BREAKING: Video Released of Uvalde School Shooting Police Response

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Earlier today, a report indicated that a Texas House committee would release hallway video of the Uvalde school shooting police response on Sunday after showing it to the families of victims and survivors. However, the Austin American-Statesman has gotten a copy of the video and just posted it.

The video includes exterior footage of the killer crashing his truck, shooting at by standers and then approaching the school.

Uvalde school shooting video released
The newly released video shows the killer just after he entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

As the American-Statesman describes the newly released video evidence . . .

A 77-minute video recording captured from this vantage point, along with body camera footage from one of the responding officers, obtained by the American-Statesman and KVUE, shows in excruciating detail dozens of sworn officers, local, state and federal — heavily armed, clad in body armor, with helmets, some with protective shields — walking back and forth in the hallway, some leaving the camera frame and then reappearing, others training their weapons toward the classroom, talking, making cellphone calls, sending texts and looking at floor plans, but not entering or attempting to enter the classrooms.

Uvalde school shooting video released

The video, above, showing dozens of cops doing nothing brings to mind the security camera footage of Scot Peterson standing outside Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School, listening to the sounds of students and staff being murdered inside.

Again from the American-Statesman . . .

The video tells in real time the brutal story of how heavily armed officers failed to immediately launch a cohesive and aggressive response to stop the shooter and save more children if possible. And it reinforces the trauma of those parents, friends and bystanders who were outside the school and pleaded with police to do something, and for those survivors who quietly called 911 from inside the classroom to beg for help.

Hearing the constantly shifting stories of the police response change over and over again in the days and weeks following the massacre, it gradually became all too clear that police were, at best, incompetent that day given long-established protocols for law enforcement tactics in active shooter situations.

Uvalde school shooting video released

The newly released video from Uvalde, however, showing well armed officers in tactical gear, some with ballistic shields, literally standing around for well over an hour while more children were being killed and at least some of the wounded died as a result of the delay is utterly devastating.

The video confirms the worst descriptions of what police did or, more accurately, didn’t do that day and, if anything, renders Texas DPS Director Steven McCraw’s assessment — he called the Uvalde response “an abject failure” — far too kind.



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    • How well did that excuse work for the Nazis?

      He should of been relieved, arrested and replaced immediately.

      There Is absolutely no excuse for any of this.

    • Not good enough. The parents were willing to go in and were restrained. Every one of those cops should be fired and prosecuted.

    • The school police chief had his authoriteh respected.

      Too bad they were all bumbling fools who make the Keystone Cops look like the FBI HRT.

    • That’s not entirely true.
      3 sets of officers rushed the doors, all taking fire when they did so.
      The first group of cops that rushed the doors did the right thing, and with just 3 dudes and zero information. Good on them. But they did that before the commander was on scene and so without his direction.
      The third group went in, contrary to the original stories, after the incident commander’s approval. They went in heavy.
      But if you watch the whole video, you’ll see there is a second group that attempted to get in and were driven back. They went in without approval and just 2 or 3 of them. Good on them too.
      Notice for the first and second group that attempt to get in, there are other officers standing there that could have helped, but didn’t join the too small breaching force.
      Maybe those dudes were just following orders, maybe they were cowards, or maybe they truly didn’t believe it was a hostage response, as the commander apparently believed.
      But that doesn’t matter. They should have backed up the other officers.

      • And the excuses keep coming, very surprised they are coming from you. It’s established procedure to rush the gun man when it’s an active shooter in the school. This has been established procedure since Sandy Hook. You rush the gun man until the threat is contained or eliminated. Yes this means you may get hurt or killed.

        If you take the pay you also take the risk. There is no right to officer safety and it can be a dangerous job. If you don’t like that or can’t fulfill your duties you need to step down. Criminal prosecution needs to start happening with these incidents. Try this in the Military and see if they don’t kick you out after jailing you a while.

        • “You rush the gun man until the threat is contained or eliminated.”
          And this is exactly what apparently most of them believed had already happened.
          Clearly not all of them. That’s the question that hasn’t been answered. Why did the unseen Commander say that there was no more danger to children and that this was a barricaded subject response, and why did some officers, but not most, disregard that?

      • Why no attempted entry or distraction via the windows?

        It is my understanding that these were two adjoining classrooms with an interconnecting door, did they each have a door into the hallway?

        Why not an entry team on each door, synchronized to work with the window teams to distract the gunman by entry/assault from four different directions.

  1. No Mr. Stich, officers do what they need to do to save children who are being murdered

    • “Heartbreaking”

      …and enraging.

      If I were one of those parents outside that school *begging* to be let in and deal with that, I’d want a whole lot more than a fake apology… 🙁

      • And if I was the parent of a child who was killed in this abject failure I would now be in jail or in the ground.

  2. 1st cop : “What the @#*&€π are we standing around for?”
    2nd cop : “He’s got an AR!!!”
    3rd cop : “We’ve got ten M4s, for chrissake!!”
    2nd cop : ” Yeah, but he knows how to use his. “

        • ” was a tipping point into depression and self-harm. It has made her miserable.”

          In the 80’s and 90’s this cohort of girls was cutting themselves. When I was young and in college through when my wife was in college they were all lesbians. Remember the phrase “lesbian chic” as in “it’s cool to be lesbian”? All of those lesbians are now married to men and have 2 or 3 kids.

