glows like hell.”

      Right, the 18-year-old sleeper agent…

      The only indoctrination he received was at the hands of Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, where he learned about the great replacement theory and the supremacy of the white race.

      • Yeah, MajorStupidity, THAT’S the ticket!! Just ignore his obvious copying of the Christchurch shooter, his self-admission of his Leftist/fascist indoctrination and beliefs, and blame it on Tucker Carlson. What a pathetic, partisan @$$clown you are.

        • There is an IMPOSTOR among us. And YUO are the IMPOSTER. YUO are the one acting suspicious and subversive, you need to have the police called on you. You are ignorant, stupid, and full of buffoonery. You are an IMPOSTER among everyone who is not insane.

        • Moe Lester,

          Can you please make an effort to translate that word vomit into English??? I don’t speak ‘retard’.

    • Nah, he’s not a head-job/programmed sleeper agent. Head-jobs are programmed to kill themselves when they’re done. Keeps them from being found out during a court-ordered psych evaluation. This was just a “Hotsy-totsy, I’m a notzee” type that is proliferating in this country.

  23. Mass shooters are not mass shooters, nor is any other type of violent criminal, because they had a firearm or could get a firearm or because firearms exist. They are what they are because they have adverse mental health issues and would eventually act upon their impulses anyway with or without a firearm.

    Every “mass shooter” examined from a mental health aspect in the last 30 years were found to have very deep seated adverse mental health issues that gave them the impulse, “told them to do it”, drove them, to carry out their crime. Like people who commit suicide, its an overwhelming drive and impulse that is present in every moment of the persons life and grows stronger as time goes on and that is not going to go away and they will eventually act upon it in some way.

    Gun control, gun prohibition signs, ‘gun free zones’, ‘moral prohibitions’, ‘society disdain and prohibition’, does nothing to stop this. Its a fools errand to think mental health disorders can be solved by a law or policy or procedure or ‘ban’ or restriction on the tools used to carry out the ‘desires’ of this driving and overwhelming impulse and force.

    The less barriers there are to stop them when the drive and impulse finally gets strong enough the more likely they are to inflict violence upon those they target.

    They say we can’t predict the future, but in many ways the future can be prepared for. Sometimes the measures we take to prepare for the future are not enough or fail, that’s a fact. But its better to prepare and at least have a chance than not have any chance at all to survive a future event. For example, we pay for health, home owners, car insurance to help us survive or recover from a future event and we pay for life insurance to help our loved ones after we pass away. You can’t buy ‘mass shooter’ or ‘mass murderer’ or criminal insurance that keeps a violent act from targeting you or your family members or those around you, insurances like law enforcement don’t take effect until after the event happens or begins.

    But you can have the ‘insurance’ of defense capability that is right there in those few precious seconds you may have that gives you a chance and provides a barrier to stop that ‘mass shooter’ or ‘mass murderer’ or criminal from inflicting their violence upon you or others. That ‘insurance’ of defense may not stop all of it all the time but it can stop some or all of it all the time if its successfully employed and is overwhelming. This is shown around the country almost 8,000 times daily when normal everyday law abiding armed citizens repel violent criminal acts.

    Whats the name of this ready-on-the-spot ‘insurance’ of defense? There are lots of this type of ‘insurance’ – look for names like “Glock” or “Colt” or “Modern Sporting Rifle” or “shotgun” or any of a thousand more similar ‘purpose’ things called ‘firearms’. Get it, get trained, be prepared and if and when the time comes do not be shy about showing you have this ‘insurance’ of defense that will be successfully employed and is overwhelming and will stand a better chance to stop that bad guys mental health driving and overwhelming impulse physical manifestation to violently harm you or others. You can pay for this ‘insurance’ of defense now and have a chance aside from luck of the bad guy missing or deciding to leave or ignore you or you having a way out, or go without it and have no chance at all that you control when you have no other way out.

