Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau (AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali, Pool)
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s gun control agenda isn’t going as planned, yet he is already doubling down. His latest gun grab move is a ban on another entire class of firearms.

Calling it a “last resort,” Prime Minister Trudeau wants to ban all handguns in his country.

That’s right – handguns. “There is a robust debate about taking action [on handguns] from coast-to-coast,” a Canadian government insider said.

Just like in the United States, new gun control on law-abiding citizens won’t solve Canada’s crime crisis. Prime Minister Trudeau, however, is taking civilian disarmament to the next level.


This won’t be the first gun grab Prime Minister Trudeau has tried but would be the most extreme. During the announcement of his taxpayer-funded modern sporting rifle (MSR) confiscation, he forecasted this was coming.

“We know there is more to do on strengthening gun control in this country which is why we’re going to measures around safe storage,” Prime Minister Trudeau said. “Measures around handguns to permit municipalities to ban handguns within their city limits.”

Canada prime minister justin trudeau
(AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

Legislation introduced in the Canadian Parliament’s last session would have allowed Canadian municipalities the option of enacting their own local laws to ban handguns, as well as implement a myriad of other antigun measures. That included creating a “red flag” law enforcement patrol to remove firearms from people deemed to pose a danger to the public – without any due process protections like in the United States. Fortunately, that bill died without serious consideration.

Now, the restriction has been resuscitated and the handgun ban bill is likely to come back and give big city provincial governments the ability to impose them. Similar to major U.S. cities where strict gun control is common and crime is rampant, major Canadian provinces like Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto approve of the handgun bans while rural provinces like Ontario and Quebec shun them.

Ontario’s Liberal leader Stephen Del Duca campaigned on the handgun ban, stating he’ll introduce a handgun ban as well as strict requirements for firearm storage and transportation. Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford scoffed at the idea. He complained about soft-on-crime prosecutors and said he’s focused on funding police and law enforcement efforts to combat criminals, saying 80 percent of the firearms used in crimes there are obtained illegally and half of deaths attributed to firearms are gang-related.

Canadians recognize the ruse as well. Banning handguns and allowing different municipalities the ability institute a patchwork of different laws is problematic. Matt DeMille of Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, told the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, “Adopting measures across the province in a patchwork is going to be very difficult for people to understand.” Public safety critic Shannon Stubbs added, “This part of the bill doesn’t address the major problem, which is the illicit use of illegal guns in crime.”

Billion Dollar Bungle

Canadians have known for a while that Prime Minister Trudeau was coming for their handguns. The prime minister announced two years ago that Canada would institute a mandatory taxpayer-funded gun “buyback” that would include, “over 1,500 models and variants” of so called “assault-style” firearms. Prime Minister Trudeau’s unilateral action – not a law passed by the Canadian Parliament – called for a two-year amnesty period, during which law-abiding gun owners would be compensated for forfeiting their privately-purchased firearms. That would include approximately 200,000 firearms.

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau (AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali, Pool)

At that time, Prime Minister Trudeau attempted to sell his order as a $250 million national “buyback,” paying Canadians with taxpayer funds for the firearms they already legally purchased with their own money. Previous similar Canadian government gun grab attempts, however, put the price tag closer to $600 million, and doubters admitted the real cost could be closer to $2.7 billion. The deadlines have been punted and delayed, with only a fraction of a percent of Canadians obliging. In fact, The Reload reported on the program’s bloated cost and ineffective rollout.

“Gun owners have been hesitant to turn in their newly prohibited firearms, and Canadian gun rights groups have mobilized against the confiscation plan,” Stephen Gutowski reported. “The announcement is another setback in the Canadian government’s confiscation effort. Its plan to collect the affected weapons has been rife with problems since it was announced.”

Canadian Canary

Prime Minister Trudeau’s handgun ban ambitions are a Canadian canary in a coal mine. Here at home, President Joe Biden has tiptoed around the idea, alluding to a handgun ban in his wider, broader gun control agenda remarks.

President Biden said a handgun – illegally stolen and used by a criminal to commit murder – was a “weapon of war” when he spoke at a gun control press conference with Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland. “But I don’t see any rationale to why there should be such a weapon able to be purchased,” President Biden said. “It doesn’t violate anybody’s Second Amendment rights to deny that.”