          There is a group of young girls who are mentally unstable and vulnerable, and all of that progressive education the author you linked to is talking about is simply taking advantage of that, brainwashing them, and turning them into an army for the destruction of our civilization. If they could be left alone for long enough they would sort themselves out but they are instead being weaponized.

        • Eh, we won’t make it that far without such people being forced by reality to change.

          You really dig into the data and I’m honestly not sure this country makes it to next summer without bloodshed most can’t comprehend. As I pointed out the other day, one of [many] the datapoints that concerns me is that 1 in 3 independent voters now agrees with the statement that “It might become necessary to take up arms against the government”.

          I really don’t think it’s possible to overstate how mindbogglingly dangerous that is. It’s, quite literally, unprecedented.

          And keep in mind I’m the “STFU BoogBoi!” guy who constantly looks for that silver lining and WANTS to be wrong. But… I’m not seeing anything to support that position at this point. I’d strongly suggest that you prepare to batten down the hatches for shit getting spicier than most can fathom in the next 18 months. Being in a red state ain’t gonna be much of a buffer.

        • strych9,

          A few days ago, our nation’s komander-in-chief authorized transferring a significant shipment of our nation’s strategic petroleum reserve to one of our nation’s primary global adversaries. Of course that happened against the backdrop of our komander-in-chief revoking and cutting-off permits for our nation’s oil and gas producers to provide the energy and chemicals that our nation needs to thrive and be strong.

          Next up, not only did our federal executive branch order our nation’s border enforcement personnel to allow millions of illegal aliens to flood our nation–our executive branch actually ordered resources to help move those illegal aliens into the interior of our nation.

          And who can forget the unified effort of governments, Big Pharma, and our healthcare industry to violate our human dignity en-masse when SARS-COV2-19 came ashore?

          These are just three examples of countless egregious and utterly indefensible initiatives which characterize government and large companies rocketing us to misery, destruction, and death on a massive scale.

          If that situation fails to drive people to consider using force of arms to “right the ship”, I don’t know what will.

        • “She went home, looked up ‘transgender’ on Tiktok, and that was it. She was now trans.”

          People think the sudden trans/lgbt+∞ phenomenon among young people is because of the schools. Nope. It’s mostly because of social media. The schools are just a small supplement.

          Remember when people said the TV was a babysitter? Now it’s electronic devices connected to the net. It’s poison for children.

        • uncommon_sense,
          It’s all part of the plan. The plan isn’t to help us.

          “If that situation fails to drive people to consider using force of arms to “right the ship”, I don’t know what will.”

          I saw something recently that said 92% of Democrats would vote to reelect Biden. To be fair, most of them are clueless about what’s happening. Propaganda still works.

        • Hazy says:

          “A few days ago, our nation’s komander-in-chief authorized transferring a significant shipment of our nation’s strategic petroleum reserve to one of our nation’s primary global adversaries.“

          Total disinformation once again, the facts are much more complex than the simplistic right wing propaganda.

          “There has been a lot of buzz lately, but I think it’s a complete nothingburger,” said Robert McNally, the founder and president of the Rapidan Energy Group who was responsible for international energy policy while on the National Security Council staff of President George W. Bush. He noted that the law allows SPR drawdowns to be exported.
          That’s because in 2015, Congress repealed a 40-year-old law that had prevented the export of U.S. crude oil.”

          (Hazy, you might be interested in knowing which party authored the bill to lift the export ban, that would be the 114th congress in 2015)

          “This means that the SPR cannot dictate whether or not companies export crude oil received from the reserve,” the Energy Department’s press secretary, Charisma Troiano, said. “U.S. companies are permitted to place bids on SPR crude oil; DOE cannot dictate what selected bidders will do with the SPR crude oil after delivery.”

          “This is an example of how simple facts — SPR oil was sold to a subsidiary of a Chinese company and Hunter Biden once has a business relationship with that company — are turned into something nefarious. The contract was awarded to the highest bidders in a competitively bid process and Hunter Biden was many steps removed from the U.S. trading arm of the Chinese firm.
          Moreover, there’s no reason for outrage. Oil prices are determined by global supply and demand. The Biden administration is seeking to lower the global price of crude oil by bolstering supply around the globe. Selling crude oil to traders, whether based in the United States, Europe or Asia, is part of that effort.
          Anyone suggests the Biden administration is doing something wrong here — as opposed to following the rules — earns Three Pinocchios.”

          “our komander-in-chief revoking and cutting-off permits for our nation’s oil and gas producers”

          Really? And which permits has President Biden revoked?

          “The status of drilling permits during Biden’s administration
          The U.S. has more than 24 million acres under lease to oil and gas companies onshore — close to half are not producing.
          Before drilling can occur, the leaseholder has to get a federal permit. At the end of 2021, there were 9,173 approved and available permits to drill on federal and Indian lands. Those permits include those issued under Biden and those still active from Trump’s administration and potentially before, said Josh Axelrod, of the National Resources Defense Council.”

          If it wasn’t for disinformation, conservatives would have no information at all.

        • Every poster above from Dude to strych9 to uncommon_sense had original thoughts and concepts.

          However, I am essentially incapable of ANY original thought, so I did what any good agitpropist would do…

          …I cut and pasted…. from…

          …. the official state ̶P̶r̶a̶v̶d̶a̶ propaganda sites WaPo and Poynter (who runs the misinformation “fact checkers” PolitiFact).

          Yup like Biden I need to be told what to say, or like Biden again, I will just stare at the blank, empty screen.