    Why we carry? Its not really because we can but rather its because we need to. And we need to because if and when the time comes that the bad guy thinks it “eases them” to know “that any legally armed civilian was limited to 10 round magazines or cucked firearms” or does not exist in the area because legally armed civilians try to obey the law of prohibitions on firearms or law abiding civilians can’t carry a firearm due to prohibitions – we need to carry because the only way out, the only chance to stop that bad guy overwhelming violent drive and impulse, in those few seconds we might have sometimes in an eye blink of time, might be that we are carrying.

    Get armed, get trained, be prepared.

    • “The less barriers there are to stop them when the drive and impulse finally gets strong enough the more likely they are to inflict violence upon those they target.”

      Correct! And age restrictions, universal background checks, classroom instruction and proficiency testing requirements are all barriers that make it less likely they will have lethal weapons with which to carry out their insanity.

      • “Good Lord, the lack of self-awareness is breathtaking.”

        “Do you actually have evidence to support this claim or is this just baseless speculation?”

      • Correct! And age restrictions, universal background checks, classroom instruction and proficiency testing requirements are all barriers that make it less likely they will have ballots lethal weapons with which to carry out their insanity.

        See, your ideas will work for voting reform as well.

      • You are overlooking the fact that we will not obey any more gun laws. When we don’t, will you be in the stack?

        • “we will not obey any more gun laws“

          A position you share with every mass shooter, simpatico!

        • MajorStupidity,

          And every urban gangbanger, so does that make him one of your homies?? It’s your idiot, Leftist/fascist do-gooders that are all about “bail reform” and “eliminating cash bail” and “criminal justice reform” (read: “let felons go”), and let KNOWN multiple felons out in a revolving door parody of “justice”. E. S. A. D., MajorStupidity.

      • No miner, they aren’t. Those have nothing to do with when the violence actually comes. All those do is further regulate the law abiding, they do nothing to regulate the criminal. As usual, like all gun control advocates, you blame the law abiding and offer nothing.

    • I am okay with the castration, not okay with him dying and getting out that easy. Throw him in a prison wing of convicted sexual predator, if they are black then that is just additional karma. Tell them it is open season as long as they DONT kill him.

    • You might be more right than you know. It’s entirely possible that this fool is self-castrated as a result of CRT and other assorted twisted sexual insanity being taught in schools to kids. While some people resort to suicide over all of it, there are some that just act out the bs they were forced into by doing things like this. Schools have become a very dangerous place for many kids.

  24. The “manifesto” has been scrubbed from the ‘net. Rumor says that it was a fake to begin with.

    Who said that maybe the “48-hour rule” should be employed?

    Ah, yes — that was me.

    • I believe in the 48 hour rule. Speculation and bias are immediate and the truth is often not known until the facts are sorted out.

      • What’s fascinating about this case is how all of the details line up with preconceived notions about guns, politics, emotional responses … an 18-year-old using words such as “quixotic” and “warfighter” in his rant … when usually we don’t find out the extent of such intricate details on other incidents — if we ever do.

        The unfortunate thing is — and this could be intentional — that the narrative has now been set, nearly in stone. No matter what evidence is uncovered from here on, a large number of sheep are gonna believe the initial falsehoods. You know — “hands up, don’t shoot” and the like.

        I have a screenshot of a tweet, showing that large parts of the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto were directly copied and pasted into the Buffalo shooter’s. And now you can’t even find the complete manifesto on the ‘net — the link at Citizen Free Press is dead.

        I’ve successfully resisted the urge for decades … but I’m now considering being fitted for a chapeau made from aluminum foil. Does anyone have tips on sizing, liner materials, or care and cleaning after extended use?

        • Depends on what you are trying to block. Specifically RF or maybe electromagnetic waves as well? Aluminum foil while fine for frequencies below 1 Gig it does not have the same RF blockage as copper at higher frequencies. Galvanized materials and fine meshes of some alloys provided better RF protection at frequencies above 1 Gig. Meshes must have a ratio of 4 to 1 to provide a waveguide beyond cutoff effect. If electromagnetic protection is also a consideration, M36 steel is lighter and provides better protection than standard steel. If you have 1/4 inch layers of M36, it provides the same electromagnetic protection of 3/4 in plate steel while also providing RF protection at frequencies well above 5 gig if the seams are properly overlapped or fastened to allow a RF tight seal.

