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From the Miami Herald: “Citing “strong public interest,” a Broward judge last week ordered public release of the four video clips from the surveillance system at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. The clips do not show the carnage inside Building 12, but depict police response on campus outside.”

If you can call it a response. Broward Sheriff Scott Israel — he of the “amazing leadership” — had fought release of the video, ostensibly because it was part of an ongoing criminal investigation. An investigation into a crime for which the perpetrator has been caught and confessed. And which just so happened to depict his deputies doing, well, nothing.

Here’s the video:

The angle of the remaining footage shows the two pull up to the southeast corner of Building 12 as what appears to be a group of students – the images are blurred under orders from the judge – appear to be moving about frantically on a lawn. Peterson and Greenleaf can be seen waving, then the school officer assumes a position that is partially obstructed by a pole.

The footage apparently shows Peterson remaining in that area for the next 20-plus minutes of the clip. Greenleaf appears to leave the view. Other officers show up, though it is not clear from the video whether they are BSO or Coral Springs officers, and students are eventually led out of the building.

Remember, no one needs to carry a firearm. Especially in or around a school. Law enforcement officers are there to protect you.

And when seconds count, they may be cowering outside, listening to gunfire and screams.

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  1. Glad to see the term “clips” used in proper context. We’re making progress, folks.

    All else disturbing as normal. Same as it ever was.

  2. “But your honor, releasing this video could compromise our ongoing obfuscation of the chickensh!ttery in this department…”

  3. But the cops would be breaking their fing arm off playing The Circle Game with your ass all fing day if you whipped out a gun to defend yourself/your kid/your students.

  4. “And when seconds count, they may be cowering outside, listening to gunfire and screams.”

    But that’s OK because giving up a few lives, while unfortunate, still allows the fiction of gun-free zones and effective police response to be maintained. If schools were hardened and had trained and armed teachers and staff members, the gun controllers favorite symbol of gun-free zones would be invalidated and schools would no longer have to depend on local police coming to save them.

  5. Since the Sheriff has mentioned that his people responding appropriately, this will get used as a training video.

  6. There needs to be a broad push by the second amendment community to get second amendment history and gun responsibility back into the schools. They need to bring back rifle teams to the high schools, at least to those who want them. I’m sure there will be plenty of volunteers to help run the programs.

    This video can be part of the history of the government taking guns away and then doing nothing while disarmed citizens are being murdered.
    Wounded Knee
    Racist Gun Control History
    The Mormon Extermination Order from Missouri
    The Great New Orleans gun grab, Katrina
    The Colfax Massacre
    And there are many, many, more.

  7. What if…

    The entire “March for Our Lives!” and the whole “Enough is Enough!” movement of passionate teenagers, who want to change their society “for the greater good,” and to “save the children…”

    What if it was all based on a big lie? A big fat lie concocted to hazily obscure methodical indifference by lazy bureaucrats, and blatant cowardice by unfit authorities, and above all, disturbed self-absorbed evil by a little terrorist shit…

    Because it sure seems that is the bald, naked truth.

    Okie dokie… back to GunZ r baDD mmmMkayyyy and here’s Emma!

  8. As a school resource officer he is supposed to know who has been a threat or who has been expelled so that he can take the correct action if that individual becomes a threat to the school.. dereliction of duty is JUST CAUSE for him to FORFEIT his retirement benefit..


  10. Undoubtedly, Deputy Peterson knew many of the kids who were shot. Not to mention so many others who were traumatized. I would imagine he’s having a hard time sleeping and conducting his daily life. Too bad he didn’t decide beforehand to engage threats and instead, when the time came, he let his baser instincts rule his mind.

  11. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

    As an aside, as an active LEO, I’m prepared to lose my job over running in, not away.

  12. He deserves the Liberal Man/Woman/Zee/InBetween award of the year for a very prudent decision to Not add any more gun violence to the school by refusing to participate in the shoot-out!

  13. FILM held back until AFTER ” 17 minutes of gun hate ” got its National mass media blitz. And a school pork spending bill got passed .. HR 4909. NOW , GOA reports , more anti gun bills are attached to the must pass spending bill , vote BEFORE Easter Break !

  14. What does our esteemed Supreme Survivor David “Media” Hogg have to say about this? /

  15. To be fair to (former) Officer Peterson, according to the released police radio tapes, the captain (I don’t remember her name, and it does not appear that she was on scene) ordered the officers present to establish a perimeter. So Mr. Peterson was, apparently, “just following orders.” Wrong ones to be sure, but orders nonetheless.

  16. Those orders go against every protocol in law enforcement when dealing with mass shooters tho. Even if it’s an order from a superior, I don’t think it’s one that should be followed.

  17. But, but, but, but… scary AR-15 people! Scary AR-15! If we only had common sense gun control and AR-15 bans no one would have died! It isn’t like a lot of basic b*tch hunting rifles and pump shotguns have detectable magazines. Those are totally not as powerful that those scary black rifles….

  18. But… But… What if he had gone in without a body cam!?!? Egads the department could’ve been sued and 10-15 lives could’ve been saved!!! We can’t have that I mean kids are worth 10 grand according to Gerber Life and that lawsuit could’ve topped a cool 10 million!!!

    Do I really need to tag this as sarcasm?

  19. Active shooter training and policy for all LEO in my state is to immediately go in and engage the threat. You don’t wait for backup, you don’t set up a perimeter. You go in and engage the threat. Not willing or able to do that? Turn in your badge.

  20. @Red Foreman, toss Sheriff Scott Israel in the slammer with them, or even better, just hang the SOB from a lamppost for his malice toward the people of the county he’s supposed to serve. It’s his policies that led to their screwing around outside when that kid was killing people, and then the Democrats make him a media darling because he comes out against “civilian” gun ownership.