        • “I am essentially incapable of ANY original thought… “

          Fake Miner, it’s not a matter of original thought, it’s historical fact and public record.

          The Republican controlled Congress authored the bill to remove the ban on the export of oil in 2015.

          I understand that you use the phrase ‘original thought’ to camouflage the fact that you’re just making shit up.

          I’m sorry, but that is not my style, I rely on the publicly available facts from which to draw my conclusions.

          Your reply, as usual, is just empty speech and personal attacks, because the veracity of my content is unassailable.

          You, like the Trump White House, sound ‘unhinged’ but that’s no surprise.

        • “However, I am essentially incapable of ANY original thought, so I did what any good agitpropist would do…”

          IDK, that sounds like real whiner to me. 🤔

        • Notice how I slipped Trump into my comment.

          You think the pictures of Monkey pox sores are bad?

          You should see what an outbreak of TDS does to Miner…

          …then you would understand… I look repugnant… and it’s all Trumps fault!

        • People think the sudden trans/lgbt+∞ phenomenon among young people is because of the schools. Nope. It’s mostly because of social media.

          It’s both because these things reinforce each other. Helena Kerschener talks about this extensively from a personal point of view because it happened to her. What she describes is almost exactly what Solzhenitsyn describes happening to certain people in The Gulag Archipelago.

          Essentially, depressed kids get ideas from social media and schools reinforce it through policy. The combination actively drives kids away from parents and other family that say anything that’s not 100% supportive of the narrative the kid has been given.

          The really screwed up part is that the social media “tip of the wedge” is mostly driven by adults. Activist adults get on social media and look for kids who don’t feel like they fit in and then tell them that not fitting in means they’re trans.

          They hammer that while telling the kid to go see a school counselor or a teacher. The school then has a “affirming” policy towards the topic, so all the kid gets is affirmation that the way they feel means that they’re trans. Anyone who says otherwise is not affirming because they’re bigoted transphobes.

          Wedge created.

          In some regards it’s similar to the concept of mass formation but on the individual level, though we usually just call this “manipulation” or “propaganda” when we see it at this resolution. But it is designed and it’s designed for a purpose that goes back to the Pavlovian studies in Russia in the early 1900’s. Specifically, it’s designed to break and remake social bonds so that interpersonal connection is lost and those who fall into the trap end up with a false interpersonal connection to the group (We might say they join a cult, basically. Pavlov’s most interesting work and that of his disciples didn’t focus on Classical Conditioning but rather used that as but one tool in the toolbox).

          Anyway, once the old bonds are broken and new ones established this is how you get family members ratting each other out in totalitarian regimes, something you didn’t see in past dictatorial regimes except in rare instances under physical torture.

          Desmet, Le Bon, Arendt and, yes, even Solzhenitsyn wrote extensively on this going back into the late 1800’s. The specific mechanisms are exceedingly similar to those found in The Psychology of the Crowd or The Origins of Totalitarianism. In these instances the mechanisms, so far as they’re understood, have been weaponized to change behavior in specific ways.

          That’s likely to have serious downstream effects beyond the obvious because the truth is that we don’t know the root of why this kind of things works. This is playing with complex systems that are not fully elucidated and in ways that is not designed to help anyone other than the people doing the playing.

      • Unfortunately that is Texas in general. They also hate guns, no gun signs are everywhere.

  3. On the plus side there shouldn’t be anyone left who still believes “just call the police” will save them from anything.

  4. I like how they are using cleaner and checking their phones. Also, why not deploy counter measures, tear gas, smoke grenades, flash bangs? As Pb_fan states:
    1st cop : “What the @#*&€π are we standing around for?”
    2nd cop : “He’s got an AR!!!”
    3rd cop : “We’ve got ten M4s, for chrissake!!”
    2nd cop : ” Yeah, but he knows how to use his. “
    – This in itself shows a fundamental flaw that MUST be immediately addressed!

    • “Also, why not deploy counter measures, tear gas, smoke grenades, flash bangs”

      The idiots thought the classroom door was locked so they had no place to deploy those even if they wanted to do so.

      But…. the door wasn’t locked. No one ever bothered to check.

      • Plus… the situation was such that if they had deployed those things in the class room it probably would have caused death to the seriously wounded who were probably already having difficult breathing.

  5. At least there was plenty of hand sanitizer available.

    Seriously, no wonder the truth of this fiasco is so hard to find.

  6. Hold on!
    No mention of the upside?
    All the cops went home without mussing up their hair and are able to continue playing tyrant while waiting to collect their pensions and isn’t that really the primary pbjective?

    • Yes, exactly. Uvalde PD can continue to deal with what really matters – responding to Karen calls, and harassing harmless suburbanites about petty regulatory administrivia. A little mass murder is the price you pay for a utopia where neglecting a lawn, going 28mph, or parking with a tire on a line will not be tolerated.

  7. I’m not some tough guy and don’t pretend to be one, but if I had the chance to go back in time and talk to these officers I would.

    “Look, we’re all on the road to death. Today you get the chance to roll the dice. You can not charge in and possibly die of Pancreatic Cancer later on, or a car accident, or MI, whatever. Or you can charge in and possibly be shot and killed right here. It’s up to you, but which death do you prefer? Laying in a hospital bed, chemo and radiation treatments, tubes in every orifice , crying out for the Nurses to bring the pain meds. Or do you want to make your death and life really count? It’s up to you but I’ve seen the alternative up close and personal. I would rather be shot right effing here trying to save some children.”