Except it does.

It may be Prime Minister Trudeau pushing a ban on handguns now, but with the gun control agenda publicly repeated again and again by President Biden, Americans should take him at his word when he says he is coming for their guns.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Bites at the apple until the goal is achieved.

    The fact that this guy still runs Canada doesn’t reflect well on our Northern neighbor. I’m not saying we’re any better, just noting.

    • One of my favorite movies is the Lincoln Lawyer circa 2011. At the end of the movie a bunch of bikers beat the living crap out of a spoiled brat dirtbag who by all accounts could have been a relative of the pompous spoiled brat dirtbag justin trudeau.

    • “Bites at the apple until the goal is achieved.”

      A Leftist Scum ™ political concept known as ‘Nudge”…

    • You’re not. We both/all suck equally. In fact, it’s global. Has been for some time now.

  2. Worry not Canadians, all the police and his security services will still be armed.

  3. I certainly share his opposition to Trudeau’s policies, but the author should consider reading a book before showing his @$$ like this

    major Canadian provinces like Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto . . . rural provinces like Ontario and Quebec

    With doofi like this on “our side”, who needs the antis?

  4. He wants the Canadian government to “buy back” something it has never owned. Good luck. Also it’s a good thing he’s not in U.S. we have a lot more than “200,000 firearms” , about 400 million more…..what a moron.

  5. Castro jr is trying lets see if anyone else responds like they did to his assault weapon ban.

    • Off Topic, But :
      He bears absolutely no resemblance to his supposed father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.
      Sort of like POTUS 44. (Google Frank Marshall Davis)

  6. Come and take it pretty boy. I bet I can hit that beak from 200 yds with iron sights! Why u want my name and email every time I comment what’s the damn box for

        • Rider,

          “manchild”. With respect to the first syllable, my comment would be “objection, Counselor, assumes facts not in evidence”. I would call “him” a Leftist/fascist wanker, but “he” may very well flick “his” bean, rather than engage in onanism. The Leftist/fascist part is objectively true.

  7. Evil never rests. Eventually, Canadians will just get tired of all the threats, and accept the inevitable so they can go on with their lives. Pretty much like all people suspicious of government.

    One of the big takeaways from the 2022 elections will be the fact that Republicrats on the whole, will not shore-up RTKBA, or repeal a single gun control law.

    No, the US will not go out with a bang, but a quiet whisper.

    • Apparently you have no idea what you are talking about. First around 25 or more states have approved Constitutional Carry which means you don’t need a license to open or conceal and carry. Second, most every gun control law that has gone to the courts has been overturned in recent years.There are more states today with reciprocity for conceal and carry than any time in modern history. There are more gun owners now than any time in history including a tremendous increase in women who now own firearms. Just check the FBI NICS stats for the last few years. A number of years ago both NY and CT tried to institute a AR15 weapons registration. In CT they estimated that 85% of the owners did not register their firearms and 95% in NY. Both heads of the State Police told their Governors they would only enforce non compliance if they found it while investigating another issue. In NJ they passed a large capacity magazine ban and people were given a due date to turn them in. The head of the State Patrol said if they didn’t turn them in they would go door to door to collect them. When the due date arrive no one had turned in any magazines. The head of the State Patrol said they would NOT go door to door. The reason these folks backed off was because they knew officers would be killed in the process of trying to go door to door collecting weapons. I had two friends who were police officers and I asked them separately what they would do if they were ordered to go door to door to collect firearms. One said he would call in sick and the other said a good many officers would be shot. Don’t confuse Canada with the USA. The reason for many of the Amendments to our Constitution were added was to prevent these very abuses of a dictatorial government. So before you go making assumptions about what we in this Country will or will not do you better be aware of what is going on and the pulse of the people which is not to yield to gun grabbers.

      • “First around 25 or more states have approved Constitutional Carry”

        Mere legislation, subject to whoever has the political power of the moment. If the US Constitution cannot prevent infringement of the Second Amendment, depending on state-level legislation to protect RTKBA is just foolhardy. Just as courts and legislatures found their way around the federal constitution, so they will successfully evade state legislation.