          Care is to keep the material dry. Maintenance is periodically cleaning the seams, and retightening them in a schedule based on use and the environment you are in.

        • I’d recommend a full coverage mu-metal topper, eBay has mu-metal available in various sizes and thickness.

          That’s the only material that has high enough permeability to reliably block the ultra low frequency Tesla magnetic waves.

        • “…some kaiser broiler foil and a pair of blunt scissors.” -fl. leach and eddie.

  25. I would like to see a fMRI done on his brain. Compare the images wth other known actors and see what areas of the brain are being used and if they are matches. Also what ae their medication histories and usage of other drugs and what areas of the brain are triggered by those drugs. Is there correlation with brain activity?

  26. YES! Maintain his anonymity…he may be MAGA. Or some powerful MAGA’s son.
    He chose NY ’cause he is criminally insane.

    • Yet the first person (maybe the first two people) that he killed was white.

      How does that fit?

      • Racism, or the attention-getting aspect of it, was secondary to the goal of increasing the body count.

      • “How does that fit?“

        Just like the Asian hating massage parlor religionista killer, sometimes they gotta kill a few of their own particular sort to avoid being stopped. The way they see it, these people are just race traitors anyway.

  27. Ar15 and blatantly racist shooter. The left knows that they have failed to remove Ar15 with all other means. Now they are pushing this in hopes that people will abandon their “assault rifles” because “if you own one or support owning one then you are a racist”. I would not be surprised if you start hearing “news” stories of protesters standing outside gun stores until someone walks out with a newly bought ar15 and then follow them home to protest outside, just like the justices house.

  28. The ten round magazine part is true, but this area is not exactly gun free . Our daughter lives a short distance from the store, she has her CCW, same as our other daughter and of course my wife and I .

    Most guys I know in and around Buffalo have them and many carry everyday . Oh we’re not a gun owners haven, but it’s also not like many believe it to be .

    • But I think it is a common misconception, even in the gun community, that New York, New Jersey, California, and Illinois have some of the more restricted gun laws. No reason to believe an unhinged individual wouldn’t believe that and take the path of least resistance.

    • “Most guys I know in and around Buffalo have them and many carry everyday . Oh we’re not a gun owners haven, but it’s also not like many believe it to be“

      Oh man, you’re ruining the whole New York state all socialists, no freedom evil empire narrative, didn’t you get the memo?

  29. The idiot also claimed in his copy and paste manifesto, “”… a populist. But you can call me an ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist if you want.”
    Whatever the heck that means.
    With the exception of a few far right, racist groups, no one in their right mind would look at this idiot as some kind of hero, or that he represents some political ideology.
    He is just a racist arsehole.
    Dang shame the LEOs talked him down.

  30. This moron purchased his guns legally. Sounds like he was a racist a-hole. However show me any gun law that would have prevented this? Right, not one more law will stop criminals. Thats why they are criminals. 10 round mag restrictions? Stupid, this makes the weapon easier to handle and mag dump and reload is even faster with practice, a 10 round mag reload can be accomplished in less that 2 second.

    • A gun law that might have prevented this would be one that greatly restricts sales of these particular rifles. Then again, he might have just resorted to using a different gun to carry out his attack.

      • Contrary to media, An AR-15 is not an “Assault rifle”. What is surprising is how in inept the shooter was. He only killed 10. The same could have been done with a revolver. While I obviously do not condone this evil conduct No law would have prevented this! What is truly amazing is that this dominates the news cycle, however in the last 24 hours, three times that many have been killed from distracted driving using their cell phone. Why doesn’t anyone care about that?