    “Eff it! I’m going in, Follow Me!”

    • …. and then one of the cops says “hey guys. Look at this cat video text my girlfriend sent.”

    • “Im not a tough guy and don’t pretend to be one”…. as opposed to these worthless idiots standing down – they aren’t tough guys either, but DO pretend to be one. All too common, I’m afraid.

      • And don’t forget, while they were digitally examining certain orifices inside the building, their cohorts were pinning parents who wanted desperately to do SOMETHING to the ground outside the building.

  8. Love the guy at 57 minutes hitting up the handsan dispenser and just browsing his phone 20 minutes later.

    Thank God he’s keeping us all safe from colds and flu. Otherwise someone might have gotten sick.

      • Phones and Fentanyl, it seems.

        Still, the reflexive NEED to use the handsan kinda cracks me up. It’s so ridiculous considering the context that it’s hard not to laugh at the juxtaposition of priorities.

        This guy actually kinda thought “Oh, yeah, Covid” when he’s like 10 yards from a on/off rifle fight during a mass shooting situation. WTAF? That’s so absurd that without the video no one would believe it.

        But hey, why do you think I’m always talking about propaganda? This is why, it’s THAT powerful.

        • You know what, strych9? At this point I hope they fucking come for me and my gunms sooner rather than later. I ain’t a tough guy either even if I pretend I’m one but at least I’ll go out doing a service for all of mankind. Fuck these fucking gestapo pigs. Had and seen enough.

        • Catch ’em passing around the Purell. You might even walk away.

          Seriously, I blew up laughing when he did that. When I saw the look on his face and that he’d “made eye contact” with the dispenser I was like “No, he’s not… OMG he is LOL!”.

          If that’s the prowess you’re up against I’d probably wager on you winning.

        • strych9, yeah, that purell pause 😁. Me winning? Maybe, what with my shiny new level 1V armoring system n all. I leave it hanging from the raised excavator bucket so I can don it with less effort, like an armored knight being lowered onto thine steed. Then I slowly and cumbersomely move to the sound of gunfire…

        • And you’ve now inspired me to place handsan stations at access points and ten feet away from any cover available on and around my property. Maybe position some tablets live streaming porn hub and my little pony around the place as well. Thanks bro, I might make it outta this yet.

        • And is that just hair in the article pic of the perp or did he actually put on Joker face paint?

        • I thought he might have been a little busted up from wrecking his truck. I assume he was on something. Why else would he wreck like that?

        • Dude, “brought to you by fizer!” Again. Still. (Spelling intentional to fly under Big Brother’s moderating eyes, interesting al gore rhythm they have here, no?)

  9. Brutal. Assclowns. I also heard that one Deputy who’s family was in the school, attempted to pursue the killer but was forcibly ejected from the scene by other LE. WTF? This is getting uglier by the minute.

  10. John 15:13
    13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

    Exodus 23:7
    Keep far from a false charge, and do not kill the innocent and righteous, for I will not acquit the wicked.

    Isaiah 1:17
    Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.

    Matthew 18:14
    So it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.

    Jeremiah 22:3
    Thus says the LORD: Do justice and righteousness, and deliver from the hand of the oppressor him who has been robbed. And do no wrong or violence to the resident alien, the fatherless, and the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place.

    Proverbs 21:15
    When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.

    Proverbs 6:16-17
    There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

    Ecclesiastes 3:8
    A time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace.

    Psalm 127:3
    Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.

    Revelation 21:8
    But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

    Romans 13:1-14
    Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience. ..

    2 Samuel 22:3-4
    My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge, my savior; you save me from violence. I call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies.

    Psalm 138:7
    Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and your right hand delivers me.

    2 Thessalonians 3:3
    But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.

    Acts 7:24
    And seeing one of them being wronged, he defended the oppressed man and avenged him by striking down the Egyptian.

    Matthew 25:40
    And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me

    • @Boog

      “Romans 13:1-14
      Let every person be subject to the governing authorities.”

      and often misused representation. It is sometimes used by anti-gun people as a way of saying “God said to obey government so you must …. ”

      It does not mean that literally.

      The KJV Romans 13:1 puts it…

      “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”

      these are actually references to that concept outlined in Hebrews 13:17 (KJV) with …

      “Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.”

      The important part is this: “for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy”

      what this means is that only under those circumstances does God implore you submit to “them that have the rule over you” (“Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers”). How this relates to our political government today is that it is not “they watch for your souls” and not they who “give account”, but rather its they (our government) who are acting contrary to ‘watch over’ and give account by becoming its own power. It also means that the higher power is God first, then “the powers” that govern (rule).

      This is in contrast to the man created social construct that one is obligated to submit to government which further blurs the use of the religious aspect to make it seem like “God said you must obey the United States government”) when in reality that is not true. Which is why we have man created laws which ‘punish’ or ‘penalize’ those who do not “obey’ the government (in the aspect of the social construct of laws created by government).

      It is this social construct that forces or re-enforces obedience to the United States Government (and all governments) because we as a society have overall decided we are a “nation of laws” which in its self in concept is not a bad thing until a government decides they are going to be their own power which is why the Constitution placed the “ruling” power of the government in the hands of the people instead of government. And that is the overall issue today with government, that government now more than ever before has decided it is its own power and seeks to usurp the power from the people.

      Thus, in the religious context, government today is acting as its own power and not in accordance with that for submission of the people to those that “rule”.