        “There are more gun owners now than any time in history…”

        How, exactly, does simple ownership translate into defense of the Second Amendment? Look around. The latest claims are that the US has over 400million guns in private hands, and over 300million private gun owners. If all these masses of gun owners were 2A defenders, there would be no need for “constitutional carry” at the state level (or national level, for that matter).

        So before you go making assumptions about what we in this Country will or will not do you better be aware of what is going on and the pulse of the people which is not to yield to gun grabbers.

        I take my cues from the public response to Waco, Ruby Ridge, Bundy 1 and 2. Also pertinent, 2A is not a single-issue matter for an overwhelming number of voters. Do you not see that if offered complete abortion ban, but further restrictions on RTKBA, millions would be morally bound to vote for abortion ban, at the expense of more infringement on the Second Amendment? Blogs are not truly the state of the union. It is curious that you ignore the 300million gun owners who cannot seem to stop all the infringements on the Second Amendment. “Constitutional Carry” wins are like Cinco de Mayo; a national celebration of a single victory in a single battle, in the midst of a war lost.

        • “If the US Constitution cannot prevent infringement of the Second Amendment, depending on state-level legislation to protect RTKBA is just foolhardy.”

          The NYR@P SCotUS case in the very near future will declare the right to carry armed out in public to be a bona-fide civil Right, and it was done because President Trump seated 3 conservative high court justices…

        • ““Constitutional Carry” wins are like Cinco de Mayo; a national celebration of a single victory in a single battle, in the midst of a war lost.”

          Based. As fuck.

    • Sam,

      I heartily agree that the Republican PARTY will do diddly squat to protect the 2A and the INHERENT right to self-defense. The BEST of the Republicans are useless, power-hungry rent-seekers – but they are still better than the Leftist/fascist Dimocrats. The GOPe will, as usual, talk tough, and do absolutely nothing of value. I do not believe, however, that most American CITIZENS are prepared to bend over and grab their ankles for further encroachments on our rights. I could be wrong (I hope not), but that is my sincere belief. We got an object lesson in 2020 of what happens to people who are unarmed and/or unwilling to defend themselves and their property. I don’t believe many of us are willing to experience a repeat. I know I am not.

      • “I do not believe, however, that most American CITIZENS are prepared to bend over and grab their ankles for further encroachments on our rights.”

        Given that refusing to vote against tyranny only strengthens tranny, between Dims, Republicrats, and everyone else, gotta vote Republicrat. However….

        McConnell already announced that the Republicrats will put forth no agenda in the Senate if the Repubs take control. No agenda means no vision. Without a vision, the people perish.

        As to the general population, gotta be aware of what is happening outside/beyond the Second Amendment. Dims attack all along the line, simultaneously, and unceasingly. Repubs cannot defend everywhere, simultaneously, and unceasingly. Dims win if they only win once. Repubs lose if they only lose once. “Evil” never rests; “Good” can only defend.

        It took us at least 70yrs to get where we are. The situation cannot be reversed in a few weeks. We don’t see a super majority of Repubs bent on immediately turning back 70ys of social depravity.

        • Yep. That’s why it’s important to promote BoR culture, especially in urban areas. And that applies to all our rights, not just 2A.

      • “I heartily agree that the Republican PARTY will do diddly squat to protect the 2A and the INHERENT right to self-defense.”

        Republican Mitch McConnell shepherded 3 conservative Supreme Court justices to seats on the bench.

        Will you still be making the same claim in a few days to weeks, when New York city and San Fransisco will be forced to issue carry permits?

        • Geoff…..

          “Shall Issue” does not mean granting permits to carry anywhere, anytime, for any reason. The Californication governor, similar to the NY governor, already declared a package of location restrictions (“sensitive places”) is ready to be released to the legislature if the SC mandates “shall issue” everywhere in the nation. The Dims are banking that the SC will not attempt to define “sensitive places” nationally, leaving such designations up to the states. How can this be? Who can better judge where “sensitive places” exist, states or the SC? Attempting to make a national definition would result an an avalanche of cases looking for cert before the SC.

