Brownells Announces Retro M16A1/AR-15 Furniture

Brownells won’t be peddling poodle skirts or coonskin caps any time soon, but they’re hearkening back to the 1950s and Eugene Stoner’s most iconic design for the latest additions to their famously comprehensive product line-up. They’re now offering M16A1 furniture in three decorator colors to achieve the classic look you’ve been wanting your AR. Here’s their press release . . .

Retro rifle fans, rejoice! Brownells announces M16A1-style furniture in 3 different colors, allowing enthusiasts to complete authentic-looking replicas of classic early AR-15 variants.

Colors available include black, Air Force contract green, and brown for builds replicating early Eugene Stoner prototypes.

Available separately or in complete furniture sets, the early-pattern stocks, pistol grips and iconic triangular handguard sets are made with fully-modern materials, and are attractively priced compared to hard-to-find originals.

Handguards fit into triangular handguard caps. Stocks are based on the Type D pattern, without a trapdoor compartment, and fit onto A-1 length buffer tubes.

“Customers have a deep desire for nostalgia, and they wanted to be able to build their own version of an early AR-15 or M16A1,” said Brownells CEO Pete Brownell. “We’re proud to offer these classic-looking parts to help accomplish those builds.”

The following Retro AR-15 Furniture can be seen on the Brownells website:





Complete Retro Furniture Set, Black. #078-000-353. $79.99 retail.
Retro Handguard, Black. #078-000-344. $39.99 retail
Retro Stock, Black. #078-000-350. $39.99 retail.
Retro Pistol Grip, Black. #078-000-347. #14.99 retail.





Complete Retro Furniture Set, Green. #078-000-354. $79.99 retail.
Retro Handguard, Green. #078-000-345. $39.99 retail.
Retro Stock, Green. #078-000-351. $39.99 retail.
Retro Pistol Grip, Green. #078-000-348. $14.99 retail.





Complete Retro Furniture Set, Brown. #078-000-355. $79.99 retail
Retro Handguard, Brown. #078-000-346. $39.99 retail.
Retro Stock, Brown. #078-000-352. $39.99 retail.
Retro Pistol Grip, Brown. #078-000-349. $14.99 retail.

The Retro furniture complements the other Retro M16A1 parts Brownells also offers, including both upper and lower receivers, barrels, bolt carrier groups and other small parts.

To see all of Brownells Retro parts, click here.

About Brownells

Serious About Firearms Since 1939™, Brownells is the world’s leading source for guns, gun parts and accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing tools and survival gear. With a large selection of both common and hard-to-find items, and an extensive collection of videos, articles, and gun schematics, Brownells is the expert for everything shooting-related. Committed to maintaining our great traditions, Brownells has more, does more and knows more – and guarantees it all, Forever. For more information or to place an order, call 800-741-0015 or visit Stay up-to-date with Brownells on YouTubeFacebookTwitter and Instagram.


  1. avatar Timeao Theos says:

    The green one is faster.

    1. avatar Lost Down South says:

      Plaid will be available soon.

      1. avatar Frank in VA says:

        That’s beyond ludicrous.

        1. avatar Frank in VA says:

          I’m hoping somebody got the Spaceballs reference.

      2. avatar Swarf says:

        Now *that* I would be interested in.

      3. avatar jwm says:

        Tartan, not plaid.

  2. avatar D.B. Cooper says:

    Yay, more retro A1 parts that will be never be in stock at Brownells.

    1. avatar Ben S. says:

      I jumped on these the first day I got the email from Brownells. Everything was in stock. Been wanting to do a retro build for a while. Already have the three prong flash hider! That’s all though. More is on the way now. Woo hoo!

  3. avatar Ad Astra says:

    If it’s Mattel it’s swell.

  4. avatar Noishkel says:

    Heh. Nice and all, but if I ever get around to build a ‘retro’ AR I’ll probably end up making just creating a ‘NCR Service Rifle’ from Fallout: New Vegas. Basically just an A1 AR-15 with wood furniture. :p

    But then again I might end up building a ‘bolt together’ AR lower for that project. Give it that rougher look.

    1. avatar Bigfoot of Borg says:

      Even better gunsamerica had a post apocalyptic AR build a while back. Looked like something from Metro 2033.

      Not really retro and a lot of work but it was pretty cool to me.

      1. avatar Noishkel says:

        Heh, yeah I saw that too. But that required a lot of welding, which I can’t do a lot of. The bolted together AR project I saw used just a drill press.

    2. avatar Vitsaus says:

      Don’t forget that it has to be right side charging as well…

      1. avatar Noishkel says:

        Oh, I had noticed that it had a forward assist. Not something that came on all A1 ARs.

    3. avatar Nanashi says:

      When I got this assignment I was hoping there’d be more gambling.

      1. avatar Hank says:

        The heat of the Mojave almost makes me wish for nuclear winter.

    4. avatar Kroglikepie says:

      I’m building an AR10 based on that pattern right now, haha. I free-floated the barrel though because I demand my rifles be tack-drivers.