    • And for all that flowery prose and high-minded ideals, the creator god of the universe allowed one of his creations to brutally slaughter 19 children.

      Any plan that requires the unjustified suffering and murder of innocents is a flawed plan from the beginning, an omnipotent deity should be capable of much better.

      • He wasn’t using self defense either. God never said “go forth and murder”

        And for all the laws, history of man kind, science, your bs, and police and government we still can’t stop people from murdering others.

        • What is your point, that God authorizes man to act in self-defense?

          I don’t need some invisible deity to authorize me to act in my own defense, and it’s surprising that others would look to The Sky for their permission slip.

        • @Miner49er

          “and it’s surprising that others would look to The Sky for their permission slip.”

          And no one does that. God had already made it so, not by permission but by command/rule and an inherent nature of a need for self defense when self defense is needed. Thus, what we call a God given right to self defense.

      • @Miner49er

        “And for all that flowery prose and high-minded ideals, the creator god of the universe allowed one of his creations to brutally slaughter 19 children.

        Any plan that requires the unjustified suffering and murder of innocents is a flawed plan from the beginning, an omnipotent deity should be capable of much better.”

        so you are looking for meaning, a sense of ‘super hero’, a purpose – that “the creator god of the universe” should stop these things because it seems like the thing to do and if he doesn’t then it was part of his plan that murder if innocents was required.

        In the religious context;

        God gave mankind commands and rules to live by, even before the 10 commandments. In Genesis 9:6 we see one of these first commands and it is about murder, it says:

        “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.”

        In other words God gave a command that a person who murders another will be put to death. God knew the nature of man, and specifically commanded a murderer was to be punished by death. In the scripture we find that murder of another by another is an affront to God, its not just murder that’s an affront but its a whole list of things (later in the 10 commandments). Its those affronts to God that are the nature of man kind.

        So actually in the religious context, God made the rules and gave the commands and expected mankind to live within the rules and carry out the commands. His plan never required “the unjustified suffering and murder of innocents” – his plan required mankind to take care of it when it happened.

        • …. and its at this point we can go into how God (and later Jesus) approves of self-defense and endorses it. But that’s too much for a comments section.

        • correction:

          “Its those affronts to God that are the nature of man kind.”

          should have been

          Its those affronts to God that are the nature of man kind, because God made man in his own image.

          I’ll provide some clarification for this if you feel the need.

        • Whatever,

          Miner does not look to The Sky for my permission slip.

          I look down below…

        • Fake Miner, 40oz was doing his best to give me a detailed reply and outline his position. I appreciate his courtesy.

          I really don’t care if you disrespect me, your opinion is meaningless so I’m not bothered.

          But don’t you think it would be a good idea to at least allow the other members of this forum to express their thoughts without your inane commentary?

        • Booger 😉, and when a school bus full of children slides off a muddy road in El Salvador into a river on their way home from Sunday school, or an entire town gets buried in volcanic ash, or the children of a family are orphaned or killed due to an accident, what then? Did an omnipotent, miracle making, benevolent, loving and forgiving God with the ability to create one or an eternity of universes and answer the simple or complex prayers of billions just forget to add an “Oh, and shit happens” clause in the Holy Scriptures? You see the issues inherent in the entire premise, correct? Ah, but then I forget; mysterious ways, or the Devil did it…

      • Seems like all the problems started when “my body, my choice” Eve started doing her own thing. 🤔

        Actions have consequences.

      • And for all that flowery prose and high-minded ideals, the creator god of the universe allowed one of his creations to brutally slaughter 19 children.

        Well, he gave them free choice. I’m sorry you don’t like free choice. Maybe he should have made you a tree, or a mushroom.

        • Rider/Shooter He’s God Almighty, not Mary Poppins. You expect Him to fly in like Superman and fix everything when something goes wrong in this world that WE messed up? What a childish way of thinking

    • “But no officers were injured…. Right??”

      That’s rule #1, drilled into them by their academy training.

      The *only* important thing is getting home safe after your shift… 🙁

    • It has been mentioned that one of the officers had a nasty skin rash reaction to the hand sanitizer, but it’s expected he’ll make a full recovery after two weeks of paid administrative leave.

  11. I watched most of it. Fast forwarded now and then. Total cluster. I was hoping to see something that might redeem the cops, knowing full well that nothing could redeem them. Just a total clusterfok.

    Can anyone imagine having to look yourself in the eye when you shave, for the rest of your life?

    I will note one thing. We’ve been told that video shows no one ever attempted to open the door. If the video shows that, it has to be a different camera, from a different angle. I don’t think anyone can say for certain that the first people to approach that door did, or did not, try to open the door. The gunman seems to have shot at the door, and/or through the wall, for some reason. Or, maybe he didn’t – they all just ran for no good reason.

  12. I like how they wait until they think it’s been long enough that most people have lost interest. What a tactical clusterfuck. Nothing but procrastination. That shit was hard to watch.

  13. They have children’s blood on their hands.

    If this were Japan I suspect the officers would be committing ritual suicide. If the Uvalde officers had ANY honor they would do the same.

    • They can at least hang their heads in shame, if not hang themselves for their shame.

      Scot Peterson has no shame.

  14. They acted just like our “former gunslinger” with the haughty profile pic who enjoys enthralling us with his, uh, *expertise* on martial subjects far and wide.