        • Geoff,

          First, my position is based on YEARS of abject failure by the Republocrat Party. Mitch the B*tch being the obvious example. When last the Repubs controlled the House, Senate AND the White House (not all that long ago), did we get ANY progress on “shall issue”, Hearing Protection Act, concealed carry reciprocity, or reining in the over-the-top unconstitutional “lawmaking” of the rogue ATF??? No we did not.

          IF SCOTUS renders a meaningful decision in NYSRPA (which DEFINITELY remains to be seen), that will be good . . . but means literally nothing as to the Republican Party.

          Yes, the Republicans are SLIGHTLY better than the Dimocrats re: 2A . . . but ONLY slightly. I’ll be happy to see the ruling, IF we get it, but I’d rather have a party that actually FIGHTS for my inherent rights.


        • “did we get ANY progress on “shall issue”, Hearing Protection Act, concealed carry reciprocity, or reining in the over-the-top unconstitutional “lawmaking” of the rogue ATF??? No we did not.”

          52 votes is not the 60 votes needed to pass…

        • “52 votes is not the 60 votes needed to pass. . . ”

          Geoff, they didn’t even TRY. If they’d proposed meaningful legislation to address the YEARS of creeping infringements on the RKBA, fought “the good fight”, and been defeated by a Dimocrat filibuster?? Good on them; they at least tried. But they didn’t. AT LEAST we could have gotten into the Congressional Record the names of those willing to fight for our rights (and those willing to ignore them). The GOP is the definition of “give up without a fight”. The Dims are the definition of “we never met a right we weren’t willing to infringe”.

          I acknowledged that the Republicans are SLIGHTLY better on 2A than the Dimocrats, but they are NOT the brave defenders you seem to think they are. And IF NYSRPA comes down the way we hope it does (NOT a forgone conclusion, by any means), Mitch and co. certainly don’t deserve the credit. Yeah, Mitch got some judges confirmed, and that’s maybe the ONLY thing I give him credit for. But he could have done a lot more – and made literally no effort. Sorry, when it comes to politicians, of EITHER party, I’m a realist (you may call it being a cynic) – they have one goal, and one goal only. Get re-elected, so they can keep sucking off the public teat, and enriching themselves by various scams (like insider trading, and influence peddling), as long as possible.

  8. “…There is a robust debate about taking action [on handguns] from coast-to-coast…”

    That’s probably a very true statement. Politicians are well-versed in the art of verbal tap dancing. It’s presented to convince the reader that Canadians want to ban handguns. However, the very same statement would be fully applicable to the more likely reality that a ban is being suggested, and Canadians are “robustly” opposing it.

    Trudeau…wut a hoser, eh?

    • I have a Canadian fakebook friend who has some choice words for Castreux. I can’t share them. Trudon’t was barely reelected. If it’s possible he’s worse than Slow Joe n the Ho…

    • Ah yes, the verbal dancing of giving away some portion of other people’s rights while incurring zero consequences for yourself and in return getting something you don’t deserve.

      Truly, a more beautiful waltz has never been seen.

    • Haz, that robust debate they speak of is only happening between a half dozen of these career grifters and another half dozen other career grifters: our anti gun organizations, headed each and every one by a bitter harpy female. The robust opposition you speak of hasn’t really happened yet and frankly if they want it they will just issue yet another decree (our Order in Council they so easily abuse at zero dark thirty) and “make it so”. I don’t know what the hell is the matter with people; even a whisper of gun confiscation should be enough to make people drag them out of their hidey holes and put them in stocks for a month before setting them adrift in the middle of Lake Gitchygoomie in their fruit of the looms. In December. Instead we see “awww gee, do we really have to turn them in??”. Makes me wanna puke.

        • Rider,

          Hear! Hear!!

          TTAG seriously needs to pull its collective head out of its collective @$$, and either STOP moderating, or at least come up with some RATIONAL standards for moderation, and then apply them CONSISTENTLY. The current clusterf*** is simply insulting and annoying.

  9. Trudeau is like a Pepsi bottle — empty from the neck up. And based on his latest election results, Canucks just love him that way.

    “The government you elect is the government you deserve.”

    — Thomas Jefferson

    • “The government that defrauded its way into office is the government you don’t deserve.”