        • Correct, it is not an assault rifle. Yet, it is undeniable, that semi-auto rifles seem to be the go-to weapon when it comes to high-profile mass shootings in the US. That isn’t just a quirk, there is a reason behind it. You’re right though, a perp could carry out a mass shooting with a pistol or two. Back to your point though, it is hard to say, with any level of certainty, that no law could have prevented this since that is an unknowable thing. If this guy would have been pulled over before he got to the market and the cops found his body armor, guns and a manifesto, they might have been able to arrest him on a number of different charges and stopped this situation from even happening. That would be an example of a law stopping this shooting. Lots of laws could have potentially stopped this shooting.

        • Sun —

          But you’re not making the argument that we need more gun laws, or that any gun law in effect now would have prevented this incident?

          ” … a perp could carry out a mass shooting with a pistol or two.”

          Virginia Tech shooting, April 2007.

  31. If this is actually the shooter’s manifesto, it is clear the primary reason he chose his target was because of the high density of black residences. The perp lives in New York and is said to have driven 200 miles to get to his target. He, obviously, didn’t chose his target because it was a Gun Free Zone. He states that he was possibly expecting return fire from a firearm with less than 10 rounds. According to news articles, the grocery store had an armed security officer (retired LEO) that engaged and was taken out. If this mass shooter was looking for a Gun Free Zone to shoot up, with no armed security, he probably wouldn’t have had to drive 200 miles in New York state to find one. I find quote in this article to be a little dubious. Then again, most mass shooters probably have a few screws loose and so their reasoning does not always make sense. They still don’t know why the Las Vegas massacre shooter did what he did.

    • Sun —

      Only one commenter stated that the attack took place in a “gun free zone.”

      Although most shootings do.

      • Alien –
        Thanks for the reply. Over the last 10+ years, I’ve run into countless folks that say/believe that most mass shootings happen in / because of Gun Free Zones. Simply not true. In all the research I’ve done, I do not recall one mass shooter (that lived) who stated his primary reason for picking his target was because it was a Gun Free Zone. People often bring up the Aurora, Colorado shooter when I mention this but he never (to my knowledge) stated he picked that particular theater because it was a Gun Free Zone. That was the speculation, though. Can you think of any mass shooters who stated they picked their target specifically because it was a Gun Free Zone?

        • Sun —

          As most shooters end up dead by their own hand or from law enforcement intervention without leaving behind a detailed manifesto, we have to look at other clues.

          The Aurora shooter passed by several theatres that were showing the same film while driving a considerable distance to the place where he committed his crimes. Why didn’t he choose one that was much closer?

          Similarly, you wouldn’t dispute that the majority of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones, would you? Would it be logical to conclude that the crime scenes were chosen because the shooter considered that he would meet no resistance from an armed opponent, among other reasons?

          I had referred to the Va Tech shooter previously. He knew that his schoolmates and teachers were prohibited from arming themselves, and further he chained doors shut behind him to prevent the intervention of security or law enforcement. He may not have stated publicly that he chose the school because it was a gun-free zone, but it did factor into his strategy to maximize the carnage before he could be stopped.

  32. Among the dead was security guard Aaron Salter – a retired Buffalo police officer – who fired multiple shots at Gendron, Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said Saturday. A bullet hit the gunman’s armor, but had no effect. Gendron then killed Salter, before hunting more victims.

    How many shots did the guard fire? Only one struck the shooter? It seems to me that even a single 9mm round striking body armor would hurt like hell, possibly knocking down the shooter.

    Will we be able to see a photo of the body armor and evidence of the impact? I’m betting that we won’t.

    • I should have put quotation marks around the first paragraph of that last post. I sourced it from the UK Daily Mail.

    • It’s worth noting that there were no permit holders carrying guns within the general public that served as backup to continue firing at him once the guards shot failed. This was part of my initial response to this incident. This could have been quickly and relatively easily stopped if just a few more people there were armed. Lives could have been saved.

      • Gear selector (SWIDT?) — 🙂

        I thought of Jack Wilson stopping the Texas church shooter. Several parishioners were preparing to draw when Wilson made his incredible shot.