  15. Each and every coward should be fired. Period. I said it before and the more evidence that released of that day reinforces my first take.

    A man who will not go into the battle where children are being slaughtered is not a man at all.

    There are those in society that cannot adequately defend themselves, children, elderly and others who by reason of physical or mental issue cannot do so. It is our responsibility as people who can adequately provide a defense for them to do so no matter the personal risk. If you volunteer for a career where you are charged in protecting, you must follow thru on the commitment you made no matter the risk. Being 100% show and 0% go is not defensible before man or God.

    The line form behinds the parents of these children when any of the Officers die to take personal biological liberties upon the graves.

  16. Because they didn’t go in first thing that little girl over there that was shot didn’t cure leukemia 25 years hence as the world’s foremost medical scientist. She never got the chance. That little boy laying by the desk bleeding out never commands the first colony on Mars. The others all had potential that we’ll never know.
    Again, this is a choice. For me, I’ve lived a pretty interesting life and I can’t complain. Still some things I would like to do before it’s my time. But what better way to go than trying to save some kids?

  17. Seven damn officers, each with body armor, handguns, and at least 3 15 round magazines per person, could not find the balls to swarm one goblin en masse. I know exactly what each one was thinking: “I’ll let the other guys go first. Maybe the goblin will ignore me.”

    Cowards. Damn their souls, every last one of them.

    • I can hardly blame them. I mean all of the five foot high, two and a half foot wide, level 3+ ballistic body shields were easily twenty feet away at the back of the pack with the fully semi automatic military style assault rifles, flash bangs, ballistic helmets, tazers, batons, mace, restraining devices, IFACS, knee pads, Oakley Blades, tribal tattoos and the door breaching devices… what could they possibly do?

    • Wow. Fucking moderated again. Third time in one sitting. For absolutely sweet fuck all. This comment however, with evil swear words in it will easily pass scrutiny by Big Brother and his beady Stalinistic eyes peering at all of us and our Freedom of Speech privileges. You reading this, Dan Z? Again? Still?

  18. Disarm the police. Cowards do not need firearms. Issue them nightsticks and the training to use them.

  19. Now I want the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi to release the hours upon hours of security camera footage, from the Capitol building on January 6th. That is the other great democrat cover up, that is going on in this country.

    I also want all the 911 calls made public of children calling for help.

    • “That is the other great democrat cover up“

      You should watch some of the January 6 investigative committee hearings, you would probably enjoy watching Republican after Republican testify under oath regarding the events before, during and after January 6.

      It would help you to understand the coming indictments against Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, John Eastman, etc.

      • You are a stooge for the government. Also you are just like “the good Germans”. You are as terrified about the release of all the video, from January 6th at the Capitol building, as the Uvalde Texas Police Department is afraid of releasing all the video, and the audio evidence.
        And I should add that I am sure that the school district is also terrified about releasing all of this material too.

        Because the people who run that school district have a lot of questions to answer. Questions about protecting school children, from other dangerous school children??? Like in Parkland FL.

        I can always rely on you to defend the piss poor performance of government officials/workers.

        • “You are as terrified about the release of all the video“

          You really should check out the hearings, they have shown much of the surveillance video from the Capitol.

          Even weeks back, I saw the surveillance video of representative Lauderdale giving the violent seditionists recon tours of the Capitol complex, where they took photographs of security checkpoints, offices and stairways.

          Stay tuned, the next hearing will be featuring the Oafs, proud bois and other violent terrorists’ attacks on the Capitol on that very day.

          “you to defend the piss poor performance of government officials/workers“

          You are mistaken, especially regarding the situation in Uvalde.
          I have been unequivocal in my criticism of the law enforcement response to the school shooting in Uvalde.

        • “You really should check out the hearings…”

          I keep saying this and no one is listening.

          Would someone PLEASE care about this Soviet Kangaroo Kommittee???

          They do noting but say “Bad Man Orange” and “Orange Man BAD” and sometimes just “BAD MAN” ad nauseam the entire time, it would make any Banana Republic very proud.

      • I’m so happy that you are happy with the democrat provided 10, 20, or 30 minutes of edited highlights, from the US Capitol Building security cameras. There is probably at least 30 hours of video covering what went on, before, during, and after January 6th.

        I want to see all the video. The 30 hours or more or whatever it is. The Democrats and you are engaged in a cover-up. Just like in Uvalde.

        • I’m wondering what you think this surveillance video you speak of would show.

          And I have no doubt that any of those who attempted, and still wish, to overthrow our duly elected government would enjoy seeing all of the surveillance video.
          I’m sure you were upset that Vice President Mike Pence was able to elude the mob, albeit by only 40 feet.

          Having access to the full video would give you unrestricted views of the security precautions and procedures that thwarted your attempt to “hang Mike Pence” and violently overthrow our government.

      • let me know when that happens…and the charges actually stick…until then i’ll watch something else….

  20. Although I agree that they are cowards, however the SCOTUS court has already rulings that L.E officers have no DUTY to endanger their lives to save anyone! Is this right? maybe, maybe not. Last I remember, there was nothing in the oath of office that’s requires an officer to risk their life for someone else. L.E. is an investigative function not an crime prevention role. Sign of the times. Please do not beleive me and research it yourself.