      – Haz The Sage

      • And the administration immediately preceding ‘Joe and the Ho’ was the government we deserved, and we will reap the rewards for decades, thanks to 3 Trump picks… 🙂

    • Ralph, hardly anyone voted for the idiot manchild. I would think you would know this, most especially by, as you say: “his election results”.

  10. This is the real tragedy. Colt added an extra 1/4″ to the new 4″ Python to make it legal up there. Some people you just can’t please.

    • Legal in what sense? It is certainly not in the sense that any Tom. Dick or Harry can just got out and buy one for sure> LIcensing conditions are pretty draqconian in Canada just as they are in the UK and a NEED to own has to be demonstrated Self Defence as far as I know is NOT a need erxcept for some specific special situtaions and for those special situations rigorous, Government sponsored training is required.

      • Albert Hall, the Subject, It seems you Leftists want to keep the population defenseless against your criminal buddies.
        I decide if I need to own a firearm and the type I want. Not some blasted bureaucrat with a stick up his butt.

      • “Legal in what sense?”

        Jimmy Mcnamalias explained it a few posts down:
        “Handguns with barrels less than 105 mm are already banned under existing Canadian laws.”

        So an American manufacturer, Colt, extended the standard 4-inch (101.6 mm) barrel by 1/4-inch (6.4 mm) to qualify the Python handgun for sale in the Canadian market.

        See? That wasn’t hard.

        Maybe you should educate yourself on Canadian law before popping off.

      • You guys don’t beat up on Prince Albert too badly. It’s not his fault he was left in his can so long it caused…issues. Remember, it’s impolite to ridicule the disabled.

      • Yeah, Albert the Subject, we’re WELL aware that your benevolent queen does not consider self-defense a right – PART of the reason we kicked your stupid @$$es to the curb in 1776. Go on and enjoy being a subject, and having ONLY those rights your monarch chooses to give you. If you are typical of the current population of the Sceptered Isle, you are all a bunch of pathetic, wanker losers. Enjoy your subjecthood, wanker.

  11. “…major Canadian provinces like Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto approve of the handgun bans while rural provinces like Ontario and Quebec shun them.”

    Major Provinces…eh. I’m guessing that Canadian news services confuse the Liberal cities with States just like their peers do in the USA. Last time I traveled to Canada I don’t believe the cities of Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto were major Provinces. The Canadian versions of our fly-over States are Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut and to a lesser degree, British Columbia…or what my Canadian friends like to say… 60% of the country (and the agricultural breadbasket of the nation).

    Somehow, I don’t believe that Rider / Shooter will comply with His Majesty’s unilateral decrees….the tragic boating accident on the Nechako Reservoir or Stuart Lake…ya know.

    • Montana, yeah, that was some single eyebrow raising verbiage (verbage, verbing, verbaging?) Mr Keane employed there. Hopefully just a typo within and around another typo. And no, sorry, I don’t have a boat nor will I be borrowing or renting one or even bumming a ride 😉. They know where I am and if it comes to that I know where a lot of them are as well. The bullshit has to end somewhere and I might not be the guy to make that happen but I’ll certainly be one of those guys trying to demonstrate the error of their ways to them. Count on it. Cheers. (Ha! your: “His Majesty” might have an even nicer ring to it than my: “the idiot manchild”!)

  12. While I’m on the subject. If Colt wanted to impress, they should introduce a 5″ Python.

    • That’s what your wife said Gadsden!

      Sadly she reports, you are also ineligible to be exported to Canada.

  13. They may have to adjust the vent rib to make it look correct, but I would take two.

        • beverly dear, you do their bidding just as everyone else seems to, when you’re not busy lying about your time (or even possibly the existence) of your years spent as a cop. When the litigation or the shooting starts and I see you standing beside me then you will be a Citizen, exactly as I am and would then also be. Deflate your chest you fool and put your head back where it usually resides.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck I see you still can’t wrote a complete sentence with proper punctuation, capitalization, etc. Are you really an example of the Canadian educational system? (sigh) Seems you just love to lie when you have been bested by someone with an American education. Does it make your sorry posterior feel any better?
          Who are you doing to sue now, Riderless/ShootOff Canuck? I see you as a subject of the Queen.

