Manhunt for Killer of Two in Wave of Los Angles Area 7-Eleven Store Holdups on 7/11

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In this image from video from a 7-Eleven store in Upland, Calif. released by the Upland Police Department is a person that police are attempting to identify in connection with two people who were killed and three who were wounded in shootings at four 7-Eleven locations in Southern California, Monday, July 11, 2022. (Upland Police Department via AP)

By Stefanie Dazio, AP

Two people were killed and three wounded in robberies before dawn Monday at six 7-Eleven stores in Southern California and authorities said they were seeking the same lone gunman in at least three of the crimes.

The string of violence occurred occurred within a timespan of about five hours on July 11, or 7/11, the day when the national 7-Eleven brand celebrates its anniversary. This is its 95th year and on Monday stores gave out free Slurpee drinks.

It wasn’t immediately clear to investigators what prompted the violence in the cities of Ontario, Upland, Riverside, Santa Ana, Brea and La Habra.

“I think the only person to answer that would be the suspect,” said Officer Ryan Railsback, a spokesperson for the Riverside Police Department.

In this image from video released by the Brea Police Department is a person that police are attempting to identify in connection with two people who were killed and three who were wounded in shootings at four 7-Eleven locations in Southern California ,Monday, July 11, 2022. At least three of the four shootings are believed to be linked to the same lone gunman. (Brea Police Department via AP)

But he said the date was no accident.

“There’s no way it can be a coincidence of it being 7-Eleven, July 11,” Railsback said.

7-Eleven Inc. issued a statement saying it was gathering information and working with police. “Our hearts are with the victims and their loved ones,” the statement said.

The first robbery happened at about midnight in Ontario, about 35 miles (56 kilometers) east of Los Angeles.

The masked man brandished a handgun at the store’s employee and demanded money, according to Ontario Cpl. Emily Hernandez. He did not fire any shots and the clerk was not injured. It was not immediately clear to investigators what, if anything, was stolen.

The second robbery happened about 45 minutes later in Upland, less than 5 miles (8 kilometers) away from the Ontario store.

The suspect approached the store clerk with a few items, “some drinks and things,” and brandished a semi-automatic handgun, Upland Sgt. Jake Kirk said. The man stole the items and about $400 to $500 in cash and fled. No shots were fired.

Authorities remove a body from a 7-Eleven after a clerk was fatally shot on Monday, July 11, 2022, during a robbery in Brea, Calif. (Mindy Schauer/The Orange County Register via AP)

Surveillance photos, released by Upland and Brea police, show a masked man wearing a black sweatshirt with a hood over his head. The sweatshirt had white lettering with green leaves on the front.

While police in La Habra, Brea and Santa Ana have said they believe they are seeking the same suspect, officials in Ontario, Upland and Riverside have not yet made that determination though they said they were aware of the other crimes at 7-Eleven stores.

“It could potentially be the same person but we’re not confirming that at this time,” Kirk said.

About an hour after the Upland robbery and 25 miles (40 kilometers) away in Riverside, a gunman brandished a gun and robbed the 7-Eleven clerk, then turned the weapon on a customer, opened fire and fled, Railsback said. Police believe the clerk handed over cash from the register. The shooting victim was in grave condition.

“It doesn’t appear to be any reason that the suspect shot the customer,” Railsback said. “It sounds like the clerk gave him whatever he asked for.”

Railsback said criminals typically know that robberies at convenience stores rarely yield large amounts of money, especially during the overnight hours.

“If you go hit a liquor store or a 7-Eleven or a fast food place, you’re not going to get a lot of cash out of it,” he said. “It’s kind of odd that they would do this.”

Another shooting occurred around 3:20 a.m., about 24 miles (39 kilometers) away, in Santa Ana, authorities said.

Officers responding there reported gunfire and found a man dead in the 7-Eleven parking lot with a gunshot wound to his upper torso, according to Santa Ana Sgt. Maria Lopez.

“At this moment, we don’t believe he was an employee,” Lopez said of the victim. “We don’t really know yet what he was doing there in a parking lot, if he was a potential customer or just walking by.”

Surveillance video shows the suspect dropping items — believed to be the victim’s belongings — as he fled, Lopez said.

About 40 minutes later, a 7-Eleven employee in Brea was shot and killed, Brea Police Capt. Phil Rodriguez said.