      Now if only I could secure some working Desert Ranger armor…

    5. avatar Andrew Lewis says:

      Ha nice, I’ve done that already and it’s super cool. I can post a link to the outfit that made the hardwood furniture for me if you’d like.

      1. avatar Kroglikepie says:

        Please do.

  5. avatar Vhyrus says:

    You’re never too young to have a vietnam flashback.

  6. avatar Manse Jolly says:

    Hated every model furniture during my career, hate them even more now, especially the A1

    ….and I thought the original had the charging mechanism on top of receiver and the carrying handle was there to protect it from getting caught on brush in jungle? Looked like a hook you pulled with finger.

    1. avatar M2AP says:

      Yeah, the super early ones had that. By the time it was accepted into US service, they got rid of that.

  7. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    The brown looks nothing like an early AR in fiberglass. That said, I’d still do a set of the green probably.

    1. avatar nate says:

      it was Bakelite, wasn’t it?

  8. avatar Hellbilly says:

    Not sure about this very moment, but a couple of years ago – yes. Retro M16 clone builds were popular for a short while. A1 parts were hard to come by, and when they were in stock, they could only be had for a premium. These new-production A1 furniture sets are a deal at $80. Some places were selling the butt stock alone for that.

    1. avatar M2AP says:

      My dealer pricing on the stock set is $67.13, before any coupons, which is even better.

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    That’s the space-gun look we all thought was so cool back in the day, up until our buddy’s rifle jammed and he got killed because of it.

    But I still want one.

  10. avatar skiff says:

    I purchased a AR-15A1 upper from them for a build and I had a very difficult time finding a complete A1 rear sight. I finally found but it wasn’t easy. This was about a year ago. It’s not fun when you nearly complete a build and can’t find one part.

    1. avatar M2AP says:

      They now have the Luth-AR A1 sight assembly for $15.50.

  11. avatar BLoving says:

    I, for one, would love it – and I’m no dedicated AR fan to begin with.
    Just one problem though: most of the AR clones I see on racks these days have 16″ barrels – to get that proper classic M-16 look you need a 20″ barrel.

    1. avatar M2AP says:

      Brownells sells an A1 profile 20″ barrel though, as well as A1 uppers and lowers.

  12. avatar Mr.Savage says:

    but how would I hang five grand worth of crap off of it?
    saw it mentioned above, get on, build the platform and order a 20″-24″ barrel, why buy what you can build cheaper, and with whatever your heart desires, remember now, an ar15 is just a Lego set for us big kids!

  13. avatar nate says:

    heard the triangular handguards were very fragile. partially due to the materials, which probably would be better with this modern manufacture, and partially due to engineering, which wouldn’t be fixed easily and probably isn’t.

    also heard the 3-prong flash hider actually works better than the birdcage. although it doesn’t double as a brake and compensator. (ultimate flash hider, if you want to ditch retro for a minute, is a Vortex)

    liked the 80’s A2 furniture better. still retro in 2017 plus performance. single heat shield, tough round handguards, 1 finger groove pistol grip, and waffle stomper on the buttstock.

    1. avatar nate says:

      (a Vortex is a long, twisted 4-prong)

    2. avatar SouthernPhantom says:

      The originals certainly are fragile. I own a couple sets, but don’t use them much because of the fragility. I’d love to buy a set of the Brownells handguards, if the material is actually tough enough for field use.

  14. avatar Mark N. says:

    The black ones are already sold out.’
    I am not familiar with the original furniture, so maybe someone can help me out. What is the length of pull? The M4 stocks are too short for me, and it is nearly $40 to add a butt pad to make them barely long enough.
    Second, do these require a different buffer tube than the ones for the M4 adjustable stock (I assume so)?
    Last, how does this type stock hook to the receiver/buffer tube?

    1. avatar nate says:

      they connect to the receiver/buffer tube same as an A2 stock. a short, large, pan-head screw with a drain hole through it, goes in the end of the buttstock and screws into the end of the buffer tube. unscrew it and the buttstock slides right off the buffer tube.

      A1 is 12-7/8″
      A2 is 13-1/2″

      they use the same length buffer tube. however the A2 being a longer stock, uses a longer screw. you need an A1 screw for an A1 stock.

  15. avatar jwm says:

    The only real advantage the m16 had back in the olden days was that it was light. With a 20 round mag(yes, we rocked 20 rounders. Tho we started getting a supply of 30 rounders they were always short in numbers.), it weighed about 3 pounds less than an AK. The modern m16, covered in wanker rails, gives up that advantage.

    Shot for shot the rpg was a more effective weapon than the m79. But the m79 was more portable, the ammo was lighter and it was quicker on follow up shots than the rpg. And the rpg gave its self away. Every shot.

  16. avatar skiff says:

    Thank you M2AP on where to buy a complete AR15 A1 rear sight. I will now build another one!

  17. avatar says:

    How to get without going to a doctor to buy over the counter.

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