        • wally, the lower case letters when I type your name are every bit intentional. Other than that, Mr America, point out the errors and then look to your own fucked up comment for the real errors. Again. Still. As I said previously; dealing with you is like slapping around a child… shameful. But I can see I will have to truly put you in your place as you can neither ignore me (as you recently boasted) nor cease childishly calling me the liar. It’s coming your way, you meathead, don’t you worry.

  14. “ major Canadian provinces like Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto approve of the handgun bans while rural provinces like Ontario and Quebec shun them.”

    Boy, the author of this could really use a map

  15. Act surprised? Handguns with barrels less than 105 mm are already banned under existing Canadian laws. Detachable magazines are not welcome handgun accessories. Don’t try to own a 32 cal (or smaller) firearm either. So, the net effect is that Trudeau aims to ban long-barrel, heavy revolvers — essentially the only handguns left in Canada. The difference in nations? “Peace, order, and good government” vs “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”

    • Actually not so different; your career grifters just have a harder time implementing their benevolent tyranny than our career grifters. It all originates from English Common Law. And I have an even dozen semi auto handgunms™ with about a half dozen or more (1911s) mags for each one. That’s along with the big heavy revolvers, of course, and even the lighter, smaller ones. Jus sayin…

  16. What the hell has CANADIAN Law and custom got to do with American gun freaks . Canada DOES NOT HAVE a particular gun culture and very very few Canadians actually carry fiearms of any description . There is and never has been an ban of firearms in Canada or come to thatv the UK but licensing conditions are exceedingly strict and a ‘need to own’ has to be demonstrated,
    The attiytude towards firearms in Cabada goes right back to the formation of Canada under both FRench and E British administrations, There was for instance no comparison to the Wlid West and the Native population were subject to the same protection undewr the law as everyg body else. The Early British Administratiion set up a NATIONAL POLICING FORCE based upon a Force first raised by the HUDSION BAY COMPANY, The ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE that preceded the expansion West. There was no equivalent of the US Army of the West that was used in the goncide of the Native Amer4ican population. Though it is probably true to say bthewre were some very serious mis administrations of the Native Canadians by bothn the French and the British itr was never official Government policy. During the Franc-British wars to gain control of what is now Canada the Native population backed both sides along tribal lines When the USA tried to INVADE CANADA [it tries some dozen times and only OFFICIALLY gave up [ref CODE RED] in the mid 30’s it was Levies [native contacted militia men from the Native Canadians that contributed a great deal to kicking American arse ,

    Tens of thousands of US Native Americans crossed the border into Canada under the protection of the Royal Canadian Mounted P;olice [the Mounties] and the British Crown. I
    I repeat there is No Gun culture in Canada comparable to that of America and by far the majority of firearms in Canadian hands are purely workingt tools and NOT used for purposes of SELF DEFENCE.

    • What does Your Highness have to do with anything, or anyone on this site? Nothing. I forever and henceforth declare you irrelevant. Go away.

    • As usual, Albert the Subject, you are completely wrong, clueless, and have your head FIRMLY in rectal defilade. We aren’t asking for a voice in Canada’s stupid gun control laws, we’re merely commenting on the tragedy of MORE sorry subjects being deprived of their INHERENT RIGHT to self-defense. We are sympathizing with the FEW Canadians smart enough to see the road they are being herded down, commenting on the stupidity of it, and wishing them well – while mocking their “leader” for the efeminate Nazi scumbag he so clearly is.

      Go back and be a subject; us free people will mock you, too. Loser.

  17. A patchwork of laws like that can only have one purpose: to harm people because there’s no way for someone to know what the laws are and thus obey them. It’s bad enough, but reasonable on a state level where a fundament human right is not being infringed. Subjecting a person’s basic human rights to authoritarian whim is abusive.