Less than an hour later, officers in neighboring La Habra were sent to a reported robbery at a 7-Eleven. They discovered two gunshot victims around 4:55 a.m., according to Sgt. Sumner Bohee.

Authorities have not disclosed the victims’ conditions.



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  1. Didn’t have to see the pictures…. funny how that works. All you have to do is hear about the crime. Looting, mugging, car jacking, drive by shooting, etc, 85% of time it’s the 13%. Sorry, but if you are offended, it’s just statistics. I am offended too, because a lot of good, honest hard working people get profiled because some people can’t behave. You want a better America, start there, it will be better for all of us.

    • Yep. Black crime is one of the main reasons why America is so terrible. Unfortunately our politicians are fakes and cowards who refuse to talk about it. Best we can do is continue to spread the word, even if it hurts people’s feelings.

    • Telling the truth and citing facts is the lefts idea of racism. Anyway “it’s the guns fault”, not the lawless thug using the gun. Liberal wisdom

  2. Thank you to the drug legalization crowd. And the Libertarians liberals and the left. Who supported the passage of proposition 47. That led to the total disrespect of private property rights in the state of California. And put into the State Constitution that stealing up to $950 will forever only be a misdemeanor.

    I worked for 7-Eleven as a store clerk for over two years. And we were not allowed to have any defensive weapons. And were told to simply give criminals whatever they wanted. The trouble with that thinking, is that some criminals want to kill you, as well as take cigarettes and a six pack.

    • It appears that “giving the criminal what he wants” includes your life. Not acceptable.

      • I don’t remember the proposition number. But the voters did pass an amendment to the State Constitution. It basically said you could commit as many misdemeanors as you wanted to. And never be charged with a felony.

        Libertarians Liberals on the Left have always said the government has too many people locked up in jails and prisons. So they found a way to stop the government from locking up criminals.

    • legalsing SOME drugs has naught to do with this behaviour. This series does not appear to be related to the drug issues, anyway. He was after cash and valuables.
      The worst part of this sort of thing is that one dirtbag uses a gun (almost certainly stolen) this way, then da gummit wails and moans and gnashes its dentures to take MINE away from me, leaving ME defenseless agaisnt such dirtbags.

      I’ll lay any stakes at any long odds you choose this dirtbag grew up in a home with no effective father present.

      • Unfortunately the libertarians liberals and the left disagreed with the christians. When the christians said a father is necessary in the home. To provide love, guidance, and discipline, to his children. The three L’s all believe they need to have a large powerful federal government. And a large powerful state government. To deliver welfare to single mother’s having children from multiple different men.

        The are against a private religious based welfare system.

        • I just called them the same thing that the s0ci@lists Pr0gressive atheist lesbi@ns who use a turkey baster. Sperm donors and “drones”. They have a hatred of the traditional family. They hate the Second Amendment. And they hate a liberty. Because they refuse personal responsibility and the consequences that go with Liberty.

      • “legalsing SOME drugs has naught to do with this behaviour.”

        Libertarians want to legalize all drugs. Including the drugs that cause the most violent anti-social Behaviors.
        But Libertarians are also against Crime Victims shooting drug addicts dead on sight, when they steal to feed their drug habit.

  3. Wow Gavin did he have good moral character. Did he have a permit? I’m still calling you out sissy boy

  4. I’d be lying if I said I care.

    Cali’s getting what it spent decades asking for. How is that a bad thing? Because they didn’t realize what they were asking for they should be spared the consequences of having asked, begged for this?

    As long as cold beer, hot food, rock ‘n’ roll, and all the other amenities remain the expected norm, our conduct of the war will only gain impotence.

    • strych9,

      I go back and forth. My responsible side embraces the mantra, “You made your bed, now you lie in it.” My compassionate side feels terribly for the people who find out the hard way that, “Reality is a harsh mistress.”

      For the people who are fully aware of the risks in places like California and decide that the benefits outweigh the risks, I have a hard time feeling empathy for them if things go sideways in their life.

      The reality of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of people are woefully unaware of the risks of places like California and would surely leave if they did. Of course still others are aware of the risks and lack the resources to leave. I have deep empathy and compassion for the latter two groups.

      Note, I was blissfully unaware of the risks of life until:
      1) a stalker attacked a friend of mine while I was with her
      2) someone sexually assaulted and kidnapped a girl from my property

      And two unsuccessful attempted armed robberies on my person removed any remaining questions as to whether or not life entails significant risk of violent attacks.