        • Jack Wilson wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill CCW carrier. He was a security volunteer and former reserve sheriff who was also a long-time owner of a shooting academy. Most CCW owners, unless they were active military or LEOs, probably have very little (if any) training to deal with active shooters in a public setting and might actually do more harm than good trying to shoot it out with them.

        • Sun —

          Wilson did indeed have an exceptional background that served him well when he was called upon to defend his fellow parishioners.

          He was the head of the volunteer church security team and trained its members. One of the two people who were killed by the shooter was also a team member and can be seen reaching for his weapon as he was shot.

          “Most CCW owners, unless they were active military or LEOs, probably have very little (if any) training to deal with active shooters in a public setting and might actually do more harm than good trying to shoot it out with them.”

          Can you cite any cases where that situation played out? You aren’t making the case that CCW owners should not involve themselves in an active shooter situation unless they’ve received a high level of training, are you?

          Recall that many situations where an armed miscreant threatens others are defused by the defender merely displaying his weapon; many end when the perp offs himself when confronted by an armed opponent such as law enforcement.

        • @Sun Kim
          Having LEO experience and all that may or may not mean much of anything. Most cops are not gun-guys. Some are though. The average citizen out there may or may not be better with their gun than the average cop. This is the reason why it’s so very important to get training and spend time at the range. A license/permit to carry is NOT training. The idea is to be able to properly handle situations like that church shooting. More people need to be in that space. If more people were there then these mass shootings would be less of an issue in general. Jack Wilson is/was there and was was ready, willing, and able.

        • The problem I have with the church shooting that Jack Wilson ended was that they knew the shooter. And had seen him in the foyer with a trench coat and a wig and didn’t do anything at that time. In my church, they would have dealt with him in the foyer. And if there had been a shooting it would have been in the foyer and the bad guy would have been dead before he got his gun out.

        • Sun Kim,

          Yeah, you gun-grabbing fascists trot that inane argument out every time there’s a shooting – and, yet, SOMEHOW, the “good guy with a gun” manages to shut down a fair number of these “active shooter” situations. Don’t know about YOU, chief, but I go to the range, and do tactical training, regularly.

          Your Leftist/fascist POV makes you sound an awful lot like someone who doesn’t own a gun, and never trained with one. Don’t project your inadequacies onto the rest of us.

  33. This is why we need a nationwide ban on all semi automatic guns and high capacity magazines, anything that can hold more than seven bullets at a time like the commonsense gun law NY tried to get through but then gun fetishists cried. Police around the country should go door to door and collect everyone’s high capacity magazines and government will offer tax refunds equivalent to the value of their semi automatic guns. Why do you want some lunatic with the ability to have a gun that shoots AS FAST AS HE CAN TWITCH HIS FINGER and hail never ending bullets at innocent people? Just like Nikolas Cruz did?

    You can still get to keep your pump shotguns at home if you’re scared at night. Second amendment doesn’t say you get to have any gun in existence and did semi automatic guns even exist when Washington lived? Hell no.

    • Written by someone whom obviously thinks that the internet existed at the time of signing…. that asshole Hancock figured out how to change the typeface sizing on Zoom !!

    • This is why we need more responsible CCW citizens.
      You cannot legislate crazy or morality as some think they can.

      That so-called common sense NY gun law, was so poorly written they forgot to exclude LEOs, and the movie industry from the firearms magazine restrictions.

    • IF you succeed in banning this, any, and all guns then that STILL does NOT stop killers from killing. Why such a simple thing escapes you is quite telling.

  34. We also need to ban civilian ownership of body armor vests. Cops need to be able to kill armed mass shooters more easily. Connecticut is doing the right thing by prohibiting online body armor sellers from selling it to civilians. The whole country needs to ban body armor in the hands of civilians.