  18. Correction. Red Flag laws in the US do not provide due process. The Supreme Court ruled that law enforcement cannot enter your home without a duly executed warrant that specifies specifically what they are looking for and where in your house. Red Flag Laws only give you due process after they have taken your firearms. Someone files a complaint, they investigate without asking you your side of the story, a judge makes a decision and walla the swat team is at your door ready to break it down to take your firearms. Then after they take them you get to give your side of the story. So first and fourth amendments are thrown right out the window. Red Flag laws are unconstitutional and are a workaround getting warrants which are essentially a different process obtained in a different manner. Given today’s leftist governments, they don’t need yet another process that sidesteps the Constitution to violate your rights.

  19. 1. You Ban Hand Guns An Hand Ammo of Market too! There Will be Black; Market from Under world too! There will be Cargo Ships Bring In Guns from over Seas too. From Russian China India too! From Other Industrial Nations too! Remember the probation Liquor of the 1930″ by GANGSTERS thug’s criminals foreign criminals underworld TOO!! too! When The U.S.A . Ban Liquor Sales illegal Beer too! But it different Worked too! They were getting import from other Counties too!

    • David,

      Not just “industrial nations” either. I’m sure you’re aware that Pakistan, as well as a number of countries in Africa, have robust cottage industries of gun manufacture (the favorite, of course, being the AK, which was DESIGNED to be built by illiterate peasants with crude tools). Let them continue with their delusion. Just like Australia, non-compliance will exceed compliance, just like in the People’s Socialist Democratic Republics of KKKalifornia, New York, and New Jersey.

      As Leonidas said, “Come and take them!”.

  20. Sad but the Canadian government only believes guns are for hunting. I live near the border and have traveled throughout Canada for nearly 3 decades. Every single time I cross the border I’m asked if I have any firearms, when was the last time I had a firearm in my vehicle, blah blah blah… Once while taking my family to a youth hockey tournament in Alberta the customs officer actually asked how MANY firearms I owned in front of my wife. That’s like asking me how many chicks I fuc** in college in front of my wife! You should have seen the look on his face when my wife said he can’t count that high! Thank you James Madison for the Bill of Rights. I feel sorry for our northern neighbors and I have many Canadian born friends & teammates. I do remind them the difference between the USA & Canada (which has less people than California) is that we kicked the British out while the British left Canada on their own.

    • “Sad but the Canadian government only believes guns are for hunting.”

      A truly advanced society/nation, would outlaw hunting altogether. There are ample alternatives to meat-borne protein. Synthetic protein can be made to taste like gourmet hamburger. Not to mention Soylent Green.

      • NOPE !! Tried all those veggie burgers – blah !! Animals were provided to us to eat and wear .

        • “Animals were provided to us to eat and wear.”

          C’mon, man. Eating meat hearkens back to “those thrilling days of yesteryear”, which we abandoned over a century ago.

          Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and peanut butter and banana sandwiches are healthy foods, providing plenty of protein; no need to take a life for sustenance. We don’t need to wear animals, either. Natural fibers are plentiful, and renewable. Synthetic leather is even better than natural.

          We gotta get away from the justification of killing animals for protein. If we don’t, eventually the government will make Soylent Green mandatory, and the only legal food.

    • Don’t “misunderestimate” them; they are trying to take the guns they fear might best be used against them should it ever come to that. And they just might be making their own ‘fulfilling prophecy’ with their nonsense. Hunting is just their pandering excuse. And the British at the time, along with us and along with you guys, all had the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Or do you believe the concept originated with your version of the Bill of Rights? Our guys just decided not to write it down, that is the difference. But yes, probably an intentional ‘oversight’.

      • Rider,

        Yep, I’m sure it was an “intentional” oversight. OTOH, we DID write it down, and American courts and our Congress have been s***ing all over it, ever since. Writing it down helps, but it is no “magic bullet” (pun very intentional).

