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According to multiple reports, “Five people were wounded and one person was killed in a school shooting in the Spokane Valley on September 12. The gunfire was first reported at Freeman High School at around 10 a.m. local time.” And yes, the date in that story was incorrect. The incident happened this morning. As always, the “facts” in these situations frequently change.

Freeman, Washington is a rural area 20 miles south of Spokane. Local schools are on lockdown, but the shooter has reportedly been taken into custody. More as it becomes available.

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  1. Gun free zone. “The Washington state firearm law has designated certain areas where it is a violation of law to possess a firearm, regardless of whether you are lawfully carrying concealed. The prohibited areas are: … and public or private elementary and secondary school premises. This can be found in RCW 9.41.300 and RCW 9.41.280.” – Office of the Attorney General of Washington State

  2. Amazingly absent on the network snooze. Which is on as I type. Are we that inured to school shootings?!? SOOOO screwed in Washington.

    • No, the networks just don’t see any point in sensationalizing it if they can’t use it to drum up popular opinion for a gun ban. If Obama were still in office, or Hillary (shudders), there would be wall to wall coverage.

  3. I call Bull Shit. There is no way that a shooting can happen in a school. They are GUN FREE ZONES. This is nothing more than Trump FAKE NEWS.

  4. Was the shooter a student, parent, or someone else? Seems like info is extra slow on this one seeing as how the shooter is in custody already.

  5. Only one dead? It will be written off as workplace violence.

    Stay tuned folks. The progressive media bandwagon will soon roll into town.

  6. My thought’s and prayers go out for the victims who have to suffer at the hands of the Gun Reich’s war on the rights and freedoms of Americans who constitutional rights to life and happiness are continuously violated everyday by paranoid right-wing nuts who think owning a tool of tyranny will keep them safe while refusing to see the irony of their own actions while being deluded by a juvenile fantasy of being some badass terminator/rambo wannabe who will keep us safe from black helicopters, conspiracies and educated people who don’t blindly follow this trash.

    But, this cant be right, I was told guns keep us safe.

    You mean the cowardly hate website TTAG and it’s bigoted fascist gun rights groups Lied!?!

    This does not happen in Europe, Canada, japan or Australia on a daily basis.

    Keep deluding yourselves that your weapons will keep you safe.

    I will mourn for the victims while death-worshiping ghouls will shame these people for not following your sick fantasy.

    • I had nothing to do with this and I resent being blamed. The shooter, alone, is the responsible party in this tragedy.

      • I don’t know about that. While this isn’t technically a mass shooting, it should be noted that something like 98% of mass shootings occur in gun free zones.

        Therefore, it could be argued people who support gun free zones are responsible for these travesties.

    • Doesn’t happen here on a daily basis either, you dim-witted troll. Guns do keep people safe, there aren’t any guns in a school, thanks to stupid people like you and your irrational emotional responses to sick and evil people doing sick and evil things. Man up, or woman up, you peace loving hippy.

    • First of all, let’s be clear. If you want your opinion to be taken seriously, you need to write clearly and concisely. Your opinion constitutes the longest run on sentences ever written. It’s practically a page turner. Though I wanted to put this particular book down by the time I reached the 2nd line. Now get yee to an English Composition class. But remember, its probably a gun free zone. So it is likely that you will be helpless should the Professor’s jealous jilted lover or a malcontent student displeased with his last grade comes calling with a gun to get some payback.

    • God you’re hard to take seriously. The right to happiness?

      I must have missed an Amendment.

      Even if you’re going to go with the Declaration, you don’t have a right to happiness. Instead you have a right to pursue happiness.

    • “But, this cant be right, I was told guns keep us safe.”

      And the problem is that schools are gun-free zones, where guns can’t keep you safe. They can be used to shoot you, though, obviously.

      Still, clicking on “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” does no good. Is there a law against it?

  7. My heart and prayers go out to the students and families involved. I hate that a firearm was used in a heinous crime by a deranged individual. The reason it’s not on the news is because the shooter used a pistol and didn’t need to reload. No evil black assault weapon forged in hell was used. The media and the dems know that banning handguns is a no go.

    My kids have been taught to run, hide in a safe place if you can, and fight like hell when called upon to do so. Break the bystander effect and get to a safe place and use an environmental weapon like a chair, scissors, pencil to the eye if need be. The sad truth is too many mass shooting victims don’t resist at all. Generally, once a mass shooter encounters resistance they tend to put the gun to the side of their own head.

    • There actually was a larger weapon, that has yet to be identified, that the shooter tried to use first that “jammed”.

  8. Haven’t seen this on the news sites yet, and makes me wonder why? Was the shooter Muslim or Trans or some other protected class that can do no wrong in the eyes of the Progs?

  9. i ask you, stationary target or moving target, which is easier for a shooter to hit?
    look at those students lined up like ducks in a row. stationary. shhh quiet, maybe no one will notice us here in the classroom. bullshit.

    run ! bob and weave, scatter is all directions, don’t run in a straight line. get out of dodge.

    run, fight, forget hidiing.

    … sit still, all in a row, in a confined classroom. yeah, that’s the safest place to be.

    what were they thinking?

    • That picture was taken at freeman elementary across the street from freeman high school where the shooting occurred. Seems like a reasonable thing to do when the school is on lockdown.

    • Weren’t the victims at Sandy Hook all in a pile? And it seems unreasonable, to me, to assume a killer cannot walk across a street to another “gun-free zone”!

  10. I live 9.1 miles away or 13 minutes. All schools in my area were locked down including the one 0.2 miles away or two blocks from my home. It was sad to hear this. This is my community and we all lose.

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