  21. But he is still alive to go home to his family, and that is what counts, right? Geez.

    I had been a military cop some 25 years ago. Before Columbine, we would have probably created a perimeter and waited for EST (SWAT) and the base 15/5. After Columbine, that practice changed dramatically. Today, the standard practice is to immediately engage the shooter. Broward County, being a large Sheriff’s department, I know that they would have trained for this scenario. Initially, there is always a bit of confusion, but the fact that these guys stood outside is inexcusable. Let me just say that if this had been a military cop, not a civilian cop, I am certain he would be facing a Courts-Martial with the prospect of time in a real prison. The entire chain of command from his supervisor on up to the top would probably get fired also. We may have made some mistakes in my time, but standing around with our thumbs up our ##$% when it counted wasn’t one of them.

    I wonder if Broward County got federal funds to put deputies in schools. If they did receive those funds, they ought to return the money.

  22. This is the “special club in blue…”
    This why our Law Enforcement needs a serious overhaul by WE THE PEOPLE….Removal of Police unions, and mass firings…And total policy rewrites in line with our US Constitutional-Bill of Rights….

  23. They could have bought a mannequin, dressed it in a uniform and saved a lot of money and achieved no worse of a result.

  24. The only way for Scott Peterson to salvage a shred of dignity would be a lengthy apology, followed immediately by actually falling on his sword.

  25. This situation is why the SRO or other LEO cannot be compared to a teacher or other “armed civilian” confronting an active shooter. The LEO must of necessity have all the PC doubts running in his head (do I have the authority, will this be considered a legal shooting, will I lose my pension) on top of the obvious Oh Shit, he is firing at people. And I assume many are trained that they have to give a warning and attempt to arrest the shooter. I may be wrong on this one, but most of the training has to do with arrest, not termination. The “civilian” on the other hand has only protection of him/her self and others who have been targeted. This guy is already shooting at me! In this situation, if the “civilian” has been trained to “stop the threat” with no issues of arrest, pension, political correctness, etc., it is probably more likely that the civilian will respond quicker and more aggressively. To me it is an absolute truth that had the teachers here and at Sandy Hook been armed, the shooters would have been dispatched much sooner with far fewer casualties. Same of course for VA Tech and the Aurora theater where military people and CHP holders were prevented from bringing weapons into the buildings.

  26. I read the following quote somewhere, relating to police. “You are not paid for what you do, you are paid for what you may someday have to do; if that day comes, you will find that you are underpaid.”

    I often defend the actions or at least the motives of a lot of cops who make snap decisions based on limited information, even if that decision turns out wrong in hindsight. But cowering for minutes on end when not only your training but your whole job is to go do something? That can’t be countenanced.

  27. Did Peterson get to go home safe that night? Yes, he did, and I’m sure that nothing else matters.

  28. @ Mort

    The Promise Program sure seems like it’s just the ticket. Don’t arrest em and sit back and wait till that ticking time bomb goes off.

  29. Looks pretty much like a fat, confused, bottom of the barrel school cop. His neglect of duty was inexcusable. I’m not sure how he was trained, or if he was given stupid orders to set up a perimeter, but the facts are that he was a catastrophic failure.

  30. I live near Olympia, WA and the high school my kids will attend in 8 years has a rifle team as of now. We will see in 8 years.

  31. Replies are not working for some reason?

    “And I assume many are trained that they have to give a warning and attempt to arrest the shooter. I may be wrong on this one, but most of the training has to do with arrest, not termination…”

    See, this is part of what pisses me off. GENERALLY, police are in the business of arresting criminals and should, wherever possible, attempt to obtain a surrender. However, when there is an active shooter situation- especially at a school- that changes. The federal-grant provided training and protocols stress being *very* ‘aggressive’ against such a shooter. Cops going into that situation aren’t looking to take prisoners. The idea is to positively identify the bad guy- easy if you see him shooting at kids- and kill him, because that is the fool-proof way to stop him from continuing his massacre. No commands, no negotiation, for a variety of reasons (a big one being if you let him get a shot off at you he might get to go on shooting kids while you bleed out like a dumbass). There are certain circumstances where it might be necessary to ensure that he is not getting up- like if his partner is killing kids two classrooms over- and there’s no time to handcuff or disarm him because those 30 seconds could leave 15 kids dead. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what would happen there.

    The reason I say all this is to stress that situations like this are supposed to be treated as a special case, entirely different than almost any scenario a cop would go to. You’re supposed to run towards the gunfire, ignoring screaming wounded kids, and you’re not really acting as a law enforcement officer at that point so much as a hunter. That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work. Hiding and waiting for backup might have been acceptable decades ago, it’s not now.

  32. At the risk of sounding facetious, you obviously don’t have to be in good physical shape for that job.

  33. If he was ordered to establish a perimeter and report what he sees I don’t think we can fault him.
    If I was given that order I would assume that others were going in from the other side and I was covering the exit. However it appears that management were at fault here.
    People on the ground practice for emergencies, but decision makers are usually not included in the training. Also they need to practice how to deal with the aftermath, including weapon/evidence. Dealing with parents and media. And how the officers who have just witness an event like this deal with the emotional trauma.

  34. Can anyone explain why so many of yall claim the NAACP wants to return to segregated schools? Are all yall who say this descendants of southern-style Apartheid?

    From the perspective of decent educated folks your segregation riff is nonsensical and downright bizzare…

    Im dying of curiosity to know why yall think this is clever or how it even makes sense, because it just sounds nutty from my perspective ie non-moron

    Thanks fetards HP, Shire-man, Cliff H, nativeson, anonymoose, GS650G, Geoff, Jbw et al

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