    • “Although I agree that they are cowards, however the SCOTUS court has already rulings that L.E officers have no DUTY to endanger their lives to save anyone! Is this right? maybe, maybe not. Last I remember, there was nothing in the oath of office that’s requires an officer to risk their life for someone else. L.E. is an investigative function not an crime prevention role. Sign of the times. Please do not beleive me and research it”

      In one aspect you are right that an officer has no constitutional basis which requires them to risk their lives for others unless….they have a duty to so !

      Don’t confuse that lack of constitutional basis with duty.

      That’s the part often forgotten, that duty to do so. These officers were appointed and get paid to protect by, among other things,, doing what was expected for them to do and in that they had a duty of obligation they accepted when they put on the badge. They did not do that expected and for which they are paid. They did not perform their duty and more people died.

    • It was children. Screaming. Begging. Bleeding. Dying. They were there. Many of them. Heavily armed. Well armored. Paid to be there. Outfitted to be there. (I would like to add: “they were men” but I cannot). Fuck duty related technicalities. Go in.

  21. I knew there would be lessons learned that would be valuable for training…… I wasn’t expecting it to start with don’t be a bitch. While utterly disgusting to watch I am going to do my damndest to make sure that video is shown to everyone on or joining every SWAT, CERT, and various related response team in it’s entirely. The cost of inaction must be shown in full rage inducing clarity.

        • Hopefully with a few pics of some of those involved after they met their end ‘while cleaning their duty sidearm’ to fully demonstrate the point, not to mention pics of the small, helpless, utterly dependent on us for their safety and well being victims.

  22. I took heat here for calling them COWARDS.

    Now we have the video. COWARDS running away.

    You push through the fire.

    • Anyone with two braincells to rub together knew you were correct.
      Columbine taught us to rush the shooter immediately. That is SOP. Rush the shooter, stop the killing.

      The cops did not do so at Sandy Hook.
      The cops did not do so with the Pulse Nightclub shooter (who had the opportunity to reload his magazines and execute the wounded)
      The cops did not do so at Parkland, with an on scene officer hiding in cowardice.
      The cops did not do so at Uvalde, with the sounds of children screaming in pain as they lay dying echoing down the hallway, while they and their buddies do nothing.

      The police are great at drawing chalk outlines and putting up caution tape. The police are great at selectively enforcing the law according to the dictats of their hard left politicking superiors.

      The police no longer deserve the unthinking & unflinching support of conservatives.

      • Well let’s be fair here.

        Almost every single incident you mention involves the use of an AR15 in 5.56NATO, Which will easily defeat 95% of the law-enforcement body armor in use.

        Those police officers know that they can be gravely wounded and/or immediately killed with ease by the shooter.

        If the shooters were instead armed with a knife, a club, a car, a baseball bat, a hammer, etc. the police would have no difficulty in neutralizing the threat.

        The difference is the AR15.

        • The moment plates get involved all but a few uncommon AR loadings lose that effectiveness unless the police department seriously overpaid for lightweight uhmwpe only plates. These officers had armor to make 5.56 as relevant as 9mm.

        • “…I understand that you use the phrase ‘original thought’ to camouflage the fact that you’re just making shit up….”

          “…I’m sorry, but that is not my style, I rely on the publicly available facts from which to draw my conclusions….”

          “95% of the law-enforcement body armor in use.”

          Is there a reference or source to this number, I would like to read more about the percentage of police body armor being of under level III? Specially the 95% claim.

        • “Well let’s be fair here.”

          Miner49er, respectfully, BS.

          What did police do before body armor when confronting a someone with a rifle? They sure didn’t cower in the hallway playing on their phone and sanitizing their hands.

          Level III body armor is suffice for most type of AR15 ammo used by the civilian market. But body armor or not is not even a consideration to give the police here cover.

          Regardless of political affiliation, your view on anything, something we should be able to agree with is that those who are unable to provide for their own defense need to be defended by those who choose a career that literally states to defend and serve.

          They were cowards, period. Nothing can ever take away the willful indifference to the children being killed mere feet from them. May they rot in hell.

        • “Level III body armor is suffice for most type of AR15 ammo used by the civilian market“

          I believe you may be making a grave error, almost every AR15 owner I know has ample supplies of 62gr M855.

          “Will a Level 3+ Body Armor Plate Stop a M855 or M855A1?

          Once the new standards are officially implemented by the NIJ, there won’t be a need for us to list our armor as Level 3+ anymore. Much of the confusion with the current standards revolve around the M193 and M855(A1).

          A Level 3+ armor plate will stop a M193 NATO round, but it will not stop a M855 or M855A1 round. Even with all the different brands of Level 3+, none are guaranteed to stop a 5.56mm Green-Tip bullet (M855).“

          And rest assured, I believe the on-scene officers were indeed derelict in their duty to place themselves in harms way to protect the public.

          I’m just pointing out that very few officers are equipped with the level 4 body armor needed to stop the common-place M855 5.56 round.

          “According to PERF, the most popular body armor for police officers is Level II (41%) and Level IIIA (35%) because most officers are concerned with stopping bullets fired from their own guns. However, I wouldn’t buy anything lower than Level III+ armor and would highly consider Level IV if the specs were right.“

          And in any case, a head or neck shot, arm pit shot, femoral artery or pelvic girdle hit would be sufficient to cause mortal injuries with any currently available AR15 round.

        • Miner shotstop is barely a step above chinesium and RMA, Hesco, Hoplite (LTC) and Highcom all have green tip covered by their plates rated for it in 3+ range with boring regularity. Now 855 a1 does require more looking around but higher end level 3 from any of those companies usually has an option or two for under 1k a set. Finally good luck to most criminals even knowing anything about 855 let alone 855a1 and not going with whatever is cheap on the shelves.