        • Lamp, exactly. Only words on paper without us physically securing it when need be and that our boys never codified it does not in any way mean it doesn’t exist. I either hope that time never comes or hope it comes before I’m too old. Starting to favor the latter…

  21. 1. The A.T.F.E.A Agency Should Revoked the Retailer Gun Dealer: F.F.L.s License too! And State License if it”s a Country Location too! The Country Sheriff can Issued a State License too! To Sell Long Guns Hand Guns An Ammo for Both Guns too! how Sold him: The AR-15 Semi Automatic out of State To an New York State Resident Senior out of high School too! Plus Ammo too. The Retailers Gun Dealer how sold him that Gun too! The Ammo is @23 Caliber Ammo or 5:56 Ammo too! If is Guilty of Selling that Bush Master Semiautomatic Rifle is A R _15 Is Caliber 5:56 Ammo too! He should go to Jail as accessory to this Crime in New York State too! He should put on Trial in a Federal Circuit U.S.A Court too! He should charge as well as Criminal Fallon Gun Dealers has a Business too! Is out of State as too! It true!!! This warning to Retailers Gun Dealers Store Fronts too! Is (01) (02) Regular Dealers . An N.F.,A. Dealers Retailers Is Class-3 Is (09) F.F.L.s Or Regular Class_1 Is (01) F.F.L.s Licenses too! Do you agree? Sir?& Mam? The A.T.F should revoked is F.F.L. License is (01) too! If he is Guilty selling that Bush master A.R-!5 Semiautomatic Rifle sold out of State to a New York State Resident too! Which is Illegal is Federal U.S.A. Crime to Sold an AR-15 to Resident is 18 years old too! The Federal Is you have to Be 21 Years old too! Plus your Record has to Clean Record too!! Do you Agree? Sir? Or Mam? Young People Can”t Trusted With an A.R. -15 Semiautomatic Rifle too! Ammo too! Off Limits at Ages 18,19.20, Year old Boys Or Girls out of senior out of !1st year of collage or 3 Year of Collage too! Do you Agree? Sir ? Or Mam?

  22. Has Trudy thought of a gift card?
    Maybe he should give 50 loonies per gunm gift card.

  23. 1. Our Firearms Is Owned by Americans Right to Keep An Bear Arms too! We Used Guns as Tools to defend out Homes if Foreign In vacations Any hostile Counties too., This is warning to Canada Citizens too! We will kick Canada Ass too! If Necessary To put them is there Place too!! We will secure the U.S.A Border A Steel Fence too> From Maine To Washington State !! Too!! This is warning to Foreign Citizens don”t Our Country too! Or Get hell out of the U.S.A too! We don”t New Citizens Abusing Our America Citizens Will kick Canada Indians Ass too! We will Kill Every of you!!! Guns too! We will Defend our U.S.A . An The U.S.A Constitution too !!! This a warning to Foreign Visitors of Other Counties too! We will be watching you new People of other nations too ! We will call the Ice Police Ingratiation Enforcement too . Do you Agree? Sir? Or Mam? What The American Public say About this Threat too. On American Citizens too! From Foreigners to how visited the U.S.A . Do you Agree? Sir? or Mam??? Wake up Americans Safety is Involved too!!

  24. @Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR

    “The NYR@P SCotUS case in the very near future will declare the right to carry armed out in public to be a bona-fide civil Right,…”

    The SC gave us Heller(s) and McDonald. Lower courts (all levels) immediately set about crafting evasions and dodges. At the moment, the governor of NY stated NY will find ways to negate an SC ruling regarding 2A freedom (gov claims to already have a package of legislation ready to drop immediately after the SC release). Fact is, the SC could announce that 2A is an absolute, immune to any legislation, natural, human and civil right. The states and courts will, as they do today, refuse to acknowledge the SC, and proceed to negate the effects of a pro-2A ruling in Bruen.

    One thing to watch is how Roberts works to mitigate the wording of a pro-2A ruling. Reading current “news” and comment, Roberts seems to have not given up on trying to water down a wide-ranging opinion, such that it has minimal impact. Roberts will try to “protect” the court from being packed, and soften any significant lurch to the right (Roberts is not ignorant of how the SC saved itself after the packing scheme put forward by FDR).

    • Ha! More traditional vernacular might read: “what a hoser eh?”, but yeah.

  25. If Canadians are willing to put up with him and his foolishness, they deserve what they get.

  26. Sure you could could disarm everyone, but you better increase the size of the army as if you read the history books and saw what happened in Poland when Hitler and Stalin attacked. the Polish government had disarmed its people and had a small army. The people were fighting with pitchforks and shovels. They were annihilated. As we know what is going on now, it would be a grave mistake to do this.

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