  5. Scumbags get ready access to firearms using illegal means. Meanwhile, my local gun store lost his FFL a couple of days ago due to the ATF’s overzealous regulation of the 4473. He’d been in business for 11 years. Now I’ll need to drive 20 miles to do a transfer at another FFL. How long before the latter’s license is revoked??

    The criminals thrive and the law-abiding are punished.

    • maybe we can rehablitate the criminals, because governor newum said we can do this together

    • Back in the 1960’s there was a criminal that was robbing liquor stores starting in Houston and heading south, he robbed many more. in the small town i lived in, the police went to the two liquor stores we had and told the owners about the robberies and told them to close up. Then our brave police went and hid while the one remaining store that was open got robbed and the owner shot and killed. The robber got shot in another robbery and wound up being arrested at a hospital in Corpus Christi. You have to wonder how someone thinks there will never be a payment for this type of behavior. Sooner or later.

  6. We put a stop to this here. Convienence stores here took down their “no guns” sings and let customers be armed in the stores and the employees as well. Went from several robberies a month with two or three getting shot by the bad guys to a couple a year with only the bad guys getting shot sometimes.

    The bad guys got the message real fast when those signs came down. At first they went along as usual not expecting resistance then suddenly they started getting shot at and more gun carriers started being in the stores … this lasted about a month…. then no robberies from then after even today except for those couple a year. Been that way for years now and people carry in the store and the employees are armed as well.

    • I still get a kick out of the surveillance video a friend at the police department showed me; Right after the ‘no guns’ signs came down, the bad guys didn’t realize it and thought it was business as usual, no resistance robbery. On the surveillance video you see the bad guy come in and starts to rob the place…then he starts getting shot at and hes trying to get out the door and screams “Moth33r Fu@&er you ain’t suppose to have a gun in here!”

    • Me? I ignore those signs everywhere. I my state to be a legal no guns zone, the signs must meet certain state specified standards as to apearance, layout, size, and placement. If they do not comply with the state standards, they might as well not even BE there. I call them “insurance company signs”. Lower premium with no guns… (never mind theyve got it backwards). Worst case scenario in this state, you can be told to remove your gun from the premises. You can come back unarmed if yuo wantto (I never do). If the place is properly signed and you refuse, you can be charged with some misdemeanour trespass rap. But I just leave and never come back.

      • Here, you get arrested and fined if they call the cops unless you have an enhanced permit. Well. Thats what is suppose to happen anyway in the anti-gun wet dream. They usually ask you to leave if they see the gun, but generally they don’t really care as long as its concealed. But the cops will check you out.. So you end up going along your way anyway. Here, the arrest isn’t mandatory and it’s officer discretion but they do check you out.. and if you have the enhanced permit you can ignore the sign anyway so basically the sign has no real effect unless the cops check you out and find something in records checks.

        We are constitutional permitless carry but you can also get a shall issue permit. And if you get the enhanced version of the shall issue you can carry legally in places with the sign unless they ask you not to. I have the enhanced permit for that purpose so the most that can happen to me is I’m asked to leave. But any business here can ask you to leave anyway sign or not.

        The non enhanced version of our shall issue is no different than what you can do permitless. The ones who get that do so just for the reciprocity with other states. It doesn’t add anything.

        But we don’t have many signs here anymore.

  7. Isn’t armed robbery and murder/attempted murder illegal? Didn’t anyone ever tell the person doing these crimes that there is a prohibition on murder? We need more laws against killing and robbing. We need to be protected from evil persons.
    We need to ban all night stores and businesses. Yeah, that will work. Can’t rob or kill if there is no store to rob from, or clerks to shoot. And for good measure lets force all businesses to close at 5.00 pm and not allow them to open before 7.00 am. And think of all the fuel and energy that would conserve.
    Yeah! that’s the ticket. Roll up the sidewalks at 5 o’clock and shut down everything so no one can rob or kill after dark. Yeah that will work. Just as well as anything the disarmament crowd is calling for. Or anything the far left limousine liberals are demanding. And think of all the other problems we would solve as well. No bars or clubs letting people party, get drunk, or fight in. No stores to rob and no reason for anyone to be out of their home after dark. With only police patrolling and arresting anyone without a permit to be out after curfew.
    Can’t rob or kill people who aren’t out and about and then the government can control who is permitted to be on the streets and only those with legitimate reasons will be outside after dark. Yeah, that’s the ticket!!
    (Sarcasm Off)

    • Can’t remember the last time I patronized a 7-11. Now I know why. If this demonic lunatic is obsessed with numbers all bets are off. Carry anyway as I told my errant son. Or some kind of weapon…

      • Yep, carry anyway. If management fires you there are plenty of other jobs out there. Southland Corporation (7-11) would rather have dead employees than risk a wounded bad guy or his family suing them.