  36. I finished reading “teh manifesto” this morning over coffee. My professional opinion (worth every penny you paid for it) is that this document was not authored by a single individual. I made that statement upthread, and I stand by it. Here’s the outline summary:
    – White birth rates need to increase
    – Unrestricted immigration leads to ethnic/cultural replacement and white genocide
    – My name is Peyton Gendron; I took a Myers-Briggs test; I am INTJ
    – pp 4-13 are Q&A for the media and the dullards
    – pp 14-23 Blacks are “teh evil,” are sub-human, and should stay in Africa where they belong
    – pp 24-53 Jews are “teh evil,” are sub-human, and should stay in not-White-countries
    – pp 53-55 East Asians, Arabs, and Turks are “teh evil” and should stay in their respective countries
    – p 55 Everyone has a place on the planet, just stay there
    – pp 55-57 Rant about cryptocurrencies being “teh evil”
    – pp 57-157 Book report on his gear, complete with product links, reviews, prices, and recommended retailers
    – p 157 Message to Conservatives: “You suck”
    – p 158 Message to Leftists: “You suck, too”
    – pp 158-179 Various Thoughts
    — European men are to blame because they failed to be strong
    — Invaders will rape all European women
    — Diversity is weakness
    — Radicalization is weakness
    — Stop watching pr0n
    — Don’t give up your guns
    — The future is a Green one; environmentalism is key
    — Kill George Soros, Erdogan, Sadiq Kkan
    — Diversity is weakness (it’s important enough to say twice)
    — Fight to the death
    — Kill your local anti-White CEO
    — Kill you local drug dealer
    — Kill the invaders, retake Europe (yes, Europe)
    — Accept death, embrace infamy, achieve victory
    — Have lots of babies (White babies)
    — NGOs are traitor organizations
    — Europe must maintain ethnic purity
    — Victory, victory, victory
    — The USA’s “melting pot” is a cultural disaster, and foreshadows the future of Europe
    — Taxes are theft
    – p 180 Conclusion: “Fight, die, victory, see y’all in Valhalla”

  37. Reading the document, it’s pretty clear which are the other-peoples’ manifestos, and which items were penned by an 18-year-old. To wit:
    >> This crisis of mass immigration and sub-replacement fertility is an assault on the European people that, if not combated, will ultimately result in the complete racial and cultural replacement of the European people.
    >> -At home I will pick up all my gear and put it in an industrial trash bag, then I will put this bag in a laundry basket and place it on the floor in front of the passenger seat. I will put the three guns (two of them have carriers) behind my seat with a blanket over them to cover it from outsiders. I will also have discord at my house running a live recording of my twitch account.
    -I eat a large portion of corn beef hash for breakfast
    -I will leave my house at 7:30 and travel to Buffalo in regular clothing, should arrive just before 12:00
    -At 12:00 I will go inside the store for the second to last time and make sure everything is as expected
    -I will follow my planned course of action and make sure I know exactly where to go between 12:00 and 2:45. I will also get some food at McDonalds.

  38. I Don’t give a rat’s ass about the NY shooters politics. Nor do I give a damn what weapon he chose to use.
    You have a person who somehow rationalized the irrational. You have a person who decided that killing people was somehow a good idea, and may somehow promote his political, or ideological beliefs. What does concern me is the foolish idea that some ban on a particular firearm, or the size of magazine, or some age limit or other regulation, restriction, or ban will somehow prevent the next idiot from doing the same thing.
    Murder has been illegal for a very long time. If the criminals don’t obey that prohibition, what makes anyone believe making killing their fellow human just a little more illegal is going to stop it from happening?
    The weapon or tool used to commit the violent act is completely irrelevant. This punk could have just as easily used a couple gallons of gasoline and a match. Or drove a large vehicle through a crowd. or cooked up some sort of improvised explosive or poison.
    As always, while the disarmament crowd crows about the weapon used, they ignore the fact that there was a human holding it. Deal with the person committing the crime. And make damn sure he can never do such a thing again. And make sure anyone who may decide they want to do something similar understands they will be caught, and punishment will be swift and severe. Make the next person who might commit such an act question if it is really worth what it will cost them if they do.

  39. King Dribblecup will be visiting Buffalo tomorrow to spew the talking points directly from The Democrats’ Manifesto. With Raggedy Ann Psaki freshly departed from the administration, this will be a great opportunity to get a feeling of her replacement’s interpretive skills.

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