        • “good luck to most criminals even knowing anything about 855“

          So you don’t think a shooter who took the initiative to order a $2024.28 DDM4V7 directly from Daniel Defense and 60 30rd mags isn’t aware of green-tip?

          I don’t share your opinion in that regard.

        • That’s cool now show some examples of green tip being relevant in criminal shootings and try to do a bit of basic research on armor.

  23. If this doesn’t advocate for armed staff, I don’t know what does. I don’t expect the rest of the staff to coordinate an entry, but the teacher in the room is already downrange and doesn’t have a choice to sit out the situation.

    • Two teachers with one handgun would’ve been exactly 100% closer to ending it than all of these tacticool, retirement plan cowards. I hope at least most of them have enough conscience and dignity left inside them to kill themselves. The bereaved parents can sit in judgement on the rest.

  24. Between the repeated and egregious failure of local law enforcement and the shooter acquiring two very expensive rifles and a ton of ammo with no apparent means of income, I’m not saying that this massacre was set up, manipulated, and allowed to continue unchecked by someone high up the chain in order to get new legislation pushed through. I AM, however, saying that if I wanted to do something similar to get laws passed, I can’t think of much I would have done differently.

    • I’m not a conspiracy type person. I’m an educated person, I work in a scientific field where logic and facts and preciseness and reasoning based on facts and the empirical evidence dominate.

      But I also know there are those things sometimes that exist for which there is not yet visible or explainable or tangible explanatory or reasoning foundation. An example of this is that all mass/school shooters have exhibited a ‘trouble of the mind’ violent tendency mental health illness at some point eventually leading to, and present while conducting, their horrors being driven by this which the mental health community acknowledges but for which they have not yet diagnosed as a specific or combination mental health illness.

      I’ve carefully over time looked at a number of mass/school shootings. I’m still examining various cases but so far I have completed looking into 32 such incidents. Digging deep into details thanks to my wife’s access to behind the scenes information that does not always make it into the media due to her work in her contract journalist and researcher roles.

      The media likes to think they are ‘informing’ the public with integrity. Most of what you see in the media, especially main stream media, is only partial information at best so there is a lot of information for which the public is not informed. This leads to various effects and exploitation that tends to sometimes portray something in a way that is not really true even though in what is presented partially it may appear factual.

      I’m still digging for this particular shooting so I can not yet reach a conclusion as to my opinion if this shooting was or was not a contrived, to use your wording, ‘set up’.

      To say this carefully; Of all the incidents I have so far completed looking into, for two school shootings and one mass shooting I have formed an opinion that there are indications of an ‘outside actor’ associated with entity’s involved with interests in the anti-gun/gun-control movement which may have ‘influenced’ the shooters in the direction they eventually went to inflict their horrors.

      My disclaimer: No, I do not claim any expertise in this area and am only offering personal opinion based upon an examination of facts from that which did not appear in media and facts that did appear in media. This opinion is formed from those facts and a combination of police reports information combined with witness/family/friends/victim interviews conducted by my wife for a media outlet, These interviews were not used in the media outlet presentation of the incidents and some information from police reports may or may not have appeared in the media. Additionally, this is not intended to imply ‘evidentiary’ value. And to make it perfectly clear for legal purposes – this is personal opinion only.

      • That was a long advertisement for you and your wife absent much substance. If you think you have evidence of outside actors in certain shootings put it on the table. Otherwise it’s just more conspiracy theory blather.

        • “you think you have evidence of outside actors in certain shootings put it on the table.”

          And… you know we have not how?

          That “table” does not mean internet only.

    • “Between the repeated and egregious failure of local law enforcement and the shooter acquiring two very expensive rifles and a ton of ammo with no apparent means of income, I’m not saying that this massacre was set up“

      What you’re saying is that Texas law enforcement officers, including local, rural county deputies and the Texas state department of public safety, are involved in a massive massacre of children and intentional cover-up.

      While I am certainly entertained by the idea that experienced law enforcement officers with the Texas department of public safety are co-conspirators with the anti-gun liberals, I think you should sit quietly for a few minutes and think about what you are proposing.

      “you think you have evidence of outside actors in certain shootings put it on the table“

      What, are you trying to take all the fun out of it? Why would you demand actual ‘evidence’, that’s certainly not within the parameters of this propaganda effort.

      Be afraid, be very afraid! There are dark forces that are plotting your enslavement, subjugation and death. Believe me, many people are saying…

      • I’m sure that the Democrats who run Uvalde Texas are just as corrupt in their attempts to cover up what happened that led up to this massacre. Just as I am sure that the Democrats who run the US Congress are attempting to cover up what happened on January 6th. By not releasing all the video and audio evidence.

        I want all the Uvalde police officer badge cam evidence released. If the police cars have video I want it released. I want all the 911 call audio tapes released.

        Now as a person who hates the police, go find some government police Department that is refusing to release video evidence after a shooting. I’m sure you can find a recent example.

      • Miner of many names, so you’re saying that groups of people with similar interests/agenda in different departments cannot be assembled, motivated and given a script to follow/act out? That crisis actors are a myth? Fascinating. What if there have been no deaths? Look that up with all your internet prowess. At this point I’m having a hard time prefacing all the above with: “I know it’s a stretch but… “. No need to respond, I get it and because it’s you I don’t care.