    • AL, only someone from the Deep South could come up with a perfectly workable solution.

      • Somewhere near Clewiston is a local mom-and-pop called the “Git-n-split”.

        Or was it “Gin-n-go”?

        They sold tall boy beers in a little paper bag that fit the can *perfectly*.

        (That was before they outlawed open containers in vehicles…)

        It’s been 30 years…

    • (sarcasm back on)

      Don’t forget the real victim here. If the poor fella just received a bigger check from the gov’t, he wouldn’t need to perform socio-economic justice in this manner.


    • Yup the “Trayvon Special” ie. Robitusin (codeine), Skittles, and grape drink …..

      • The active ingredient in “Purple Drank” aka “Lean” is, in fact, codeine but Robitussin doesn’t contain codeine. Codeine is an Rx only opiate that requires someone to acquire Rx cough medicine.

        OTC Robitussin (and/or other OTC cough suppressants) contains DXM, Dextromethorphan Polistirex.

        It’s a derivative of morphine but not actually chemically related to opiates and is, as stated, OTC. Large doses can cause hallucinations known as “robotripping”. Often thought to be similar to “Triple C’s” (intentional abuse of Coricidin) which is actually far more dangerous because of all the Tylenol in that product and also a different active ingredient for the “high”.

        “Robotripping”, whatever it might have been called back then, has been a thing for decades (like since the 1950’s) and actually resulted in DXM based antitussive products being removed from the market like 50 years ago before being reintroduced later.

        Kids did this when I was in high school in the early 2000’s. Chug an entire bottle of Robitussin or two and trip balls for six to eight hours. I’d imagine it’s pretty gross to actually drink that much but people reported the effects at ~1 hour to be fairly pleasant.

        It’s supposed to be more pleasant than LSA (also something classmates of mine used), commonly derived by extraction from Morning Glory seeds via alcohol. DXM is also safer since Morning Glory seeds may be treated with pesticides that are acutely toxic.

        And LSA is reputed to be more pleasant than intentional OD on Benadryl, which is reportedly horrible. I know of one person who did that. He ate something like 40, got in a ton of trouble and ended up being arrested, hospitalized and then re-arrested.

        All are are common in areas where mushrooms and LSD are hard to get.

        ~The More You Know~ *flying rainbow*

  8. If one of the victims had fought back, it would be them facing charges and not the robber.

    • Describing those killed or injured as “victims” is of course “racist”.

  9. I just knew it was going to become a problem when the younger Amish started ignoring the Ordnung, venturing to the big city, and becoming addicted to Big Gulps.

    • “A fucking idiot”? ” Idiot” not so much, he exited each location richer than when he entered thus he’s considered a “genius” in his “community” of dysfunctional criminal gene bearing parasites. The real “idiots” are those that neglected to arm themselves for this eventuality.

      • Many of those unarmed “idiots” live in areas where State, local and/or employer restrictions put them in a position where it is “feed my family and risk getting shot by some fucking idiot or get caught carrying a gun and wind up in jail”. Not everyone can just pick up and move to a place where they CAN legally defend themselves nor can many of them choose where they work, not many MIT grads doing the late shift at the local 7-11.

    • Dude probably got a couple hundred total from all this. What a fucking idiot.

      They’ll KILL over a bag of potato chips and (in NYC) die, if necessary, over that same bag of chips. Yes, fucking idiots indeed.

  10. Damn Stric9 you got all the recipes! What about blotter acid that really was stricnine. Controlled poisoning. Just had to hope the boy chemist didn’t smear too much on your little square! I only know cause I saw a program on tv about it. Uh Huh

  11. Don’t know why anyone is surprised by this. California is easy on criminals & big on keeping honest citizens unarmed so they can’t defend themselves. The Californians keep voting in these fools & this is the result. Keep doing what you’re doing & you’ll keep getting what you got.

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